Erocom Chapter 96: Kurusu Mia 37 Ando Mikoto 29


My abnormality is good.
I am strangely good at Old Maid.
There is no surefire way of winning Old Maid. Luck largely affects victory or defeat.
However, I rarely have lost.

It’s a bit vague.
It’s a vague skill but I can tell where the joker is by the other person’s expression.
As long as I don’t grab the joker, I can’t lose.
In other words, I’ll win.

Of course there are times when I start out with the joker.
However, if I still have a bunch of cards in my hand the likelihood that they pick close to my right hand is high.
This is more about luck but if I can somehow get rid of the joker I’ll win.
After that I should be fine if I just watch their expressions in order to not pull the joker.

As the turns went on, Mikoto took the joker from me and Mia took the joker from Mikoto.
And then I took a card from Mia.
The joker inevitably stayed with Mia.
That’s because I wasn’t drawing it.
That’s the situation right now.
Mia is holding two cards.

「G-go ahead」

Mia mixed up her cards over and over again and presents them to me.
I try to pull the right card. Mia’s expression didn’t change.
I try to pull the left card. Even so Mia’s expression didn’t change.

「Hurry up」

I ended up getting lucky from Mikoto saying something.
By the way, I only have one card in my hand.

「Then, this one」

I pulled the left one.
It was the 9 of hearts.


Mia raises her voice but it was already too late.
I threw my paired up card on the table.

「Yeees! Mia loses」
「Hey…wasn’t that quite unfair?」

Scrunching up her eyes seeming resentful, Mia looks at me.
Since this is the fourth time, it can’t be helped that she doubts me

「How did I do that? Isn’t this your deck of cards?」
「That’s right but…」

I could tell Mia was puffing up her cheeks.
Right now, she had taken off both her socks and her T-shirt.
She was currently in her camisole.
Furthermore, she wasn’t wearing anything under her camisole.
I wonder whether she would take off her camisole next or her shorts.

By the way I’ve taken off one piece of clothing.
When I started with the joker in my hand, Mikoto didn’t pick it once.
Since I wasn’t wearing socks, I took off my pants and am in my loose trunks now.
Mikoto lost twice so she took off both her socks.

「…Here, take it off, take it off」

Mikoto agitates her seeming happy.
With a red face, Mia stood up with a reluctant feeling.

「I didn’t think I was so weak…」

You’re wrong. I’m just too strong.
The one Mia chose was obviously her shorts.
She sticks her fingers into her waistline and slowly strips.

「Uwa…how erotic」

Why did Mikoto’s face turn red.
With her eyes shut, Mia exposes her thighs.
Her panties were light blue.
It was simple with little decorations.
However, that gave it a strange liveliness and made me excited.

「Is this fine?」

Mia looks at me and Mikoto with a slightly defiant feeling.
We couldn’t close our half-open mouths.

「Hey…even though I’m a woman I’m gonna fall in love…」

Mikoto said in a whisper.
Mia’s proportions were perfect to that degree.
She had long legs, a tight waist and a voluptuous pair of hills under her thin camisole.
It goes without saying that her face had perfect beauty. Her chestnut-color hair touches her exposed shoulders.


Mikoto calls out to me.

「Somehow, I’m feeling a bit strange」
「Aren’t you the same?」

If I were to speak honestly, I was constantly worrying.


Sensing the strange atmosphere, Mia calls out.

「Let’s do the next one! I don’t like this feeling as if I have lost!」

Mia unexpectedly hates to lose.
As she sits back down in her chair, she promptly gathers up the cards and shuffles them.
However, Mikoto and I were unable to take our eyes off of her.

「U-umm…both your guys’ eyes are scary, you know…」

Even though I looked away from her, Mikoto continued to stare.
Looking at Mia with a stupid face, she moved only her mouth.

「Somehow, I can’t stomach it」

Mia stops her hands that were dealing out cards.

「For you to be this perfect…as a woman I can’t even be jealous」

Holding the dealt cards in her hand, Mikoto hides her face and said.

「Rather, I’m proud even thinking we are sharing the same guy」
「Did you turn stupid?」

I said.
Mikoto glares at me.

「You’re plenty cute」

Mikoto let out a strange voice and moved her body a bit.

「What? What? What is with that timing?」

Turning towards me with moist eyes, Mikoto scrunches her eyebrows seeming troubled.
Mia looks at me like I was strange.

「Well, Mia is definitely perfect but…I also think you’re perfect too」
「…Wh-wh-wh-why would you say that so suddenly!」

Why is Mikoto mad.
Standing up from her chair, she throws her cards on the table.

「Aaaaaa! Geez! I’m stripping too!」
「Haa? I don’t even get what you’re saying!」

However, as she stands up, she takes off her track pants.
She had pure white panties. There was a white ribbon attached at one point.
It had a childish design but it’s not like it didn’t have any attractiveness to it.

Being seen by Mia and I, Mikoto’s face quickly gets bright red.
It seems she realized how absurd her actions were.
As it got silent, she sat down and hid her face.

No one could say anything.
Mia and I looked at each other and then both looked at Mikoto.
It wasn’t an unpleasant atmosphere.
However, the air being conveyed between us three became a bit heavy.
We all slightly became aware of the「sexual」atmosphere mixed in the air.


Mia said in a slightly blurry voice.
Mikoto doesn’t reply with her face still downwards.


I also call out.
However, Mikoto doesn’t reply but shook her head.
Once again, I made eye contact with Mia.

We both exchanged our thoughts.
And then, we could tell we thought of the same thing.

「Ah, umm…Mikoto do you wanna kiss?」

Mikoto raised her face.
And then she looks at me.

「Since earlier, your timing has been weird…nh」

I pile my lips on top of Mikoto’s who just raised her face.
Her thin lips were boiling hot.

「Nh…chuu, nh…」

Mikoto was already receiving my kiss.
I give Mia a sidelong glance while kissing Mikoto.
She nods and stands up.
And then she draws closer and disappears from my field of view.

Something soft wraps around my back.
Mia embraces me as I sit in the chair.
Stopping the kiss, Mikoto looks at me.

「I promised you earlier」

I kissed Mia at the entryway earlier.
At that time, Mikoto said to do it to her as well.

「Th-that’s true but…why now?」

Mikoto looks at Mia with intoxicated eyes.
Mia, who was embracing me from behind, said in a tone that had plenty of leeway.

「Didn’t you want to do it too?」

Mikoto wet her lips at those words.
And then, looking away she gave a small nod.