The Power of Creation – Chapter 134

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After finishing supper, cleaning yourself, and heading to bed, you find Pocahontas standing near your door.

“Oh, hello, Pocahontas.” You say, not quite sure how to deal with the woman you haven’t really formed any kind of relationship with yet.

“Mm.” Pocahontas merely nods with a stoic expression.

Supposedly, she wants you to save the elves somehow, although you have yet to hear the details. Still, you want to enjoy some chocolate elf, and that means you need to fulfill her wish. Speaking of wish, Megara seems to have included Pocahontas on your list as the next person.

“That’s right. With Florian gone, I wasn’t sure how you would feel. So far, I’ve mostly just been giving the girls whatever they wanted. Is there anything you want to do tomorrow?”

“Mm.” Pocahontas nods again. “My ‘date’ can be fulfilled tonight if my benefactor is willing.”

“Oh, so you can say more than a few words.”

“I only speak when necessary.”

“Ah… alright. So, what do you want me to do.”

“Impregnate me.”

“Sorry?” you cock your head in surprise. “What did you say?”

“Put your seed in me and make me with child.”


You open the door and let Pocahontas in. Deciding to have a baby might be considered an important decision, but your first two children were created with not much more thought than this. Pocahontas is an attractive elf, and you don’t have any half-elf children. Of course, the baby will be a half dark-elf hotty like her mother. You can’t wait to meet the child you just concocted in your head.

“Take off your clothing and lie on the bed.” Pocahontas orders.

You’re a little surprised by the firmness in her voice, but you decide to do what she says, because it’s kind of hot. Then she pulls out rope ties. Perhaps Pocahontas is surprisingly kinky. She straps your arms to the head of the bed.

“Then, let us begin,” Pocahontas declares as she fiddles with something from her dresser.

She pulls back her robe, and the clothing falls to the floor, unveiling the backside of her naked form. You eye her curvy brown ass excitedly. She finally turns around and starts approaching the bed. Her brown nipples and round breasts are perfect. But wait, what’s the between her legs? She seems to be wearing a large black strap-on. She immediately gets on her knees between your legs, holding the dildo while coming towards you.

“Uh? What the fuck is that?”

The back of a hand slaps you across the face. You aren’t hurt, but it is so sudden you’re a little confused.

“Shut up, you bitch.” Pocahontas speaks in the same emotionless droll she usually speaks. “Take my dick.”

“Hey! No! Why are you lifting my legs. Hey! Get that fucking thing away from my butthole!”

“Shut the fuck up, you whore. This mistress is going to turn you into her little bit—-aaaahhh you’re twisting my nipple, you’re twisting my nipple!”

You easily rip through the restraints with your maxed stats and grab her chest and twist. “I said, get that fucking thing away from my butt, bitch!”

“I’m confused!” Pocahontas truly looks confused a she grimaces in pain, her nipple twisted 180 degrees in your fingers. “I’m supposed to be the one delivering pain. You’re backwards.”

“Aren’t you just a sadist then?”

“But my benefactor said he want to have sex!”

“This ain’t sex! How are you going to make a baby this way?” You growl, finally letting go of her nipple as she pulls away.

Pocahontas rubs her sore nipple with a pout, “I don’t understand. I was trained properly by the matriarch herself. Dark elves are a female dominated society. They say the more pain a man feels, the more likely a woman will become pregnant.”

“What the fuck? How are you going to get pregnant if I don’t stick it in?”

“Huh? Stick what in?”

“My dick!”

“You mean that useless thing on men? How would you even accomplish this? It’s all soft and flabby.”

“It gets hard!”

“The female phallus’ I made is harder. It’s custom for every woman when she reaches fertile age to make her own. We model them after this phenomenon you speak of, but dark elf men are never hard for women.”

“You’re fucking kidding me.” I respond in disbelief.

“Well, you’re not even hard, right?”

“That’s because you were going to stick it in my ass!”

Pocahontas cocks her head to the side. “I don’t understand. We’ve seen dark elf men get hard for each other and stick them in each other’s butts. So, we crafted this erect dicks and do the same. But they show no interest in their wives. It’s why we must be so forceful.”

You put your palm on your face and sigh, “Pocahontas, please don’t tell me the problem the dark elves are facing that will wipe them out is…”

Pocahontas nods. “We struggle to get pregnant. Ever since the matriarch went into power, pregnancies have been lowering, and now only one or two babies are born a year. In a few decades, all dark elves will be gone. We have heard the seed of heroes are strong. Even if you could just impregnate me, it would go a long way to saving our people.”

You feel like banging your head on a wall as you figure out this incredibly stupid predicament. So, basically, a matriarchy came into power that debased and emasculated the men. Their fertility decreased, causing the women to become more aggressive to the point of sadism. Eventually taking enough abuse, the entire male dark elf population turned homosexual. Eventually, the population completely forgot how to even have proper sex to make babies. The few babies made are probably by accident. The guy cums in another guys ass right before his wife takes him and a little bit of semen gets in from the dildo, or maybe some guys can cum from anal and then it drips onto her. The point being, it’s a rare accident.

“Hey, Pocahontas, I think I understand things now.”

“It is good that you understand my people’s predicament. Now please bend over.” Pocahontas says while grabbing the strap on excitedly.

“No! I mean, rather, I have a surefire method to make a baby, but you’ll need to do things my way!”

“Very well, I will try anything to become pregnant. Please do so.”

“Okay then! First!” You stand up, letting your cock come to full attention.

Even the threat of surprise anal wasn’t enough to permanently kill your erection. She is still hot and naked and even the strap on has a lesbian appeal that arouses you to erection. Pocahontas gasps in astonishment

“It’s erect! The other women living here suggested this was possible, but I thought it was embellished. Truly it must take a hero to be able to become erect at the sight of this naked body.” Pocahontas pushes her tits together as she says this, a sight that only engorges your dick and excites you even more.

Still, Pocahontas shows a surprising humility, seemingly unaware at the extreme sexual appeal she has considering the past failure of her fellow dark elves. Being surrounded by gay dark elves, she had gotten the impression she wasn’t attractive.

“Mm… and for this, I will penetrate you.”

“That tiny thing? I won’t even feel it.”


Pocahontas looks away. “I’m sorry… those are the lines the matriarch tells me to say. But that things is humungous, I can’t belittle it with a straight face. I’m afraid it will tear me apart.”

“Those are exactly the words I wanted to hear.”

“I-is that so? Pocahontas put a slightly cute shy look for the first time under your hungry eyes. “None dark elves are so strange.”

You scratch your chin. “I’m not so sure about that, but I can guarantee you one thing.”

“Yes, my benefactor.” Pocahontas looks up at you with pleading eyes.

“I’m going to stick a baby in you.”

“I will happily receive it.”

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