Erocom Chapter 8: Ando Mikoto 4


My house is a two-story building.
It is spacious but quite old. And it is worn down.
I live with my mom and her two parents.
That is to say including me, my mom, my grandpa and my grandma live here.
When you walk through the hallways the floor creaks and when you open the door it creaks.
Winter is cold and summer was hot.

In such a house, my room is still the comfortable one.
Also the sunlight often shines through the second floor south east corner room.
When I was studying for exams 2 years back, grandpa changed rooms with me.
It was because it had become difficult for grandpa to go up and down the stairs at his age.
For that reason he moved to the room on the first floor.

「So…who will show it first?」

Mikoto, who hasn’t calmed down yet, asked.
Right now, Mikoto and I are facing each other in my room.
Breathing heavily, Mikoto opened her bloodshot eyes wide.
Her short black hair was slightly disordered.

「Th-then…you first」
「You’re the one that wants to see mine…I don’t really want to see yours」

Mikoto stopped talking towards my sound argument.
After thinking about it for a while, she finally spoke a few words.

「Koumei, you don’t want to see my breasts…?」

The topic switched.
We started talking about Mikoto wanting to see my dick.
Then if that is the case, I told Mikoto she needs to show me her breasts.
It is a fair exchange. More or less.

Then it somehow ended up turning into whether or not I wanted to see Mikoto’s chest.
Well if I can look at it, I would want to.
But if I say I want to see it here, our positions will end up becoming equal.
If it becomes equal, the situation will obviously turn into me having to show my dick first.
In other words, there is a possibility Mikoto will only look at mine and then run away.

「I-I don’t really…want to look at such a flat chest」
「Like I said, stop calling it flat!」

Shouting that, Mikoto lost her ambition from earlier.

「…As I thought, you worry about it, right?」
「There is absolutely no way I would…」

Turning her face away embarrassed, Mikoto pouts.

「I think it would be fine if it was larger though…」
「You don’t really need to worry about it」

It was my honest feeling.

「A woman’s worth isn’t decided by the size of her breasts」
「Hey, can you be the one to say such a thing?」
「Well…a guys worth isn’t decided by the size of his dick either.」
「That’s right. That’s also the case for you since you’re huge.」

I understand.
However, an answer can’t be found so easily.
Even for chests if it is small, it will just be passed off with she’s「Cute」
But for dicks, furthermore dicks that are too big, it ends up becoming「Gross」
It isn’t decided that a guy’s worth is in the size of his dick, but that man’s image ends up changing.

「Also, I don’t think that breasts are good just because they are big」
「What do you mean?」
「Whether it fits that person or not is the problem」

Mikoto looked at me with moist eyes.
What is it? Turning meek so suddenly.
Won’t it end up causing my heart to beat faster.

「Th-then…as for me…even if I’m small, it’s fine?」
「I thinks it’s fine」

Mikoto’s chest is small.
But I think it fits Mikoto’s boyish looks.

「Then…do you want to see?」

She asked once again.
The topic switches again.
But after coming this far, it can’t be helped.
I can only tell her honestly.

「I want to see, of course I do」

Muttering that, Mikoto slowly unzipped her jersey.
Inside she wore a white T-shirt.
Her underwear slightly showed through.

It was still a long time till summer.
But our moist breath made the room hot.
It was like a seductive syrupy liquid but I quickly swallowed the feeling that was rising from my throat.1
When I masturbate, the blood only starts rushing in my abdomen.
But now it seems like my blood rushes all over my body.

「Hey…don’t look at me like that…」
「Like what?」

I shifted my eyes to the side.
After completely unzipping her zipper, Mikoto spit out a large breath.

「I don’t know, such a thing」
「Weren’t you supposed to know a guy or two?」
「Th-that’s right but…」

You dug your own grave with the lie you told.
It seems she noticed such a thing at this point.
She bit her lower lip seeming frustrated.
I returned my gaze to Mikoto.

「Nee…do you really want to see after all?」
「It’s fine to stop, you know? At that time, it will be your loss」

It is such a match.
If I say that now, it will be the end.
But it is effective on Mikoto, who hates to lose.

「I-I’m showing you, okay?!」

Seeming to have resolved herself, Mikoto grasps the hem of her T-shirt with both hands.
And then she slowly lifts it up.
The first thing I saw was Mikoto’s panties.
I could see it a little as it peeked out from the waist of her jersey.
It was a gray sports-like panty.
With just that, my excitement became strange.
I frantically need to pin down my dick that was starting become erect.

Next, Mikoto’s tight hips came into view.
It was splendidly narrow. And then her cute belly button.
Her white smooth skin reflects the sunlight shining in from the window.
It is a perfect waist without a single blemish.

This is a girl.
Although it’s a bit late, I thought that.

And finally Mikoto’s chest became exposed.
It was covered by her white bra but it was already an excessively obscene spectacle.

「How is it?」
「How, you say…if you don’t take off the bra too…」

Although she proposed it herself, Mikoto pouted.
Unzipping her jersey, Mikoto lifted up her shirt.
That figure was erotic. It was summed up in just one word.
Thank you, God.

Turning her hands behind her, Mikoto unfastened the hook on her bra.
Somehow, Mikoto had the eyes of a woman with a trace of anxiety.
It gives off a feeling of immorality.
After all, the person who is unfastening their bra right in front of me is my childhood friend that I have known since primary school.
We played like we were members of the same sex and then we grew up.
Even after we reached the age where we were conscious of our own genders, our relationship didn’t become estranged.
That was the sole reason why I didn’t see Mikoto as a girl.
But, that had also changed today.

It seemed steam was coming off of Mikoto’s bright red cheeks.
It became hot to the point you could think that.

「Then…I’m taking it off, okay?」

Mikoto looked towards me with upturned eyes.
Mikoto took off her T-shirt and the bra that she unfastened.



  1. Ehhhh?