14. The Night of the Sleepover


Umi and Nami agreed to get along together.

After the happenings in the bath and the two’s perverted state, my excitement had already maxed out・・・I was suppressing my wish to pounce on them as soon as possible with all I had.

「Then, let us continue what we were doing in the bathroom. Both of you take your clothes off.」
「Y, yes・・・I got it, Onii・・・」

Umi took off her tank top and shorts and got naked but Nami wasn’t trying to take her clothes off.

「Hmm? Nami-chan?・・・What happened?」
「The light in this room is so bright・・・It’s embarrassing」

「I want to see Nami-chan’s pretty naked body・・・Can I?」
「I’m sorry・・・I somehow managed before in the heat of the moment but now that you tell me again I’m too embarrassed・・・・」

「I got it. Then don’t force yourself and in exchange don’t interrupt what I’ll do with Umi」
「・・・・・I understand」

「Nami-chan, you can sit there, and Umi come to the bed」

I spread a bath towel on the bed so that the sheets wouldn’t get dirty with Umi’s perverted juice or my semen, since the pension’s owner is an acquaintance it would be bad if he found out.

Nami sat on the chair and Umi did as she was told, climbed into the bed and lied down. I took off my clothes and also lay down next to her.

When I kissed her gently, Umi’s face looked very happy

「Umi, I’ll put my tongue in」
「Eh?・・・Onii・・・Nghっ・・・・*Ngu ngu ngu*・・・NNNgh・・・」

As she was trying to talk I forcefully covered her mouth with my lips and started overrunning the inside of her mouth with my tongue. At first, she was confused but then Umi also brought her tongue and entangled it with mine.

「Ngh・・・Pwa! You’re good at this, Umi. For a first kiss this is very good」
「Haa haa・・・Yeah, I like this・・・I like this kind of kissing a lot」

「Then, again」
I put my tongue in Umi’s mouth again. Umi seemed to have gotten the hang of it since she started using her tongue more aggressively.

I gently touched Umi’s breasts while kissing. The flinched in surprise and her body shook for a moment but she accepted me while still kissing and let me massage her breasts.

「Ngh・・・Haa haa・・・・Nnngh・・・Ngu ngu ngu」
We separated for a moment and after a short breather, we started kissing again.

Umi’s nipples were standing upright and she was rubbing her thighs together standing pigeon-toed. She drank up all the saliva coming from me. Her face was flushed red and her eyes were hazy, making an expression so sexy you wouldn’t believe it was coming from an elementary schooler.

As soon as I let go of her mouth she started letting out lewd voices as I was moving my fingers, touching her nipples.

「Now I’ll kiss your breasts」
「Haa!! Angh Wai・・・Onii・・・Ngh・・・No・・・・ahhhh」

I started licking and rolling Umi’s nipples with my tongue and occasionally sucking on them. While sounding like she was enjoying herself, Umi held on to my head with both hands.

「Ngh・・・This・・・I’ve never felt something like this・・・・Ahhh」
「*Kiss**Kiss*・・Does it feel good?」

「Yes・・・・Angh・・・Good・・・Very・・・How could my breasts feel so good・・・Ngh!」

Umi started putting more force in her hands and my face was pressed into her small chest. While licking one of her nipples I used one of my hands to touch her other nipple and my extended my other hand to her crotch. A wet, lewd came out and it became clear that her nether region was flooding.

When I took her perverted juice and rubbed it on her clitoris, Umi started letting out pleasure filled voices

「Nooooo Onii!! Wait・・・This・・・・Angh」
「Umi, can you relax a bit more and spread your legs? *Lick*Lick*」

「No・・・You can’t! I’m going crazy」
「This feels better than touching yourself, right? It will feel even better from now」

「Angh・・・Amazing・・・I’ve never felt something like this・・・Ahhhh」

Umi who was starting to feel even better naturally opened her legs wide. I was licking her chest and rubbing her clitoris with my finger.

「Ahhhh, amazing, Onii・・・It feels good」
「I told you before, right? What do you say?」

「Ahhhh・・・It feels good・・・My pussy feels good!!」
「Good job」

I separate my mouth from her chest and start kissing Umi again. This time Umi put her tongue in my mouth assertively and started wildly entangling her tongue with mine.

「*Ngu ngu*・・・Amajing, so good, I’ll cum with Onii’s finger」
「Are you cumming already?」

「Ahhh・・・Nooo I’m cumming, Umi’s pussy is cumming, cummiiiing」

I pinched Umi’s clitoris.

「Cumming!!!!!! Aaaaa・・・・」

Umi’s body started shaking and climaxed, arching her back. Plopping her back on the bed, she finished cumming and started breathing heavily.

「Haa, haa, haa・・・・・Amazing・・・This・・・This is completely different from doing it alone・・・Haa, haa」

With the back of one hand over her eyes, and breathing heavily with her eyes closed, Umi told me her thoughts.

「Was it good?」
「Yes・・・Onii’s finger・・・is too good・・・・Haa, haa」

「I’m glad that it felt good for you」
「Yeah・・・If this is so good・・・I should have done this sooner・・・」

Umi opened her eyes and made a smile that perfectly combined cuteness and sexiness.

「Then, I’ll make you feel even better」
「Eh? Wai??? Onii?? No!! Something like that・・・Ngh・・・Ahhhh・・・」

I moved between her legs and started licking Umi’s nether region.

「Feels good, right? *Lick*Lick*, this place should feel great *Lick*Lick*」

Having her clitoris licked, Umi’s back started arching again.

「Aaaahhhh・・・・Ngh!! It feels good! Onii’s mouth feels so good!!」
「Then what about here?」

「Aaaahhh!!! Nooo・・・That・・Pee・Pee is coming out」

When I licked all the way to her asshole, Umi let out a strange voice and lots of love juice started flowing out from her crotch.

Next, I sucked on her clitoris and she continued feeling good with her back arched. Lastly, I peeled the skin around her clit and started licking fast with the tip of my tongue.

「That・・・You’re doing it too fast~~~ Ahhhhhh Cumming~ I’m cumming from my clit~ Cumming!!!」

Her body jolting and trembling, Umi came again.

「Haa, haa, haa・・・I・・・can’t take it anymore・・・・」
While breathing heavily, Umi became teary-eyed and carelessly let saliva flow out from her mouth.

A bit more and she would have ahegaoed. While I let Umi calm down I stroked her hair gently.

「Haa, haa・・・Amazing・・・It felt good・・・・」
「Then will you make me feel good now?」


I sat with my upper body raised and Umi came between my legs standing on all fours.

「Amazing・・・A lot of perverted juice is coming out of Onii’s tip・・・*Gulp!*」
Umi took my meat pole in her mouth and started servicing it.

「*Ngu ngu*・・・*Lick*Lick*・・・Amazing・・・There’s lots of perverted juice・・・It tastes like Onii・・・」
Umi was licking my meatpole with everything she had.

「Ugh・・・Umi, it feels very good・・・・」

While giving fellatio, Umi started touching her own crotch.

「No・・・Onii’s taste, I’m feeling strange again・・・Agh!・・・Ngh・・・*Ngu ngu*」

with my meat pole in her mouth, Umi’s nether region was letting out perverted, wet sounds.

「I can’t~ Onii~ I love~ I love you!!」

All of a sudden, Umi removed her mouth from my meat pole and said “I love you” in a sweet voice. Then she kissed me and entangled her tongue with mine in a trance.

「Aaaahhh・・・・P, please・・I can’t take it anymore・・・Feel good inside me!」

Umi lied down herself and put her hands on the back of her knees, spreading her legs wide.

「Come~~~ Onii~ Come inside me~」
「Umi・・・Are you sure it’s ok?」

「Please make my insides full with you! Make Umi yours!!」

Spreading her legs herself, Umi was aking to be ravished with a cute expression. The feelings of guilt for stealing her virginity, or the uncertainty caused by whether it really is ok to ravish her like this, when faced with the chance to have sex with an elementary schooler(JS)・・・That absolute temptation shook my heart from it’s core・・・

In front of me, was her cute, hairless slit, open wide. From there cloudy juices were flowing all the way to her butthole. Being asked to ravish her with a cute expression while she opened her legs herself, all my reasoning was easily broken.

I put my body between her legs and rubbing up and down on her pussy with my meat pole, the perverted juices coming out in great amounts spread all over my meat pole.

「Ngh・・・・Haa, haa・・・come Onii・・・」
「Umi・・・Relax, I’m going in, ok?」


My meat pole started penetrating Umi’s tight entrance.

「Ugh!!!! Kuh!」
When the glans entered Umi’s tight entrance, Umi made a painful expression.

「Ahh・・Amazing, Umi・・・It’s so tight and warn and wet・・・」
「It’s in~ Onii is coming inside me~」

I start slowly putting my meatpole inside Umi.


My meat pole slowly penetrated inside Umi, reaching her deepest part. Umi had her hands tightly around my back, clinging to it.

「Umi, I’m in・・・」
「Yes・・・Kuh・・・It hurts but・・・I’m happy, so happy! I love you~ Onii~ I love you」

Tears started falling from Umi’s eyes

「I love you too, Umi」

Without moving inside her, I gently kissed her and she put her tongue in, frantically tangling it with mine.

「Umi・・・Are you okay?」
「Y, yes・・・・I’m fine. The pain started going away・・・Onii・・・You can move now・・」

「If you can’t take it, tell me」
「I understand・・・So, Onii,・・・Feel good inside me, please・・・」

「I understand・・・」

When she asked me herself, with her lovely face, to ravish her, my excitement went up to its maximum in one go.

Umi’s place was so narrow and so tight that even without moving, it kept on squeezing around my meat pole, giving me plenty of pleasure.

I began moving slowly.

「Kuh・・・Ngh・・・Ahhhh・・・・The inside of my belly・・・Is becoming full of Onii・・・」
「Are you ok?」

「Yes・・・It hurts a bit, but・・・It’s fine Onii・・・Use me to feel even better」
「Ahhh・・・It’s no good・・・It feels too good inside Umi・・・Sorry・・I can’t hold it anymore・・」

Her tight vagina wrapped around my meat pole, and just from moving a bit, Umi’s juices started making it fit better, giving me unbelievable pleasure. My worries about Umi’s body were pushed aside by the pleasure assaulting my meat pole・・・

Losing to pleasure, I started moving.

「Ngh, ngh, ngh・・・」

Umi was letting out painful sounding voices along with my movements, but the amazing pleasure around my meat pole made it impossible for me to stop moving.

「Ahhh・・・Amazing・・・It feels・・・so good inside you・・・」
「Ngh, ngh, my・・・ngh・・・insides・・・Kuh・・are full・・with Onii・・・」

The amazing pleasure galloping inside my head made me move faster and faster.

「Ahhh・・・Umi・・・I can’t・・・I’m about to cum」

The pleasure from my meat pole and Umi’s expression trying her best to resist, along with the guilt from ravishing a JS, made the feeling of ejaculation come to me in one go.

「Yes, inside. Let out lots inside・・・Paint Umi’s inside with Onii」

That one line from Umi made me lose all my reason.

I started violently shaking my hips. I wanted to paint Umi’s inside with my semen. The feeling of wanting to conquer started overflowing and my breaks stopped working. Umi’s face was looking painfull while I was violently shaking my hips, but I could no longer hold my desire back and shot deep inside Umi

「Ah・・・It’s coming out! I’m cumming inside!! Uuughhh!!!!」
With incredible vigor, I let out plenty of semen in Umi’s deepest parts.

「Hyaa!! It’s coming out~ It’s coming inside me~ Onii’s hot・・・amazing・・・it’s hot inside me」
「Ugh・・・Kuh・・・Haa, haa, haa・・・・Umi・・・」

Letting out lot’s of semen, I started kissing with Umi while still inside her. Umi accepted my kiss with a smile.

「I’ll take it out now・・・」
「Yes・・・・Hya・・・Amazing・・・It’s overflowing from inside」

When I took out my meat pole, lots of semen started flowing out from inside Umi. The reason it was pink is probably because it was mixed with Umi’s blood. Umi raised her body and began staring at the semen flowing out from inside her.

「Ehehe・・・・With this you are mine! *Kiss*♡」
Saying that Umi kissed me with a delighted looking face.

That smile was an angelic, lovely smile.

Note: From now I’ll be using JS for elementary schooler, JC for middle schooler and JK for high schooler. These are the slang that the author uses.