Erocom Chapter 92: Shirota Yotsuba 21


「N, chu, nchuh, nh, nnchu」

I continue my kiss with Shirota.
I was in a daze at the girl’s soft lips.
I wrap my hands around her back and hug her.
It was like we were purposely making noise with our saliva.

「Chuh, chupu, nah, naa, nchu, ahn, chu」

*Pashari*, there was flash from the camera.

「N…it took a photo…nchu」

Shirota says while kissing.

「Ah, my phones ringing」

My cell phone vibrated in my pocket.
However, when I try to separate from her lips, Shirota draws closer.

「Just a bit longer…Nchu, chuu」
「Oi, but…」

Regrettably pulling her lips away, Shirota looks at me.
The vibration of my cell phone stopped.


The shine around the edge of her mouth was erotic.

「…I don’t know how I can convey my point to you but…I…I like you」
「Shirota…I understand」

When we try to kiss again, this time her phone rang.
I looked at the time.

「We still have time」
「…But, there isn’t much leeway」
「Is that so?」

Shirota pouts seeming a bit disappointed.
And then, after putting on a thinking face, she smiled.

「Next week, can you stay over at my house?」
「Eh? Stay over you say…at your house?」
「Yeah yeah」

Shirota smiles.
The camera flashes again.
There was a voice outside. It seems there were people waiting outside.
Shirota’s voice got a little bit quiet.

「Come Friday night…secretly. Everyone but me will be out Saturday morning」

The machine counts down to the next photo.
Shirota turns towards the machine with a peace sign and a smile.
Flustered, I line up next to Shirota and give an awkward peace sign.
*Pashari*, I ended up closing my eyes from the flash.
Shirota laughs looking at the screen.

「You’re way too bad at taking photos」
「My bad」

The next countdown starts.
I get behind Shirota and wrap my hands around her waist.
Shirota opens her eyes wide and smiles without violently rejecting it.
I kissed her neck in order to hide my face.


She lets out a sweet voice.
I extend my hand towards her T-shirt.

「Hey, hey, that’s too much」

Although she was cautious, Shirota wasn’t rejecting it.
I touched her breasts on top of her bra.
Her breasts had a moderate swelling.
Her skin was slightly hot and sweaty.

「Aahn, don’t rub em」

There were people waiting their turn outside.
Our voices naturally grew quiet.

「It’s next Friday, huh…I’ll stay over」

*Pashari*, the camera continues.
And then, I rubbed her breast from on top of her bra.
Shutting her eyes, Shirota holds down her voice.


Biting her lower lip, the lively high-school girl was having her breasts rubbed.
My dick has blood flow to it trying to prepare.
I won’t be able to hold back if this goes on.

「We’ll continue next week…」

Shirota nodded twice with her eyes closed.
Letting go of her breasts, she let out a long sigh as if she was relieved.

「Haa…Shall we go write on the pictures and head to those too?」
「Sounds good」

Shirota hurried up and chose the photos and she gets out from the photo booth.
I also head out chasing after her.
I met eyes with the girls waiting outside.
It seems they understood we were taking couple photos.
It wasn’t a good feeling getting judged on what type of guy I am.
As I was waiting outside the photo scribbling corner, Shirota was already heading out.

「Just give me your half when you come over next week.」

Shirota quickly put the photos in her notebook and put it in her bag.
And then she takes out her cell phone in exchange and makes a phone call.

「Yeah. Where are you? The food court?」

She’s probably talking to Mia.
I take out the pamphlet from my back pocket and looked for the place.
The food court is on the first floor. It’s not too far.

「I got it, yeah, we’ll be there soon」

Shirota got off the phone and looked at me.

「What’d she say?」
「Mikoto-chan was hungry so they’re at the food court」

It was still before noon.
However, Mikoto probably still hasn’t had breakfast.

「It’s a bit early but let’s have lunch」

We both head towards the food court.
It’s also quite empty since it isn’t noon yet.
Confirming the table the two beauties were sitting at, we head there.

「Are you not eating?」
「Mia said we should wait…」

Mikoto, who was laying down on the table, raised her face and glares at me.

「Are you mad?」
「I’m not mad, I’m hungry」
「You need to eat breakfast, okay?」
「How did you know I didn’t eat anything?」

Even if I didn’t think about it I would know.
Mia and Shirota were talking.

「How was it?」
「Okutani properly did it for me」
「That’s surprising」

Mia’s eyes were exaggeratedly wide.
When she looks at me, she nodded seemingly in admiration.
I wonder what she thinks of me as a human.

「Hey, I’ll pay you back so can you pay for me?」
「What would you like to eat?」

I respond to her request like she is a spoiled princess.
It’s true that I made her wait for it.

「I’m fine with whatever you get」

Mikoto says.

「Is super hot ramen, okay?」
「Of course it isn’t. A cheeseburger is fine」
「Didn’t you say you would be fine with what I got?」

After more or less retorting her, I asked Mia and Shirota.

「What about you two? I’ll buy it for you」
「I’m fine with the same」
「Me too」

Mia and Shirota roughly responds at the same time.
“I got it”, when I reply and start to walk away, Mia followed.

「I’ll help out」
「It’s fine, there shouldn’t be that much」
「Don’t say that. Now, let’s go」

Shirota sat down and Mikoto timidly starts a conversation.
Somehow, Mia made sure those two would have a proper conversation alone.
Arriving in front of the hamburger shop, I asked for 4 cheeseburgers and drinks.
I naturally start talking with Mia while waiting.

「You seem to get along with Shirota-san」
「Seems so…」
「You’re quite an extravagant man, Koumei」
「I am the one who knows that the most」

Replying, I take the prepared cheeseburgers.
I was holding a tray that had everything on it.
It looks like I was going to eat 4 cheeseburgers all on my own.
Looking at that, Mia looks at me with a perfect smile.

「Can’t you be satisfied with 3?」
「That’s quite the metaphor」