Erocom Chapter 9: Ando Mikoto 5


It’s small.
Mikoto was small just like I expected.
It was a girl’s chest which was different than the chest of a woman in an erotic book or AV.
But it is still different from a guy.
No matter how much she looks like a guy, her body is a girl’s.

There are bulges.
It had a size that could fit in the palm of my hand.
But it wasn’t flat.
On Mikoto’s slender body, there certainly is a pair of mounds.

「Wh-what…as I thought, is it weird?」

Mikoto, who took off her T-shirt and bra, asked.
I shook my neck to the side.

「Could there be anything weird?…it’s extremely pretty」

Those were my honest feelings.
Mikoto’s face became a bit cheerful.

「Y-yeah…it’s true」

I am not in a calm state to tell a lie.
My brain gradually became numb.
Blood was gathering in my crotch.
Burning the scene in front of my eyes into my retinas, I spontaneously opened my eyelids as much as possible.
My mouth stretching into a smile should say enough but it is just as I said.
Unlike my eyes and my crotch, the lower half of my face ended up becoming loose.
Not being able to control my breathing that became rough, my lungs needed air.

The tips of Mikoto’s chest.
That was obviously her nipples.
Her nipples were enclosed by her small pink areola and it was slightly reddish.
Her pointed tips, were already prepared to be sucked on by a baby.
The raw scene here is somewhat magical.
Mikoto’s breasts lied on the realm between reality and fantasy.

「Nee, is it fine already?」

It seems her shame reached its limits.
Mikoto covered her face with hem of the T-shirt she took off and directed her moist eyes at me.

「A- Aa…Thank you」

Why did I give my thanks?
Mikoto agilely put on her T-shirt and hooked her bra.
She also zipped up her jersey.
But, I won’t forget.

Mikoto is a woman.
Mikoto is a woman.

Since it was important I properly thought that twice.
Those swellings weren’t a man’s.
As for Mikoto who I only thought of as a childhood friend.
I completely became conscious that she was someone from the opposite sex now.


Mikoto glared at me like she was angry.
But I didn’t feel scared.

「Next is your turn isn’t it?」

I truly felt like I wanted to run away.
I didn’t want to show Mikoto my dick.
Especially after being shown such a pretty chest.
I hesitate to show such a grotesque thing.
However if I escape now, it will hurt my pride as a man.


When I reply so, I grab my sweatpants.
And then I slowly take them off.
Don’t get erect.
I try and pin down such thoughts with a yell.
If my dick is standing erect, it would be quite bad.
Even though I was wearing such loose pants, I end up making a mistake.


Mikoto already noticed it.
I just took off my sweatpants.
But, with just that, she opened her eyes wide at my dicks ferociousness.
My son was hidden under my loose boxers but the outline was clearly evident through the cloth.

「It’s a lie, right…?」
「No, it’s not a lie」

I put my hand on my boxers.
And then I pulled them down in one stroke with vigour.
Will I hear a scream? Or will there be a silence of disgust?


Mikoto’s impression unintentionally leaked from her mouth.
Opening her eyes, her gaze was locked on my dick.

「I-it’s really big, huh」

Those eyes didn’t have any disgust.
She had eyes that seemed to hold curiosity.

My dick hung down.
Even though it wasn’t erect, the length was 15 cm.1
The thickness was about 4 cm. 2
The head was exposed grotesquely.
The veins that ran along the shaft were fat and pulsating.

「Hey…this thing, it’s normally not supposed to be this big, right?」

Forgetting the setting she made where she already knew about men, Mikoto asked that.

「It’s huge…even though we went to a doctor, they couldn’t do anything」

When Mikoto nods her head, her gaze again moved to my dick.
While biting her lower lip, she stared at it steadily.

「As I thought…it’s gross, isn’t it?」

Mikoto raised her face.
Lowering her eyebrows, she bent her head to the side.

「No…certainly, it is big and it surprised me but it doesn’t disgust me」
「But, when we were in primary school…」
「Aa…certainly such size does not match a primary schooler and there was that back then」

I received the nickname「huge dick」in primary school.
When my friends saw it, they showed signs of being disgusted.
They were guys as well but the expression that person showed at that time, I can’t forget.

「But we are high schoolers now…There isn’t a weird feeling. It’s just big」

That was unexpected.
I ended up coming one step closer to Mikoto

「Wai- don’t come close! I may not be disgusted but I want you to put it away quickly」
「Why?! Even though you told me to show it myself!」

Suddenly getting embarrassed, I put on my boxer hastily.
Mikoto should be the same.
Accomplishing her objective of seeing my penis, it seems she was suddenly attacked by shame.
Taking in a deep breath, Mikoto striked her bright red face with both hands.


What are you saying yoshi for?
When I tried to pull up my pants, suddenly my hands stopped.

「A, it’s no good…」
「What? Do want me to look at it more?」

Pushing out her chin, Mikoto glared at me with an arrogant attitude.
It somewhat returned back to the usual situation.

「Th-that’s right…」

I once again took off my boxers.

「Wh-what are you doing? It’s fine already! I saw it so! Thank you very much!」

Mikoto became flustered with a bright red face.
But, it was an important thing for me.

「You saying it’s not gross, normally is strange」
「Eh? What?」
「After this, I will probably do erotic things with women. No, I want to! I will!」
「”At that time if this dick gets erect”, is what I was thinking, I don’t have confidence in it」
「What are you saying?! Hurry up and put on your pants!」
「Please! I can only ask this from you so…look at my dick get erect! And then let me know if it’s disgusting or not!」
「Don’t come close to me—-!」

When I approach Mikoto with force, my face received a good punch.
It was a punch with all her power.
I lost consciousness for just a bit.

「Idiot, Idiot, Die—-!」

While shouting, Mikoto rushed out of my room.
With my boxers taken off, I fall on both knees.
And then I cried a bit.


  1. Almost 6 inches
  2. 1.5 inches