Evil Prophet Chapter 12

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With a huge smile on her face, Seraphine pulled out 8 slave collars from her inventory and handed them to Mark.


The slave collars didn’t look anything special. They were all made up of what looked like black leather, and had a few metal rings in the middle which could be used to both pull on the slaves and used to link a chain on it.


Taking those slave collars, the first thing Mark did was use identify on it.


[Basic Slave Collar


Rank – F


Slave needs to be below Level 100 for the collar to work]


After identifying the collars Mark was almost sure about how to use them, but he still decided to ask Seraphine to be safe.


“So all I need to do is out the collars on them and they’ll do anything I say right?”


In response Seraphine replied with a huge smile on her face, “Of course. It doesn’t matter what you order, because once they are your slaves they’ll have to do everything you say. And the best part is that they can’t reject and try to kill themselves, or escape if you want them dead.”


‘That is what I want, I don’t want them dying on me in the middle of my revenge.’


“Say Seraphine looking at your attire it makes me think that you love torturing others right?” receiving the expected nod from her, Mark continued, “That’s great because I gave 8 men for you to torture to the limits while I torture their 8 lovers in front of them. Want to do it?”


Hearing what Mark said, Seraphine’s hand unintentionally went toward the whip on her whip while her face twisted into a perverted grin.


“Like you even need to ask. Are those 17 humans gawking at us the ones you are talking about? According to you shouldn’t there only be 16, who’s the 17th one? By the looks of it, the one you excluded should be the pregnant one.”


Seraphine would be a fool if with her powers by now she didn’t notice the 17 people staring towards Mark with complex expressions. Though many were looking towards them, most of them only had fear in their eyes. However it was only those 17 which had emotions other than fear written all over their face.


“The 17th one is someone so special that I’m going to kill her very soon. Why? You want her for something?”


Though Mark posed a question to Seraphine, his voice suddenly turned cold as if he wouldn’t accept yes for an answer.


However even without it, Seraphine would never have wanted to take that woman anyway. Disregarding the fact that she was pregnant, her face just wasn’t beautiful one for Seraphine to even consider her.


“Of course not. You can kill her if you want.”


“That’s exactly what I plan on doing.”


Saying so Mark began walking inside the town, leaving behind Gabriel and Seraphine who looked at each other for a while before following him.


By now the soldiers guarding the town entrance had already ran away, but even if they were still here they sure wouldn’t have dared to stop Mark. If he wasn’t intimidating enough before with the Evil Aura around him, now with a woman who tore through the void and came out of a portal behind him, they wouldn’t do it even if they were paid to.


With every step Mark and the pair of sisters took, those that were inside the town all took a step back. Despite how handsome and beautiful the trio were, not a single one dared to come close to them and just kept on taking steps back.


Due to the huge commotion cause by Seraphine when she came here, there was a huge crowd of people standing close to the town’s entrance. So they kept on stepping back till they couldn’t move anymore and split up and formed a path for them to keep on walking.


However soon after entering the town Mark didn’t even glance at anyone but just kept on walking towards the group of people who made him mentally tortured and turned him into what he was now.


“Hello everyone.”


Though Mark greeted the group with a smile on his face, those who saw it felt like their scalps tingle with coldness.


For the next few moments no one spoke making the situation both tense and awkward. But finally the one who broke the silence was Seraphine.


“Though I’d really love to see what would happen next, do you really want to do it in public Mark?”


Inwardly scolding himself for being reckless to get his revenge, Mark reminded himself to always never again get too agitated.


“You’re right, I’m sure that you can teleported all of us to anywhere close right?” receiving a nod in response, Mark continued, “Then help me out by transporting all of us to the biggest building in the vicinity.”


Following Mark’s instructions, just like Sophia, Seraphine also surrounded her hands with a black colored energy which soon surrounded the whole group. However unlike when Sophia did the space didn’t distort into the void, but in a split second got replaced.


The whole group of people including Gabriel and Seraphine after disappearing reappeared in front of a huge mansion.


Looking around Mark found not many people or building in the vicinity but only a huge lawn surrounding the mansion.


“Where are we?”


“I think we are at the mansion which belongs to the Town Lord, Mark.”


The know who answered this time was Gabriel who was pointing towards a stupefied man who just exited the mansion.


“How do you know that he’s this Town’s Lord?”


“If you focus closely on the person you will sense a stable bond between him and the town he is a lord to.”


Following Gabriel’s instruction Mark tried focused his senses towards the black haired fat man, and just like she said he did discover a bond between him and the town.


However the bond didn’t feel like something eternal or permanent but something which could be broken at any second.

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