Evil Prophet Chapter 1

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For those who don’t like Netorare you can skip this chapter. Though you can skip it, I suggest reading this because it will have a huge impact on what our protagonist’s future actions.



“I’ve had it with this fucking life! Aaaaaa! I always do good things but all I get in return is bad things done to me! Fuck this damm life!”


Standing in front of a ground and shouting out his dissatisfaction towards life was a young 18 years old kid.


Looking at his immature face one would definitely think that he was an idiot who was shouting with no real life experience. But only Mark himself knew how fucking bad his life was.


He never knew his parents, since they threw him into an adoption agency after he was born. While growing up every single one he met would either take advantage of him, or use him as a stepping stone.


By the time he was 10 years he had already been abused by men and women alike, but he still retained hope that his life would become better on once he pays his dues.


However that never happened, along with the passage of time the abuse only kept on increasing. In the beginning it was only forcing him to work for them, or do demeaning jobs. But later on things took a very dark turn.


In the orphanage which took him away from the adoption agency, he found a girl and fell in love with her. And she too claimed the same, but on the day he decided to have sex with her for the first time, he saw something which he still hadn’t forgotten.


On his very own bed, his girlfriend was being double penetrated and at the same time other boys were having her give them a handjobs, blowjobs and boobjobs. It was a total orgy!


But what surprised him the most was that even girls from the orphanage were situated in the various locations of the room and watching at the gangbang with interest!


Thinking that maybe she was being forced, Mark thought of jumping in and saving her but he saw her notice him and smile before speaking up.


“Hey Mark, how do I look? Could you see how many big dicks are fucking meeeeee!”


Once she said that, the boys began fucking her faster while the girls began looking towards Mark with scorn on their faces.


“You’ve got a sexy girlfriend, trash. We’ll be sure to use her well before throwing her back to you.”


Saying so one of the boys who was most likely the leader of the group came near Mark’s girlfriend and began peeing on her face, and to which in response she opened her mouth and began drinking it!


Unable to look at this horror anymore, Mark ran away as fast as possible. But he had no choice but to go back to the orphanage since he was still a minor and couldn’t leave.


Hearing all the disdainful laughter Mark further increased his speed, as he couldn’t bear to even hear them.


Hoping that they would no longer bother him, Mark went back to his room. It had already been a few days since he left and came back but the room was still smelling of sex.


But most importantly in the bed was his naked girlfriend, who was mastubrating. Noticing that Mark came inside the room, she immediately stopped what she was doing and spoke to him. In a tone which felt like she was begging, she spoke to him.


“Come and suck all the cum out of my pussy, Mark. If you don’t do that they said they’ll no longer fuck me. Please suck me clean”


Saying so, his girlfriend used her fingers and spread open her pussy lips causing white liquid to slowly seep out of it.


Looking at Mark who wasn’t moving and just staring at her, she spoke up once again but this time she ordered him instead of requesting like before.


“What are you gawking at that like a fool for? Suck my pussy clean you idiot.”


Unable to deal with her, Mark once again ran away. And hoped that by the time he was back she wouldn’t be there anymore.


Like that Mark left the orphanage for a few month. But when he finally came back there she was, but this time pregnant!


Looking at the girl he fell in love with being pregnant with another man’s baby, Mark could no longer keep himself in control. Not letting her speak he immediately ran away.


He found a knife close in the kitchen which he took and began once again running towards the rooms of the boys that he remembered fucking his previous girlfriend.


However they were nowhere to be found, so he went to look for them in the nearby playground. And there they were.




“I don’t care about the consequences anymore. I’ll kill every single one of you pieces of trash! It doesn’t matter if I get killed, but I won’t let a single one of you survive today!”


With that Mark began running towards the boys who were in the field, but before he could near them or they could notice him something happened.


A huge sound similar to that of a bomb blowing up appeared out of nowhere but before anyone could notice what it was, they all fainted just from the sheer sound of the blast.


And though Mark felt sad when falling unconscious that he couldn’t have his revenge, it wouldn’t be too long before he felt happy that he didn’t do anything to them.


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