Half elves fall in love chapter 280

Chapter 280: Sudden Reunion



The blue sky, the pure white snow and the trees of the forest with their lonely colors peeking out from under their snow caps. Neia was standing on a stump at the edge of the forest in a familiar landscape.

“Ah, Smithson-san”
“What are you doing here?”
“Just a little training, patrolling for monsters”
“You can maintain your arm and leg strength with simple training and hot springs, but your senses will be clouded if you don’t keep them honed. ……While searching for monsters, we use our sensing abilities to the fullest in places like this. Animals, birds, wind, snow……all have information to offer”
“……You know how to sense the presence?”
“It’s a little different, but if you can handle it with the same feeling, it’s better than that”
Neia closes her eyes and mutters while holding her hat.

“The flow of Qi is stable. I’m sure monsters won’t be around for a while”
“You said you were on patrol, but have you defeated any of them since you got here?”
“Yes, a few wolf monsters”
……Unbeknownst to people, it seems that part of Polka’s peace was kept by her.

“……I’m glad it’s not a place where bandits and such roam. People can be a pain”
“‘In Kalwin, sometimes people would try to steal the crops of other settlements. No one is rich, so they want something to eat even if they have to do that. ……Moreover if it is revealed, they are guilty of death. If they are docile, they will let the villagers dispose of them. ……It’s lawless. There are some who are so desperate that they will turn on the villagers who are like family to them. It’s also the role of the Hero to execute such people”
It’s a story that can be told anywhere. Now that transportation has improved, the probability of getting food from other places has also improved and localized droughts and famines caused by storms do not often develop into serious situations. Still, there are times when they do. Whenever I hear of a crime that has occurred due to such circumstances, it is always depressing.

“People pretend to be something they are not. I’m sure you’ll agree. ……We, heroes, are also deceived. But the one who is robbed is too helpless to remain deceived. And those who have been robbed and done well will get a taste and repeat the same thing and eventually, we will judge them. ……Have you ever killed anyone, Smithson-san?”
“‘……I have. I don’t think I’ve killed fifty people yet”
It’s not that I haven’t had the opportunity to kill people, like in military service, or even in a counterattack against bandits sometime. And the crossbow is an excellent weapon and Dianne is an excellent commander. If we fight, it will be a one-sided battle that we win. I have no doubt that I and of course Anzeros and Keiron, have killed more than we can use with both hands.

“……Even for someone like you, it’s still true”
“‘I’m a soldier. And Celesta is not very safe”
“I’ve probably cut down about a hundred people”
Neia pulled her hat a little deeper into her eyes.

“I can only do so much. A hero can only face his problems with a blade. ……I’m sure there’s no place for me in a future where everyone is happy because that’s all I can do”
“……No, I’m talking to myself. Forget it”
Neia raises the brim of her hat and hides behind a bright smile. ……I was trying to say something comforting to her, but I couldn’t……think of anything, so I fumbled with my lips.

“……Shoes are ready, come to old Harry”
Eventually, she runs off on her errand. Even though I’m known as a quote maker, I’m still 「Shallow」. I’m not sure how far I can go to get to the really heavy problems that may not be solved by just being there for them. ……Though I think that thinking that way may be a big deal.

“That, please let go. It’s hard to walk”
“No. Your hands are too cold”
“It’s not like I’m getting frostbite”
“I do”
『……Neia. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to have your hands warmed up』
“Shut up, Flash Sword! Rather, don’t speak suddenly before I make a voice barrier!”

The shoes seemed to be well received by Neia.

“I……this, these are boots that are easy to move. It’s like wearing socks”
“Well-fitted footwear always feels that way, because you can’t wear something that doesn’t fit. They’re made to be soft, though, so be careful of sprains and strains”
“Yes……thank you!”
The boots fit Neia’s feet perfectly, with very little adjustment. They were not only soft, but sturdy and they were designed to keep the greaves from shifting when they were put together. It’s a test for me to work hard enough to fit these. ……I’m excited. Top-notch work is inspirational.

“Thank you, old man. I’m sure you’ll get your payment from Celesta’s accounting department”
“Hoohoohoo. It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of working with you. I’m the one who should thank you, Andy”
The handshake was firm. I can feel the spirit of a first-class craftsman and the passion of a Polka-dot child in his hands. Old man Harry’s will to do a good job for good tits.

Neia didn’t seem to understand the deepening friendship between me and the old man.

The Baron will have a feast on the last night before the departure.

“Come on, Andy. You’re coming home safely this time”

This person is generous, but I wonder if it’s okay. ……However, it seems that the territory here is quite large as a barony territory. I’m not sure if it’s something I should be worried about.

“Don’t feel lonely just because I’m not here. If you want, you can start now…….”
“Irina! How dare you impose on me alone?”
“I, I’m just kidding, don’t get angry, Christie. ……I’ve brought in a housekeeper from my clan for your house. The foundation has already been laid and I expect it to take shape within two weeks at the earliest”
“Like that”
“Isaac is clearing away the snow. Besides, the ogre from Dianne’s unit is helping with the heavy lifting. It’s good to know that someone can handle a log alone”
It seems that before I knew it, they had started building my new house. They’re so quick with their hands.

“I wanted to think about the layout and stuff……”
“If you want, you can build an addition later. I’ve made it so that about ten people can sleep and wake up comfortably for now”
“Ten people?”
It may or may not be enough. Either way, I don’t have to let the Renfangas group or the four elf girls live there yet.

“Oh, it’s about Andy’s new house. Don’t worry, if it’s not enough, I’ll make arrangements for you to have a separate house”
The Baron was being generous.

“But if it’s too big, it’s hard to take care of the house”
On the other hand, it means Aurora is dressed in a maid outfit. ……Is she becoming more and more worried about housework?

“Leave it to us”
“I’ll do my best while you’re away♪”
And then, the four elf slaves in maid’s uniforms smilingly entered the conversation. I’m not sure why the maids are all over the place around me and Irina.

“It’s a good thing that Fennel and Aurora are okay, but Savory and the others aren’t maids here, so wouldn’t it be annoying if they looked confusing?”
“Don’t worry. We’re just here to help serving♪”
“I can’t help you with your military work, so I want to be able to do these things properly”

Savory, Oregano and Laurier all strike a motivational pose at once. I don’t think the pose of raising and stretching arms while standing on the tip of the toe is the correct attitude as a maid, but the baron and the invited guests, Polka’s uncles and aunts, were all clapping their hands in a gorgeous atmosphere.

“Umm. I’d like to see the maids of my house do this kind of pose……ouch”
“Dear, these are precious daughters entrusted to you by a stranger”
“I, I know, let go of my beard”
The Baron’s plot was immediately shot down by his wife.

The next morning. We split up into carriages and took off from Polka.

“I’ll be waiting for your souvenirs”
“Don’t forget it!”
The masturbation brothers, who hold a towel with a basin and say, 「I’m going to a hot spring」, are waving while saying something illustrious. It is true that they ordered Celesta’s cigarettes, liquor and ham as souvenirs, but they should have a little more respect for their boss. Also, the cat girls and elf girls have gathered and are waving. They said, 「Come back soon」, in a safe and very modest way.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be back soon”
“That’s right. We’re a little busy, though”
Luna and Hilda are muttering. ……No, wasn’t it supposed to be that way?

“No, it’s not a call for me to come back!?”
“Ah, yeah. But you’ll be back soon, right?”
“Good luck, Andy-kun☆”
……If I think about it, assuming that it is mainly a call to me, it also means that I should come back soon and have sex with them. I feel that it is neither modest nor safe at all.

“Give my regards to Kate and Rinne and to Boyd, too”
Isaac is also quite selfish, but I feel that it is quite common sense compared to others.

First, without crossing the Snake Mountains, we headed for Basson along the mountain range, riding a steady air current. Laila and Maia each have a separate carriage. We’re riding in one of them, but in terms of the original number of people, one carriage is enough. The other carriage is for transporting the cat beasts. We’ll move our base to Basson, where we’ll give everyone a few days of free time while we move the injured and sick from the cat beast colony to Polka. Then, once everyone has been treated, we’ll return to Basson and reenter Renfangas to greet people and gather information. In some cases, it was Diane’s plan to drop the Gauntlets and return to Polka to formulate the next action plan. ……We feel free to use that super-mobility, but it can be said that it is impossible in this era.

“But if it weren’t for the dragons, we’d have to go, come back and make a detour and the winter would be over just getting around”
“Depending on the weather, we might not even be able to move”
Naris and Tetes muttered to themselves.

“It’s really different, but is it okay to drive around a dragon so flashy? 100-man commander Dianne”
“Politically, we’ve taken some steps. The fact that Andy is a rider is an international secret”
“We know that, though”
Tetes points at herself with a smile. It’s like trying. But Dianne is relaxed.

“I don’t care if you do, but I don’t think anyone in Renfangas, including Tetes and Sir Buster, will benefit from exposing it”
“Well, that’s right”
“There are many people who know that Andy is a dragon rider in that sense. Both in the royal capital and in Celesta. But as long as you keep it a secret, there are more people who benefit from it. If they really want to ruin Andy’s life, they can go to the politicians of the anti-Dark Elf faction in Celesta. Most likely, though, it’ll just cause their base to retract from Polka into the northern forest”
“……Umm. So you’re in a bit of a strange position, 10-man captain Smithson”
“Who said that you make three times as many allies as enemies? Andy is really getting around in that sense. He has a lot of allies, not the least of which are me and Laila. Some of them, no matter how much political or financial power they have, can rarely be controlled. It’s a state of affairs that is more advantageous for many mundanes to exploit indirectly than to touch”
“……That’s right. Umm”
Tetes groaned at Dianne’s explanation. She glances at me wondering why such a person. I agree with her, though.

“A man like that makes it his ultimate goal to become a blacksmith in the countryside. It’s strange”
Almeida chuckled. It’s true that I’m in the middle of a lot of big things, but I’m not in a very good position.

“It’s not all about gaining power, you know. It’s just that Smithson-san understands that you don’t have to armor yourself with worldly power to achieve happiness……”
Sharon has a very favorable view of me. But, well.

“I’m sure it’s a bit of a struggle when you’re not making that much money”
The truth leaked out. I’d like to be great if I could, but I know I’m not cut out for that. Laila and Maia are strong, but when they ask me to start a fight with them, I’m not someone who can shake my head. I don’t have the capacity to really wield the 「Power」 that I have. So, I’m going to become someone who can at least make as much money as others. That’s all. I’m sure that if I maintain my current harem, I’ll need a huge amount of support, including from slaves, barons and dragons and I won’t be able to rely on that. Even so, I want to make sure that I can manage my own situation. In a way, it’s a small pride, a vicious struggle.

“Ah, Andy is getting darker and darker……”
“It’s okay. What you lack, I make up for. That’s what makes a good woman, a good slave”
Anzeros and Aurora comforted me. Yes. You guys are sensitive and a little too meddlesome, but I’m glad.

“……I wonder if it’s 10-man captain Smithson´s ability to make all kinds of strong people say that……”
“Ah. Tetes, the righteous knight. You should not try to dismiss Smithson with a single word in many ways. ……The more you look at these guys, the more you misjudge them”
“What do you mean?”
Tetes and Becker are having an unfamiliar conversation. No, I wonder if 100-man special duty commander Becker knows that Tetes was an intelligence agent called Blue Arm.

In the evening, we arrived near Basson’s corps building.

“Okay, everyone rest until tomorrow. You can spend the day as you like. I want older sister to finish her shopping and other errands by tomorrow night”
“Yes☆ H, Hey, Andy-kun, do you want a drink?”
“Hilda-san, you know what……”
It had been a long time since she had been to Celesta and now that she had a vacation almost exclusively for herself, Hilda was very excited.

“I’m coming with you. I’m more worried about Andy than my older sister. He might get carried away with Celeste’s drink after so long”
“You don’t trust me……”
I’m not going to say anything back, because before I lost my virginity, all I did was drink.

“I’ll let you know how Mikagami and the others are doing. It might be helpful in the future”
“Oh my God, are you getting ready to get pregnant, Anzeros-san?”
“No, not at all! It’s just that Andy might impregnate a few feline children in Polka……”
“Anzeros-san, you’re a real softie when it comes to……other people’s children”
“Ah, Andy’s kids are my kids!”
Apple and Aurora are dumbfounded by Anzeros. Luna is the only one nodding her head in agreement. Perhaps influenced by the colony’s family values.

“Is there a bathroom here?”
“Ho, I believe we do. There are no men in the squadron now, so there’s no need to wait in shifts”
“Yay. But I’m also curious about Celesta’s drink”
“See you tomorrow, Naris. We have some time to kill anyway”
“I’m afraid that if I go out too much in Celesta……I’ll end up with a broken face”
“I think Al-chan is probably okay, though. But there weren’t many white elves in Celesta, right?”
Neia, Laila and the gauntlets are heading to the bath. I’m sure it’s for the exclusive use of Mikagami and the others now. Then, with 100-man commander Becker, Dark Elf Sisters and Maia, I head to the familiar bar. Occasionally, I’m at Celesta and I’m used to it, and alcohol is good.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the bar, and it’s as crowded as ever. Basson is a growing city, so it never seems to be deserted even when the crossbow corps isn’t around.

“Oya, 100-man commander Dianne. A little good man♪”

The lady at the tavern looked at Becker and broke into a smile. Yes. It’s not that I’m disappointed that she didn’t look at me or anything. I’m familiar with her.

“Older sister, a glass of ogre killer. And some snacks”
I think that 100-man commander Becker who makes a quick flattery and earns a favorable impression is truly a good man. ……While we are having a good time, I hear music at the end of the bar. This is unusual. I wonder if some traveling entertainers are here. I stretch my neck to see if it’s a traveling entertainer.

“Why aren’t we much further north than the desert!?”
Dianne and Hilda rolled their eyes. In silence, the head of 100-man commander Becker also widened his eyes.

There, accompanied by a band, she was dressed in a see-through costume. She has the appearance of a dark elf woman smiling in a hatefully picturesque pose.

“Oh, unexpected meeting♪”

She smiled and started dancing and she was undoubtedly called the jewel butterfly of the desert……its Nord-san.

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