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Evil Prophet Chapter 17

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Once Sarah opened her mouth Mark moved his tongue inside her mouth and began furiously moving it around and kicking every part inside her mouth after which both of them began pressing their tongues against each other.


Despite being a virgin who couldn’t wait to let loose on Sarah’s body, Mark in his body had the blood of a True Succubus, so there was no way he’d be clumsy, on the contrary everything he did was pushing Sarah further and further into obscenity as she felt more and more turned on.


The way Mark would glide his hands through her public hair, run his hands down her thighs and let his fingers slightly brush past her pussy lips and asshole, pinch her hard nipple while simultaneously twist the other one, slap her ass cheeks, grasp the back of her head and press it even closer to his, every action Mark took made Sarah realized how boring her sex life was till now.


Her usual sex life till now only consisted of her husband stripping her naked after which he would squeeze and suck on her breasts till he was satisfied which was followed by 3 minutes of his small dick penetrating her pussy and cumming inside softer which he would end up falling asleep right on top of her body.


However now a single touch from Mark’s hand made Sarah feel much more pleasure than she ever experienced in her whole life.


Letting out small loans once in a while, Sarah moved her hand down and found Mark’s huge dick which was pressed between both of their bodies on her stomach. When she touched it Sarah almost gasped from how big and hot it was.


‘Won’t this dick split me in half if it enters me?’


Despite feeling a little scared of how such a huge dick entering her would feel, Sarah in no way thought of asking her Master to not fuck her.


Just as Sarah was about to start giving Mark a hand job, he stopped her and pulled her by the hand and arrived near the knee high table.


“Bend over it slave.”


Feeling a little tingle on her pussy when Mark called her such depraving words, Sarah obediently did as she was told.


Getting on her knees Sarah rested her arms on the table and tried to turn around, but Mark didn’t let her as she pressed her head and body down so that both of them would rest on the wooden surface.


Looking down at Sarah who was bending over on the table and squishing her tits against it while still arching her back so that her ass would be present to him to easily use, Mark felt satisfied at how sensible his slave was.


“Ever had such a huge dick inside you Sarah?”


Saying so Mark began rubbing the head of his erect dick against Sarah’s hair covered moist slit, during which he raised his hand up and brought it down slapping her ass leaving behind a furious red handprint on her ass.


“Aaaaa! No Master. I’ve never even had any dick even closer to the size of yours. By far your dick is the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”


Just like every man, Mark also felt satisfied when Sarah complimented about how big his dick was. So he once again slapped her ass causing both of her ass cheeks to now have red hand marks on them.




Despite not knowing why her Master was spanking her Sarah in now way tried to move away and only screamed a little from the pain.


Running his hands over the slap marks on Sarah’s ass cheeks Mark felt her tremble slightly from her touch causing him to feel even more satisfied with how Sarah was.


Feeling the wetness against his dick Mark was now sure that Sarah’s pussy was wet and ready for his dick to penetrate her hole.


Kneeling behind Sarah, Mark after aligning his dick head right at her pussy’s entrance, bent over and whispered is Sarah’s ear, “Get ready for the fucking of a lifetime.”


Along with that Mark used all the strength he had and in one single swoop pushed his dick completely inside her steamy wet and hot hole causing Sarah to scream out from a mix of pain and pleasure.




For a woman like Sarah who only had sex with a single man with a small dick her whole life, at the split second she couldn’t understand anything else and could only scream as sweat began forming all over her body.


The moment Mark’s monstrous dick skewered into her body, Sarah was sure that it went further past what a dick was supposed to enter, and broke past the pussy ending and was dangerously close to hitting the end of her womb!


However since she was unable to loo down Sarah wasn’t able to see something which probably would’ve scared her out of her mind, due to how huge Mark’s dick was not only was it long, it was also so thick that a huge bulge could be seen on the outside of her body from her pussy till her belly button.


Just based on how full her body felt from Mark’s dick inside her, Sarah felt like she couldn’t even properly speak and only roughly breathed and screamed.


“How is it bitch, feel full?”


Even in this situation Sarah still felt a tingle in her pussy when Mark was calling her names, however because she was unable to reply Sarah ended up nodding her head.


Similarly Mark was also lost in pleasure for a period of time as he felt his dick penetrate not one but two walls, he immediately understood that he had already crossed the boundary of her pussy and was now inside her womb.


‘So this is what a pussy feels like…’


Regaining his senses Mark felt how Sarah’s pussy was furiously leaking more and more juices so that his dick would’ve enough lubrication, so he slightly smirked as he withdrew his dick till only the head was remaking inside her body.


And then once again rammed it inside her leading to another loud but not as the previous one scream from her, however this time he didn’t stop and continued pulling out and pushing his dick in slowly until Sarah finally stopped screaming in a rough voice and started moaning loudly.


By now due to how wet Sarah’s pussy was there was no longer any need for Mark to continue slowly, so he started picking up his pace. At the same time he also used his hand to grasp her hair in the form of a knot and began pulling it like she was an animal.

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Evil Prophet Chapter 16

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A normal Slave Collar would usually have a belt type system to decide the tightness when worn on, but the collar Seraphine gave Mark worked in a different way.


All he needed to do was touch the collar on the neck of the one he wants to enslave, and it would automatically latch onto it before tightening on its own.


For a Slave Collar to be put on at least one of the two conditions should be satisfied, either the one being enslaved should voluntarily accept it, or the one enslaving will have to force the Collar on them by either fighting and waking then or any other way.


However since Sarah excitedly accepted the Collar Mark didn’t have to force her and like this he received his first ever slave.


Once Sarah felt the Collar clench slightly around her neck she immediately sensed a connection between Mark and her. However unlike a Familiar the bond wasn’t a very close one but it felt like a degrading one.


But at the same time she subconsciously felt like being this person’s slave was something she should be proud of.


“Thank you for the gift Master!”


After thanking her Master for the slave collar, Sarah stood back up and continued walking. And this time she didn’t even squirm or hesitate thinking of covering parts of her body and walked while showing off her body which was almost naked. However before she could walk far Mark’s question caused her to once again stop.


“Sarah, as a pet shouldn’t you be completely naked in the presence of your Master.”


Though it should be a question, coming out of Mark’s mouth it sounded more like an order.


“Of course Master. Forgive me for my negligence.”


Without any form of hesitation Sarah first unhooked the bra on her back and let it fall down to the ground exposing her huge tits and those perky erect nipples. Just looking at those 40 inch gloves of soft flesh defying gravity Mark almost lost himself and ravaged her right there.


Next Sarah bent over and grasped at the panty’s band at both sides of her waist and slowly pulled it down and stepped out of them.


Once Sarah was completely naked she now immediately felt shame when thinking about how her Master would notice her naked asshole and thought about clenching her butt cheeks, but shook her head as she felt he might not like it. At the same time due to the cold breeze surrounding her, Sarah felt her nipples and pussy tingle a little every time the breeze passed her.


Determined to not cause her Master to feel disappointed in her, Sarah turned and brightly smiled towards Mark before continuing on her way to the Living Room.


Sarah herself didn’t notice it yet, but she was changing and that too rapidly. Though she had decided to give in to Mark as a Slave, she still was thinking for herself. However now her thoughts were more concentrated on what her Master might think and what her Master might feel.


It seemed like the Slave Collar on her neck was not on binding and restricting her physically to Mark, but also mentally.


While Sarah continued walking, Mark used his hand to press against his already erect dick in hopes that it wouldn’t hurt anymore, however it didn’t work as his dick was already hard and wasn’t even listening to his thoughts. The hard dick only wanted to enter Sarah’s pussy and completely ravage her, so it had already formed a huge tent in Mark’s pant in hopes of ripping through the cloth and proudly presenting itself to the world, but sadly it couldn’t and so began the hurting.


Putting pressure on his dick so that it wouldn’t hurt anymore than it is right now, Mark while observing the naked Sarah hoped to reach their destination soon as he himself couldn’t wait to fuck the woman in front of her. Because honestly Mark was still a virgin, and the woman in front of him would be his first.


Looking at Sarah whose ass were swaying with every step she took causing her little asshole to appear for a while before getting hidden between her butt cheeks, her breasts which could be seen even from her behind when they moved to the sides, the orange public hair which was visible between her thighs, all of these only further pained Mark as his dick felt like it would explode soon.


Just when Mark was thinking about ravaging Sarah right here, Sarah stopped in front of a room and opened the doors. It seemed like they arrived at their destination.


The room was huge enough for almost a hundred people to stand, inside it were four huge sofas forming a square and in between them was a small table which would be perfect to put Sarah on and fuck her.


Entering the room Mark no longer held himself back and immediately turned naked after which he lunged forward and tightly hugged the naked Sarah causing her to almost scream out in fright.


To get out of his clothes all Mark had to do was think of it and they themselves disappeared and entered his inventory.


Once Mark felt the soft and warm body of Sarah against his own body, his already hard hard which was now resting on Sarah’s back twitched a little and turned even harder if it was possible.


Now that Sarah was in his grasp Mark began moving his hands all over her body, groping and pinching wherever he wanted until he finally calmed down a little.


By now Sarah’s face had already blushed a little due to how Mark like a hungry animal was touching her everywhere possible and rubbing his dick on her back, feeling satisfied that her new Master liked her body so much Sarah also wanted to please him however after looking at the wedding ring on her finger she regained a little sense of her life before Mark so she wanted to remove and throw the ring away so that she could start anew with her life as a slave.


However Mark who had noticed her trying to remove the ring stopped her, if she really did remove the ring the impact of Ron watching Mark fuck her wife as he pleases wouldn’t be too great and so wouldn’t the negative feelings, “Don’t you want your husband to feel bad about throwing you away like that Sarah? That’s why you don’t need to remove the ring, let him wallow is anger and humiliation, as I fuck his wife in his house in front of him, if you want to you, can throw away the ring while we are having sex, okay?”


Saying so mark turned her around and pressed his mouth against hers and began furiously kissing and sucking on her lips, causing Sarah who was lost in thought to wake up, who in return also began sucking on Mark’s lips.


‘Master’s right! That fat pig threw me away without any hesitation, so why would I remove my ring to let him feel less pain. Let that bastard get humiliated while Master fucks me with his huge huge huge dick!”

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Sex Online Chapter 3

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“Well I gotta go. I wouldn’t want to be left too far behind by those rankers.”


Jason said to Saeko while breaking off the hug. Looking at Jason who seemed like he couldn’t wait to get away from her and begin gaming, Saeko once again shook his head.


“We were having such a romantic moment, couldn’t you have kept your stupidity in control for a few more minutes?”


In response to Saeko, Jason once again wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her in for another hug. Bringing his mouth near her ears he whispered, “Though I might not be a romantic guy, I sure as hell won’t ever do anything that hurts you.”


“I know, go ahead and get into the capsule. I have some more work to finish up. Once I’m done, I’ll start watching your Live Feed and see what’s so special about this game.”


Letting go of the hug, both Jason and Saeko brightly smiled and were about to go towards the gaming room where the Gaming Capsules were set up, but just then they heard a loud scream filled with fear coming from the TV.


When both of them turned around they saw that the reporter was no more there, and on the screen was a grass field, where a man had pressed a woman down on the floor with pieces of ripped clothing around them.


“Is this happening inside Fantasy Online?”


Nodding at Jason’s question, Saeko pointed towards the top left corner of the screen.


“Yup, it seems to be a place called the Daal Village.”


Similar to Jason and Saeko everyone who was watching the news, and the players who were allotted to the Daal Village, were all looking at a man raping a woman. While some couldn’t believe it was happening, the others were all waiting in anticipation for the rape to happen.


Even those that were near to where the rape was happening didn’t take any action and just kept on staring at the shouting woman.


Once the man pressed the woman onto the ground below him, he sat down on top of her waist and used his both legs to put pressure on her arms to keep her from moving around too much.


“What are you doing? Get off of me you bastard!”


Hearing what the Japanese woman said the man sneered and once and again began using his hand to tear her clothes completely revealing her huge white beats.


Due to the development in technology, real time translation was now possible. And that too into many languages at the same time. So despite the woman speaking in her own language, everyone would hear those words in the language they set for their receivers.


Feeling the cold air against her bare breasts the woman once again screened from embarrassment, shame, and fear. However she still didn’t stop struggling and kept on trying to push him away.


But reality was cruel. With how strong the man looked there was no way she could escape from him. Not by herself anyway.


By now the man was cruelly laughing and began playing with those naked breasts, and dark colored nipples.


“Oooooh! So big and soft, yet still elastic. It seems like I hit the jackpot with you slut. But what is with this ugly black colored nipples! Haven’t you ever washed them!”


While spewing out insult the man kept on squeezing her breasts tightly and sometimes pinched the nipples and twisted them as if he wanted to yank them off.


Feeling huge amounts of pain due to the man violently playing with her boobs, the woman couldn’t take it anymore and began shouting for help.




Before the Japanese woman could finish speaking, the man lifted his hand up high and strongly slapped her bare breasts causing her to shriek out in pain once again.


“You better shut the fuck up or I’ll cut off your breasts before killing you.”


Once the woman heard the man’s threats her face turned completely pale ahd tears began welling up inside her eyes.


“The same goes for those who heroes who are thinking of helping her. If anyone tries anything funny I’ll plunge this dagger into her pussy and completely destroy it.”


Saying so the man flashed a short knife to those around him. The dagger was something which was given to everyone who chose the thief class.


If it was some other game such a threat would’ve never wired out, but in Fantasy Online you would feel every single thing that happens to you, even if it was a simple mosquito bite. Thus once everyone heard the man’s threat even those who were planning on saving her took a step back.


It would find if they killed him in a single shot but if they couldn’t and the man did as he said, no one would be able to bear with the consequences.


A butchered up pussy? At this stage of the game it was impossible to purchase a Healing Potion which only recovered your HP, much less get the help of a Priest to heal a specific wound.


If something happened to her pussy, than she would’ve to wait till she met a qualified Priest to treat her and turn it back to normal. Until then she could do nothing other than bearing with the pain and wait for it to naturally heal on its own.


“Wow, a rape so early in the game? Though I expected such things to happen a long time down the future, never did I think it would happen a few seconds after the launch. And much less get caught on the Live Feed.”


In response to Jason’s astonished remark, Saeko had a thoughtful expression on her face.


‘If I start playing this game could I also rape women without any consequences?’


Unknown to the wild thoughts going through Saeko’s mind, Jason lightly sighed and began walking away.


It seemed like he had no intentions to continue watching the public rape, however such people were very rare, because almost everyone including Saeko who witnessed what happened till now were glued to their screens in anticipation of what would happen next.

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NTR System Chapter 16

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Chapter sponsored by anonymous

“What were the two of you just talking about Seiji? Please don’t tell me she’s making you do something you don’t want to?”


Having heard the conversation between Seiji and Lorelai, Karin immediately understood how big the matter was when Seiji named the Abe clan. However, despite hearing Lorelai asking Seiji for instructions, Karin still decided to act innocent and blame it all on Lorelai.


“Stop with acting dumb Karin. With how smart you are there’s no way you’ve already figured out how I’m ordering her and not the other way around.”


“Sigh…why are you suddenly so different Seiji? The last time I met you, you weren’t like this. You were the sweet boy who would never do anything wrong, and always did good things. What happened in the short while I wasn’t here that you changed so much?”


Hugging Seiji’s head tightly with her hands while still smothering it in between her breasts, Karin decided it was finally time to get serious.


“Some things did happen which caused me to change, but regardless of what it is I’m sure you won’t leave me right?”


Looking upwards while still resting, Seiji looked straight into Karin’s eyes who was looking downwards at him.


For the next few minutes neither of them spoke, and finally the silence was broken when Karin bent forward and kissed Seiji on his forehead.


“Regardless of what you do I’ll never ever leave you Seiji. I love you too much for that.”


Saying that Karin happily smiled as if she got rid of huge burden, after all regardless of how long she spent with Seiji and tried to propose Karin never managed to bring herself to it. But now that she finally did it, even she was surprised at how easily she did it.


‘I said it! I really said it!’


How could Karin possibly know that the reason behind all those radical thoughts of killing Lorelai to make Seiji her own, proudly stripping naked and entering the tub, and even proposing to him were all due to her being affected by the Evil influence Seiji was emitting towards his surrounding.


This was the same as when Sakura almost gave into her desires and had sex with Seiji while cheating on her fiance.


However unlike Sakura, Karin had nothing such as guilt from cheating on anyone because she had for a long time loved Seiji and finally her dreams might all coming true. So there was no way that she would like Sakura look at or remember anything which would cause her to run away.


“So… Do you…Umm love me too?”


Hearing no reply from Seiji, Karin hesitated for a while before she finally spoke though she did stutter.


“Honestly? Before today I never looked at you in that way. To me you were the woman who took me in when my parents died, and there was no way I’d do anything to silly that. But after all the things I’ve experienced looking at you, there’s no way I could say something like I don’t love you. However even now I can’t say something like I’ll never be with another woman if I’m with you. So yes, I do love you. And if possible I’d want you beside me forever. But I can’t give up on other women.”


Throughout the whole speech of Seiji, Karin felt like her emotions were similar to a roller coaster which continuously fluctuated and changed by the second. However despite knowing that she wouldn’t be the only woman in Seiji’s life, by the end of the speech, Karin only felt a single emotion, happiness.


‘He wants me beside him forever.’


Just hearing those words Karin was so happy that she began tearing up a little, however before they could drop down and fall on Seiji she wiped them off and hugged him even harder as if she would never let him go.


After a long time Karin finally stopped hugging Seiji, who in response stood up and pulled Karin to her feet.


With both of them being the same height, Seiji looked straight into Karin’s eyes as he wrapped his hand against her waist and pulled her closer pressing both if their bodies together.


Feeling marinas breasts softly crush against his chest and make it seem like they melted into his body, Seiji’s already hardened and erect dick which was pressed against the brown bush covering her pussy, twitched a little and turned even harder.


At the same time Karim who felt Seiji’s naked body and the sensation of a hot rod against her body from the lower stomach till her pussy, let out a soft moan.


Feeling each other’s bodies both of them said one word each causing the reciprocent to react in different ways.






While Seiji felt proud for having a big dick, Karin once again blushed bearing Seiji say brown. Because brown could have been said concerning either her nipples color or her public hair, both of which were embarrassing when spoken out loud.


However the next words from Seiji got rid off all the embarrassment Karin was feeling.


“You look so much more beautiful up close Karin. You’re soft hair, warm and enticing breasts, those cute public hairs which rub against my dick, your eyes which sparkle when I’m close. Sigh.. If only you told me the truth about how you felt about me sooner, or I wasn’t an idiot who was looking at immature girl, then we could’ve gotten closer to each other much sooner.”


It was true that Seiji only now noticed what a beautiful woman Karin was. Before receiving the NTR System, all Seiji had in his mind was to live a respectable life. And though like every teenager he went through the perverted phase, at no point did he ever think about his aunt in an obscene way, despite how beautiful she was.


And he most likely wouldn’t have ever noticed it if he hadn’t met Lorelai and received the NTR System due to which his whole life would surround women.

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NTR System Chapter 15

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This week’s chapter.

“Seiji! Answer me directly, are you going to get away from that woman or not!”


Unable to bear with the fact that Seiji was continuously ignoring what she was saying, Karin finally shouted once again hoping that Seiji would listen if she raised her voice.


But she was bound to be disappointed and Seiji shook his head and moved even closer to Lorelai and rested his head on her breasts which were floating in the water, “I’m not doing anything like that. But if you want to, you are more than welcome to join us.”


Saying so Seiji once again closed his eyes continuing to relax while being embraced by a park of heavenly breasts, and hot water surrounding his body.


Hearing Seiji’s reply Karin almost burst into tears but somehow managed to not do it, as she began thinking about why he was so different today.


‘Why is my Seiji like this? Why is my Seiji acting so different than usual? Is it because of that slut beside him?’


Looking towards Lorelai who was using her hands to massage Seiji’s shoulders which were immersed under water while the sides of her hands were pressed against her breasts causing them to massaging his head, Karin felt that her thoughts were indeed true.


For Karin despite the fact that Seiji became much more handsome wasn’t something that stayed for a long time in her mind, because for her despite how handsome or ugly he became Seiji was the only one she loved.


‘Yes, that’s it! It must be that bitch who is causing my Seiji to act like this! How dare she try and get close to my Seiji? I’ll kill that bitch! Yes, once I kill her I’ll make it seem like she stole many things from my Seiji, and then when he is sad I will be the one who will console him due to which he will fall in love with me and will never leave me. Hahahaha, that’s right no one can take my Seiji away from him. Hahaha….’


Once the idea of getting rid of Lorelai and making Seiji her own entered Karin’s mind her face distorted into a crazy grin which made her look like a sexy serial killer.


However once Karin thought of her plan she figured out that this was all for the future, and if she didn’t do anything soon Lorelai would continue to enjoy her Seiji.


‘I can’t keep letting that bitch enjoy my Seiji’s body as she pleases. He is mine! Mine!’


With that thought in her mind Karin immediately began stripping down the blue jeans and white blouse she was wearing. She only briefly hesitated for a while when she was about to remove her inner wear, because other than Seiji there was an unknown woman who would also see her naked. However her eyes flashed with determination when she continued stripping herself and turned completely naked.


Once Karin removed her plain white panties, her pussy which was covered in short curly brown hair and kept hidden came into view, and soon she removed the white bra which was holding her breasts, causing her milky white balls of heaven and brown nipples to jiggle a little until she used her hand to hold them in place.


With unbreakable resolve Karin picked up her clothes and proudly put them in one of the laundry baskets after which she strutted into the bathroom and like that entered the bathtub sitting right next to Lorelai.


Once she was inside Seiji opened his eyes and looked towards the naked boobs of Karin causing a smile to appear on his relaxed face.


‘Awww look how cute my Seiji is looking while relaxing. From the looks of it he seems to like breasts, and he did say that my breasts are beautiful so he should prefer my breasts compared to this bitch’s!’


Like that Karin used her hands to pull on Seiji’s head which was resting between Lorelai breasts, and put it in between her breasts which were also floating in the water.


Going along with what Karin was doing, Seiji moved his body so that his head would properly fit between those plump and milky globes of heaven.


And once he did, Seiji felt a sense of much more comfort and warmth while being embraced in between Karin’s breasts.


Feeling the warm flesh pressed against the sides of his cheeks Seiji felt like he was literally resting on cloud, and as he used his nose to sniff them a musky feminine smell entered his body causing his already hard dick to grow a little bigger, and a groan of pleasure to leak out of his mouth.


“Ugh.. You’re breasts are so soft that if possible I want to feel them every second for the rest my life.”


Hearing Seiji’s compliment, Karin’s face which had a slight blush on it from the naked contact between her body and Seiji’s distorted into a satisfied smile causing her to look like a woman on the brink of an orgasm.


“Hu hu hu, is that so?”


With a smile, Karin began using her hands to press against the sides of her breasts and massage Seiji’s head just like how Lorelai was doing before, causing Seiji to once again groan from pleasure.


“Ummm, that feels so good.”


Looking at all of this Lorelai was grinning herself stood up, ‘Fufufu, now Seiji only needs to obtain Sakura and I would also be able to enjoy the same service.’


“I’m going to look more into Sayaki and her family Seiji to make sure the information I have is correct. Is there anything else you need me to do?”


Shaking his head which was still between Karin’s breasts, Seiji spoke to Lorelai who stepped out of the tub and was exiting the room, “Nope, information about Sayaki and her family is enough for now Lorelai. Since I don’t have any plans for the whole Abe clan anytime soon, let’s put off obtaining information about them for the time being.”


Nodding her head in response, Lorelai walked away while shaking her naked ass which was covered in water and disappeared from Seiji’s eyes sight.

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