Erocom Chapter 25: Kurusu Mia 11



Kurusu pants.
My face was pressed into her breasts and my mouth had her nipple inside.
I hold it between my lips in order to taste the bud.
My head became pure white towards the nipple that was getting harder.
My face that was buried in soft flesh was engulfed in happiness.

「Okutani-kun, Okutani-kun」

Raising a lovely voice, Kurusu strokes my head.
Focusing my consciousness on her fingers, I enjoyed myself.
Kurusu was feeling it. Her body felt it and shook with a twitch.


It was ecstasy.
I suck on her nipple.
And then I licked it.


Kurusu raises her voice.
I circled her hard nipple many times over with my tongue.
Each time Kurusu’s body twitches showing she feels it with her whole body.
I was embracing Kurusu.
My hands crawled along her back enhancing the feeling.
And then my hand slowly moves towards her lower body.

「Nn, Ann, my, my nippless, Nnnn」

Kurusu was feeling good with my tongue.
When I thought that, I got a sense of satisfaction.
I started denying the thoughts popping up in my head.
My dick got painfully erect under my boxers.
I grasped her ass.
It was on top of her skirt but I recognize the sexual excitement coming from her toned ass.


Kurusu gasped like she was shouting.
She called my name over and over again, and then she glued her body to me.

「Okutani-kun, Okutani-kun」

I sink in her breasts and it became difficult to breathe.
However, there was no leeway to think about such things.
I just continued licking her nipple that was inside my mouth.
I just frantically hold her ass and continue to rub it.
Kurusu’s ass had a huge sexual feeling to it.
I invade her skirt with my hands.

「Ah, wait…Nnnn」

Kurusu refused my hand but I didn’t stop my hands.
I could feel her panties.
It was one piece of cloth that was too unreliable to protect such a small important place.
I wonder if it is wet because of the sweat from my hands.
Or I wonder if it came from Kurusu.

「Okutani-kunn…Any more than this…」
「Do you not like it?」

Taking my mouth off her nipple, I looked at her with an upwards glance.
Looking down on me, Kurusu bit her lower lip like she was somewhat frustrated.

「I don’t dislike it but…but…」
「If you don’t dislike it!」

This time I bury my face in her other breast.
When I immediately find her nipple, I put it in my mouth.

「Fuah, you’re too violent」

Kurusu released a voice mixed with surprise and heavy breathing.
The other nipple still hadn’t gotten hard yet.
However, it immediately got bigger and harder.
I licked her sensitive nipple.
*Chupu Chupu*.
I gained enough leeway to make sounds on purpose.
I continue rubbing her ass from on top of her panties.
Gradually her panties dug in her flesh and I could feel her raw skin on my palms.
Sitting on the sofa, I lick her nipple and stroke her ass.
I was enjoying such a dream-like moment.

「N, Ann, Fuh, Nah」

There was a change in Kurusu’s heavy breathing.
She continued letting out an irrationally charming voice.
When I try looking at her, Kurusu had her eyes shut.
It seems she entrusted her whole body to the pleasure she was receiving from me.

「Hey, Kurusu…」

I stood up.


Kurusu looks at me with enchanted eyes.
I touched her shoulders.
And then I lightly pushed her on the sofa.
Even though it was a light push, Kurusu’s hips easily sunk into the sofa.

「Kurusu…Do you really like me?」
「Eh? Yeah…I like you but…」

Kurusu looks at me strangely.
She conveyed her honest feelings to me.
In that case, I also must act with a sincere attitude.

「I…am not a good guy to become your boyfriend」
「…I wonder if that’s true」

Kurusu smiled amazed.
I unfasten my belt from my pants and strip them off with my boxers.

「Why are you stripping?」
「I am putting myself in the same position as you did earlier」

I understand more than anyone that what I did had no meaning.
However, I wanted to answer with sincerity.
My standing dick reaches towards the ceiling.
It expanded to the limit of my expectations.
Transparent liquid started to overflow from a while ago.

「Okutani-kun…you’re an idiot aren’t you?」
「I cannot deny that! But I wanted to properly reply to you」
「I got it…then, go ahead」

When she slightly consents, she looks at me.
After I resolved myself, I convey my feelings.

「In all honesty, I don’t really understand the feeling of love」
「…So that’s what it was」

Kurusu’s gaze was stolen by my dick like a monster appearing in front of her.

「”Someday it would be fine for me to be next to you”, if I reached the point where I could have that much confidence in myself…I thought I could properly come to like you」
「But…Now, I…」

I take a step closer and my dick draws closer to Kurusu’s face.

「Sorry…I am the worst.」

While staring at my son, Kurusu replied.1

「Geez. You really are the worst…to reject me…it’s unprecedented」
「It’s not like I am rejecting you!」
「I know. In order to become a man suitable for me, you will do your best, right?」
「Th-that’s right」

With a grin, Kurusu grasped my shaft.

「But…you know, I…before that happens…I want to do this sort of thing with you」
「After all, I am also a girl at that age, you know?」

Kurusu started to slowly stroke my dick.
In one stroke, pleasure rose to the surface.
My brain became numb and my hips gave out.

「Do you think I will wait to do this until you have become a suitable man for me?」
「Aah, Kurusu, it feels goood」
「If you won’t be my partner then…I might end up doing it with someone else you know?」
「Aah, Aa, I don’t want that!」
「Then…let’s do it, okay?」

Floating an erotic expression, Kurusu stuck out her small tongue.
And then after opening her mouth wide, she holds the dick in front of her in her gaping mouth.

「Hamuh…Kuchu, chupu, amuh, nn, npuh」


  1. Son is euphemism for dick