12. Kouhai


Sitting on a beach bed, I was watching the beautiful evening sun before my eyes.

「It’s so pretty・・・」
「Yeah, it really is」

Beside me, Nami was sitting the same way, watching the sea. She was wearing a t-shirt above the top of the swimsuit while the bottom part was just the swimsuit.

On my other side, Umi was sleeping. She probably got tired from playing too much. I borrowed a large beach towel and covered Umi with it.

Nami and I were watching the evening sun as it sunk in the sea.

「Umm, is it ok if I ask a question?」

Nami sat in a gym class position on the beach bed and while holding her knees looked towards me.

「Mitsuru-san, do you not have a girlfriend?」
「Huh? I don’t」

「Do you not want one?」
「It’s not that I don’t want one・・・it’s just that I didn’t come across a girl I like」

「Is that so・・・・」

Nami had a dreamy look on her face. That was when I also asked her a question.

「Nami-chan as well, weren’t you popular at your previous school?」
「Well, somewhat I guess・・・」

「Didn’t you have a boyfriend? Some of the middle schoolers nowadays are already dating, aren’t they?」
「There were a few who were, but the boys in my class were too immature, so they weren’t my type.」

「I see, so Nami-chan likes older guys. Well, I guess around middle school, girls are more mature after all」
「Mitsuru-san・・・・What do you think about younger girls?」

(Obviouslyっ! I love them!!)

「Well・・・・I guess I like them・・・・I like younger girls」
「Is that so, fufuっ・・・・So you like younger girls・・・」

Namy smiled happily.

(Well, I guess it’s decided・・・But I thought she hated me at first・・・)

「Th, then・・・What do you think about girls around my age?」
(Naturally! That’s right in the middle of my strikezone!)

「Well, with a 2nd-year middle schooler・・・・there would be various problems・・・」
「Is, that so・・・・」

「If you think about what’s normal in society, that’s the only answer」
「Eh? What・・・do you mean by that?」

「I mean if I just shout something like “I love middle schoolers!”, people will think I’m a pervert, won’t they?」
「Ahaっ・・・That’s certainly possible・・・」

Nami laughed happily.

「Then,・・・・is it ok if I try?」

With a red face, Nami stared straight at me.

「・・・・Yeah, I also・・・・」「Fua~ What a good nap~」

My words were interrupted halfway by Umi waking up.

Nami had a disappointed expression seeing that our talk was interrupted.

「Good morning Umi, aren’t you cold?」
「N~ I’m fine!」

「Then, shall we go back to the room」
「Yes, let’s do that」

Nami and I started going back to the pension in a line. Not noticing Umi who was staring at us from behind・・・・

(This is bad~, With how things were going that would definitely have been a confession・・・Onii likes middle schoolers after all・・・If he really gets serious with Nami-nee, this will be bad・・・)

Umi had started listening to their conversation halfway through. She had already woken up, but she decided to listen in. As soon as the situation started getting suspicious, she pretended to wake up just in time・・・

After they got back to their room and finished showering, the owner of the pension came to the room.

「Takahashi-san. The public bath is free from 9 to 10 so if you want to go, please do it during that period.」
「Yes, I understand」

The thing they have at this pension is too small to be a bathhouse, but it’s more or less a big bath. It’s a bath that 4 adults can comfortably enter. In the allotted time slots, loggers of this pension can go to the bath in order. Besides the tub, there are shower rooms that are separated by gender. Since this pension was for people going to the beach, the showers were in high demand, and it eventually ended up like this. There were no facilities used for showering in the rooms.

The bathhouse had a time limit and felt like a family bath.

When the big window of the bathroom was opened, it would feel like an open-air bath and one could see the ocean outside.

「1 hour・・If we enter one after the other there won’t be enough time」said Nami.
「But even four adults can go in at once, can’t they? Then I’ll just enter with Onii」said Umi.

(Well, if Umi sais so・・・)

「Wha, what are you saying??? That’s obviously no good!」
「It’s fine・・・I’m okay with it. And Onii also wants to enter with me, don’t you?」

(So you’ll just put this on me・・・)

「We, well・・・・・I guess」

「So why don’t you just enter by yourself? I’ll go with Onii」said Umi.
「No goodっ! Absolutely no good!! Having a bath together with Umi・・・I won’t forgive something like that!」

「Fuuunっ・・・Then you can just enter with us, right?」
(Onee can’t enter together with us, so I’ll just take the lead here)

However, Umi’s expectations were greatly betrayed.

「I, I understand! Me too! I’ll go together with you!!」

At Nami’s unexpected words, both Umi and I let out strange voices.

「Na, Nami-chan?? Are you alright? Don’t force yourself・・・」
「That’s right, Onee! It’s better if you don’t・・・」
「I’m fine! It’s just a bath so I’ll just enter together with you!!」

(Umi as well but・・・These sisters really hate losing・・・Their competitiveness is amazing)

「That’s no good! Onee can’t possibly come with us!」
「Then, Umi too!」

(This・・・Seems this won’t work・・・I guess it’s better to have them enter first・・・Such a shame)

「Dinner is ready~」

For now, we put the continuation of the fight on hold until after dinner.

We had a barbeque in the garden-like space in front of the pension. Nami was wearing a t-shirt and a fleury miniskirt. Umi was wearing a tank top and a very short pair of shorts. I had a great dinner enjoying their beautiful thighs.

However, just then, an unexpected guest appeared.

「Aっ! He’s here~ Senpaaai!」
「Oh? How are you guys doing here?」

In front of my eyes appeared three junior girls from my school.

「Sakaki-senpai told us that Takahashi-senpai would be here」
「Then he told us that you asked if we wanted to come have a night bearbeque」

(Oi oi, I asked nothing of the sort・・・・Tskっ・・・This guy・・・I was tricked・・・・)

Sakaki-senpai had been aiming for one of these 3 juniors since long ago. Then another one of the juniors was clearly interested in me, but since I had no interest in her, I pretended not to notice.

Senpai always uses me as a pretext to talk to these three girls who were always together.

「Uwaa~ This is the first time I see Takahashi-senpai in casual clothes~ You look quite good」

The one stating such transparent things was called Tsubaki, presently in her 2nd year of high school.

Her face was pretty, her style was nice, and her breasts were also big. She really was a sexy girl. I have heard her popularity at school was secretly very high and she gets a lot of attention from the guys. Sakaki-senpai, the girls and I belong to the same club at school. The school I go to is an engineering technical high school, but with the way things were going in our time having only boys became hard to manage. So they added a data processing and a commerce course, and now we have a few girls as well.

So what am I dissatisfied with about Tsubaki who’s so sexy according to the other guys?・・・That’s right, she’s too sexy・・・She doesn’t match my tastes.

「Ohっ! You 3 came!!」
Senpai appeared, looking happy・・・・・

Senpai was smiling at the girl he was aiming at.

「Senpai・・・We’ll have to talk about something later」
「A~・・・Now, now, don’t make such a scary face・・・」

I didn’t want my trip with Nami and Umi to be spoilt like this.

「Senpai, senpaiっ! Won’t you roast my meat as well?」
Tsubaki took my arm and pulling strongly, she linked her arms around mine and pushed her chest to them・・・

A soft feeling spread around my arm・・・・Different form Umi’s and Nami’s, the elasticity of her big chest made me gulp unconsciously.

However, people appeared from the side and pulled the linked arm away, untying Tsubaki’s arms from mine.

「Hey, hey, Onii-chanっ! Are you still checking if my meat is done?」

Umi hugged me from the front and tilting her head to the side, asked me while throwing a challenging gaze at Tsubaki. Umi let out a voice so adorable that just hearing it would make one want to ask “Who are you?”.

「Who, who’s this girl???」
said Tsubaki, surprised.

「Hey, Onii-chanっ! Who are these people?」
「A, yes・・・They are juniors from school・・・」

「Senpaiっ!! Who is that girl?」said Tsubaki.
「Me? I’m his sister・・・Who are you? Acting overly-familiar with Onii and hugging his arm・・・・Are you his girlfriend?」

「Eh・・・No・・・yet・・・I’m not his girlfriend・・・So you are his sister」

While surprised at the sudden happenings, Tsubaki managed to give an answer.

「Hmmm・・・So you aren’t his girlfriend」

Between Umi and Tsubaki invisible beams started making sparks.

「Hey, if you are his sister, can you be a bit more tactful? I came to discuss something important with your brother」
「Something important?」

Umi put her index finger to her mouth adorably and inclined her head. Her actions were truly lovely. Her cute actions also dissolved any wariness in Tsubaki’s mind.

「Yeah, that’s right. I have something important to tell your brother」

「Is that a confession?」
Said Umi, smiling wide.


「Hey, hey? Could it be you were thinking of confessing at night by the sea?」
「Nっ・・No way!!!」

Tsubaki subconsciously refuted Umi’s attack. There was no way she could admit that she was going to confess right in front of Mitsuru.

「So it’s not a confession? I’m glad~」

Tsubaki seemed suspicious of Umi’s words.

「Yeah, mom told me to be careful not to let any strange bugs stick to Onii-chan. I was thinking I’d have to report back to her.」

Tsubaki was unable to respond to Umi’s words.

「Hey, Nami-onee-chan! This person isn’t Onii-chan’s girlfriend and she’s also not confesing」
「Is that so・・・・That’s good」

Nami was surprised when the conversation suddenly turned to her, but she also lined up next to Mitsuru. Mitsuru was protected by Nami and Umi from both sides.

「Thank you for always taking care of my brother, I’m his little sister, Nami」
「Eh? There’s another sister???」

Tsubaki was again perplexed.

(Nami-nee! Let’s have a truce for one hour. We’re definitely not giving Onii to that woman)
(I understand, Umi. Let’s make an allience)

The two quickly came to an agreement with hushed voices. There was perfect coordination between sisters.

「Well, since you’re not his girlfriend・・・and we’re having a family trip we’ll be taking brother back」said Nami with no leniency.

Mitsuru watched the two in silence.

(Oi, oi. Since when have you two become my sisters? And who is this mom you’re talking about!)

「Well, I’m sorry but just like my sisters said this is a family trip. I also didn’t know you would be coming and I promised I’d hang out with them today, so I’m sorry but could you have fun by yourselves」

「Then since we came all this way let’s just all have fun together!」
Tsubaki took out a truly optimistic compromise.

Mitsuru looked at Nami and Umi

「Well, they are Onii’s friend’s after all・・・・But you’re not allowed to link arms! Understood? Onii?」said Umi.
「That’s right, Nii-san, you’re our host today so don’t forget that.」said Nami

After Mitsuru was scolded for some reason, everyone hung out together.

After eating the barbeque, it was time for fireworks.

The two were very excited and were saying that they hadn’t seen fireworks in a long while. My three juniors were also having fun together with Umi and Nami.

While I was watching them with a smile, senpai came.

「Sorry about that, Mitsuru・・・・」
「Honestly・・・How could you just call them here without even telling me?・・・」

「I didn’t know you would bring your sisters and I contacted them immediately after you made your reservation・・・」
「Well, it’s fine・・・・SO after this, you’re going to confess, right?」

「・・・・・I wonder」
「Since you used me like this I’ll be waiting for a report on how it went later」

The plan was that senpai was going to send the girls back with his rent cat. That’s when he was going to confess・・・・

While looking like they were enjoying the fireworks, the sisters were making plans.

「Nami-nee・・・This is bad, that person is quite a formidable enemy・・・」
「Is that so? Why do you think that?」

「Onii prefers cute girls, right? That person is pretending to be sexy, but if she does an image change, she’d be quite cute. Either of them could look cute, and they’re also pretty, even though it’s annoying・・・」
「・・・・・I see」

「I crushed her plan, but it seems like she wanted to confess tonight・・・」
「That’s right, and after school starts・・・」

「That’s why tonight is my chance. Tonight I’ll get a tight hold of Onii’s heart so don’t get in my way」
「That’s no good! I won’t just hand him over to you.」

「Fuu・・・As I thought, you too・・・I see・・・」

「Then let’s cooperate here. Let’s catch Onii’s heart together so that he won’t look outside and then we’ll let him decide which one of us he wants and no matter his decision, no hard feelings」
「I understand, for now, let’s make sure that that woman doesn’t take him away」

The sisters had a secret agreement.

On the other hand, even though Tsubaki thought of them as nuisances, she couldn’t do anything. So she tried her best to suck up to them・・・

Inside their heads, the remaining two juniors were thinking “Wasn’t Mitsuru-senpai alone with his dad?”. But even while wondering that, they just watched the three girl’s battle.

After finishing with the fireworks as well, the three juniors went back with Sakaki-senpai’s car.

「Well then, senpaiっ! I’ll text you so let’s meet again this vacation!」
「Yeah, take care, Tsubaki. Bye bye」

Then the three juniors went back.

「Haa~ I’m so tired・・・」
「Hey, Onii? Do you like that Tsubaki girl?」

「Huh? Well no・・・You should understand, right? She’s not really my type・・・」
「Hmmm, I guess it’s okay then」

Then Nami also joined the conversation.

「Mitsuru-san! It’s about time we went to the bath・・・・」
「That’s right・・・・By the way・・・What should we do?」

「Let’s all enter together~」said Umi.
「Me, me too!! I’ll do my best!」 said Nami

(What will you do your best at?)

All three of us went towards the bathroom and entered the changing room.

「Uhhyou~ We can see the ocean!」
Umi peeked inside the bathroom and saying that quickly got naked and entered the bath.

Nami and I were left behind.

「Well・・・For now・・・How about we go in?」

Back to back, we started taking our clothes off. The sound of clothes being taken off behind me was strangely graphic・・・

Getting naked, a voice called out from behind.

「Umm・・・・Could you please・・・Look this way?」
Nami’s slightly trembling voice rang out.

Slowly turning around, I saw Nami, hiding her chest with one hand and her place with the other, while her face had turned bright red.

「Nami-chan・・・・You’re very pretty」
「Please・・・look at my everything」

Saying so, Nami put both hands behind her back, exposing her naked body.