Evil Prophet Chapter 16

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A normal Slave Collar would usually have a belt type system to decide the tightness when worn on, but the collar Seraphine gave Mark worked in a different way.


All he needed to do was touch the collar on the neck of the one he wants to enslave, and it would automatically latch onto it before tightening on its own.


For a Slave Collar to be put on at least one of the two conditions should be satisfied, either the one being enslaved should voluntarily accept it, or the one enslaving will have to force the Collar on them by either fighting and waking then or any other way.


However since Sarah excitedly accepted the Collar Mark didn’t have to force her and like this he received his first ever slave.


Once Sarah felt the Collar clench slightly around her neck she immediately sensed a connection between Mark and her. However unlike a Familiar the bond wasn’t a very close one but it felt like a degrading one.


But at the same time she subconsciously felt like being this person’s slave was something she should be proud of.


“Thank you for the gift Master!”


After thanking her Master for the slave collar, Sarah stood back up and continued walking. And this time she didn’t even squirm or hesitate thinking of covering parts of her body and walked while showing off her body which was almost naked. However before she could walk far Mark’s question caused her to once again stop.


“Sarah, as a pet shouldn’t you be completely naked in the presence of your Master.”


Though it should be a question, coming out of Mark’s mouth it sounded more like an order.


“Of course Master. Forgive me for my negligence.”


Without any form of hesitation Sarah first unhooked the bra on her back and let it fall down to the ground exposing her huge tits and those perky erect nipples. Just looking at those 40 inch gloves of soft flesh defying gravity Mark almost lost himself and ravaged her right there.


Next Sarah bent over and grasped at the panty’s band at both sides of her waist and slowly pulled it down and stepped out of them.


Once Sarah was completely naked she now immediately felt shame when thinking about how her Master would notice her naked asshole and thought about clenching her butt cheeks, but shook her head as she felt he might not like it. At the same time due to the cold breeze surrounding her, Sarah felt her nipples and pussy tingle a little every time the breeze passed her.


Determined to not cause her Master to feel disappointed in her, Sarah turned and brightly smiled towards Mark before continuing on her way to the Living Room.


Sarah herself didn’t notice it yet, but she was changing and that too rapidly. Though she had decided to give in to Mark as a Slave, she still was thinking for herself. However now her thoughts were more concentrated on what her Master might think and what her Master might feel.


It seemed like the Slave Collar on her neck was not on binding and restricting her physically to Mark, but also mentally.


While Sarah continued walking, Mark used his hand to press against his already erect dick in hopes that it wouldn’t hurt anymore, however it didn’t work as his dick was already hard and wasn’t even listening to his thoughts. The hard dick only wanted to enter Sarah’s pussy and completely ravage her, so it had already formed a huge tent in Mark’s pant in hopes of ripping through the cloth and proudly presenting itself to the world, but sadly it couldn’t and so began the hurting.


Putting pressure on his dick so that it wouldn’t hurt anymore than it is right now, Mark while observing the naked Sarah hoped to reach their destination soon as he himself couldn’t wait to fuck the woman in front of her. Because honestly Mark was still a virgin, and the woman in front of him would be his first.


Looking at Sarah whose ass were swaying with every step she took causing her little asshole to appear for a while before getting hidden between her butt cheeks, her breasts which could be seen even from her behind when they moved to the sides, the orange public hair which was visible between her thighs, all of these only further pained Mark as his dick felt like it would explode soon.


Just when Mark was thinking about ravaging Sarah right here, Sarah stopped in front of a room and opened the doors. It seemed like they arrived at their destination.


The room was huge enough for almost a hundred people to stand, inside it were four huge sofas forming a square and in between them was a small table which would be perfect to put Sarah on and fuck her.


Entering the room Mark no longer held himself back and immediately turned naked after which he lunged forward and tightly hugged the naked Sarah causing her to almost scream out in fright.


To get out of his clothes all Mark had to do was think of it and they themselves disappeared and entered his inventory.


Once Mark felt the soft and warm body of Sarah against his own body, his already hard hard which was now resting on Sarah’s back twitched a little and turned even harder if it was possible.


Now that Sarah was in his grasp Mark began moving his hands all over her body, groping and pinching wherever he wanted until he finally calmed down a little.


By now Sarah’s face had already blushed a little due to how Mark like a hungry animal was touching her everywhere possible and rubbing his dick on her back, feeling satisfied that her new Master liked her body so much Sarah also wanted to please him however after looking at the wedding ring on her finger she regained a little sense of her life before Mark so she wanted to remove and throw the ring away so that she could start anew with her life as a slave.


However Mark who had noticed her trying to remove the ring stopped her, if she really did remove the ring the impact of Ron watching Mark fuck her wife as he pleases wouldn’t be too great and so wouldn’t the negative feelings, “Don’t you want your husband to feel bad about throwing you away like that Sarah? That’s why you don’t need to remove the ring, let him wallow is anger and humiliation, as I fuck his wife in his house in front of him, if you want to you, can throw away the ring while we are having sex, okay?”


Saying so mark turned her around and pressed his mouth against hers and began furiously kissing and sucking on her lips, causing Sarah who was lost in thought to wake up, who in return also began sucking on Mark’s lips.


‘Master’s right! That fat pig threw me away without any hesitation, so why would I remove my ring to let him feel less pain. Let that bastard get humiliated while Master fucks me with his huge huge huge dick!”

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