Half elves fall in love chapter 277

Chapter 277: Secret Curse Propagation 1



With the mediation of the tavern owner, the cat beast sisters Azel and Rizel began working at one of Polka’s inns.

“Is it okay……no, I’m not the one who brought you here”
“But you never know what kind of work you’ll be doing, whether it’s with different races or foreigners”
“No No, I was just wondering if you could get along with the innkeeper”
Polka has a population of only a few hundred, but there are more than twenty innkeepers of all sizes. Some of the smaller ones are small enough to rent out for a short time, while some of the larger ones can accommodate close to a hundred people and on paper, they can accept more than twice as many guests as the total number of residents. It is said that this is because the previous baron encouraged the opening of the inn with subsidies in order to take advantage of the hot spring resort’s characteristics, but in reality, there is no way that so many guests from far away would visit the inn. As a result of this situation, most of the innkeepers are unable to fully demonstrate their capacity to accept guests. Even if they have enough rooms for dozens of people, they don’t have enough employees to manage them, so all but a few rooms are covered with dust. This has been fine until now, but lately there has been an increase in the number of customers coming to Polka, such as elven warriors and crossbowmen. In fact, the capacity of the inn as a real number is not enough, as we also retired from the inn to give it to the Crossbow Corps. So, naturally, they would want employees. However, I wondered if the two of them could do it. If they were to cause trouble and aggravate the people’s feelings toward the beastmen, there was a possibility that the whole thing would collapse. Considering this, I’m not sure if it was a good idea to leave it to those two young and not-so-cautious people. I wondered if I should have been more cautious and talked to Donna and asked her to find a humble cat beast (if there was one) who would be more suitable for the business.

“Andy, don’t look so serious. Even old man Digo doesn’t think that a young man can do a great job overnight”
The owner laughed as he made me a cup of coffee. It’s noon on a weekday and the snack service has been moved to the main bar, so it’s just me and the owner in the original bar. Incidentally, Digo is the owner of the inn where Azel and Rizel were taken care of. I didn’t know him personally because he was not located near the blacksmith shop. Thanks to the bar owner’s intervention, they were able to find a job easily.

“But I’m still worried. Cat beasts can be a little fickle and careless”
“It would be weird if all the young fellows, 15 or so, were so serious and workaholic. That’s okay. You should rather see to it that they don’t throw up going to work because they are angry or in pain”
Well, I guess that’s more important. ……While I was thinking about that, Azel and Rizel came into the bar cheerfully.

“Older brother, let’s play because it’s lunch time!”
“Lunch is not the time to play! ……Is it possible for you to work?”
The cat sisters nodded in unison.

“Grandpa was kind”
“Every time I made a bed or did something right, he gave me a homemade candy”
……Wow. They´re really spoiled.

“……Old man Digo, even though he was reluctant”
The bar owner mutters expressionlessly. Apparently they´re loved more than expected.


Neia’s armor is a big job to put together.

“I think Neia doesn’t need to worry too much about the weight, but I still don’t want to make too much of a mess”
“If you focus on ease of movement, it’s hard to avoid having too many moving parts and making too much noise”
“Let’s try to keep a good balance”
Jackie-san and I worked out the details. When we asked Neia what she liked, she said she didn’t know what was good or bad about regular armor since she only wore that super-technical armor, so we had to leave it up to her.

“We’ll use hard leather in some places. Bocchan’s thing is……”
“Crest engraving?”
“Yes. That should give us enough protection”
“I’d like to avoid relying on this as much as possible, though”
Since old man Dan told me to trust the blacksmith, I was conscious that I didn’t want to use the crest engraving in a straightforward manner. But that doesn’t mean I can do a half-hearted job.

“……But that leaves a lot of room for design. It might be able to combine ease of movement with quietness”
“I guess”
It is true that Jackie-san is right, the application of light and flexible materials with crest engraving will be a big advantage. By combining steel and hard leather, we can come up with an armor that looks good but has high functionality. If you paint it, you can cover its appearance.


After finishing my work, I returned to the barrier prison. In the open-air baths that I peeked at for a moment, Miril, the sister of Azel and Rizel, and Sharon and Hilda, two hot spring enthusiasts, were half bathing and tipping their cups. The three of them, each with soft-looking breasts, are a real feast for the eyes.

“Oh, Andy-kun☆”
“Would you like to join us?”
“Join us……”
As I try to take Sharon up on her offer, I notice that Miril has a slightly tense smile on her face. I’m sure she’s seen me having unrestrained sex in this village. I’m sure it’s because there’s a good chance that the three of us will end up together. You can’t help but be a little scared because I haven’t held any of the Maple family’s cat girls, including Miril, since they came here.

“I’m going to have to eat first”
“Oh, really?”
“I’m sorry”
I glanced at Miril, who looked a little relieved and left. I’m going to hold her after Miril is healed properly, but it would be distracting to commit Hilda and others and leave her alone.

I went to the center of the village to get some food. In front of a private house near the central square is the cooking area for Fennel and her friends. If I go there and ask for a meal, I won’t have to wait long to get something. But before I get there, I see Laila and Christie hurrying to get dressed. A rather unusual combination.

“Ho, owner”
The two of them smile casually.

“Are you going somewhere?”
“To see the holy beast”
“I’ll be her chaperone”
……I see.

“I’m going to fly around for Dianne’s 『Wait-and-see』. Before that, I thought I’d talk to that horse about the magic I heard from the Leica tiger holy beast. What, I’ll be back tomorrow morning”
I also get dressed.

“I’m coming with you. I want to meet Breakcore as much as possible”
“Ho. ……You’re going to go out there and fuck her?”
“……Is that the ulterior motive”
Christie chuckled.

“So, according to Smithson-san, the holy beast is a female slave?”
“……I don’t remember making her a female slave”
But it may be similar. She sometimes tries to be so devoted that I can pull her and I don’t think she’ll be embraced by anyone other than me.

“Well, okay. I’ll have you on my wings in no time at all”
I left the village with Laila and Christie and moved to the Red Clan territory.

Unlike the daytime barrier prison, the Holy Beast Labyrinth is still nighttime. And in the grasslands above it, Diel was practicing his sword with Breakcore.

“What’s wrong with Diel, you can come seriously. You can skip him if you like”
“Give me room!”
……Diel is also quite a swordfighter, but in front of the overwhelming experience value of Breakcore, it seems that the victory is far away even if he puts out his best. The swords meet and sparks scatter in the meadow at night. As we slowly approached the scene after getting off Laila, Breakcore suddenly stopped dealing with Diel and smiled at me.

“Good to see you, Andy”
And then, in a fit of pique, Diel’s sword pierced her side.

I’m sure he didn’t expect her to be stabbed unprotected, but Diel looked like he was in trouble.

“Sorry, Diel. That’s it”
Breakcore suddenly drops her sword, holds her hand over and blows Diel away with a shock wave. Ah, Diel dances in the air. ……Well, the landing may hurt, but it should be okay. Diel is strong. And Breakcore rubs her flank a little. It seems that the wound was healed.

“Even so, it’s a rare face with the Cherry Blossom representative and three people……”
“Hoho. It’s not a good look for me to be alone. ……This time its my business”
“This is also rare”
Breakcore rolls her eyes.

“……A, Aside from the dragon, Andy and Cherry Blossom´s Christie will be tired. Come to the hut”
We went to the dwelling hut as we were invited.

“……I see the inexhaustible power of the holy beast to take over the wounds of others……?”
“I wonder if it could be used for something else”
Laila and Breakcore began to debate, while Christie listened with interest. I’m a bit sleepy now. ……I’m sorry to those three, but I’m going to doze off until the conversation is over.

And when I woke up.

“I see. ……If that’s the case, you should have used this place”
“It would be too public here. It’s too far from the clan headquarters. Owner and Selenium have to go out to Polka every day”
……The inside of the hut had become a naked paradise. Breakcore, Laila and Christie. All of them are naturally and suddenly naked, as if I couldn’t see their clothes in my eyes while I was sleeping.

“……Eh, what is this?”
“Hoho. We’re talking about what you’re doing in the barrier prison right now”
“I have never regretted being bound to the earth as much as I do now. ……I would have loved to have gone there and been a part of satisfying you”
“Well……here we are, recreating it like this”
Christie chuckled as she slipped my shirt off. Before I know it, my jacket is all off. I’m not sure if this is……Christie’s married woman technique. I’m not sure if I’d call it a married woman technique.

“Andy, ……that, if you don’t mind, I’d like to join you tonight”

Breakcore is approaching me with a serious face.

“I, I’m glad I came with that intention”
……I can’t say it. I undress Breakcore rather quickly, so I feel like this isn’t much different than usual.

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