Erocom Chapter 27: Kurusu Mia 13


My hands went inside her skirt once again.
Kurusu creased her eyebrows and looked at the ceiling.


I touched it.
My index finger touched her pussy.


*Kyuu*, Kurusu closes her legs and lets out a voice.
And then looking at me she shook her head.

「Wait…I felt that a bit too much…」
「You said you wanted to be touched…」
「That’s right but…」

Kurusu raised her body seeming a bit flustered.
And then she opened her mouth while combing down her hair.

「That’s right but…with just a little touch, my body gets a weird feeling」
「Have you never done this before?」
「Eh? no」

Kurusu looked at me with an upset appearance.
I shook my head.

「That’s not what I meant…I meant by yourself」

Kurusu grasped the hem of her skirt and nods with a red face.

「It’s different from when I touch it…」

Kurusu looked at me with a wry smile.

「Or rather, what are you making me say」
「But I want to touch it…」

I told her frankly.
My dick swells towards the ceiling in anticipation of cumming.
My heart was beating painfully loud and it became difficult to swallow.

「But…this is a little…」
「Do you feel like you can’t endure it?」
「I am just a bit surprised but…」

When I approach Kurusu, I slowly laid her down on the sofa.
Accepting my second attempt, she lies down without much resistance.
When I put my hands in her skirt, this time she willingly opened her legs.

「Try to bear it for a bit…」

Letting out a long exhale, Kurusu shut her eyes.

「I’ll try to bear it…」

With those words as a signal, I stretch my finger towards her pussy.
*Nucha*, my finger seemed to melt in her sticky soft area.


Shutting her eyes, she bit her right hand while holding down her voice.
It seems her body twitched once.

「Are you alright?」

Kurusu shakes her head.
I ask her while making sure not to be impatient.
My fingers creep towards her pussy.
I try to scoop out her overflowing love juices with my index finger.


Biting her hand she leaks out a voice.
She opens her eyes and looks at me.
“Why aren’t you stopping?” She had those type of eyes.

「This skirt is a hindrance」
「Hey? Okutani-kun?」

When I turn over her skirt, Kurusu separates her hand from her mouth and tries to fix it.
I look at her pussy while stopping her hand.
She had an abundant amount of small thin chestnut-colored pubic hair.
Under that was her gleamingly wet pussy.
Her labia was tightly closed seeming to claim no one is allowed in.
The sweet smell of citrus tickles my nose and stirs in my brain.


I extend my hand trying to touch it again.

「Seriously! Wait! You can’t!」

Kurusu was almost shouting.
Taken aback by her voice, I stopped my hand.


Swelling her cheeks, Kurusu glares at me.

「Wait…since I ended up cumming a little…」
「Dont “Eh?” me…Don’t make me say it」
「But, I only touched it a little…」
「That’s right. I came from just being touched a little」

Tears amassed in her eyes like she was pouting.
Her face was bright red probably because she was feeling ashamed.
Averting her eyes, Kurusu muttered.

「When I thought about being touched by you, I just…」

A sense of happiness pierces through my body at her words.
Even though it wasn’t touched, my dick sprang up.


I embraced her.

「Ann…wait…eh? Geez..Chuu」

We pile up our lips and lock eyes with each other.
My aroused face is reflected in her moist eyes.

「Hey…there is something big on my stomach…」

That’s right.
I was hanging over Kurusu.
Because of that, my erect dick was in the perfect position to touch her stomach.

「I want to put it in…」

It was impossible to put on airs in front of Kurusu.
I end up saying what I was thinking.
Kurusu frowns like she would when scolding a small child.

「It’s impossible…you can’t put it in」

Somehow it seems she doesn’t dislike the thought of having sex with me.
Rather than that, there was a physical issue.
Kurusu was a virgin so her pussy was closed tightly.
And more than anything my dick was just too big.

「Also…We don’t have a condom…」
「I will go and buy one」
「Eeh? What are you saying? We can always do it another time, so…let’s not do it today, okay?」

Tilting her head to the side, Kurusu smiled.
The dimples on her cheeks were lovely and she was very girlish.
That’s right. I have to cherish this person.
No, I should cherish her like a saint.
I stroke her head and after tasting a sense of superiority, I nodded.

「You’re right…」
「You’re admirable, Okutani-kun」

Why did she praise me?
When I separate myself from her, I take a deep breath to collect myself.
I stand up trying not to look at Kurusu.

「Hey, Okutani-kun?」

However, I ended up looking.
Kurusu was sitting on the sofa with her chest exposed.

「After getting that big, it won’t go back will it?」
「Ah, yeah…」

My huge dick expanded to its limits.
While staring at it, Kurusu muttered.

「It should return after some time passes, right?」
「Th-that’s right but…」
「Do you want to cum?」

Opening her pure eyes wide, Kurusu stares at me.
Even though I took the time to collect myself, I immediately regained my arousal from the look in her eyes.

「I do」

The half naked Kurusu comes down from the sofa.
And then drawing close to me, she gets on her knees.

「Is it fine if I lick it?」
「Well…if you can…」

I sat on the sofa.
And I turn my towering dick towards her while asking her for a request.

「Can you hold it between your tits…」