Chapter 6

A week had passed.

As it turned out, training in magic was a lot more difficult than I thought.

Unlike the sphere of light, it took me three days before I finally succeeded in casting a basic spell like fireball or icicle barrage or wind blade. I still had no idea which affinity was best for me. It certainly wasn’t element magic.

I know I will get it eventually but the process is getting very slow and when I can’t perfectly do an element magic, I feel annoyed. If I am bad in these easy spells to begin with, what good or big can I expect? Still, I try to stay optimistic about my abilities and future encounters.

Now I understand why most people here need to chant.

Because not only it helped them imagine it, it also helped them shape the magic and calculate how much the use of mana should be. Even though I was reluctant at first to use chants, I guess to perfect myself I’ll have to use them.

Chantless magic is only used by pros and geniuses. I am neither.

Well, at least, my efforts weren’t fruitless. Out of all of the magics I wanted to learn, I only managed to learn healing magic. I wasn’t disappointed. it was basic but it was useful. I can improve it to make it like regeneration! It’s very slow though.

Seriously, I wanted a more cheat-like ability like super-magic spells that allowed me to blow armies away in one hit! But I won’t get it without hardship!

Also, It wasn’t just magic, I also needed to do physical training as well.

Along with learning magic I have to be physically fit. If my magic knowledge betrays me at some point at least I will be able to defend myself with my brute strength.

I’m not complaining and I know this body is strong, very strong but it wasn’t trained at all. It was like an unpolished gem! Sure, this guy exercises a lot when he has time or when he’s bored but he just does it to keep himself in shape. But who am I kidding? I am not even a martial artist! Why the hell am I talking like that?

Asking Reina-san is out of question as she is just a witch bearing no physical attribute.

Maybe I should start training in a military way?

I had never been trained as a soldier, so I actually had no idea what or how to start. Without any proper military school training, it was impossible for me to behave or think like proper soldiers. I was a freaking businessman for god sake!

However out of curiosity, I actually got myself a military training guide book and martial arts guide books from my home library. I got quite a lot and I will read them later.

Speaking of Reina-san, she contacted me a few times to check me for the past week. She apologized many times because she was too busy even though she wanted to see me. In return I assured her that I can understand but she still sounded guilty.

I was getting a good life all thanks to her.

I might be able to avoid my fateful deaths now that I am with the Abyssal witch. Hell, with her being my family I am destined for greatness. Well, all this won’t mean anything if I don’t train properly.

The hours slowly crept past, and I ended up dozing off here and there. As I said, I had never received formal military training, so these operating procedures were alien to me. As far as I am concerned, back on Earth, I only jog and nothing else. Sure, I hit the gym but just doing it to keep myself in shape and healthy.

Ugh, same reason as this guy, eh. We are similar in this case. As long as there is no requirement of physical activity we just try and maintain it rather than training it.

That should not be the case anymore. If I have a great body like this, it is wise to make it available when needed.

I really should start training! But normal training won’t do! I should take this to the extreme if I want to be stronger!  Shall I take it to extreme training?

No! Don’t be overly ambitious or you’ll disappoint yourself Reiji! I will get myself killed later! I have kept in mind that my imagination is limited by my current power!

Have more faith in myself.

I just keep training and build a solid foundation. First, I need to start from the basics.

First, I need to workout this muscle to its limit! It’s already perfect but it’s not enough! The most basic workout is jogging!

Yes, I need to warm up before I start real training!

I return to my room and open my closet then put on my jersey.

After I warmed up, I left my house and started running. I wonder which area would be good to carry on my run.

According to Reiji’s memory, the neighborhood is a good place to jog.

I ran past the neighborhood, nothing seemed amiss at first but when I glanced at my surroundings and saw many people watching me with strange eyes. I gave them a quick nod of acknowledgment. They did not nod back and only glared at me. It was… unsurprising, considering this guy’s reputation.

Seriously, dude. What did you do to them?

I can just see this guy’s memory and discover the truth but I don’t want to see what vile things he did. So let’s pretend I don’t know anything.

Back on Earth, I usually ran three laps around the part near my apartment. But this body has got more stamina than my old body did. I was interested in what else this body was capable of. I want to know this body’s limit!

It was still a normal run to me. So far this was just basic and I can very well accomplish this without a lot of effort or twitch in my muscle.

Let’s go faster!

◇ ◆ ◇

How far did I run? 10? 20 kilometers? I can’t tell anymore because I didn’t bother to count.

With the intensity I ran I am very sure anybody should have been tired. Even if I had a great body and stamina I definitely should have felt a little uneasy but none of that was there.

Pretty sure I ran for about a ten or more laps through the neighborhood but I don’t feel tired at all. I barely even sweat at all. Is this the stamina of this body? I feel like I can run ten times farther than this.

By the way, I haven’t stopped yet. Even now, I am still jogging.

The only comfort I was getting is that the sun is about to set and a cool breeze has started to blow. I estimated it has been six hours since I started running.

I ran through the wind with twice the speed of everyone else. If I keep running like this I could easily get a world record.

I guess the game setting was right about Kuroba Reiji’s power.

Not only did I have a strong body, I also had endurance and muscular long legs, but I can tell I lacked agility. Strength only allowed my muscles to make powerful movements, not quick ones.

I want to be strong and fast! Being only strong would be just like a sword without the sharpness.

Continuing this exercise and keep on running at this pace will only grow my endurance and not speed. I feel I can go on and on like this for hours but that won’t give me any results.

At this rate, I wouldn’t know my limit.

Well, I got no choice but to use an extreme method.

I quickly turned around and sprinted into the forest.

Fortunately, tall trees blocked most of the sunlight. I quicken up my pace once again. It’s getting hot but I haven’t felt tired yet.

Hmm…but what kind of forest is this?

I glanced around the trees and thriving flora around me, feeling more amazement from my surroundings. I had read about this forest in the books I read from the home library, but as expected reading about them was totally different from actually being inside one.

To think such a forest exists in this town.

A forest was essentially a living, thriving environment that sustained its own ecosystem. That was true for both worlds, but in Lestia, the forests were filled with monsters. In the outskirts of the forests, which where I ran right now, I would only encounter the weaker ones and I haven’t seen one by the way.

The deeper I went, the stronger and more powerful the monsters I’d met, and the more vibrant and varied the life, flora and fauna of the forest’s ecosystem developed.  Somehow, the beauty of the plants and trees around me reminded me of nature, unblemished and untouched by people’s hands, safe from pollution and deforestation.

Wait, weren’t people, the ones exploiting these environments that were rich in life and killing the creatures living within, the true monster here?

Anyway, finishing my lap, I decided to walk around the outskirts of the forest. Of course, I won’t go deeper because I know I was too weak to fight. I am not that foolish. Right now I am not strong enough for fighting a monster and neither do I want to die in the hands of one. It’s better if I keep an eye for something unusual.

So far, the forest appeared to be perfectly normal.

There was no sign of monsters or anything otherworldly that would differentiate this place from Earth, I would have thought I was still somewhere on Earth.

It’s just that some species of trees here are so different than on Earth and they had these vibrant colours like inviting a prey to their trap.

But where are the monsters?  The outskirts should have some monster around… Don’t tell me they were hibernating. That was a sick joke, I know but I really hoped to see some monster here, at least a small, cute one.

I don’t think I have that kind of luck today and that’s actually a good thing to happen, getting out of this forest safe and sound after completing my run.


I trampled noisily through the forest, stepping on twigs and breaking them, rustling leaves and swatting bugs that were buzzing curiously around me. I grimaced as I peeled off a leech that was glued on my skin and tossed it away, only to find a worm that I flicked away with my finger.

“Fuck! This is gross!”

This was downright disgusting. I hated bugs.

“This is why people who claim that they would love to live in Nature are just bullshitting,” I muttered.

Clearly, those nature-lovers were deluded or had never experienced real nature. All those hiking trails in the mountains? Manmade. Nature reserves? Constructed to keep humans safe from animals. Waterfalls? Paved over by concrete paths. Agricultural fields? Planted by hand by human farmers.

Swearing, I impatiently shoved a couple of particularly hard branches out of my way and stomped through, finally finding myself in a clearing.


After bashing through the woods for what seemed like eternity, I was thankful for the little break. The thorns and bugs were getting downright annoying. Shoving a couple of shrubs aside, I walked  into the clearing, winded.

“I can take a break here.”

I had no idea how long I had trekked through the forest, but clearly it had been hours. The sun was slowly setting, the skies turned orange as the light faded away.  Yikes, it’s time to go home yet I’m lurking in the forest like this…

Reina-san will get angry if she gets to know I entered this forest without telling her. She is so careful with all my activities. Of course, me being an delinquent plays a great role in this.

Just when I resumed my running I heard a growl.

Oh, shit…

I couldn’t hold back a curse when I heard the ominous sound. I tried to back away, returning the way I came from, but it was too late. Not that it would help, given how sharp animal senses were. They would have tracked me down with smell or sight even if I chose to conceal myself in the foliage. Wolves had a great sense of smell, after all.

…yes, I was assuming the growl came from a wolf. What else could it be? A puppy? I definitely won’t get myself a puppy if they could growl like that.

As it was, the wolf didn’t look like a normal wolf. It was white. Red lines seemed to bulge beneath its fur, emphasizing bunched-up muscles. Its eyes glowed crimson. I wondered briefly if it was an albino, but the angry red veins, spiky fur and two tails quickly disproved that.

Is this a monster wolf?  Stupid question. This was Lestia, not Earth. It wouldn’t be surprising if it was an actual monster. What the hell am I saying? Every creature in Grand Phastama is a monster!

But, I finally found a monster! That’s great! As if! I’m in danger! This is bad! Totally not great at all! I should be thinking about how I should save my ass and get out of here but here I was getting excited over encountering a monster.

This wolf looks ferocious and I doubt it will leave the chance to feast on me. What should I do? How do I get out of here? I am in no way faster than a monster.

My mind is screaming to run however my body is strangely calm. I guess being Reji is what makes you calm. Now if I remember correctly, when the party was under shock or panic, only Reiji remained calm and very level headed.

I guess I also inherited his trait as well. If it was the real me by now I would have been captured by the monster or dead trying to get out of it’s claws but Reiji is seems to be fearless.

Soon enough a pack of wolf had assembled around me as eager to eat me.

Okay then, as you wish, monster. I am not going to get away without getting an injury anyways so I might as well try my best on getting out alive at the least and that can only happen if I kill you.

Taking a deep breath, I readied myself and entered a combat stance, even though I knew it would be useless. This body might have combat experience, like kick other people’s asses but they clearly wouldn’t be sufficient to take out a monster from another world.

Still, I need to do this! I am coming to this forest for this! This is what I’m looking for!!  To test my body’s limit!


I charged toward the wolves as I am to unleash my wrath on them!