Erocom Chapter 99: Kurusu Mia 40 Ando Mikoto 32


It was like my dick was actually melting.
Being wrapped up in Mia’s vagina I didn’t want to separate from this reality.

「Aaaaaahn, nnnh, ah」

Mia receives my dick as she lowers her hips on her own.
Mikoto’s privates cover my mouth which means I can’t look at what’s going on.
However, my reasoning snapped like a sandal strap under the excitement, and my eyes opens to a beastial instinct.

「Nyaaaahnyahah, nhah, nnnyaah」

Using my tongue, I assault Mikoto’s labia.
Discovering her swollen and puffy clitoris, I licked it left and right.

「Hyaahnnnh, nyaahn」

Mikoto was also swept away by a wave of pleasure.
She moves her hips back and forth accepting the stimulation.
She raises a gasping breath that was almost like a scream as love juices are endlessly discharged.
These juices mixed with my saliva and made an indecent sound.

「Hah, ah, it’s biiiig, aaaahnhahn, nh」

Mia started to move relentlessly.
They were awkward movements but she was eagerly taking my dick in and out of her.
*Guchun, guchun*, sounds could be heard coming from the area we were connected.
I can count the amount of times I’ve had sex with Mia.
However, it was like her vagina formed for my personal use.

「Ah, hah, nh, naah, kahah, nnh gooood」
「Nyaaahn, naaaahn, hahnhn, I also feel goood」

Both the beauties continue their movements on top of my face and hips respectively.
They gasped at the same time and each of their voices and pleasure increased at the same time.
Mikoto’s voice was a bit high. However, Mia’s voice had an adult charm to it.

「Ohn, ahn, nah, nh, ah, it’s hitting, inside-aaaaahn, Koumeiiii」

*Kotsun, kotsun*, my dick was kissing Mia’s cervix.

「Feels goood, aaahn, haahnoh, ahn」
「Yaaahn, nnyahn, nnyah」

I was in a daze.
I spread open Mikoto’s labia with my tongue, and I give her vagina inside a kiss.
Mikoto shook her hips in a daze as her body shivers like it was being shocked with electricity.

「Nyahn, nyahnya, aaanyah, nh, hyahn」

Mikoto continues to only sing as she changes into a female without embarrassment.
And then, she shouts as her body twitches.

「Aaah, so sudden, ah, no good, no good, cummingcumming, nh, I’m already, cummiiiing——」

Mikoto came.
Her body bends like a bow and she looks up at the ceiling.
An amount of love juices unforeseen until now spews out of her vagina.
*Picha, picha*, The transparent, silky liquid hits my face.

「Ah…nnya…n, it feels so good, I’ll die」

Mikoto falls onto the futon exhausted, saying that.


I gently stroke Mikoto’s head, who was basking in the afterglow.


As she narrows her eyes seeming happy, she brings her body closer.
I lift my upper body and make eye contact with Mia.

「Ah, Koumei, aaaahn, don’t look, I can’t stooop」

Mia continues shaking her hips while maintaining eye contact.
My long dick was being pushed in and out of her.

「Aaaahn, hoohn, yaaaahn, Koumeii, you can’t mooove」

When I push my hips further up, Mia’s eyes turned white for just a moment.
That’s how much pleasure pierced her body.
Saliva drips from the side of her mouth and her huge breasts shake up and down.
The image of her pink nipples are burned into my memory.

「Haaaahn, yaaahnahahahnnnn, it feeeeeeels soooo gooooood」

Mia bites her lip and pins down her voice.
With tears gathered in her eyes, she looked at me with adorable eyes while desperately withstanding the pleasure.

「Miaa, are you happy, to be connected with me?」

It was the instant I asked that.
The walls of her vagina went *kyun* and tightened around my rod.
And then, Mia put more power into biting her lip.


She shakes her head and dishevels her hair.

「Ah, Miaa Miaa, we’re connected, you and me…」
「Yaaaahnaaaaaa, I can’t no moooooore cummmmiiiiiiing—–」

I shove my hips up at the same time as that shout.
*Pahn*, Mia body jumps.


Mia’s breathing got rough as her body twitched.
Her diaphragm shivers over and over again with my dick still inside her.

「Hah…ah, ah…ah…th-that’s too sly, Koumei」

Taking a big breath Mia glared at me.

「After all…if you say it like that, nh…you know I’ll end up cumming…」
「That you’re connected with me?」

Although she turns her face away, her pussy tightened.
Mikoto, who was laying down next to me, sluggishly gets up.

「Hey…put it in me toooo」

Her tone definitely seemed sluggish.
I asked her while stroking her head.

「But, isn’t…it impossible for you?」
「Uuh…it hurts but…I don’t think I can hold back」

Mikoto looks at me with moist eyes.
Her short hair was disheveled and her face was bright red.
The nipples on top of her small breasts stood at attention.

「Hey, Mia..change with me」

Mia pouts seeming a bit reluctant.
Mikoto stands up and gets closer to Mia straddling me.


And then Mikoto lightly pushes on Mia’s shoulder pushing her from the spot.


Mia rolls down onto the futon and glares at Mikoto.
Mikoto smiles while straddling me.

「It’s fine, right?…we’re changing」
「…I got it」

Mia gives up and sits on top of the futon.
I stroked Mia’s back in an attempt to comfort her.
And then Mia smiled seeming cheered up.

「Here I go…」

After making that declaration, Mikoto slowly lowers her hips.

「Is it really fine?」
「I don’t know…nyah…nh」

The head of my cock touches her pussy.
The numbing stimulation ran through my lower half.

「It’s amazing…You think it’ll fit?」

Mia looked at our union with great interest.
Mikoto shuts her eyes and furrows her brows while trying to take in my dick.

「Nnh, ah…why…nyahn…it won’t go in」

*Guri, guri*, my dick presses against Mikoto’s opening.
However, her only experience was just that one time yesterday.
Putting it in wasn’t so easy.

「Even though it’s weeet…」

Mikoto stands up again seeming vexed.
Mia also stands up and stroked her head.

「You’re cute, Mikoto-chan…Did you wanna put it in?」

*Kokuri*, Mikoto nods.
And then, she wipes her streaming tears with the back of her hand.
She was definitely cute.

I get up and draw towards the two.
And then, when I embrace Mikoto from behind, my dick fits in between her butt cheeks.

「Nyahn, wait…ahn, Koumei? I said it’s impossible…」
「Mikoto…I want to put it in so…」
「But, today is probably…nyaaaaahn n-not so forceful」

*Gugugugu*, I push my shaft into her tight vagina.
Mia, who was looking at me from the side, embraced me from behind.
Her plump pair of hills went *munyuri* as I felt them mold on my back.


I push myself deeper into Mikoto.
Unable to stand the stimulation, Mikoto’s body bends.
She puts her hand against the wall and somehow keeps her position.
In order to keep her from falling, I wrap my hands around her breasts to support her.
The size fit perfectly in my palm but I was packed with happiness.

「Mikoto-chan…is it in?」
「Nyaahn, nnnh, y-yeah…it’s in…Koumei’s, nnnh, huge thing」

*Koku koku*, Mikoto desperately gives her consent.
Mia whispers a question in my ear as she embraces me from behind.

「Koumei, does it feel good? Inside Mikoto-chan?」
「Ah, yeah…」

When I give a vague nod, Mia whispered.

「Later, won’t you put it in me again?」