Half elves fall in love chapter 362

Chapter 362: Table Game [Irina, Christie]



Irina sucks on my erect cock, making it covered in saliva. Christie gently supports the base of my cock with her hand from behind.

“Irina. I have to lick it too, or it won’t fit……”
“Hamm, nku……nchu, nnn……♪”

Kyu, Christie holds the carotid artery. That’s dangerous. ……I don’t think Christie, a naturalist, knows what she’s doing.

“Wh, What the hell, why bother?”
“It’s your fault for making a mistake”
“No promises. You just had a tea party and made up your mind. ……You’re on your own”
“Th, That’s not true!”

So why are you guys talking about such things now? Then, Selenium, who was watching while drinking tea beside me, warned me.

“Christie-sama, you can’t interfere with H, can you? It’s only for Andy-san’s sake”
“If Andy-san is feeling good, it’s a violation from the side. Andy-san can’t ejaculate comfortably if the sex starts or stops without permission due to the conflict between female slaves? Andy-san’s feelings are the highest priority for sex”

I don’t know what it is, but what about acting as a chief who is preached by a half-elf? However, once repartitioned, Irina reluctantly handed over the glans to Christie and patted the pole with her lips to make a kiss mark. Then Christie, with her voluptuous lips, took the glans into her mouth and sucked it into her mouth…….

“O, Ooh”

She caresses it with her tongue nettily.

“Mu……I’m a little confident, so get on with it”

Irina counterattacks, sucking down to the ball sack. The two clan chiefs compete with each other to suck and lick my cock and it’s very exciting.

“Wa, Wait a minute”

Specifically, I can’t control the pleasure that comes to me. I’m having a bit of trouble coming at the wrong time.

“Are you giving up already? You´re so pathetic, a man who is the master of twenty women”

Irina smirked as she drew a string of saliva from my ball sack.

“I’m not a fan of being fucked all the time. Come on, Christie. Take it off, Irina”
“N……a, yes……”
“W, Why is it just me?”
“……Do you want me to take it off too?”
“After I fucked Irina. It’s not a good idea to take them off together, but I think it would be more sexy to do it one at a time”

I grinned and pulled off Irina’s sash.

“Christie. You’re going to hold down Irina’s hands on the table”
“Nyanuu? E, Even if you don’t do such a thing……”
“A princess who is deceived by her best friend, stripped naked by herself and made a tribute to an erotic human……isn’t it okay?”
“Oh. Am I a deceiver?”
“Th, Then I’ll be playing the role of a fool all by myself!”

She is so particular about such things, isn’t she?

“It’s okay. I’m more excited that way!”

Saying that, I pull off Irina’s panties as I push her down on the table.

“Y, You perverted man”
“I’m not a bad guy, am I……?”

Christie also laughs in annoyance while pulling Irina’s robe up and off.

“I’ll give you a reward for doing something bad. After you’ve made a mess of Irina, you’re going to get plenty”

Christie smiles, holds the wrists and a naked Irina stretches out on the table.

“Open your legs”

Irina, who looks unconvinced, can’t just go for it and shakes her hips. Well that makes her feel better.

“I’d fuck you even if you didn’t open them”
“You pervert……”

Covering her and forcing her to spread her knees, Irina relaxed with a sigh.

“I should do it normally”
“This time again. ……Orya”
“Nu, Nyuu……uu……♪”

I pierce and insert my penis in Irina´s crotch. She must have been excited about my penis for some reason. Her vagina is narrow, but there is little resistance and I´m welcomed deep into the vagina. The feeling of the tightening meat tube tells me once again how compatible our bodies are. What a different kind of fit. I am convinced that this vagina is made to be fucked by me and it is such a comfortable feeling.

“Hua……ku, huuu……♪”

Irina turns her face to the side in a nice way and from the side it looks as if she is enduring……the disgust and pain of the cock, but she is enjoying the sensation of penetration for the first time in a while. Push it all the way in and shake it lightly to blend in and Irina opens her eyes thinly and sighs.

“S, Somehow……u, uncomfortable…..something, isn’t it……it is to be the only one naked like this……”

Looking around, it’s natural that Christie wasn’t taking off her clothes and Selenium was watching while enjoying tea at the same table and I wasn’t taking off anything other than my pants. I have been asked to take off all my clothes and join in quite often, but I don’t often ask only one person to take off her clothes and expose her perversion (that’s why I did it), so it seems I am still in a strange mood.

“KKu, hu, huaa……Ch, Christie……w, why don’t you let me go……a, at least……!”
“Smithson-san’s wishes are all that matter……♪”

Christie smiles a little awkwardly and Selenium makes a thumbs up. As long as you don’t hold me down, you can just hug my body and immerse yourself in the act. However, if that is not allowed……I have no choice but to accept the uncomfortable feeling alone. Exactly, it is violated. There is no choice but to accept the situation out of place.

“Ku, huaa……i, its mean……”

The table creaks. The small white body of Irina is held down by me and Christie and without any freedom, it is violated as an outlet for all kinds of things. She was being used and discarded only in her small pubic region. I found such a sense of entrapment in Irina, which excited me even more and I swung my hips hard.

“Gu, huu, agu, a, uuu……!”
“Irina……hey, I’m going……I’m going to get in!!”
“U, guuu……aaa!!”

Rugged and her head hit the small table, I ejaculate in the vagina of Irina who writhes. Irina stiffens, making a slight sound of sweat floating on the table and then weakens, spilling the white fluid from her vagina.

“Haa, haa, haaa……it, it’s been a while since you’ve challenged me like this……”
“You got fired up, didn’t you?”
“……I’m having trouble denying it”

I lightly stroke Irina’s head, kiss her and then leave.

Taking her hand off Irina, Christie was lifting her long skirt. The gloss overflows onto her hairless pubic area, where she originally wears no underwear. She sits down shallowly on the table and shows her own wet pubic area somewhat shyly.

“The sight of Irina being fucked was……too arousing……♪”
“Honesty is good, my dirty female slave”

First, I kissed her lightly on the cheek. Delicately moving my lips and eating her ear, I press my slick cock against that thigh after wiping off the mixture of Irina’s love juices and my own semen. ……Considering the thought of keeping Irina in a 「Single, humiliated sacrifice」-like miserable state, Christie would rather fuck me like this. I cheer in my mind that she didn’t undress, lift one of Christie’s legs, press my cock against her labia and break in.

“Hu, nnn……a, aa……Smithson, san´s……penis……♪”
“Your reward, female slave who sold out her best friend for a single prick of cock”

The only thing I decided on was this situation and compared to last night’s 「Slave market game」 with the four elf girls, it was a modest arrangement. Even though she sold her, Christie just held her hands and she didn’t actually do anything. However, it seems that a sense of immorality has certainly arisen in that situation.

“I, I did something wrong……for a prick……♪”
“That’s right. You’re……such a pussy slave that you can’t live without it, Christie!”

It’s been a while and Christie’s vagina is pushed up. You can see that she is intoxicated with the feelings of her fall. The lust of a man who drowns in lust, affirms and praises her fallen self. She is euphoric in such a situation.

“S, Smithson, san……no, master……♪”
“Ah, right, you are……”
“Yes……I’m your……your dick hole slave……♪”
“Yes, Christie……so you know what I mean?”

Christie started flipping out while getting her vagina gouged out by my cock. I was looking bad and sounding bad to go along with her.

“Yes……I’ll give you anything……you want, as long as you’ll cock me again, or anyone else……♪”
“Good girl, you slut”

I shake my hips violently at once.

“Hua, aaaa……aa, hiaaaa……♪”
“Christie´s, pussy……I’m going to make you drink so much of it, I’m going to fill you up with my seed……!”
“Yes……I’m so happy, come on, quickly……I, I’m going to cum♪”

As she says, Christie’s vagina begins to spasm before I have even had a chance to thrust a few times. Sprinkle a cloudy liquid to resist it.

“KKuo, aa!!”

She screams aloud. The semen I spurted out falls in a dribble on Christie’s spread skirt under her buttocks between the tables.

On the table in the spacious baron’s mansion, Irina lies naked and dripping cum and Christie lies upside down, showing the evidence of my cum inside her sloppily spread skirt.

“Are you both satisfied?”
“……Not quite satisfied”
“At any rate, for the first time in a long time……I’ve regained my self-awareness as a female slave……♪”
“Ah, right”

Selenium glances at me as she raises her teacup to her mouth (after all, she was continuing her tea at the table where I was fucking them both).

“Speaking of which, I hear you’ve started doing some interesting things over there in town, Andy-san?”
“Once a day, a female slave has a quota to put Andy-san’s cock deep inside her vagina”

……I remember trying to do something like that. In Catalina.

“Hmmm. Good idea”
“As a female slave, I can’t help but obey♪”

Irina and Christie look up. No, no.

“I’m giving you two the time of day!”
“Not until tomorrow”
“I feel my master in my womb at least once a day……isn’t that very female slave-like♪”

The enraptured Christie is already completely too eager to get on with it and she is kind of bucking like this. The bottomlessness of a former married woman is sometimes overwhelming. Yes.

“And……what kind of girl do you like, master?”

Christie was a little enraptured and asked me a strange question.


Irina and I raised a strange voice. What is she talking about?

“I have an idea of what it is……cherry blossom clan girl. If you’re asked to dedicate it, I’ll see you tomorrow……”
“No, wait a minute”

Apparently, she really took it to heart when she let something strange slip out during sex.

“I’m not going to bother bringing in a new girl or something!? The cat beasts alone are pretty much the same!”
“Christie is……quite lucky she didn’t get dropped by some unsavory man with a cock”

Irina stares at the ceiling in dismay. After a light knock, the Baron bursts through the door without waiting for an answer.

“Selenium-kun, lunch is……o, ohoo!?”

Irina hugs herself and Christie slips and falls on her butt on the floor when she tries to get up.

“I, I’m sorry. ……No, Andy, I’m not going to tell you not to do it”
“Sorry, sorry, sorry”

I get down on my knees to the baron who turns his back on me. Christie hurriedly hands Irina her clothes. ……Yeah. The baron didn’t just come in without permission after knocking insensitively, but he also took care not to let Selenium come to open the door by herself because she is very ill. It’s not the baron’s fault.

“I’m sure it’s for five people, including Andy-san and Maia-chan, the girl on the roof♪”

And Selenium responded to the topic of lunch without blurring at all. ……She’s unbeatable in many ways.

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