Erocom Chapter 7: Ando Mikoto 3


“What is this person saying?”
I looked at Mikoto with those sort of eyes.
The jersey-clad Mikoto had her cheeks dye a bit red and said it again.

「Hurry, show me」
「Don’t wanna」

I immediately replied.

「Or rather, didn’t you say if it’s a girl she won’t try to see? You said that just a bit earlier!」
「I did?」

Psh, playing dumb.
I turned my face towards the T.V. deciding to ignore Mikoto.


When I thought I had just heard such a voice, Mikoto tried to lower my pants.

「Wait, wait! Idiot! Stop!」
「Be quiet! You’ll make Mama mad!」

Damn. How did it come to this?
My clothes today are a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants.
I didn’t wear pants that were even slightly tight since my dick is huge.
Because of that, my pants end up being super easy to take off.
Raising my legs, I defended against Mikoto’s attack.

「Why? isn’t it fine!」
「No way! You would certainly call it gross!」
「I won’t say that!」
「In the first place, I have no obligation to show you!」

It was at that time.
With large footsteps, the living room door was opened.

「You’re noisy! I can’t concentrate!」

Mikoto’s mom was there.
My eyes landed on her head of ruffled hair.
It was an obviously furious facial expression.

I, who was lying down rolling around on the floor, was holding Mikoto’s waist with my legs.
Mikoto was grasping the cuff of my pants like she was trying to take it off somehow.

「…You two, what are you doing?」

As one would expect, Mikoto’s mom lost her anger at the current situation in front of her eyes.
After flapping my mouth open and closed over and over again, I told a lie on the spot.

「We are pretending to be pro wrestlers?」

Why was it a question?


Silence entered again, Mikoto’s mom looked furious.

「It was the same thing yesterday but you two look just like primary schoolers! It’s fine so just be quiet!」

Saying it over her shoulder, there was a sound of footsteps leaving.

「I’m going home already…」

When I let go of Mikoto, I stood up.
And then I opened the living room door and go towards the entryway.

「Why did you come along?」

I turned my face backwards and glared at Mikoto.
Mikoto puffed up her nonexistent chest.

「I’m going to your house」
「Even if I have to wrestle with you, even if I have to do anything forcibly, I will see it!」

Wanting to shout, I suddenly withstood it.
I put on my shoes. I left the entryway and ran.
It’s fine if I come back later to get my bike.
Don’t look back. That idiot is chasing me.

I arrived at my own home and tried to open the door.
But, it was locked.
That’s right. My family went to the bath-house.
I go around to the backdoor. The backdoor is always unlocked.

When I did so, Mikoto was standing in front of the backdoor.
Anticipating that the door was locked, it seems she arrived here before me.

「It’s fine isn’t it?…Let me see」

You’re still saying that?

「Don’t wanna. Or rather, why would it be fine?」
「Aren’t you thinking too much? When you were a kid, sure it was probably bigger than most people but」

Mikoto then cast her eyes downward.

「If it’s now, that isn’t the case, right?」
「Eh? Haa?」
「That’s why!」

Mikoto lifts her face and makes eye contact with me.
She has boyish looks but she definitely has beauty.
There is still time till the sun sinks.
Basking in the sunlight that started to tilt, a pretty boy- no, a pretty girl stares at me.
This chick, was she always this cute?
This is the first time I was bewildered at the feeling from a rom com template where the main character embraces their childhood friend.

「That’s why I will look at it for you. And then since I will tell you it’s no different than normal…if I do so, won’t it get rid of your complex?」

There was some truth to what she was saying.
But my dick is larger than normal.
It is much larger when compared to the average.
It would even surprise men from the Congo.
Also in the first place, I have an issue with Mikoto saying it.

「Hey, you. If you see mine…How could you understand if my dick was normal?」
「After all…if you haven’t seen any other guy’s…」
「Th-that is」

Hesitating, Mikoto replied.

「I-I have! Of course I have!」
「Is that so?…you are a second year in highschool」
「Th-that’s right! I am a second year in highschool! I know one or two guys!」

I understand already with that attitude.
Mikoto is a virgin furthermore she hasn’t seen any other guy’s dick.
If that’s the case, there is no way I can show her.

「It’s fine so, show it to me!」

I don’t understand why she became so stubborn.
In order to get away, I entered my house through the backdoor.
Immediately after, Mikoto also entered inside and chased me.

Going upstairs, I lept into my room.
I close the door and quickly lock it.

「Hey! Open up please! Open up!」

Striking the door, Mikoto shouted.
The doorknob is shaken with a rattle.

「You’ll break it! It’ll break so stop!」

My house is old. Also it’s worn out.
If it is dealt with violently, the door will end up breaking.

「I get it! I get it so! Calm down for a bit!」
「I’m fine so unlock it! Show me your huge dick! Show it to me first.」

Did she say first?
What does that mean?
There aren’t people waiting in line.

「Stop stop! There’s no way I could show it! Don’t give me a reason I don’t understand!」
「You do understand the reason!」

I don’t understand.
Suddenly getting a good idea, I cast my voice through the door.

「Aa, that’s right! Then let’s do it like this! I will show you my own complex so you show me yours! That’s right! Let’s do that!」

And then it was silent.

「Fine! You probably won’t show yours anyway!」

She was unexpectedly confident.
Then there is still a need to push further.

「Are you sure!? You’re worrying about it, showing me that flat chest!」
「D-d-d-d-don’t call me flat chested—–!」

Mikoto worries about her own chest being small.
She hasn’t stated it herself but with her behavior I understood that.
Furthermore, Mikoto tried rattling the doorknob.

「See, you can’t show it, huh? Then you can’t see my dick」
「Aa! Fine! I-I get it! It’ll be fine if I show you, right?! Since I don’t really mind it! I will show you! My tits!」
「Eh, seriously…?」

I unlock the door and open it up.
The out of breath Mikoto glares at me.

「That’s why…you too, your dick, won’t you show it to me?」