Chapter 4

After that, we decided to stay a bit longer for lunch. As I expected from a high-class hotel, it looked very delicious. All glossy and shiny food along with the interior.

It’s just steak but it smells great, far more better than any steak I ever ate! It looked perfectly cooked and I couldn’t wait to finish it.

We each had a plate of steak, French fries and green salad. Reina-san started eating. I cut up my steak and tried it. It was juicy with a nice spice to it.

“Oh, this meat is good.” I said.

“Glad you like it” Reina-san smiled, looking up to me, chewing. “It was cooked by a famous Superchef himself.”

That’s a luxurious and lavish hotel for you. Also what is Superchef? Is that some kind of title? It sounds like a restaurant name from Louisville, USA.

Let’s not bother about that right now and enjoy this meal. Reiji hasn’t had a meal this awesome in a long time now. 

I don’t think he even had a decent meal after his parents died. The minimarket’s food or fast food can’t be as good as home cooked but that was the only thing he had to survive on.

“Do you want some more wine?” She held a chilled wine bottle as she filled a glass for herself.

I would like to retort that. How come you offer a minor like me a wine? But I was seventeen, so I guess it’s okay and she definitely knew that Reiji was wasting her money for useless things.

To begin with, what’s the age of legal adulthood in this world? 15? 18?

“Yes, please.”

She leaned forward as she poured me a wine.

When she was leaning forward, I could see down her blouse to see her voluptuous breasts and ample cleavage. I gawked at the beautiful, young, snow white skin. Is she really in her forty? Her breast looks very tight and there is no sign of sagging. In fact, it still looks very youthful!

I could see the formation of her huge mounds, the beginnings of her breasts but that was it. She definitely wasn’t wearing a bra. The shirt wasn’t loose enough to show me everything but it was just enough to tease me. I felt my dick twitch in my pants as I admired her bare skin.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, smiling.

“No, nothing.”

Immediately bringing the glass to my nose I was met with the unmistakable aroma of fresh wine. It wasn’t strong smelling, and the colour wasn’t deep, but it smelt good.

When I taste it. It was really great.

“It’s delicious!”

What is this wine?! It’s definitely the most delicious wine I ever drank! So mild yet so impactful. This world definitely has the best of everything.

“Zeffira is one of the most delicious wines after all.” Reina-san said as she sipped her glass.

Well, I only know a few notable wines back on Earth such as Zinfandel, Pinot noir or Chenin blanc.

“Anyway, since we’re going to live together, I want you to at least visit our house once in this week. I really want to introduce you to your cousin but she seems busy right now and still busy until next month.”

Of course she is super busy. She is the Twilight Witch and has great responsibility towards the academy. She definitely has no time for a measly cousin like me who is also a delinquent. Also, the school will be starting next month.

I doubt her enthusiasm about having me stay at their house.

“Of course. I would also like to meet her if she’s not busy. I am looking forward to meet the Twilight Witch.”

“She is also looking forward to meeting you. When I said you might stay with us, she instantly gave her approval.”

“That’s great! So, when should I go?”

Wait, instant approval? Then she’s actually enthusiastic!? Are we even talking about the same Twilight Witch? 

Twilight Witch, while she’s not appear often in the game beside teaching her original magics, she was described as cold. She was a character who always act like nothing matter. Who always remain cold to anything. It was mentioned that she would experiment on children without blink.

And that dangerous person was happy coming her house? If anything, she probably happy because she got experiment rat for research.

“We’d welcome you anytime! Just send your luggage to our house once you are done packing, okay?”

Wow! This is super fast! She came all prepared. 

“Alright, all I need to do is  just send you my luggage, right?”

I will pack everything I need once I go home. It’s not like I have a lot of things anyways. One suitcase and about 3 hours  will be more than enough for me to pack every pathetic piece of clothes and accessories I have.

Well, I hope my life changes after I get into my new house, new family. 

“Yes, so once you pack your thing give me a call, okay? I will do the rest. Someone will take your luggage.”

“The same number?”

“Yes. You already saved it, right?”

“Of course.” 

There’s no way I would say I almost delete it.

“You can call anytime if you have something to ask.”

“Sure, I will do that, we are family after all.”

Then we talked more during lunch. It was only when she inquired about my personal life that I started to get flustered a bit.

“So, Reiji-kun. Do you have a girlfriend?” Reina-san asked as she looked down to take a bite of the meat. 

“Uh, no. Still single,” I said. I hated how awkward I was.

“Eh, really?” Reina-san was smiling in a teasing manner.

She looked at me and the smile grew wider on her face. She seems to enjoy this. 

Aunty, aren’t you being too casual with me?

I am not flustered because of embarrassment. I am flustered because I don’t know how to reply. Should I reply, “I don’t have girlfriend because I am busy fucking prostitutes with your money all nights!”?

That would be a hell of an answer! Though I am really curious about what her expression would be then. I restrain myself from making that action though. 

“I thought you have two or three.”

“That’s impossible.”

Woman, why do you think I have two or three girlfriends? Are you mistaking me with Naoyuki, the harem protagonist bastard of this game!? He is the lucky one after which all the girls are crazy. I can only get girls if I throw the money at them, your money, like I am doing these days.

A few minutes later we finished our lunch and were still talking about random subjects then Reina-san received a call and replied she’d be there. 

It was nice to meet her and know about my family but I guess she will leave now. What can I say, I am part of a very busy family.

We were almost at the end of our lunch and she kept the glass of wine down.

“I guess it’s time.” She gave me a sad smile.

“I see.”

“Why don’t you join me. I’ll drive you home.”

“You drive me home? Sure.”

When we left the hotel and walked to the entrance she stopped making me stand there and look around. I didn’t see any ride, in what is she supposed to drop me.

A very expensive looking car suddenly pulled up in front of us, automatically. Is this the car I will get back to my house in? That looks posh.

It’s just a McLaren P1 looking Supercar with extra steps!



Wow, exoctic and capable beauty driving exotic cars? I rarely saw this combination. I always see gold digger bitches riding them though. This car is something that shows and maintains your status. Reina-san has it all.

I walked over to  the other side of the car and stepped in as Reina-san turned on the car.

The interior of the car was as good or far better than it’s exterior. This was my first time sitting in this car and it feels so comfortable and classy, just perfect for a drive. Geez I should’ve bought this back on Earth!

“Ready?” Reina-san asked.

I nodded and we drove away. 

Soon enough, she drove me back to my house and stopped right in front of my house. Before I stepped out of the car, Reina-san pulled my sleeve.

That got me surprised. She could have called me but I guess it was something very urgent.

“What’s wrong.”

“I am so sorry. I really want to spend more time with you but I have a meeting after this.”

It can’t be helped; I know that she’s an extremely busy person just like her daughter. No, in fact, she’s busier than her daughter.  In the game, it was mentioned by her that her schedule is truly filled for the next five years. For her to change her schedule just to meet me shows how much important I am to her.

“It’s alright. I understand.”

She hugged me then kissed me on both cheeks and I saw tears in her eyes.

“You cry a lot, don’t you?” I asked.

She nodded. “You’ll never know. I cry because I was stupid, I should have just ignored my father’s order and help your parents. I cry because I, no, we hurt you, we made you an orphan!” 

She hugged me tightly as she sobbed.

I felt a wave of emotions raising inside me as well. Maybe it’s Reiji’s. After so long someone had actually cared for him. But I am him.

I got to know I had family left and they accepted me as a part of them.

I hugged her back and patted her back. She really feels guilty about what happened to me- no, to Reiji’s parents, huh.

After crying for a while, she took several long, slow breaths to calm herself and it took her about five minutes to manage and calm herself down.

“I am so sorry for you for comforting an old lady like me.”

“Old lady? Please, you still look very young and very beautiful.”

This was no lie but Reina-san’s red turning cheeks told otherwise.

“You do really know how to please ladies, don’t you.” Reina-san smiled softly.

Well, I spend nights with prostitutes after all. Maybe because of that Reiji knew how to flirt. But I didn’t think I was at Naoyuki’s level but yeah, I am not bad either. 

“I might have talent for that.” I smiled.

She held my hands. Her hands feel warm and soft.

“I know all of this happened because of my father, your grandfather but promise me that you won’t hate him. He’s also suffering, more than anyone.”

“I promise I won’t. I don’t hate him.”

Yeah, I can’t even hate him because he didn’t do anything to me. He sure did a lot of things to Reiji though.

So that is somewhat none of my business anymore. Even though this body is of Reiji I am not him and so I have no right to hate the old man.

She threw her arms around my neck and started crying again, while plastering kisses all over my face. I eventually calmed her down, brushing away her tears.

“Thank you!”

I held her tightly, enjoying the feel of her in my arms. I just noticed how huge her boobs are. They are soft and comfortable.

I feel my bloodstream going somewhere in my pants. That’s bad!

Even though I know we are family my lustful senses don’t stop me from enjoying her smooth and warm skin rubbed against me.

I hope I get more of this skinship when I move into her house. She let me go and I did that as well but reluctantly.

As I stepped out of the car, I looked at her.

“Thank you for driving me home, Reina-san”

She smiled gently at me, putting the car in gear, “No, I should be the one who said that. You lift the great burden from us by forgiving us.”

“No, it’s nothing at all. I can’t hate you and them any longer than this.” 

I seriously can’t get angry over something that happened like a decade ago.

Hearing that, Reina-san’s eyes widened.

“Maya was truly blessed to have a good son like you,” she said with her eyes glistening with tear.

I smiled back at her and she waved her hand at me.

“I’ll be waiting for you, Reiji-kun.”

I watched as she drove off.

Inside my heart I was still skeptical about my situation regarding body transfer to a game and also about Reina-san being my family but as long as this prevents me from dying here I am willing to go along the plot.

Alright, let’s just  focus on what I have to do. 

I have to pack my belongings and then move out of this house to a new future, an awesome one.