Erocom Chapter 93: Shirota Yotsuba 22


Eating the cheeseburger, Mikoto’s mood improved.
She gradually got along with Shirota and was already calling her Yotsuba.
Of course, Shirota was intimately calling her Mikoto-chan.
Taking along the three different type of beauties, we went shopping into the afternoon.

「Hey, Can you buy this?」

Mia stops in front of an accessory store.
It was an accessory shop tailored towards youngsters with little money.
The thing Mia was pointing at was a silver ring.
Mikoto was standing next to Mia, glancing over at the ring.

「A ring?」
「Yeah, I want a matching ring with Shirota and Mikoto-chan」
「Why, you say, you get it, right?」
「Well…I get it but」
「What about you, Shirota-san?」

Turning around, Mia looks at Shirota.
Shirota nodded with a slightly red face.

「It’s fine but…I don’t think those kinds of things would fit me」
「That isn’t true」

Mia and Mikoto agree with my words.

「I think it fits you well, Shirota-san!」
「Yeah, I think so too」
「I-I wonder…」

Smiling seeming embarrassed, she started looking at the ring with the two.
I look at it from a little ways away from them.
Seemingly decided on something, they check the sizes of their own fingers.
After that was done, Mikoto ran over towards me.

「Take out your money」
「Is this extortion?」
「You’re wrong. Aren’t you our boyfriend? You’ll be buying a ring for your girlfriends so take out your money」1
「Ah, yeah…I got it」

Taking out my wallet, I hand it over to Mikoto.
When Mikoto takes it, she heads back to those two’s side.
Shirota looks at me seeming a bit surprised.
“Don’t worry”, I wave my hand and nod to her as if to convey that meaning.
Paying the bill, the three of them return to me.
Mikoto hands back my wallet and I end up putting it in my pocket.

「Is it fine?」

Shirota asks me.

「Eh? What?」
「The rings…paying for them for us」
「You also paid for the cheeseburgers」
「No, I also ate that as well」

I said towards the smiling Shirota.

「It suits you」
「Thanks, Okutani」

The three of them put on the ring without getting it wrapped up.
When we head out, Shirota and Mikoto walked ahead.
Naturally, Mia and I were together.
Mia muttered in a low voice.

「Aren’t you cool」
「I’ve received plenty of training from you」
「What did I do?」

Mia smiles impishly.
After letting out a sigh, I said.

「You made Mikoto come get my wallet, right?」
「Ah, was I found out? Even if I didn’t do that, would you have paid?」
「I won’t say for my own sake」
「So lame」

The fluctuation of how she evaluates me is amazing.
However, Mia smiles and took something out of her pocket.

「Here, this is from us」
「What is it?」

There was a small package wrapped in paper.
When I try opening it, there was a ring inside.
The size was small and probably wouldn’t fit on my finger.

「It matches」

Mia showed her right hand.
Of course the ring they bought was put on her middle finger.
When I look at the two walking ahead, Shirota and Mikoto had the same ring on.

「For me too, you say? But, the size…」
「You can’t put it on your finger. If you were to wear the same ring as me, it would make a commotion at school, you know? Plus, if you include Shirota-san as well…」
「It should be fine if I don’t wear it at school」

Since the school rules are lax, there shouldn’t be a problem with wearing a ring.
It should be fine as long as you don’t forget to take it off during gym.
The problem is that it’s the same ring for all three of us.

「If it’s just school, I don’t think there should be a problem」
「Well if it’s me no one should pay attention even if I were to make a commotion」
「I will though…」
「That’s why, Shirota-san and I will wear them like normal. And you will put a chain through it and wear it around your neck. That’s why it’s a small size」

I see.
If I put it on as a necklace, I can hide it.

「This is from Shirota-san」

Saying that, Mia took a chain out from her pocket.
It was a cute silver chain with a heart charm on it.
The chain was plenty long that it wouldn’t be weird for a guy like me.
All the more, since I’ll end up hiding it under my clothes anyways.

「Is it fine? Isn’t it an important item?」
「It’s important. It’s a necklace she bought for herself when she entered middle school」
「I can’t receive such a thing」
「That’s why she wants to give it to you…」

Mia lightly hits her shoulder against mine.

「She was always wearing it but she said as she thought it doesn’t fit here」
「I’m the one who it doesn’t fit」
「It’s fine, It’s fine already. She’s telling you to use it…she was too embarrassed to hand it over herself so she asked me to hand it over for her. This is also for my sake as well」

If she says that much to me, I can’t refuse.
When Shirota sends over a fleeting glance, our eyes met.
Her face was already bright red so she ends up looking away.

「She’s cute, huh. Shirota-san」

After smiling at that, Mia hands over the chain.
And then she runs ahead and meets up with the two.
I can hear laughter coming from Shirota and Mikoto.
With a bright red face, Shirota turns towards Mia and says something.
Somehow it seems she was being teased by Mia about the chain.

The three beauties walk together seeming like they get along.
Everyone that passed by looked at them without exception.
Gazing at that scene, I stick Shirota’s chain through my ring.
The heart charm also hits my neck like that.
And then putting it inside my clothes, I hide the ring and heart charm.

The three looked over their shoulders at me and smiled.
This time they were teasing me about the necklace.
Thinking it was a bit embarrassing, I said in a voice loud enough for the three to hear.



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