Half elves fall in love chapter 376

Chapter 376: Laurier-sensei’s melancholy [Laurier]



From what I heard, it seems that Laurier is sometimes invited to the temple as a teacher.

“Even if I’m at home, I’m free……I was taking a walk when the priest stopped me”
“He made you take a class?”
“……How did you know?”
“No, because Laurier, you know, you look about the same age as those guys”

Oh, I’m a little bloated.

“I’m an elf, so even if I say I’m already 20 years old, they won’t believe me……”
“……Eh, you’re twenty?”
“Even Master”
“Ah, b, because I didn’t think you were older than Aurora”

I don’t think Jeanne and Irina are older than Aurora, either.

“I told you I’m done growing up……”
“Ah, yeah, that reminds me of that”

If so, it’s certain that it’s impossible for her to be younger than Aurora. But. I don’t have an image.

The two of us left the temple and headed for the tavern.

“Do you usually eat at home for lunch?”
“Yes. Oregano comes home and cooks for me”
“You don’t cook it yourself?”
“Everyone tells me not to use the fire because I might start a fire……”
“……You’re treated like a child even by your own people?”
“Well, I think maybe they treat me like a bum. If I don’t do it, Oregano always does it and that’s why I’m not a very good cook……”
“I’d say you’re more like a kid or a little sister”
“That’s closer……I guess”

As I recall, all three except Fennel are of the same gold clan.

“I wonder what it was like for Oregano and Laurier in the forest”

I’m interested. I can imagine it.

“Oregano and Savory were born in the same year, so they were very close and I was a little spoiled by them, I guess”
“So I guess you could say they were twin sisters”
“Yes. Well, but in my case, my family is warrior class, so they made me do that training too, so I wasn’t with them as much as I’d like to say……”
“Ah, that throwing technique”

It’s not a skill that can be learned overnight or by genetics alone. Laurier must have trained a lot too. After all, her physique stopped like this, so she can’t be a real warrior now, but that doesn’t matter when she’s a child who leaves room for growth.

“It was pretty strict at home, so when I had a little free time, I was spoiled by Oregano and the others……Oregano and the others had only one child younger than me nearby, so it was kind of a pleasant relationship to be with each other”
“Are there so few children……”
“Yes. The truth is, it’s quite rare for those two to be born in the same year, in the gold clan”

Even in a rural area like Polka with hundreds of people, there are usually a few children of the same age. I can’t believe that even that is rare in the elf territory……is that so? I guess since the life span is ten times longer, you have to narrow it down to 「Born in the same month」 instead of 「Born in the same year」 as we humans say. So, even if there is a gap of about 10 years between generations, in human terms, there is only 「One year in which no children were born in the village」. This is not so strange, especially for the gold clan, whose population seems to be decreasing.

“So, after Oliver-sama came back from the clan meeting, many rules were changed……and Savory suggested we take a look outside to take advantage of the opportunity”
“So she grabbed Fennel, put her in charge and came out……”
“While we were waiting for permission to leave, we were threatened by the silver clan……but they said it would be better than waiting a thousand years in the golden forest for nothing to happen, waiting to grow old”
“A thousand years……”

Just hearing that makes me faint. I can’t even imagine what Trot will be like a thousand years from now. But while you can look forward to the changes in Trot, the elven forest is surely not going to change. Especially gold, which is a clan that tends to be conservative, will probably continue to mark time in the same way even a thousand years from now. And for these women, for whom there is no guarantee of marriage, how tasteless a future they can expect from a thousand years of silence. I can understand why they decided to go out of the forest, even though it might be dangerous.

“I’m glad I came out. I got to meet Master……and I’m sure teaching children to study will be a memory I’ll cherish down the road”
“Is it fun to be a teacher?”
“I’m sure that’s part of it, but isn’t it wonderful to leave something behind for someone else? I’m sure those children will grow old and die much sooner than I will, but I’m sure the things I teach them will affect them throughout their lives and into the years to come”
“……I see”

I suppose contact with the outside world and the satisfaction of having been involved in education is a strong counterbalance to the hazy fear of 「The void of a thousand years」.

To put it in a grandiose way, it also gives meaning to life.

“So……are you okay?”
“It’s our important role to be able to have sex with Master whenever he comes, but……I may have to make time when I’m not at home, too. Can I do it, being a teacher?”
“Of course you can”

I pat Laurier’s head with a wry smile. I’d rather flirt and have sex with an attractive girl who is alive and well, rather than continue to satisfy my sexual desires with a chained pussy.

“In return, I’ll mercilessly seed you if you look like you’re not busy”
“Yes. I mean, I’m free right now, right?”
“I, I’m sure you’re right”
“The six bells haven’t rung yet, so the tavern shouldn’t be open”

Come to think of it, the bells certainly haven’t rung yet. N, No, but you know what? I’ve already reached the city area and from now on, I’m going to secure a place to have sex…what should I do?

“Do you want to have sex……?”
“It, It’s okay to do it, but it’s a long way from here to my house or your house……”
“We’ll be fine. I have an idea”

While holding hands with me like a child, Laurier has a somewhat mischievous and bewitching smile.


It was the cat beast mansion that Laurier took me to visit. It is indeed located near the center of the city. But somehow……that it’s good?

“Yoo, to”

Laurier held the knocker, which was placed slightly higher, with both hands and rang the door loudly.


Barbara came out from the back. She looked a little surprised at the unusual combination of me and Laurier visiting side by side.

‘So let’s stop that, Barbara. If Keel hears you, I´m dead”
“Ah, Andy……sama”
“At least call me 『Andy-san』”

Why did Master become so popular? I don’t know, but I don’t care.

“Can I use your room for a minute? I’m going to have sex with Master”
“H, Hey hey”

Laurier said bluntly without any hesitation. ……At least Marone or Cute, if you want to say it cutely.

“Ah, then……what should I do? I can’t use Marone and the others rooms without permission……then in my room”
“Wait a minute, there’s something wrong with that”

I was talking too fast for my own good.

“Eh, but……”
“So! Why would I rent Keel’s girlfriend’s room and have sex with her?”
“Eh, I’m still not with Keel-san……”
“It’s still not good!”

Why are the kids in the cat beast colony so obliquely misaligned like this? Laurier heeded it indifferently.

“Just take an empty room. You said you still have some beds and stuff left, right?”
“But we haven’t done much cleaning in the places we haven’t used……”
“I’ll put up with that”

I nodded to Laurier’s suggestion.


Sex in someone else’s house, even though the same fellow female slaves live there. It’s an idea that’s hard to pull off. But perhaps because it was such a strange situation, I was sure I was strangely aroused.

“Barbara, I know she’s still in the house……I wonder if she can hear us”
“Let her hear us”
“……Hey hey”

Laurier’s strangely provocative manner made me break out in a cold sweat.

‘I’ve been Master’s naughty slave since I put on this collar……so if anyone is peeping on me now, I’m not going to tell them to stop”
“Laurier has turned into a slut”
“No, that’s not right”

I gush a little at Laurier, who swells her cheeks a little.

“I’m kidding. But let’s keep our voices down a little”

I remove Laurier’s skirt and slowly pull down her panties. The exposed buttocks are still as smooth and soft as a child’s and rubbing them makes me happy to touch them. The volume is not at all clear, but the fact that such a young but beautiful lower body is moist with anticipation of being presented to me and having a cock pushed into it is still a very moving thing to witness, no matter how many times I witness it.

“You’re already wet. Even though you haven’t even been teased”
“I’m a female slave, you know”
“Then you’re expecting too much. Didn’t you twist me into a forceful play……because you couldn’t resist yourself?”

While laughing slyly, I split her labia with my middle finger. Laurier, who made a cuchu-cuchu sound, nodded gingerly, her entire ass jiggling.

“……I wonder when Master is going to fuck me just by being with me and maybe he’s going to fuck me here at any moment……”
“Have you been thinking about that since you were in the temple, you lecherous teacher?”
“……I was thinking about it”

Hey hey……. However, if it’s Laurier, she’s probably heard that Oregano and Savory got fucked plenty by me yesterday. It’s not strange for her to get into such fantasies when she sees me, even though it’s been a while since she’s seen me. After all, I made her swear to be my sex slave.

“Sometimes I fantasized that you would tear off my clothes in front of the children and use them as……sex education material in the middle of the temple……♪”

The first time I saw Laurier, she shivered as if ruminating on her fantasy, leaving only her upper body on the dusty bed while letting me play with her genitals from behind.

“Master’s cock spreading……me here, to the limit, with the kids staring at me seriously……”
“Like this……?”

I push my own cock backwards to match Laurier’s fantasy. The glans is still just spreading the labia, but Laurier reacts by jerking her back and then relaxing. It was as if she had a small cum.

“……More firmly……I’m going to show you how deep it’s going in……♪”
“Oh, yeah?”

I whisper and then I go straight into Laurier’s vagina. It pushes wide inside Laurier’s small and cramped vagina.

“Deep inside……put it in to the point where it’s poking my womb……put it in……you´ll be able to see it……♪”

Just as in Laurier’s fantasy. The cock goes straight in to the limit and stops, feeling the tension in the spread soft flesh.

“So……then, using my womb……as a female slave womb, Master violently demonstrates how to make a child……♪”
“V, Violently……?”
“Nn……hi, hyauu……a, a, aa, ga, hyaaaa, ahaaa!!”

Laurier’s wish was granted. I grab Laurier’s hips and try to use my hips in a slightly rough or violent manner. If it was Maia or Jeanne, they would probably be happy and fine with it, but Laurier is a slender elf rather than a human being. But Laurier would rather use her hips on her own, giving me even more pleasure while trying to climb to a higher level. I take it in and bring my ear closer to listen to Laurier’s fantasies even more. Laurier’s attainment is whispered in my ear as she covers me with her breath.

“And then……in front of everyone, I’m impregnated with a baby……ha, haa……I’m going to get my baby and I’m going to pass out……in front of everyone and I’m going to come so hard that I’ll turn white and I’m going to feel so good……♪”

And show me a little glimpse.

“I’m going to tell the children that being a female slave makes me very happy……♪”
I was appalled, but at the same time, I was not so much appalled as I was appalled “……Wh, What a bad teacher for education……!”

At the same time as I was amazed, I couldn’t help but love Laurier, who felt so happy to be held by me.

“Such a thing is too dangerous……now, I have no choice but to get pregnant……!!”
“……I, I’ll be impregnated……♪”
“Pregnant Laurier……the moment you are impregnated is mine only……!!”
“……Hu, a, huaaa……aaaaa♪”

And then ejaculation. The violent amount of semen fills Laurier’s vagina all at once, causing the young womb to swell briefly and overflow.

“Ha, aa……a, ahuaa……”

Laurier did not pass out, but she sighs and weakens, as if she is truly happy.

After a while.

“Let’s go to the hot springs. Polluted”
“……Do you want to go in together?”
“If Laurier is okay with it, we can go together”
“You shouldn’t go into heat in a hot spring in the daytime, master……♪”
“I’ll be careful”

We lightly exchange kisses and put a stop to the sweet atmosphere.

And in the hot spring, the students from earlier are in it and it’s not really a flirting situation.

“Ho. I’ve been waiting for you”

The reason for this was not Laurier’s own fault, but because Laila had sensed that we were heading to the hot springs and had gone ahead of us to take a bath, revealing her tits to the public.

“Wow……I knew Laurier-sensei couldn’t win……”
“Not in front of boobs like these……”
“I’m going to throw you, you little fuckers”

It was also the fault of the boys before they realized the allure of small tits.

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