Chapter 3

On my way, I lean my head on the glass window, staring outside at passing cafes and restaurants to calm myself. There are so many strange and unique yet beautiful buildings. Sometimes, I saw floating islands. 

As I expected from the modern fantasy world. The differences are too big.

Any kind of thing I glance at, it is very rare that I find something not likeable in it. This place is like a dream vacation spot. Somewhere you come to  relax when in stress. 

As the cab was about to reach my destination, I became nervous. What if this person was someone dangerous?

I can’t seem to remember what threat the person might become for me but the fact that I was nervous means I definitely had something in my head about this mysterious someone previously.

I was nervous because I had no idea who I was going to meet. That became very clear when the taxi drove up the driveway to the Fleur Hotel. 

The moment I was breathing in the sight of the huge hotel.

It was a huge luxurious looking hotel, so much more than any hotel I’ve ever been to.

Am I in Dubai? I’ve been there for business but never spent a night in one of those skyscrapers.

Finally, the taxi stopped right in front of the entrance. 

“We’re here, kid.” The taxi driver said.

“Thank you,” I exited the taxi and paid the driver 

As I shut taxi doors behind me and the taxi drives off. My hands shake as I feel as though my feet were glued onto the floor.

Ugh, why the hell am I chickened out for?! I’m just going to meet and talk! This was what I always do for a living!

Taking a deep breath to calm myself, I entered the hotel and went to the lounge. Glancing about the room, checking the tables. 

There is no one here but one person sitting in this big lounge.

It was a woman in early 20′ wearing business suits. 

Ah, another beauty of this world. God, do they even have any girl here who can be mentioned as average? Because on my way here, every time I see a girl and woman passing by I can’t help but think how beautiful they are. I had rarely seen girls this beautiful and dreamy on Earth. 

Well, this was a world made by people to pervert people to enjoy the game when they play it and hence the characters are meant to look gorgeous and hot.

Seriously, there is really no comparison among the girls here with the ones on Earth. 

The woman has dark raven bob cut hair, She has slender yet very curvy figure, brown-colored eyes, sexy, full lips and a beautiful, big chest hidden behind a tight, white blouse under black suit, it’s truly a proportion that cannot be described by words.

Is she the person waiting for me? No one’s here, so it has to be her.

I walk to the lounge, being careful not to rush or to keep looking at her.

She was sitting at the table and typing on her laptop, my eyes linger there for long enough to commit the image to memory. I don’t want to forget this beauty after all.

Wait a minute, I stopped for a sec because I feel like I know her…

I knew her! She’s from the game! She is Toujou Reina! The Abyssal Witch! One of the strongest characters in the eroge!

A character that appears several times in the game. Though she is not deeply involved with the story, she is one major character in several routes! She is a mysterious character that seems to have big authority and influence! Not only that, she’s also the head of a conglomerate family that rules this country from shadow. Even the king (Which is the father of one of the heroines) from the neighbour kingdom would bow humbly before her!

There is no interaction between her and Reiji in the game yet here she is. So, why is she here?

As I was wondering about Toujou Reina noticed me and smiled. “Reiji-kun, welcome! I’ve been waiting for you.”

I was surprised how familiar she is to me. Have Reiji ever met her before in person, strange I don’t remember any such encounters.

“I am sorry to keep you waiting, Toujou-san”

“Ara, this is the first time we actually meet face to face and I never name myself yet you seem to already know about me, huh. This would make the talk easier” 

Toujou-san seems pleased instead of finding this suspicious.

“Well, I have seen you many times on TV, so of course I’d recognize you immediately.”

Yeah, Toujou Reina is a celebrity in this world. If this is the same as the game then she is certainly a celebrity.

“Ah, I see.” Toujou Reina smiled wryly. 

She adjusted her suit and sat back down. I couldn’t understand what that tone of her meant, she seemed really down by my reply.

“Please have a seat.” 

I sat opposite her.

“Would you like some coffee?” Toujou-san offer.

“I-er- coffee? Yes, yes I would like some,” I stammered as I was staring at her beautiful face as if I was in trance.

I am nervous, yes, but this is a very weird situation… I mean meeting a living game character is already stranger than anything.

I looked at her again to confirm as she had poured the cup of coffee, she then leaned over and handed me the coffee. No, this is not a fantasy game anymore, this is my reality. I thought as I took the cup from her hand.

“It’s really her…” I muttered under my breath.

“What’s wrong? You’ve been staring at me for a while. Is there something on my face? ” She asked while tilting her head as she quietly sipped on a cup of coffee.

She noticed I peeked at her face a few times. I can’t say I can’t believe that you have already passed your forties and are still such a beauty!  

She is too much of a beauty for being forty.

Yeah, not only has Toujou Reina already passed forty, she is also a mother of one adult woman. Can you believe that?! 

There is no way a woman in forty could be this young! I understand she is a game character and a witch at that but still this is unbelievable.

Ok, I derailed again… I am a professional business man! This should be easy!

“No, it’s just hard to believe for a beautiful celebrity like you inviting me for a date like this.” I smiled.

I answered her in the Kuroba Reiji way.

Yeah, this guy is a flirtatious bastard and would say something like that without blinking eyes. But since Grand Phastama is an eroge without NTR content, the heroines would just see him with disgusting eyes and would just plainly ignore him.

But to my surprise, Toujo-san reacted differently.

“D-d-date!? N-no, I’m not inviting you for such a reason!” Toujou-san denied cutely while her face was red.

Oh, what a cute reaction. I might be onto something here. I know this was all very new for me but I am a different person now and who would deny a beauty like this in their right mind.

Maybe letting the protagonist have harem while me have this beauty for myself is fine, I guess? But let’s focus on the real reason why I was asked to come here. It’s definitely not because of a date as she has already confirmed that just now. I really can’t think of any valid reasons for now. Let’s just wait, she will tell me the cause anyways.

“Hahaha, I was kidding.”

“Geez, don’t tease adults like that!”  Toujou-san pout cutely.

“Sorry about that..”

Toujou-san coughs and fixes herself.

“But I’m glad you’re being so casual with me. Yes, I would like you to be more casual like this from now on.”

Excuse me? 

“Sure, I don’t mind… But why is that?”

“You really don’t know anything, do you?”

“I completely have no idea.”

“I take it your late mother never mentioned anything about her family?”

“Yes, she never talks about her family- Wait, why do you know about my late mother? It was supposed to be secret.”

Toujou-san showed a very sad expression at my query.

“That’s very straight forward, just like your mother.”

Is she an old friend of my mother? They are both of old age so maybe that is the case?

“I will tell you everything you want to know but before that, Kuroba Reiji-kun.” 


“I need you to hear me out first, is this alright?”


This looks like something serious. I mean after the shock of transferring to a body of a game character who is supposed to die what more can be so serious. My breath was stuck in my throat waiting for her to continue.

“I will be straight, I have taken your custody and you’ll be my son.” 


“I am sorry for not consulting with you firsthand, but I already talked to your guardian and have him transfer your custody to me.”

Eh? She already got my custody? eh? How can that be? 

“That means?”

“Yes, from now on, I will be the one who’ll take care of you as a mother and we will be family.” Toujou-san smiled.

I am impressed at myself for not screaming internally and managed to keep my poker face.

What was that? I don’t understand what she means by that? Family? Adopt me? Would she do something like that for a useless person like me? Why? How could we become family? Not even real Reiji ever talked to you! Is this what happened to Reiji behind the scenes?  

Many questions asked in one go in my mind…

But certainly, it would be bad for me at this rate but this Toujou Reina you know! The freaking Abyssal Witch! 

“Of course, you’ll live with me as well,”

Well, even if you say it like that……….I’m a little confused here. What exactly is going on?

Wait, living with her? Living with her? That sounds like harem protagonist development! 

“I don’t need to live in a dorm?”

“Yes, we are becoming a family after all. My house is also close to the academy. Moreover, I want to deepen the bond in our family so I thought that we all should live together!”

Oi, oi, what is this! There is such development! Why is this Eroge-like development happening to me? Wait, this world is the same as the game then it’s truly a world of Eroge! No, how come Reiji received such treatment before the story started?! That’s weird!

“If you stay with me, I can also teach you various things about our academy.”

St. Laularia Academy is a highly educated institution funded by the various countries around the world.  It was a massive academy. Even Naoyuki got lost at the beginning.

The academy teaches military, magic, alchemy, politics and etc. Basically, it was like college but you can choose two or three majors as long as you can manage it.

The ability of the enrolled students are all above average, it is a gathering of elites from all across the world. An elite school that you would question how Kuroba Reiji could attend in the first place. And because there are foreign students attending, the academy comes equipped with a very prepared dorm.

But this is confusing me. In the game, Reiji lived in the dorm and he’s roommate with Naoyuki. If this happened right before the game started, then there must be something.

The story here might be a little different from what I used to play. Maybe I can avoid my death but that is only if I can pass through all BS game events thrown at me.

“I’m grateful for your kindness… but I find this very strange.”

“I see,” She nodded understandingly.  “This must be too sudden for you. I know you need some time to sort out your feelings. I will give you some time to consider it. But I want you to know that I will always welcome you as a member of our family.”

“No, it’s just living with the infamous beautiful Abyssal Witch sounds too good to be true. I just couldn’t understand why would someone important like you adopt a nameless orphan delinquent like me?”

Toujou-san seems taken back by my statement.

“No, you’re not a nameless orphan!” 

“That’s true though.”

I could see conflicting emotions playing across her face. What’s with these expressions of her? Were she and my mom so good friends that she can consider me as her own son?

“Look, I’m sure you have a lot of questions to ask but it’ll take a while to explain… And I know it’s too late… I am really sorry for not being there with you!”

“Erm, thank you…?”

What she’s talking about? Why is she so considerate about me?

I don’t understand this situation at all. Suddenly I get transferred to this world and now I am being adopted by her. Did I miss something in the game?

“As for the reason why I adopted you… because I am your family.”

“Wait, what? My family?”

As in blood related? She did not mean literally that, right?

Looking at my confused face, Toujou-san smiled sadly again.

“Well, I guess I should properly introduce myself. My name is Toujou Reina, Abyssal Witch and the current head of Toujou clan. I am also Toujou, no Kuroba Maya’s older sister.”

I was speechless… She actually means blood literally!

So I am what? … No, Reiji was part of the Toujou clan? Toujou-san is my aunt? and my mother is the little sister of the infamous Abyssal Witch and daughter of that infamous conglomerate clan? The clan that is basically the pillar of old nobles of this country?

Was this ever the part of the story or is this some new development? It feels like a lot in the plot has changed and this is turning out to be very good for Reiji.

Shit, I’m getting confused! This is too much to take in… Now, I wish the developer actually released Reiji’s route!

“I guess this is hard to believe?”

“Eh, ah, yeah. this is more than hard to believe actually.”

Was she kidding me? I was a businessman not a wizard. How am I supposed to take all this in together. I hope Reiji is better in this stuff than I am or yeah, dying would be a great second option as I am fated to.

“I can… understand that.”

“While this is a lot to take in, I have one question.”

“What is it?”

“Why now?”

She flinched for a sec before she took a small sip this time.

“Because I just found out about you and your late parents recently.”

“You did? When?”

I stayed very stiff, not making it easy for her even though she seemed terrified.

“A few months ago.”

“Is that why I received so much money lately?”

“Yes. I don’t know how to talk to you, so I thought giving you money will make things easier. Talking to you like this actually is harder than I thought it was going to be.” 

I can see her genuine expression. I can’t be easy on her though. She should have told me this before so that I wouldn’t have lived my life so uselessly.

“I see… Then what about my heritage, mind telling me that?” I asked.

“Of course. I promised to tell you after all.”

Toujou-san was silent for a few seconds before started talking. 

“This happened way before you were born. It was when your mother announced that she wanted to marry your father, the previous head, my father and also your grandfather didn’t approve of it, especially your mother at that time had a fiance. He threatened your mother if she persisted in marrying your father, he’d disowned her as his daughter.”

I see…

“Then your mother told him that she is willing to cut ties with him as long she can be with your father. Of course, your grandfather was livid at that declaration. So he told her to drop everything he gave her including her clothes. I know it was out of line, but he was hoping this would change her mind but to everyone’s surprise, including me, your mother actually removed everything she received and walked out of the mansion naked. Thankfully your father managed to cover her before everyone actually saw her naked.”

Are we talking about the same person? From Reiji’s memory, she seems to be a very gentle mother and looks conservatives. She doesn’t seem like a girl that would expose herself just for the sake of love or she might be actually an exhibitionist?

“Your grandfather disowned her and your mother also cut ties with the clan. My father forbade everyone to help her. Then she and your father moved to the unknown” She stopped and took another sip. “After that, I tried to find your mother despite my father’s order but years passed and I still just can’t find your family. Apparently my father knew where she was, hid all information related to your family and won’t disclose it to anyone.” 

I leaned back to take a moment to soak it all in.

“Then a few months ago, I was named as the head of the Toujou clan. Using my authority, I finally was able to find my sister and her family but…”

She looked into my eyes. There were tears in hers.

“You found my parents were killed ten years ago right in front of me and leaving me as an orphan.” 

“Y-yes…” She said weakly.

“That was uncalled for, sorry.”

“No, that’s alright.”

She took a breath before continuing.

“I confronted my father after learning what happened… He just took all my anger but he didn’t say anything nor tried to justify himself. But I can see he was crying inside and feeling regret for letting that happen to you or your parents. that’s why when I said that I am going to take you back to the clan, he just approved it.”

This is really too much for me to take in however as I took this information, my sense to collect information and adjust accordingly was able to grasp the situation.

Of course, as an ex-business man, I always meet various people and when I deal with them, I have to see my opponent’s motivation or their goal whether we could get profit from the deal.

I can understand she has a lot to talk to me about everything.

Now I had seen her real motivation. She truly meant it. Afterall I am her only sister’s son whom she has not seen in forever. She deserves this much.

I also come to see why Reiji ended up living in the dorm instead of not living with her.

Because after taking this kind information, most kids would like throwing a tantrum. Yup, I can see him blaming her and the Toujou clan for not saving his family. Because of his outburst, he cut ties with his only remaining family. I guess this is also the reason why he never showed up or gone when she appeared before Naoyuki.

But I am not him.

I might have his memory, his body and his name. But the inside is me, I won’t make foolish decisions out of emotion. Also, there is no harm living with her. Seriously, all I can see is the benefit here. 

Wait, now is not the time to care about something like that, she did say that I should come live with her but in her house there’s…

“…If I remember correctly you are living with your daughter, right? Is she alright with this?”

Toujou-san suddenly brightened up at this question.

Toujou Reina’s daughter is a teacher at the academy. She is also known as Twilight Witch. She is an important character who will teach a few essential skills to the protagonist in a few routes. 

Speaking of which, if Reina-san is mother’s big sister then Reina-san’s daughter is my cousin.

“Of course! I properly got her approval. You don’t have to worry about it. I am sure she’d love to have you live there with us!”

That’s great then! Who says no to beauty! Living with beauties like her and her daughter? That’s already a big plus plus! Only an idiot would choose a gloomy male dorm.

Wait, if I don’t live in the dorm then the protagonist shouldn’t be able to progress through various events. 

That’s it!!

I am gonna die as long as the story progresses! But if the story remains as it is then I might stay alive! All I need is just to survive. 

This is not a game anymore. This is about my survival! With Abyssal Witch living together, my survival is guaranteed! 

“Alright, I made my decision! I would like to stay with you!” I smiled.

At this declaration. Toujou-san, no, Reina-san gives me her most beautiful smile.