Erocom Chapter 6: Ando Mikoto 2


It was on the way back from dropping the uniform off at the dry-cleaner’s.
Mikoto, who was pedalling the bike, asked me a question.

「And then? What happened」
「You fell off your bike and hugged me…Something happened didn’t it?」

She’s a sharp woman.
Today, Mikoto was jersey-clad from top to bottom.
It was an unfashionable dark red.
I really can’t see her being a student at an Ojousama’s school.
Her short hair had bed head and it sprang up in the back.

「Did you see it?」

Since Mikoto is my childhood friend, she knew about my huge penis.
She didn’t see it directly but she knew that was why I wouldn’t go on field trips.

「No, I didn’t see it…」
「Then, what?」
「You said it yourself. “My dick is huge”…」

Putting on the brakes, Mikoto stopped the bike.
This place is close to the street with the paddy field that I fell down in yesterday.
I also stopped my bike and looked at Mikoto.

「That’s why I’m worried…why did you say it on your own」
「In the first place, what were the circumstance to even say that?」
「That is…I can’t say it」

If I tell her the reason, I will end up telling Kurusu’s secret.
Even though it was Mikoto, he still couldn’t do it.
Seeming like she wasn’t close to guessing the reason, Mikoto shrugged her shoulders.

「A girl? A guy?」
「Did you say it to a girl? Or did you tell a guy?」

I don’t know why she asked such a thing.
However, if it is only this much then there is no problem.

「It’s a girl」
「You, are the worst. Talking about how big you are, to a girl」
「Don’t say anymore!」

Letting out a huge sigh, Mikoto told me.

「Well, if that’s the case, isn’t it fine?」
「After all, hasn’t she not seen it yet? It was a joke. If you say that it should be fine so…if the other person is a girl I can’t imagine her getting you to show her」
「I see.」

Scales fall from my eyes.1
I could use that hand, can’t I?
It’s a joke. It’s fine to say that.
It is a terribly indecent joke but it’s better than being called huge dick.
Immediately after, it should be fine to share a different harmless secret.

「What a good idea!」

I think that will clear up the mood.
Mikoto’s mouth warped like she was surprised, and then she muttered,

「That girl, who is she?…」

When we got to Mikoto’s house, I was told to come in by Mikoto’s mom.2

「It’s fine, I’ll go home for today」(Okutani)
「Even if you go home no one is there, you know?」(Mikoto mom)
「Because everyone said they were going to the bath-house」(Mikoto mom)
「How awful, to go without me…」(Okutani)

Mikoto’s mother and my mother have quite a close relationship.
It seems my mom ended up fairly fatter than when she was younger but Mikoto’s mom was slender.
I’m certain she said her age was 34.
Black roots started to show in her blonde dyed hair.
She was a woman that loved tobacco and alcohol and she seemed somewhat languid.
With that being said, it’s not like she was living the life of a degenerate.
She is also quite a famous well-known photographer.

「Wanna come eat lunch at our place?」
「Depends on the menu」

While using such abusive language, I visited Mikoto’s house.
It was a one-story house that I was accustomed with.
I don’t know if it’s the best representation of a Japanese-style home but it has that sort of feeling.
The roof was made out of timber that had become bare and the thick pillars had a conspicuous grain to it.
Pictures that Mikoto’s mom took were lined up in a row along the walls.
Mikoto’s father crowded with shelves with antiques fitting his tastes.
Incidentally, Mikoto’s father transferred away to the Philippines for work.

「The menu is what everyone loves. Curry!」

Towards the words of Mikoto’s mom, I showed an unpleasant face.

「Even though I had curry last night」(Okutani)
「Don’t lie. Last night you guys had Udon, didn’t you?」(Mikoto mom)
「Gross, why do you know something like that」(Okutani)

It is because she really is quite close with my mom.
When I arrived at the table, Mikoto brought over the curry.
We turned on the T.V. and the two of us ate the curry quietly.
I am quite thankful for this relationship where silence doesn’t bother us.

「Oi, you two! Since I have a lot of photos to develop, I’ll be leaving」
「Be quiet, okay?」

This house’s garden has a shed for Mikoto’s mom to work in.
That’s where Mikoto’s mom develops her photos.
Nowadays, digital photos have become the norm but Mikoto’s mom is fixated on analog.

「Wash your plate」3

After finished eating, Mikoto lied down on the floor and muttered that.

「If you sleep right after eating, you will become a cow, you know?」
「Hee, I’m a little interested so I will just sleep」

This girl isn’t cute at all.
I headed towards the kitchen bringing mine and Mikoto’s plates.
Making me finish washing the dishes, I lied down across from Mikoto.
We both watched T.V. while spacing out.


Mikoto began to talk.

「Honestly, is it big?」
「Is what big?」
「Your dick…」
「Why did the conversation turn into something like this! Stop messing with me! Even though I was just starting to forget about it!」

I shouted.

「Don’t shout so loudly, Mama will get mad」

That’s right.
When she is working, Mikoto’s mom gets quite serious.
There have been many times where she got mad at Mikoto for being noisy.

「After all, you have been worrying about it from so long ago. Is it really that big?」
「You’re annoying…it’s fine, you wouldn’t understand」
「Hey, you」

And then after pausing for a bit, Mikoto raised her body.
And while she was looking at me she said.

「Show it to me」


  1. Means he gets it now.
  2. Damn this portion was fairly confusing
  3. This is all a very vague chapter who is saying what exactly I’m not entirely sure. Trying my best.