Erocom Chapter 95: Kurusu Mia 36 Ando Mikoto 28


Yakisoba was a good choice.
Mikoto was cutting the ingredients but it was quite rough.
However, it’ll be fine since it’s yakisoba.

Mia was the one shaking the frying pan.
While the two were talking, I look at them standing in the kitchen from the living room.
It wouldn’t be right for me to just sit around.
I prepared the drinks and chopsticks.

「Thanks for the food」

We start eating without turning on the T.V.1
Only I had just a bit too much of yakisoba.
If I were to ask, it’s probably because I’m a guy.
I’m not really a heavy eater.
With that being said, I’m not a light eater either.

Finishing dinner, we take out snacks.
Mia made us some hot tea.
The sun was already going down but it still wasn’t bedtime.

「Koumei can use the shower first」

I nodded towards Mia’s proposal.

「Ah, then excuse me」

I was quite sweaty from riding my bike and eating yakisoba.
The room had a good temperature but even so my skin was sticky.
I don’t think I’m smelly. Even so, there are two girls here.
Somehow I got a bit worried.

I had her teach me where the shower is and quickly entered.
It was thoroughly clean and sparkly.
It seems the water wasn’t hot but the bathtub was quite wide.
Although it’s a bit late at this point, I thought Mia’s house is quite fancy.

I get out of the bathroom.
Mia and Mikoto were playing a card game.
A ton of cards were placed in the center of the table and Mia was holding just one.
Mikoto had two cards which means she had the joker.
I couldn’t imagine those two would be playing old maid.

「What are you playing?」
「Old maid」

So it was old maid.

「Just you two? Are you dumb?」

Saying that, Mikoto turned and glared at me.

「Say that to Mia」
「Why? Was she the one to suggest it?」

I certainly thought it was Mikoto’s idea.
Mia frowns seeming slightly vexed and said.

「I only know about old maid」
「Ah, you really were making fun of me just now, huh!」

Mia stood up mad.
I apologized to her while waving both my hands.

「Sorry sorry」
「I won’t forgive you」

Mia turns her face away.
Swelling up her cheeks a bit, her face became red.

「I said it was my bad. Here, this is the joker, so forgive me」
「Daaaaa! Don’t tell her!」

I point at one of the two cards Mikoto was holding.
When I did, Mia smiled sweetly and already started pulling the other card.

「Aah! Hey!」
「There, it’s over. It’s Mikoto-chan’s loss」
「No it isn’t! Rather, are you happy with such a win!?」

Standing up, Mikoto roared.
Mia looked at Mikoto with a nonchalant expression.

「I’m happy with it, so?」
「Dammit! I was betrayed! I won’t do the punishment, Koumei will!」
「Eh? Punishment?」

Did they have such a rule?

「Of course you will! You will pay for your injustices!」
「I got it…What is it? Do I turn around 3 times and bark?」
「It’s not」

Mikoto sits back down on her chair.
And then she looks at me and smiled.

「Give the details on your first sexual experience」
「What type of punishment is that?!」

After that, Mia and Mikoto took showers in turns.
“Should I turn on the T.V.?”, the conversation turned towards that.
However, eventually we end up playing cards again.
We open up the snacks and bring out the drinks.

「How about Old Maid?」

Mia only knows old maid.
She was wearing a light yellow T-shirt and short shorts.
It seems like she was wearing a camisole underneath rather than a bra.

「It’s fine, isn’t it? Old Maid」

Mikoto says.
Mikoto’s originally casual style got even more casual.
She was wearing a white T-shirt and gym pants that she used back in middle school.
She was probably wearing a sports bra.
Because she often wears it at home, it doesn’t surprise me she would here.

I deal the cards.
The cards in my hand paired up more than I thought.
It’s not particularly because we were playing with 3 people.

「What’s the punishment?」

Mikoto asked while putting her paired up cards on the table.
My eyes met with Mia’s who was sitting across from me.

「It can’t be about our first sexual experience」

I said in place of Mia.
I was involved in their first times after all.
They would hesitate to say the details in front of their partner.

「That should be obvious!」

It seems Mikoto is the same.
Her face was red and then glares at me sitting to my side.
Even Mikoto seems to not want to talk about it in front of me.

「So is it fine if it’s a different punishment?」

Mia says that but Mikoto shakes her head.


Somehow it seems she was still holding a grudge from earlier.
Then, I try telling them my idea.

「If you lose, you have to take off a piece of clothing」

That was quick.
Mikoto says that almost as soon as I finish speaking.
And then, Mia also looks at me with a slightly drawn back feeling.

「What is it Mia, are you scared you’ll lose?」
「I won’t fall for that provocation but…still to strip. After all, Mikoto and I wouldn’t gain anything」
「Does that mean you have absolutely no interest in my naked body?」
「That’s what I’m saying, though?」

Damn. I’m no match for Mia.
Looking at the exchange between Mia and me, Mikoto said in a loud voice.

「Ah, but you know, it’s fine since I can see your naked body anytime」

However, disregarding my restraint, Mikoto continued.

「I’d like to try seeing Mia’s naked body though」

Mia looked at Mikoto with wide eyes.
She seemed surprised like having an arrow fly in from an unknown location.

「After all, you’re quite stylish. I want to try looking at another girl. When I stayed over in the past we didn’t get into the bath together either」
「It’s fine! It’ll be fine as long as you don’t lose」

Without a moment’s delay I jump onto what Mikoto was saying.

「Mia, this is a democracy…give up」
「What government has been born from this?」

Mia says something grandiose and looks up at the sky.


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