Erocom Chapter 97: Kurusu Mia 38 Ando Mikoto 30


We move to Mia’s room.
We set up the futon under the bed.
It seems Mia and Mikoto would sleep on the bed and I would sleep on the futon.

When we entered the room, Mia turned on the A/C.
Mikoto crosses the room and sits on the bed with a bright red face.
Mia and Mikoto were both in their underwear having already stripped off their pants.
Those two were both in the room. Just that was enough to make my dick big.

It was quiet.
I was standing in the doorway and Mia was standing staring at the bookshelf.
Mikoto was sitting on the bed staring at her feet.

「Wh-what should we do?」

Mikoto asks without looking at me.
Even though my throat was really parched, I somehow got my voice out.

「What should we do, you say…」
「Won’t we do it…with us three?」
「Ah, eh? Is it fine?」

I look at Mikoto and then at Mia.
After a bit of silence, Mia opened her mouth.

「I’m fine with it but…what about you, Koumei?」

Mia was strangely nervous.

「I want to do it but…」

I still end up giving a vague reply.
I gather up my courage.
I should properly show my determination.
Isn’t this the time to grow up?
I’m going to be a man who is dating multiple people.
If so, I should be taking responsibility.


They both turned towards my voice.

「Come here」

The two opened their eyes wide seeming a bit surprised.
However, Mikoto nods with an already blushing face.
Mia also draws close with a somewhat happy smile.
First, I hug Mia.
And then I immediately steal her lips.


Standing up from the bed, Mikoto reservedly draws close to me.
As I stretch my hand out, she grabbed it.
She was charming.

「Nchuu…chu, nh」

Mia violently sticks to my lips.
Next to Mia, Mikoto wraps her hands around my waist and embraces me.
On the right side was Mia’s plump body. On the left side I could feel Mikoto’s small body.
I was held in between the girls from both sides making me more excited than I’ve ever been.

「Koumei, nh, chuu…」
「H-hey, me too, I want to do it」
「Nh, chuu…」

Mia separates her lips from mine at Mikoto’s words.

「Okay, change」
「…Koumei, kiss me」

Mikoto, who was standing on her tiptoes, and I exchange a kiss.
Mia looks at us from the right hand side.

「Nh…nchu, nh」
「Mikoto-chan, you’re cute」
「Don’t, n, chu, look so much」

I gripped Mia’s hand as I kissed Mikoto.
And then, I bring her hand towards my crotch.

「Chuu, nh」

Mikoto kisses in a daze.
In between us, Mia touched my dick from on top of my boxers.


I let out a voice to the moderate stimulus.
Mikoto notices the strange action and separates her lips.

「Koumei told me to touch it」
「Koumei, you pervert!」

Mikoto glares at me as if blaming me.

「It can’t be helped, right…I’ve holding back this whole time」
「Even though you just did it with me yesterday?」

While Mikoto was saying that, she starts stroking my dick with Mia.
The two different hands moved around.

「Ah, it got bigger」
「It’s true…rather it’s too big」

The two girls share a conversation.
Mia was in her camisole and Mikoto had her pants taken off.

「Should we take it off?」

Mia looks at me.
Her lips were wet from my saliva.

「Ah, Mia…」

I draw closer to Mia’s face.

「It can’t be helped…nh, chuu」

Unable to hold back, I badger Mia for a kiss.
Mia immediately piles her lips on mine and gives me a passionate kiss.

「Geez…only with Mia…Then I’ll take it off, okay?」

Mikoto got on her knees on top of the futon.
And then she took off my boxers.
At the same time, my dick that was starting to get hard jumped out like it was being set free.


Mikoto raises a surprised voice.
My arousal reached its peak.

「Nh, chuuu…n, naa…nh」

I put my tongue in Mia’s mouth.
Unsurprised by it, Mia receives my tongue.
And then entangles it with her own.

「Amazing…It’s twitching」

Mikoto poked my dick.
*Jin jin*, stimulation runs through my body.

「Nh…chupu, n. Ahn, Koumeeeei, nh」

I also got pleasure from Mia.
*Gyuu gyuu*, the way she was pushing her body onto mine was lovely.

「I’ll kiss here too, kay?」

Mikoto gripped my dick.
And then, she kissed my glans with her thin lips.

「Nh, chuu」

Mikoto continues to give light kisses over and over again.
Finishing up our passionate kiss, Mia looked at Mikoto.
And then, when she looks at me she floats a bewitching smile.

「So this excites you, huh」
「Ah, yeah…」
「What do you want me to do?」

Mikoto looks up at me with the head of my dick in her mouth.
*Fuwaa*, I got goosebumps.
I was dominated by that much pleasure.

「Mikoto…it-it feels good…Mia boobs…」

Nodding, Mia took off her camisole.
*Jyupu jyupu*, Mikoto puts my glans in and out of her mouth.
Pleasure covers my whole body. Mia’s upper body was exposed in front of my eyes.
Her swellings that captivate men and the beautiful nipples enshrined at the top were right in front of me.

「…My nipples, their already erect」

I embrace Mia and wrap my hands around her breasts.
And then, I massaged them as if I was kneading dough.
My fingers would sink a decent amount in and then bounce back.


Mikoto looks at Mia’s breast and take my glans out of her mouth.

「Aren’t they amazing? My breasts…ahn」

Mia smiled towards Mikoto while having her breasts rubbed.
Mikoto nods.

「This woman…she’s just too perfect!」
「You too, Mikoto-chan, strip」
「I don’t want to show mine…」

Even if it’s small, it seems Mikoto has a complex about her breasts.
After seeing Mia’s breasts, it’ll be difficult for her to needlessly strip.
I tried to throw a lifeboat out for her by saying something while massaging Mia’s breasts.

「But I like your boobs」
「Geeez, saying such a thing again…」

Mikoto was shy and covers her face.

「Well I’ll strip but…」
「Mikoto-chan’s cute, huh」

After whispering in my ear, Mia looks back at Mikoto.
Mikoto took off her T-shirt leaving her in a sports bra.
And then, she also took off the sports bra.
They were small but Mikoto had a proper pair of hills.
The small nipples on top were lovely.

「Mia…lick it.」

Saying that, I lie down face up on the futon.
“Yes yes”, Mia crouches down to my right and started licking while smiling.

「Nnah…nh, chu」

Mia’s small tongue crawls along my completely erect dick.
My hips shiver at her careful movements.
Mikoto idly stares at her.


Mikoto bends her head to the side when I call out to her.

「You too, lick it」
「Eh? But Mia is…」

When she said that, Mia raised her head and smiled.

「Come on Mikoto-chan…let’s do it together」

Although she says that, Mikoto crouched down on the left side.
Making eye contact with Mia, Mikoto also draws her mouth closer to my dick.