The Power of Creation – Chapter 135

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Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

Pocahontas is riding up and down on your cock hard, her boobs bouncing up and down each time she drops her pussy down the length of your cock. It took a little bit getting it to slide in, but after she took to your cock and your brief explanation on how babies are made she was quick to work it. Of course, originally, you had wanted to be on top, but the dark elf had some domination issues.

I mean, you could have dominated her, but this way you get to lay here and do nothing. She is basically doing all the work. Besides the whole anal thing, the dark elf men have it surprisingly easy. Apparently, the matriarchy has been so gung-ho about ensuring a female dominated society, that female dark elves practically do everything now. Men stayed at home and lounge around the house while women cook, clean, and work.

The setback is of course the sadism. The women likely take out their anger, jealousy, and aggression over the men’s easy lifestyle, and thus it fuels their sadistic bedroom tendencies. However, that isn’t important right now. What is important is that a brown dark elf booty is bobbing up and down on your cock while you get to lie there getting your dick wet. Well, it isn’t completely perfect.


“Ah! Sorry…” The dark elf lowers her eyes and loosens her hands on your nipples.

Bad habits are hard to crack, so you have a ruler in your hand. When the dark elf steps out of line, you flick her bouncing butt with a smack. At this point, she is playing with your nipples and is starting to pinch them hard. She is very handsy like Elena. However, where Elena seems to unconsciously scratch at your back in ecstasy, Pocahontas wants to dig in to see the pained look on your face.

“Ah… I feel strange. Something hot and tingly is growing inside me.”

“You’re going to cum. Go faster.” You explain.

“Ridiculous. Matriarch says women lost the ability to climax. It’s a myth. She said it is because of the spitefulness of ma- ah, what are you doing!?”

You have enough of her stupid talk and reach up, grabbing hold of her butt cheeks. Using the leverage, you start thrusting up into her pussy. While her bouncing is rhythmic and hypnotic, your thrusts are violate and hard.

“Ah, ah, ah. It feels good! I’m so hot! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

As if you would! You plow that pussy from below. Your hips have maxed stats, so there is no such thing as getting tired. She’s still bouncing up and down on your cock, but your hips move faster. For each stroke from her hips, you thrust into her deeply twice.

“Ah! I feel like I’m going to explode! I can’t take it anymore!”

Goaded by her moans, you pick up the past, your hips practically a blur as your slam into her harder and harder.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

“I’m cccccuuuuuuuuuuuuming!”

Of course, you don’t stop as she starts to come, her legs shoot out to the sides as she loses her balance. She’s no longer able to support her own weight, but your hands grip her brown buttcheeks firmly, keeping her pussy hovering over your hips about five inches, just enough that your can keep plowing your dick into her hard. Her pussy drips all over your dick, her eyes roll up into her head as she starts to convulse. Seemingly unconsciously she squeezes her own nipples as her hands find themselves unable to find anything else to do.

“ooooooooooOoooooo.” She let’s out a long running moan which reverberates in tune with your rapid thrusts.

“I-I can’t… it’s too much… too much…’ she managed to force the words out as her hands spasm over her body and her entire body falls into a sexual coma.

“I’m not done yet!” You laugh, moving your hips like a jackhammer into her. “It’s time to make your pregnant!”

The words pregnant seem to work their way through her sex coma as her eyes flutter open and she looks at you with a scrunched-up whimpering face tight in sexual euphoria.


“I’m cumming!”

You declare, releasing your baby-making sperm deep inside her. Your hands release on her buttocks, and her body falls without any strength, your cock impaling her pussy as deep as it’ll go. She falls forward too, landing on your chest, her naked brown melons pressing your chest as her face instinctual hustles between your shoulder in neck. Spurts of hot seed shoot deep inside her, filling up her womb.

As she gasps for breaths, she barely can get out any intelligible words. “It’s… hot… I feel it… inside.”

You rock your hips a little, stirring the baby maker up with her sexual fluids inside her, mixing her fluids with yours using your cock as the spatula.

She doesn’t move, holding onto you tightly without letting go, her naked body clinging to you much like Elena does, although where Elena is tiny, Pocahontas is a tall, busty vixen. Elena feels like a small kitten curling up against you. Pocahontas feels like a tigress who has you in her clutches, threatening to consume you with her curves.

“So, how does it feel to be a mother.”

Pocahontas finally raises her head from your shoulder and your eyes widen in surprise at the sight. There is a tear running down her cheek.

“Thank you, my benefactor.” She says glowing with a smile. “You’ve fulfilled my purpose. I’m yours forever and always.”

“Well, that was a given.” You snort. “Ready for round 2?”

“Why? I’m already pregnant, right?”

“Ah, this one’s for me.”

“I don’t mind. My body is my benefactors in entirely. As long as I can have a baby, do with me what you will. Ah, you’ve pulled you dick out and now you’re lining it against my butthole. Didn’t you say that this was bad?”

“No, it can be really good for women. Isn’t it good to try it.”

“Mm… I’ve always wondered what the guys found appealing about it. After the incredible feelings I felt in my pussy, I can’t wait to see how anal feels.”

“Haha, we’ll see.” You scratch your neck and answer nonchalantly.

Sometime later…

Pocohontas is in the corner of the room crying for a completely different reason.

“H-how have we been doing that to men all these years. That’s too much pain.” Pocahontas whines.

“Well, you’ll acquire the taste after a while. Let’s try for round 3.”

“Is my benefactor a sadist?”

“You’re one to talk!”

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