Half elves fall in love chapter 363

Chapter 363: Grace Girls



After lunch at the baron’s mansion, we went to the cat beasts house. I was stunned by Irina, who said, 「I heard that you had already fucked the dragons and the silver clan Fennel this morning and you still want to fuck them?」 , but you see, I didn’t even meet Marone at the hot springs. I myself, the one who has her staying as an erotic slave, can’t just say, 「I’m too fed up with sex and I don’t want to go see her」. No, that doesn’t mean I’m expecting immediate eroticism. Even without all that stuff, I’ve been a bit empty, so a normal greeting is probably in order. Well, Marone is one of them, but I also need to show my face to Miril, the twin cats’ older sister. It’s like she’s in Polka for me, even if she’s not a female slave either.


The cat beast house was home to nearly a dozen cat beast girls and it used to be a place where they used to run a reasonably sized inn. However, after the last owner and his wife died of old age, it was sold by their descendants to the baron’s family (basically, if there is no successor, the lord buys it at a low price) and it was apparently abandoned until recently while being used as a rental house and small banquet hall, with occasional maintenance. Since there are only three people in the large house now, Marone, Cute and Barbara, who is dating Keel, the house inevitably seems deserted when we visit.


I called out at the front door and it was Barbara, not Marone, who came fluttering out from a nearby room.

“Ah, master”
“……You know, if Keel hears you, he’ll choke you, so let’s not call me that, even if it’s just you”
“Eh, but……what do I call you though?”
“Well, I’m the same age as Keel and of the same commoner class, so you can call me the same……”

Normally, I would have more questions about calling a particular person 「Master」 in the flow. Or rather, I would like her to have it. No matter how much I was treated as a special guest at the cat beast colony who could 「Seed everyone」, even to Barbara, with whom I had no physical relationship, you know. ……No, we didn’t have sex, did we? If she was in the mix at the end of the year orgy or the octopus room seeding festival the year before last, it’s possible I don’t remember.

“Hey Barbara, I didn’t have sex with you, did I?”
“You’re not going to say it!?”
“When a cat beast is at the height of her mating season, her personality changes……around the full moon, it’s hard to tell the difference between dreams and reality……
“You mean……you’re not a virgin anymore?”
“……Some girls may damage their virginity film while comforting each other, or it may be ruptured by exercise, so it’s hard to tell”

I’m a little worried that Keel will get the wrong idea. ……Well, if the hymen somehow says luxury, Keel is more dangerous because he has no hands as a bride.

“By the way, what about Marone?”
“She’s at the doctor’s place”

I’m going to visit Marone. It is deserted in Polka, where there is a miraculous spring that cures both injuries and illnesses, but there is a doctor there. I wonder what he is there for, but it seems that it is necessary in some situations. ……Apple was taken care of before.

“Hello. Is Marone here?”
“Oh, Andy. If its Marone-kun……”

Pushing past the doctor, Marone emerges from the back of the hospital examination room. She is wearing a triangular hood and an apron and looks like she is about to do some cooking.

“What are you doing?”
“Ah, emm……Hilda-sensei isn’t here and I’ve run out of things to do……so I’m studying to see if I can at least gain a little knowledge of medical science”
“……What are you wearing?”

I point and the nurse (obasan) beside me adds.

“I don’t have a nursing cap or lab coat. We can’t not have them dress hygienically when they observe the procedures of the occasional patient”

……Indeed. So, other than the nurse’s uniform, is the cooking look the most appropriate for this?

“Why don’t you ask Oregano or Selenium to make you a nurse’s uniform?”
“Eh, but Selenium-san is very pregnant and……Oregano-san isn’t very close to me……”
“Selenium seems to have a lot of free time, so I’d rather welcome work that doesn’t move. And Oregano works at a clothing store and has been making a lot of outfits lately and seems to be good at it……good”

Instead of messing around, we should take action.

“I’ll go with you to ask Oregano for help. And since Azel and Rizel got along so well, why shouldn’t Marone?”
“Eh, M, Master!?”

I help Marone stand up and push her back.

“I’m sorry doctor, nurse, I’m going to borrow Marone”
“Ah, yes. ……Is it okay?”
“I like it because Marone-chan is just coming voluntarily”

When I took her to the clothes shop, Oregano greeted me with a bitter smile.

“I’m fine even though I did that much as soon as I got home……”
“What do you mean by fine? I think you’re running around because of eroticism!?”
“……I, Is it different?”

……You’re hurting me a little bit. I’m sure that’s what I’m to them, always trying to get them naked and asses in a row……. ……Yes, if you think about it, there’s no reason not to judge them that way. For the resident Polka girls, I’m just an erotic authority who can be seen doing blacksmithing from time to time.

“Not so. Would you please make Marone a nurse’s uniform?”
“……Nurse’s uniform?”
“Yes. ……I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Oregano”
“Y, Yes, I’m sorry”

Doesn’t she know Trot’s nurse looks if she’s raised in the elf territory?

“The most important thing is to have a long skirt, shoulders that are easy to move……a bright color so that dirt can be easily seen and a material that is easy to clean. And a nursing cap”
“Nursing cap?”
“Yes. ……This is difficult to explain, or even if I said it, would it be possible to make it?”
“I, I don’t know……hats are not a big thing in the elf territory”
“I can imagine what it would look like otherwise. I’d like to take your measurements, Marone-san”
“Ah, Marone, look”

I encourage Marone towards Oregano. Marone glanced at me a little uneasily and went into the back of the store with Oregano.

“Master, you cant peep, right?”
Oregano nails me with a chuckle as she brushes aside the curtain.

“E, Emm if it’s master”
“Master said he was different, so I didn’t do anything naughty, right?”

She seems to get my implicit assertion that I’m not just erotic. ……Well, I’m glad they’re willing to revise their views.

“Marone says it’s okay too, if only for a minute”

……Yeah. Oregano is a bit of a pushover sometimes.

After waiting for a while, Neia passed by the store. She was holding a bag full of steamed buns and looked happy, although she held her expression every few seconds.

“Haa, yes!”
“……Why are you so freaked out?”
“N, No, I wasn’t expecting to be called out. I had been trying to hide my presence”
“……If I do say so myself, you didn’t disappear at all”
“Eh, re, really?”

How much fun is this girl having with her buns? ……As she is talking about it, Oregano and Marone, who have finished taking measurements, come out.

“Here you go”
“……I, I think I might have gained a little bit of breast recently……”
“……I, I envy you……”

Oregano makes a subtly frustrated expression while smiling. She is an elf, so she is inevitably modest. I don’t think Marone is old enough to grow up to be a cat beast by now, but living in Polka may have brought out her room for growth…….

“Hi, it’s been a while”

Neia puts her hat on her chest and greets them in a manner of speaking.

“Ah, that smells good……”
“Freshly steamed buns”
“Ah, y, yes”

Neia smiles affectionately. I wonder if this process makes it a bit painful to have to share. ……I don’t think she’s that stingy since there are bags full, dozens of them, but, well, I guess Neia would like to eat a lot of them.


Here is where the master’s capacity for skill comes into play.

“Good. I’ll go get some for everyone”
“Eh, Smithson-san”
“I’ve got to take care of my slaves”

I mean, I’ve just been bored. The bun shop Keel’s is close by and it will only take a few minutes to get there.

“No way, I can’t let Master go there”

Marone tries to jump out on her own, but I stop it.

“I want you to keep the exchange warm with the slaves. Ah, and Neia will be a female slave one of these days”
“Ah, eh, Smithson-san!?”

I stroke Neia’s soft hair and smile at her.

“A little preparation. After becoming my female slave”
“……I’m going to be”
“I’m going to make you my female slave, you know?”

I stroke her.

“I mean I want to put you in a community like this. ……I want you to be there. Well, I’m not going to let you go anyway, but you’re going to have to take a little dip to see if you’ve been fooled. ……You’ll be here someday, getting along with Marone and Oregano and Selenium and the rest of them”
“Just a minute……”

I hold Neia’s head down to stop her from refuting me and I run to the bun shop. It was about time there was no root snow and the road was easy to drive on.


After buying about twelve buns and returning to the clothing store, Neia voluntarily split the buns into two and started eating with Oregano’s tea.

‘Hee. Master is quite……”
“Eh, I think he’s a brave man. He’s a little reckless……though”
“I’ve never seen Master fight, but he’s……so bold
“My acquaintance says that a brave man is that kind of thing……but then my sword arm is a proof of a fake”

Neia speaks with a bitter smile and the Flash Sword that seems to argue with a fluffy glow. I wonder what she’s talking about, but if I’m the brave one according to Neia, then I’m probably fighting demons or something.

“Look, Neia”
“Ah, Smithson-san”
I replenish Neia’s bag with the reduced amount of steamed buns. And then I take a bite of one of the remaining buns myself. Yes. Keel’s father is as good as ever.

“I’ll make you some tea”

Oregano gets up. I’m not sure if she was trying to help her or not, but Marone stood up in a hurry and bumped into my back, causing me to choke on my swallow.


The three of them shouted in unison and hurriedly offered me their own ceramic cups each. ……Please don’t force me to make difficult choices in this emergency. For now.


I take the cup from Neia’s hand and pour it down in one gulp. The other two are slightly disappointed and I continue to drink tea from the three of them. Yes, I know, I’m just trying to be fair. To be fair, there’s quite a bit of tea left in each of them and it’s hard to pour down freshly brewed tea.

“Th, Thank you, all three of you”
“Are you all right?”
“I’m sorry”
“……Huhuhu. It’s so reckless, master♪”

I’m nodding and thumbs up to appeal. ……Ah, but I’m a little happy to be taken care of by these three worthy children.

“Thanks for the indirect kiss”

Marone and Neia stop and turn red when I grin. Oregano isn’t that far, but I can see from her back that her ears are fluttering and happy. Yes. Like this combination.

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