Erocom Chapter 98: Kurusu Mia 39 Ando Mikoto 31


「Nh…chu, chupu, nahn, nnh, ah」
「uchu, uchu…chupu, nah, nh」

The two beauties were licking me from both sides.
Mia tucks her long hair behind her ear and licks my dick with an elegant feeling.
Mikoto desperately moves her head up and down dragging her tongue.
I just abandoned myself to the sea of pleasure and floated along.

Mia’s and Mikoto’s tongue were small.
The sight of them wholeheartedly licking is cute.
Occasionally both their tongues would collide against each other.


Each time the two make eye contact awkwardly.


Mia raises her head and holds my shaft in her mouth.

「Aah…feels gooood…」

The sticky inside of Mia’s mouth is wrapped around me making my dick feel like it would melt.
*Jyuppu jyuppu*, Mia moves her head.
Saliva drips out and flows down my rod.
Mikoto continues to like my dick as if licking up that saliva.

「N, nchuu, Koumei, nh…Nyahn?」

Surprised, Mikoto looks at me.
I stretched out my hand and touched her breasts.
Because she was on all fours, gravity made her small breasts just a bit larger.
I had my palm raised upwards from below her and touch her loose breasts.

「Guppu, nhpu…jyupuh, nchuuu」

Mia put as much of dick into her mouth as possible as she was blowing me.
I felt a great pleasure from her moving in consideration to not hit my dick with her teeth as she opens her mouth wide.


I rub Mikoto’s breasts as she is on all fours.

「Nyahn, nh…chuu, ahn」

When I play with her nipples with my index finger, her small body jumps.
That sight was so lovely I just couldn’t stop.

「Aahn, wai-, nyahn, Koumeii, I can’t liiick…nyah」
「Npuh, apuh…gupu, chuppu, nchu」

I was rubbing the breasts of my gasping childhood friend and the perfect beauties were sucking my dick in a daze.
I have to constantly check that the spectacle in front of my eyes is a reality or not.
They both were topless with only panties on their bottom half.
Such obscene circumstances turned my thoughts into a white haze.

「Aaah, cumming! Mia…」
「Nchuuu, gupuhnpuu, nchu」

At my remark, Mia increases her speed.
Mikoto also grabbed my shaft by the root while having her breasts rubbed.

「Me too, nyahn, you’re making me cum…nh」

Mikoto moves the small hand she was grabbing me with up and down.
Mia sucks on my thick rod. It was like a vacuum on my urethra.

「Kuhahah you two…ah, cum, cumming」

Mia takes my dick out of her mouth.
Mikoto continued to stroke.
A lump of magma starts forming in the center of my hips.
An urge to cum immediately rises to the top that couldn’t be held back.

「Let it out! Koumeii, in my mouth」

Mia lets out her tongue and opens her mouth a little bit.
An electric shock runs through my whole body as her small tongue hits the head of my cock.
Stopping her hand, Mikoto stops and stares at it in wonder.

「Ah, ah, cumiiiiiiing—-」

My hips jumped up.
It’s like my consciousness was flying away. That’s how pleasurable it felt.
It was almost like I could feel each individual seed passing through my urethra.


Such a noise could be heard.
I fired out more semen than I thought.


I wonder if Mikoto was controlling it somehow as semen flies into Mia’s mouth.
Although she was frowning, Mia stretched out her tongue in an attempt to catch all the semen.


There was a long lingering feeling.
Mikoto was still gripping my dick and Mia closed her mouth to not let any semen out.

「Th-that’s erotic…Mia」

After swallowing the semen, Mia smiled at Mikoto.

「Is that so?」
「Was it tasty?」
「It wasn’t really tasty…but, I like the feeling of it sticking to my throat」
「After all, Koumei…liked it, right?」

Unable to break away from the lingering effects, I couldn’t give a proper reply.
Mikoto gave a small snicker.

「You’re cute, Koumei…」
「Hey, Koumei…I don’t think I can hold on anymore」

Mia stood up and took off her panties.
*Kuchyuri*, a sound came from her crotch.

「Are you putting it in?」

Mikoto asks.

「Is it fine if I go first?」
「It’s fine…Today’s impossible for me anyways」
「Is that so?」
「I’m still hurting from doing it yesterday…」

Mikoto cast her eyes downwards seeming a bit disappointed.
Seeing that, I said to Mikoto.

「But you can still strip…」
「It’s fine so…」
「What’s with that, so conceited…」

Although she said that, Mikoto stood up and took off her panties.
Mia was already completely nude.
When I look up at her from below, I could tell she was plenty wet.
*Tsuu*, a single stream of love juices streamed down her thigh. It was too erotic.

「Where’s a condom?」
「Ah, I have one…」

When I try to get up, Mia shook her head.

「It’s fine. Just stay like that and tell me where it is」
「Ah…inside my bag…」
「I got it」

Mia left the room completely nude.
It seems she was heading back to the living room where I left my bag.

「I stripped, but…」

Mikoto stood up hiding her privates with her hands seeming embarrassed.
I laid down again and beckoned for her.

「Here, straddle my face」
「I want to lick you」
「Eh? Buuut…」
「It should be fine if I lick it, right?」
「I think it’s okay but…it’s embarrassing」

However, she honestly listens to what I say.
Because of her character and conduct, Mikoto won’t go against me.
At my guidance, Mikoto draws closer to my face.
And then she straddled my face.

「What’s with thiiis…Ahh it’s so embarrassing, I might die」
「You won’t die…Also, aren’t you expecting something? You’re crazy wet」
「Stupid, don’t say iiit…」

Straddling my face, Mikoto’s privates were in full view.
Her labia was still slightly open from her first experience yesterday.
Love juices were dripping from in between.

「Squat like that…」
「Pervert, pervert, perveeert」

Mikoto slowly drops her hips down to my face.
At that time, Mia returned to the room.
Mikoto raises her voice.

「Aaaahn, Mia, don’t look」
「I saw, especially since you are doing such a perverted act」
「You’re wrong. This is Koumei’s -Nyaaaahn」

*Kuchari*, I kissed her labia with my lips.

「Hyaaaahn, nyahn, aaahn」
「Ko-Koumei…I’m, already…hey, I’m putting on the condom, okay?」

My mouth was blocked by Mikoto so I couldn’t give a reply.

「Nyahhahnh, aaaahn, nyaahn」

Even though I still haven’t licked her, Mikoto gasps.
She desperately bends her hips in an attempt to withstand the pleasure.
The puffed up and plump labia that hit my lips is warm.
I could feel Mia gripping my dick and frantically try to put the condom on.
Even though I already came once, I was still plenty hard and large.

「Nhaaaaahn, Koumeeeeei Nyaaaahnnnyah」

Sticking out my tongue a bit, I arrived at Mikoto’s labia.
Although her body shook with a twitch, Mikoto strongly presses her hips against me.

「I did it…Hey, Koumei…I’m putting it in, okay? It’s fine to put it in, right?」

Of course I wanted to put it in.
Since I couldn’t give a reply I slightly raised my hips.
It seems Mia guessed my intention as she straddles my body.

「Nyaaaahn, nnnnh, Koumeiii, aahn, nyahn」
「ah, nnh…n, Koumei…」

I wasn’t sure because I couldn’t see.
But, I could tell my dick was touching something warm.
Mia put my dick inside her.