Erocom Chapter 10: Kurusu Mia 5


The next day. In other words, Sunday.
I went to the dry-cleaner’s to get the uniform back.
The person herself had already received her uniform.
After that I called her, mailed her, and even went to her house directly but she ignored them all.

「What did you do? Even though you already entered high school, did you two get in a fight?」(Mikoto mom)1

When I went to her house directly, while being surprised, Mikoto’s mom interacted with me.
I was too forceful and that was my bad.
I want to apologize properly but now I guess I will quietly give up.

Then, the next day. In other words, Monday.
It is a new week starting here, and I need to go to school again.

My dick is definitely huge. It’s a huge dick.
But, it seems that according to Mikoto it isn’t strange.
Being told that it isn’t gross is a relief.
Since a virgin said so it doesn’t have much meaning but even so it gives me hope.

But the problem hasn’t been solved at all.

Kurusu Mia’s situation.
Friday after school, I told Kurusu my own secret.
I ended up saying my dick is huge.
Even if Mikoto didn’t call it weird, the fact that I exposed my secret to Kurusu doesn’t disappear.
In any case, I can only say it was a joke and try to be forgiven.

When I enter the classroom Kurusu was immediately there.
A crowd of male and female students gather around Kurusu’s surroundings.
It seems people from other classes came. They don’t notice me at all.
She is a seriously popular person.

Our eyes didn’t meet during class.
Well, that is how it usually is.
I don’t need to worry about it.
Not having a conversation is usual for me.

After school.
When I go to the club, Kurusu wasn’t there.
Since I saw her leave the class first, I thought she would surely already be here.
When I try asking the club president, Kawauchi, he shook his head with a terribly sorrowful face.

「Did she quit?」
「No…it seems she is taking a breaking because her condition is bad…」

It’s not something to be in despair about, is it?
But, the Human Culture Research Club is terribly quiet without Kurusu.

I couldn’t see anything wrong with Kurusu earlier.
She was cheerfully lively and healthy as usual.
The reason she took a break from the club must be because of me.

「I am also a bit…」

Not giving a reason, I also took a break from club activities.
The other members didn’t show any behavior that they really cared.

Quicker is better.
If a number of days go by, my dick will gradually end up getting larger in Kurusu’s mind.

I ride the bus to the station.
I hopped on the only train that showed up.
Riding to Mikura Station, I went towards the apartment complex where Kurusu lives.

I ended up coming here on the spur of the moment.
But I can’t just turn around and go back.
In front of the self-locking door, I press the room number that I vaguely recall.
After a while, a voice came through. It was Kurusu’s mom.

「Aa, pardon me. I am Okutani that visited a couple days ago. Is Mia-san home?」
「Ara, good afternoon. Wait a bit, okay?」

Not even a minute later, the voice of Kurusu’s mom returned.

「She said she wants you to wait there, it seems like she wants to come down」

It felt like I waited for a long time.
It spurs on my impulse of wanting to run away.
But, that is no good.
I need to properly tell her it was a joke.
In actuality, not even 5 minutes has passed standing there.

「Sorry to make you wait」

Lightly waving her hand, Kurusu finally came.
She is still in her uniform.
The hair that was lowered at school is now is tied in two.2
I got a bit nervous at Kurusu who looked very young.

「Y-yeah…are you alright? Since your health was poor?」

She probably felt guilt from telling a lie.
Kurusu had ambiguous behavior.

「Did you come because you worried about me?」

Kurusu asks me that.
I shook my head.

「No…it’s about the thing the day before yesterday…」

She probably understood.
When she nods, Kurusu started to walk.

「Isn’t there a shrine a short walk away? Let’s go there」

I also knew about that shrine.
There is a shrine about 5 minutes from the station on foot called Maijima Shrine.3
Enclosed by trees, it is a terribly out of date shrine.
I called out to Kurusu, who was walking ahead.

「Kurusu…that was a joke」

However, there was no reply.
Is she mad? Or perhaps is she disappointed?

「Hey…can you say something?」

In the end, Kurusu only opened her mouth after we reached the shrine.
Between the back of the shrine’s grounds and the encirclement of trees, it was a dim place with gravel strewn about.
It is a place isolated from public notice like it would be used by couples on a date at night.
I could hear the high-pitched voices of primary schoolers on the way home in the distance.

「Show me」
「Like I said…your, that…」

This situation is too unexpected.
Mikoto said so.
If it’s a girl, they won’t tell you to show them so relax.
But, Kurusu definitely said it.

「Your penis…show me」
「A, a…」

The situation became just as I feared.
Within a couple days, two girls have demanded to see my dick.
What a strange turn of events.

「Since then, it’s all I have been thinking about…」

Kurusu mutters that to me.
Her face is bright red.
Her eyes were moist and unfocused.

「Even though you shared your secret, my attitude has become horrible」
「A, th-that is…it’s fine if you don’t worry about it. That was a joke」

It’s no good if I don’t convey it properly.
But, Kurusu shook her head.

「You’re wrong! Okutani-kun shouldn’t be a person that can lie on the spot, right?」

What do you know about me?
But, Kurusu’s eyes were serious.

「Also, I want you to not lie to me…I want to become real friends with Okutani-kun. I was thinking we already were. That’s why, please don’t lie to me」
「…I got it」

If you say it up to there, I can’t go against it.
I probably won’t regret what will happen later.

「That wasn’t a lie…」

I corrected myself.
I won’t lie to Kurusu.
Now I have decided that.

「My dick is truly huge…」
「Is that so…」

Kurusu finally showed a smile.
But I could see that smile hiding her embarrassment.

「O-Okutani-kun…won’t you show it to me?」
「Why do you want to see it?」

Kurusu replied to that question with a gloomy voice.

「It’s not like I doubt Okutani-kun’s words, you know? But unless the secret is shared properly…」

In other words, she will properly confirm whether my dick is huge or not.
And then, for the first time, Kurusu will know my secret.
It was absurd logic but there certainly is no evidence that my dick is huge.
Actually, it is probably quickest to just show it.
I gave up.

「I-I got it…」

Kurusu became my friend.
I will show her, no matter what the result becomes, I will accept it as fate.

The thicket of trees rustled, shaking in the wind.
The sun probably still had a bit before it starts sinking.
But there was no sign of people.
Also, the voice of the primary schoolers that was audible stopped before I noticed.


Resolving myself, I took off my pants.


  1. Took wild liberties here.
  2. Guessing twin tail. Doesn’t specify.
  3. 米島 let me know if you got anything better.