13. Mixed Bathing


 In front of me was Nami, naked. She had her hands behind her back and was exposing her body completely.

Shapely breasts, a narrow waist, and a cleanly shaven pubic area.

「Ummm・・・No! This is too embarrassing after all!」

Immediately after putting her hands behind her back and exposing her naked body, she soon hid back her chest and her place in embarrassment.

「It’s very pretty」
「Is, is that true?・・・Even though I don’t have hair down there・・・Isn’t it strange?」

「It’s fine, I prefer it when there’s no hair so I’m happy with it.」
「That’s good・・・I’m a bit embarrassed being seen like this・・・」

Even while saying that, Nami’s eyes went towards my nether region. Seeing Nami’s naked body, something there was getting bigger and pointing up.

「A, amazing・・・・・」

「Is this your first time seeing it like this?」
「Yes・・・I’ve only seen my friends’ little brothers’ or small children’s before・・・」

「Is that right?・・・Isn’t it gross?」
「No・・・It’s fine since I’ve seen it in pictures in books before・・・But this is my first time seeing the real thing・・・」

When I made my meat pole move slightly Nami had a surprised expression.

「No, it moves?・・・・Ahaっ・・・I guess it’s kind of cute.」

「Hello, Nami-chan」
 While saying that, I made my meat pole move together with my words.

「Ahahahahaっ、Amazing, amazing! It’s cute」
「I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Do you want to try touching it?」

「*Gulp*・・・Ye, yes・・Please」

Nami slowly extended both her hands and touched the meat pole.

「So hard・・・・」
 Nami was so entranced in touching it that she forgot about hiding her body.

「Well then, I’ll be touching you as well」

Without giving her a chance to respond I extended my hand towards Nami’s nether region and touched it.


A wet, erotic sound came out and a large amount of fluid flowed out.

 Having her nether region touched all of a sudden, Nami let out a sexy voice.

As soon as her place was touched, all the saved up juice came out. The clear fluid made a string reaching all the way to the floor.

「Look, so much perverted juice is coming out・・・It’s making a string from your place to the floor」
「No・・・It’s embarasing・・・」

From between her legs, spread at shoulder width flowed a lewd thread. Nami’s face and her entire body were flushed red while her eyes were losing focus.

Just when I was about to touch more・・・

「You’re lateっ!! What are you doing? Onii!!」
 Umi came back to the dressing room.

「Aa, sorry, sorry. We’ll be right there」

It seemed Umi was jealous of Nami’s body when she saw that it made my meat pole erect.

「Let’s go, Onii!」
 Umi started pulling my hand and forcibly took me to the bath.

Nami-chan also followed me and entered the bath.

「Oo~ This is nice, it’s like an outdoor bath」
 One could see the night view of the ocean through the widely open windows.

All three of us soaked in the bathtub together. I was bathing surrounded by two beauties・・・

Seeing how Umi was sticking close to me, Nami also did the same. Both of them brought their bodies close to mine. I extended both arms and hugged them both.

(Amazing! It’s a harem! This is the harem I’ve dreamt about!)

Seeing Nami and Umi’s naked bodies, my nether region was standing at attention. The three of us watched the night sea together in the tub until we started getting hot and then decided to wash our bodies.

「Well then, should we wash ourselves?・・・・I’ll start helping from Umi.」
 I moved to the washing place, made Umi sit down and started washing her hair from behind.

「Uhyaa~ This feels good~ Having someone wash my hair」
「Is that so? Having someone do it for you is indeed nice. Is it itchy anywhere?」

「No, it’s okay!」
「Ok, I’ll pour the water then.」

When I finished washing Umi’s head, Nami was looking at me with a face that said「What about me? What about me???」

Unlike Umi, who was very confident, Nami was hiding her chest and her secret place just as always. But this gesture of her’s made me even more excited.

「Yes, next is Nami-chan’s turn. Go back to the tub, Umi.」
「P, please・・・」

After I washed Nami’s hair as well she looked delighted.

「Hey Onii? What about you?」Umi asked from the bathtub.
「I’ll go last and have both of you wash me・・・My whole body.」

「Yes, rogerっ!」
「Okっ、Nami-chan, are you itchy anywhere? Then I’ll pour the water」

After I finished washing Nami’s hair, I called Umi over. I made her sit down the same way I did when washing her hair. I put the soap in the towel and started washing her back with it.

After putting enough soap on her upper body I started using my hands to wash her chest gently.

「Nghっ・・・Aa・・・O, Onii・・・That place・・Nghっ・・・」

From behind, I massaged her chest and rolled her nipples with the tips of my fingers and Umi started letting out sexy voices.

「Haa haa haa・・・No good・・・I・・・with my breasts・・・I’m going crazy・・・」

Umi’s nipples were standing straight and pointing up. I pinched them and gently stroked them.

「Aahhh・・・Onii・・・Haa haa・・It’s too much・・・」

While Umi was sitting on the chair, her legs started spreading by themselves.

Since I was behind her, massaging her breasts, I couldn’t see Umi’s secret place. But I could easily imagine how it was twitching and letting out perverted juice.

「Ok, now stand」
 After making her stand up from the chair I gently washed Umi’s lower body.

「Open your legs a bit more. I can’t wash it properly」
 After more or less spreading the soap all over her lower body I started carefully cleaning with my hands again.

「Umi, turn to the front」

In front of my eyes was Umi’s beautiful slit.

I made Umi put one leg on the chair she was sitting on earlier and opened her legs before my eyes.

「We have to clean this place as well」
「Onii・・・It’s embarrassing~」

I put my hand on Umi’s nether region and started washing it clean. I peeled the skin of the clitoris and washed it gently.

「Ahhっ・・・・・No・・・・・・That place・・・・Nghっ・・・It’s too much・・・」

After that, I washed Umi’s asshole and she let out a strange voice.

「Hyaa1 Aaaghhh・・・」
「Ahaha. Do you feel it here too?」

「Y, yes・・・・」
「Is that so? Then next time I’ll make sure to touch you here as well and make you feel good」

「Onii is a pervert!!」
「There are lots of girls that like this hole as well. It’s not that perverted.・・・・More importantly・・・・No matter how much I wash, you let out so much perverted juice it doesn’t get clean at all・・・」

「Enough! Onii is stupid~・・・I said no・・・Nghっ、Aahhhっ」

When I gently massaged Umi’s clit and asshole, her knees started shaking so much that she couldn’t stand. So she held my shoulder instead.

「P, please・・・・I,・・・」
「Ok! Umi is done!」

「Eeehhh??? You did all that・・・just to stop now?」
「We don’t have time so we will continue in the room」

「Yes・・・I got it・・I’ll be waiting, Onii・・」

This was the same Umi who resolutely refused to be touched by me until now・・・It seemed touching under the pretext of washing her body lit a fire in her.

 Her wish to be touched more was clearly transmitted.

 After I washed off the soap from Umi I called over Nami.

 I pretended not to see, but I knew she was watching while I was making Umi feel good and secretly touching her nether region.

「P, please」
 Feeling a bit tense, Nami sat on the chair.

 I started washing her back gently as I did for Umi. Then, when Nami was also full of bubbles, I started washing her chest while massaging it. Her breasts were one size bigger than Umi’s, soft and elastic. They felt very good to touch.

 When I touch her nipples with my fingers, Nami let out a voice.

「Nghっ・・・Aaahhh・・・Haa haa」

「This is amazing. Your nipples are standing hard, Nami」
「It’s embarasing・・・」

「But it feels good, right?」
「Nghっ・・・Y, yes・・・Aaaahhh」

 I played with Nami’s nipples to my heart’s content. Then I whispered in her ear.

「Nami. If you can’t resist, it’s fine to touch yourself.」
「Th, that・・・・I can’t・・・」

「You were touching before, weren’t you?」

「Look, like this・・・・」

 I extended my hand from behind her and pinched her clitoris.

「Hiiiっ!!! Hiiiii・・・・Ahhhh I’m cumming!!」
 When I pinched Nami’s clit, I made her shake and she climaxed.

 Nami, who loved using clothespins on her clit, got the same feeling from being pinched by Mitsuru. It seemed like Nami, who was looking at Umi while touching herself, just reached her limit before my eyes when I touched her breasts.

「I’m cumiiing・・・・Noooo・・・I’m cumiiing!!!Ahhhhh!!」
 While having her clit pinched, Nami continued her climax.


 Under the powerful stimulus, Nami started peeing.

「Ahaha, amazing・・・Nami」
「Uhyaa~ Onee, You peed yourself」
「No, no, no don’t look! You can’t look!・・・It’s not stopping・・・Why・・・」


 Nami was so embarrassed that she started crying.

「You don’t have to be so embarrassed. Look Nami, seeing you like that・・・I became this hard」
 To make Nami calm down from her embarrassment, I let her grab my meat pole.

「It’s fine. It’s very exciting.」
「P, please don’t hate me・・・・」

 Nami thought that because she leaked a bit, Mitsuru thought of her as a “Dirty woman” and now hated her.

「I won’t hate you. You looked very perverted so show me again without being embarased」

 When I said that next to her ear, Nami calmed down.

「Then, will you stand up?] 「Yes・・・」

 Nami stood up shakily, still feeling the reverberations from cumming. I gently washed Nami’s lower half. Turning her around, Nami’s place came in front of my eyes. I made Nami put one foot on the stool. With her legs spread, her lower mouth was slightly open and letting out saliva.

「Your clitoris is very big・・・You feel good with it, right?」

 When I peeled back the clit’s hood and washed it, Nami who just came, let out a pleasant voice.

「No・・・If you do that・・I’ll・・・・」
「Will you cum?」

「Yes・・・If you peel the skin there・・・It will be too much」
「Ok, then we’ll also continue after we go to the room」


(After washing them, both Nami and Umi let their guards down with me・・・With this tonight・・・Won’t my dream of having a threeway with sisters come true???)

「Onii・・・・You’re grinning・・・」Umi pointed it out with no leniency・・・
(*Oops*・・・No good, no good・・・)

「If you don’t hurry there won’t be any time, Onii」
「You’re right. I’ll be leaving it to you then」

 I sat on the stool and Nami-chan started washing my hair from behind.

「How is it? Does it feel good?」
「Yes, thank you・・・It’s the best」

 After Nami finished washing my hair, Umi rinsed it. Next, they had to wash my body. So Umi took the front and Nami took the back. The two of them started using towels with soap.

 Nami-chan continued by finishing up with her breasts as promised.

「H, how is it?・・・・」
「Yeah・・・This is fantastic, it feels very, very good・・・Your large breasts・・・are the best」

「Heheっ・・・Is that so? I’m glad」
 Nami said with a happy sounding voice.

 The soft feeling on my back along with the two pointed parts felt truly good. Nami also seemed to be feeling good, letting out sexy voices.

「Onii・・・・I’ll wash you here」
 Umi started gently washing my meat pole with both hands.

「Ehehe, you’re feeling good, Onii」

「Yeah, it feels very good・・・If you do it too much it might come out so take it easy」
「Yeah, it’s fine・・・I’ll adjust when you’re just about to 」

 Hearing that conversation, a sharp voice came from behind.

「Umi! You’re quite used to taking care of Mitsuru-san’s place, aren’t you? Both of you・・・・This isn’t the first time you’re doing things like this, is it?」

「・・・・・Oh no」

 The way they talked so naturally and the way Umi wasn’t embarrassed to be seen naked.
 And lastly the way Umi was handling the meat pole so well.

 They all led Nami to one thing.

「You two・・・・How far have you gone?」said Nami.
「Even if you ask that・・・」said Mitsuru.

「Could it be?・・・Umi, are you no longer a virgin?」
「Ahahaha, no, I’m still a virgin・・・」

「No way!But you’re・・・handeling Mitsuru-san’s thing so well」
「A~・・・That’s because・・I did it with my hands and mouth・・・I guess」

「・・・・Is that so?・・・Are you two dating??」
「Well no・・It’s not that we’re dating or anything・・・」said Mitsuru.

「So even without dating, you’re doing things like that?!!」
 Was it jealousy or just opposing Umi? Ether way Nami’s voice turned to angry mode.

「No, Nami-chan・・・We aren’t dating. But just now I made you cum, right? And you’re washing my body with your breasts・・・We’re also having a bath together・・But we still aren’t dating, right?」
「Th, That’s right I guess・・・If you say it like that・・・」

「Umi and I・・・Also have the same kind of relationship・・・」
「Ok. for now I understand that you aren’t dating・・・」

「Should we go back to the bath? Time is running out.」
「Y, yes・・・Let’s do that. Onii, I’ll rinse you・・・」

「Yeah, thanks Umi」

 The fun atmosphere turned sensitive and the three of us exited the bath and went back to the room.

 While drinking the after-bath juice, we sat down on the chairs and table in the room. Umi was wearing a tank top with no bra and a short pair of shorts・・・Nami was wearing a long T-shirt that covered her as much as a micro-miniskirt while she wore no bra or panties.

 It truly felt like the two were dressed just to tempt me・・・

 But, in opposition to their get-up, the atmosphere was delicate・・・After our bodies cooled down a bit, Nami continued the conversation we were having in the bath.

「Since when do you have this kind of relationship」
「I guess・・・since around the time you moved in・・・」

 Then we talked about the details of what happened until then.

「I see, I get it・・・Then Umi, you don’t really like Mitsuru-san all that much?」
「Eh? Why do you say that??」

「Since you just tried to charm Mitsuru-san with your body there’s no love involved in that, is there?」
「I, I like Onii a lot! So I won’t give him to you!」

「・・・・・・Is that so? Ok then」
 Nami looked straight at Mitsuru.

「Mitsuru-san. Which one do you choose? Umi or me?」
「Sorry・・・Before that there’s one crucial thing you’re forgetting・・・」

「What is that?」

「I didn’t say that I like you and you also didn’t say you like me?・・・Umi already told me that she likes me」

「If you tell me to chose now, there’s no way I can do that・・・I like Umi and I also like Nami-chan・・・It might feel unfair but I can’t decide right now」

「T, That・・・・」said Nami

「If I had to choose I prefer the option where I don’t choose either」

「I can assume Nami-chan also likes me, right?」
「Yes・・・・I also like you」

「Then even more so, we’ll still have to live together in the future and if I choose one of you it will be hard to live in the same house, right? That’s why I’ll choose another girl・・・Like Tsubaki. It seems she came to confess today・・・」

「Whaっ!!! That woman is no good! Onii, you said that she isn’t your type!」
「That’s right・・・That woman who only had big breasts isn’t suitable for Mitsuru-san!」

「But I have to choose someone, right? Between Umi, Nami-chan, and Tsubaki who hasn’t confessed yet, I’ll choose Tsubaki after all. I don’t want to see you fight・・・」

「Nami-nee!!! Did you forget our promise from before??!!」
 Umi turned a sharp glance at Nami.

「That’s right, I forgot・・・・」
 Umi’s words reminded Nami of her promise.

「Onii! It’s okay even if you don’t choose now!」
「Mitsuru-san, please spoil Umi and me! Please don’t include that Tsubaki person!!」

「Eh? Is that ok? Even if I make out with both of you?」
「「No problem!」」

(Hmm, this is going so well it’s a bit anticlimactic・・・I’m so lucky!)

「Is that so?・・・I’m glad! I’m happy to see the two of you get along」
「You should only look at Nami-nee and me!」
「That’s right! Only spoil us sisters!」

「I understand・・・・Then I’ll make the two of you get along. Both of you come here」

 I hugged Umi and Nami in order.

 Umi looked happy and Nami looked embarrassed with a red face but still accepted my embrace.

「Then, I for one・・・would like to continue what we started in the bath・・・・・Is that ok?」

 The two looked at each other and nodded deeply.