Erocom Chapter 5: Ando Mikoto 1


It was fearfully silent.
Clasping my arm, Kurusu didn’t move.
Not closing her partially opened mouth, she was staring at me.

「Eh, e-to…」

After a while, Kurusu slowly loosened her tightened hand.

「As I thought, it would have been good not to mention that…」

I covered my face with both hands.
Kurusu spoke up with a voice filled with bewilderment.

「Ah, eh? That…Aa…i-is that so?…Haha」

Unable to endure the dry laughter, I rushed out of Kurusu’s house running.
After that, I ran to the bike stands at the station and rode my bike.
Until now, I haven’t been sent flying with such speed.

My dick is quite huge.
It’s so big it causes my parents to worry.
It has been gigantic since birth, when I was in primary school its size was no different from an adult male’s.
My parents became worried and took me to a hospital but there was no problem.

My dick was just simply huge.

In primary school, when my friends saw it, they would say「gross」.
And then I got the nickname「huge dick」.
And so I haven’t shown it to anyone since.

When I entered middle school, it grew even bigger.
I didn’t join sports clubs that had people lodging together, naturally I didn’t go on field trips either.

Kurusu’s face.
That face that looked at me dumbfounded.
It was a face of disgust that I ended up forgetting.
Right about now, she is probably throwing up the snacks she ate into the toilet with bad feelings.


Coming out of the residential area, there were paddy fields on both sides.
While screaming, I pedalled my bike.
I couldn’t really see that much in front of me, I looked up.

That’s why I didn’t notice it.

It seems the wheel rode over a pebble.
*Bang*, I had a feeling of something jumping.
Immediately after that, my body danced about midair.

It felt like time slowed down.
I could see the evening sun in the sky setting in the distance.
I gazed at the overly peaceful scenery upside down.

When I noticed, I had dived into a paddy field.
My right elbow and my left cheek had a scrape on it.
My back hurt a bit.
More than anything, since I had entered the paddy field, I ended up becoming muddy.
Thankfully school is on break tomorrow.
My uniform was in a terrible condition.

I rolled over on my back.
Fleecy clouds float through the sky.

「It’s over…」

Kurusu wouldn’t do something like spreading a rumor about my large penis.
I get that. But, imagining how Kurusu will look at me starting Monday is scary.
It’s not like I really like her.
Even so I thought we could become good friends.

It was an unthinkable mistake.
Don’t I have some other secret?
At this point since I had cooled off, a great number came to mind.

For example, even at this age, I have times where I am too scared to go to the toilet at night.
Or, the time I unfastened the leash on the dog next door and its whereabouts were unknown for two weeks.
Or, the time I took 2000 yen1 from my grandpa’s wallet to buy manga.

All of those secrets are trifling.
But, I had a feeling that that was plenty.
Why did I end up talking about my huge penis that I had such a big complex about?

「Oi, you, are you alright?」

Someone called out from the road.
When I raised my face to look towards that voice, a female high-school student stood there in a rare uniform made up of a gray dress.

「Oh, it’s just Mikoto」
「What do you mean, oh?」

When I stood up from the paddy field, I wiped off as much mud as I could.
And yet even that wasn’t enough but it was only a short distance to my house.


Ando Mikoto lived about a minute on foot away from my house.
We have been together through primary school and middle school but in high school Mikoto entered a prestigious girls’ school about an hour away by train.

「Are you going home now?」
「Yeah, but…」

Mikoto stood the bike up beside her.
She stood there with short black hair and facial features like a boy’s.
Her height was average but her chest was small.
She didn’t look like she belonged in an Ojousama’s high school like Agura Girl’s Institute.
If she didn’t wear her uniform, it would be like a middle-schooler returning home from club activities. Furthermore she would look like a guy.

「You fall?」
「You should understand just by looking」
「What? Even though I was worrying about you, this huge dick!」
「Don’t call me that right now—-!」

I charged Mikoto while screaming.

「Stop! Don’t come near me with that appearance—-!」

Throwing my bike, Mikoto ran away.
However, I mercilessly chased down and caught Mikoto.

「Gyaa! Stop! My uniform! My uniform is getting dirty!」

It’s a gray dress.
My black school uniform cannot be compared to it in how easy it can get dirty.
I hold the slender Mikoto’s back with both hands and press my body up against her tightly.
On the verge of tears, Mikoto flailed her feet around and swung her hands about.
The one who wants to cry is me.

「I got it! I’ll apologize already so! Please! Let me go—-!」

After that, I, who had calmed down, let Mikoto go.
I got her to forgive me by paying for her cleaning charges.

「You have already become a highschool student, are you an idiot?!」

When I went to Mikoto’s house the next day, that was the first thing I heard Mikoto’s mom say.

「What does that matter? So annoying」

Mikoto’s mom went to call out her daughter while having a burst of laughter.
Mikoto angrily grabbed her bag and brought it along.
It was probably about her being in her uniform that became muddy.

「Let’s go」
「Ah, it’s fine, if you hand it over to me I can go do it by myself」
「Hey you, you think a girl would hand over her own uniform to a guy?」
「There shouldn’t be any issue though」
「I don’t wanna! Now, let’s go!」

Leaving the entryway promptly, Mikoto ended up riding on a bicycle.
Surprised that she was riding on my own bike, I chased after her.


  1. About $20