Erocom Chapter 26: Kurusu Mia 12


Kurusu was a perfect beauty.
Just being stared at by her clear eyes grabbed hold of my heart.
Her lips that wouldn’t lose its moistness were plumped up, and when she smiled her dimples were lovely.
I ran my hand through her thin strands of long chestnut-colored hair and it spills over.
Even though the atmosphere was short-lived, her actions were full of energy.
Just breathing the same air brought back my energy, I end up thinking this life isn’t that bad.
Such a perfect beauty like Kurusu is now sucking my dick.

「Nguh, N, Aguh, Nchu, Puchu, Nnah」

Since my dick is huge, Kurusu could only hold the head in her mouth.
But with just that, the pleasure I received was strange.
I was thinking the saliva amassed in her mouth was a pleasant substance.
Furthermore Kurusu wasn’t wearing anything on her upper body right now.
Each time she moves her mouth, her huge hills sway.

「Nnn, Nn, Hamuh, Ncha, Kunah, N, Amuh」
「Aa…Kurusu, it feels goood」

Her soft lips covered my glans.
When she looks at me with a fleeting glance she smiled just for a moment, and she continues holding my glans in her mouth.
*Guchu Guchu*. The saliva mixing around in her mouth made a noise.
An irregular pleasure causes chaos in my brain as a wave of saliva hits my glans.

「Nah…N, since Okutani-kun is big…this is my limit…」

Separating her mouth from my glans, Kurusu frowns.
She looked at me with a face like she was playing a game that was difficult to beat.

「You know, my mouth is small…」
「It feels plenty good」
「Then it’s fine but…」

Kurusu’s lips were painted with the transparent liquid coming out of my son.
When she was licking it with her tongue stuck out, she tilts her head to the side.

「Should I do it more?」
「…If-if it’s painful to hold it in your mouth then you can lick it」
「Aa…my hand is hot」

Swallowing her saliva, she smiled.
And then grasping my dick, she held it like she wouldn’t move.
Drawing her face close, she starts licking my shaft like she was giving it a kiss.
Small pleasure runs up my body like an electric shock.
Indecent sounds echo through the room, and my ears get hot.

「Nchu, Chu, Kuchu, Chupu…Nn, Nchu」

She licks my glans and the area around it.
She licks it carefully like she was tasting a big ice cream bar.
In the middle of licking, she sucks the shaft from the side with her lips and the hand she grasped it with started to stroke it.

I couldn’t hold back, my hand reaches towards her tits as she sat on the sofa.
I gently rub her massive tits.

「Ann, Chubun, N, Amuh, Aann, Nkuh, Nnah, Hann, N」

The soft sensation of her tits being sent to my hand made my head numb.
My dick swelled to the max and my whole body was pleased from her kiss.

「Kurusu…Aa, Kurusu…」
「Nchupu, Nann, Uunn, Naa, Kuchu, Fupunn, Kucha」
「It feels too good! It feels good!」
「Hamu, Chu, Chu, Okutani-kun…?」

Separating her lips, Kurusu looks at me.
With me rubbing her tits, Kurusu looks at me like she was asking for something.

「What is it…?」

Kurusu let out a voice with a hot breath.
And then the hand she wasn’t holding my dick with drew towards her skirt.


The hand that went towards her skirt stopped right over her concealed pussy.
And then she tightly gripped her skirt.
Leaning forward, she hit her face on the arm I was using to rub her breasts and muttered.

「You want to be touched?」

When I asked, Kurusu twitched.
Kurusu pushed her hand against her crotch as if she was holding back her pee.
And then closing her eyes, she slightly nods.

I slowly laid Kurusu down on the sofa.
I sit in seiza at her feet.
And then I put my hand in her skirt.
I touch her panties.
Kurusu was lying down not saying anything.
Her eyes were wet like tears would flow down, and she looked at a distant area.
Watching her huge tits rise up and down, I could tell her breathing raised.

「Please don’t…take off my skirt…」

When I try to take off her panties, she slightly raised her hips and said.
Easily taking off her panties, I held them in my right hand.
It was a pair of thin yellow panties, it was probably a set with the bra.
Black cloth adorns the laces and it was very lovely.
Even though there wasn’t actually steam coming off it, I could feel myself warming up from it.
Laying the panties down on the sofa, I put my hands in her skirt again.
Just as she asked, I didn’t take off her skirt.


Kurusu let out a heavy sigh.
She had a troubled face like she had lost her way on a street she didn’t know.1
“I don’t know if it’s fine to do this.”
“Is it fine to go on like this.”
“Or should I turn back.”
Kurusu’s expression had such hesitation.

I touch her thighs.
And then I advance my hand up her smooth thighs.
Kurusu gripped her skirt.
She just waits for something without trying to look at me.

「Kurusu…could you open your legs a bit」
「You want me to touch you, right?」
「That’s right but…」

Kurusu took a huge breath.

「That’s right but…I’m a bit scared」
「I’ll be gentle…」

And then she slowly opened up her legs just a bit.
While purposefully rubbing her thighs, I extended my hands forwards.


Kurusu’s body twitched.
And then she looks at me surprised.
With eyes wide open, she slightly opened her mouth.

「What are you doing now?」
「Eh? I was thinking…to touch it a bit」
「You really only touched it a bit?」
「Ah, yeah…」

It was for just a moment but, I definitely touched her crotch.
I couldn’t see what I was doing inside her skirt.
But, my right hand that was invading her skirt got wet with a silky liquid.

「Amazing…you were feeling it…」

Blinking in surprise, Kurusu looked at me.


  1. Huh?