Erocom Chapter 28: Kurusu Mia 14


「L-like this…?」

Kurusu pushes her breasts together from both sides with inexperienced movements.
In between both her breasts was my gigantic dick.

Sitting on the sofa, my dick is turned towards Kurusu.
Kurusu was on her knees on the floor with her back straight. She was pushing her tits towards my dick.
The current circumstances is plenty enough to make me cum.
But I firmly held back.
Kurusu’s soft hills wrap around my dick.

「Ah, AAah…」

It felt like electricity ran up my spine.
Stimulus is sent through my whole body making the top of my head painful.

「I-is this fine?」

Holding my dick between her tits, Kurusu asks me.
I had forgotten how to speak.
I look at Kurusu with only half open eyes.

「It feels that good?」
「I’m somehow a bit happy」

Muttering that, Kurusu continues pressing her breasts on my son.
Even though my shaft was thick, since it was Kurusu’s plump chest she could envelop the whole thing.
However, the glans was exposed.

「Ku-Kurusu…the head…please lick it」

When I somehow gave her directions, she nodded.
At the same time as she nods, her small tongue creeps along the head.


My hips jumped up.


I heard Kurusu let out a short shriek.
Since I suddenly pushed up my dick, she was a bit surprised.

「Did it feel good?」
「Yes, amazingly so…」

When she put my penis between her breasts again, Kurusu licks the head.
*Chiro Chiro*, she did her utmost best to stimulate me with her stiff tongue.
Her praiseworthy service blended happiness and a sense of superiority in my heart.

「Stroke it, with your tits…」
「Like this?」

Kurusu started moving her breasts, that were holding my dick from both sides, up and down.
I was assailed with a pleasure I would never think came from this world.
The mental pleasure given was huge, even more than the physical pleasure.

「N, Chu, Achupu, Kuchu, Npuh」

Kurusu’s tongue moved faster like she got used to it.
And she started to move her chest quicker.
Her nipples hardened to a point moved up and down in front of me.

It was being done by such a perfectly beautiful girl, she was only desperately trying to get a man to cum.
I should be satisfied with just being able to look at it.
But right now, I am the party involved.
I am the guy she is trying to get to cum.

「A, A, A…Kurusu…cumming」
「Puchu, Kuchu, N, Nnah…oh yeah」

Separating her tongue from the head, Kurusu looks at me while moving her tits.
And then she said slightly embarrassed.

「Hey, can you call me Mia?」
「Aaaaa! Mia, Mia, cumming」

I stood up and stroked my dick on my own.
Kurusu wore a surprised expression at the sudden action.

「O-Okutani-kun, what should I do?」
「Put the tip in your mouth!」
「Eh? Ah, okay…Amuh」

Kurusu put the tip in her mouth in a hurry.
Moving my hand quicker, the feeling to suddenly cum raised.
A lump of pleasure like magma gathered in the center of my hips.


And that magma is forcibly pushed outside through my urethra.
A torrent of pleasure bursts forth as if a dam had busted.
My dick released it in Kurusu’s lukewarm mouth.
My consciousness blew off and my thoughts turned pure white.
I push my hips out as much as possible and cram my dick in Kurusu’s mouth.


Opening her eyes wide, Kurusu’s expression turns a bit scared.
When she takes the dick out of her mouth trying to escape, she coughed violently.
The remaining semen was fired on the coughing Kurusu’s tits and face.
Her nostrils flared a bit as she tried to swallow something.

「Nguu…Daaa…You surprised me」
「…you…you drank it?」

My body started to swirl in the pleasurable after effects of cumming.
It took a long time to drawback from the after effects but my hips suddenly got heavy.
Kurusu wipes her slightly streaming tears with the back of her hand.

「After all, you let it out in my mouth…aa…it’s also on my cheeks.」

Sticky, cloudy liquid was pasted on her cheeks.
And the semen flew directly on to the center of her huge chest.
With the stickiness not losing to gravity it just drooped downwards.

「Why are you apologizing?」

Wiping off the semen stuck on her cheek with her index finger, Kurusu asked me.

「It felt good didn’t it?」
「Th-that’s right but…I never thought you would drink it for me」
「Isn’t that what I am supposed to do?」

Somehow Kurusu only had a minimum amount of knowledge on sex.
Since I let it out in her mouth, she ended up drinking it as is.
She didn’t have a choice to spit it out.

「Are you satisfied?」
「Ah, yeah…」

I was completely satisfied.
Kurusu stood up and wipes her hands with a tissue and wipes the semen off her breasts.

「Now then…should we go home?」

Looking over her shoulder, the topless Kurusu smiled.
I nod my head towards her.

「Th-that’s right…let’s go」

After we put on clothes we went home.
Since there are tests later, the students went home promptly.
We didn’t meet anyone from Hashidzume High School on the train or the bus.
Separating from Kurusu at Mikura Station, I returned home.

The next day.
After a full day of tests, it reached the end of school.
I rushed out of the class as soon as the chime rang.
I went towards the rooftop.
If the person that called Kurusu out is a student here then they should be done with tests at the same time as me.
If that’s the case, they will be heading to the rooftop.

The plan was to get to the roof before Kurusu and hide.
The priority is to erase the data.
In order to do that, I will try to not show myself.
However, if Kurusu meets a dangerous situation then I will not hesitate to show myself.

The wide open rooftop had no one there.
It was surrounded by a wire fence and had a small basketball court.1
When lunch came around, the upperclassmen crowded the center.

When I got to the roof, I looked for a place to hide.
There was a shed called the machine room.
I don’t exactly know what was inside there.
The shed was next to the wire fence that I could climb up on.
If it’s here, I can see the entrance to the roof perfectly.

Climbing up the wire fence, I go towards the roof of the machine room.
And then laying down on my stomach to not be conspicuous, I look towards the entrance.
I feel like I became the protagonist to a spy game.
I wait for a bit. Kurusu finally came.
Looking left and right, she checks to make sure no one is there.


I call out to her.
When I did so, Kurusu turns towards my voice and found me.
She had a stiff smile.
Today’s Kurusu had her hair pinned up in two.
She looked a little younger than usual.
Turning her back to me, Kurusu faced the entrance to the roof.
She was holding the photo in her hand.

Would the one who finally comes be a guy?
Or would it be some we completely didn’t expect?2

5 minutes passed.
The door to the roof slowly opened.
I saw Kurusu take a deep breath and her shoulder moved.
I sucked in a deep breath at the same time.



  1. On the roof?
  2. Soooo a girl?