Half elves fall in love chapter 377

Chapter 377: Hero and Fastest



After defeating the kids who tried to touch Laila in the hot spring with a slap (Well, it seems that Laila had actually shifted her position by illusion), and loving Laurier on my lap, I had lunch at the tavern. And as I was gnawing on a string of meat stuck in my teeth and wondering what to do, I saw 100-man commander Becker and Neia leaving the tavern together.

“……No way is it cheating?”

No, it’s not cheating, as Neia and I don’t have much of a relationship yet. No, No. Let’s not think negatively. I’m not going to be a part of this. I showed how uncool I am by developing a weird complex when I was suspecting Anzeros.

“I wonder what they’re going to do”

When I muttered again, Laila, who had been receiving the drinks in the back, quickly stood up beside me.

“If it’s them, they’re going to start fighting now”
“They’re going to fight. That Bird says that he got no one to train with because of the way that Becker is always fooling around with girls”
“……I’d like to take a look”
“Ho, I agree”

Laila grinned.

Laila escorts me up to the roof of the cat beast house. To watch the two of them. Normally I wouldn’t be able to see the two in the snowfield on the outskirts of town, but Laila has cast a sensory enhancement spell on me so that I can see and hear them even though they are very far away.

“I had a feeling that, aside from my eyes, I’d have a lot of trouble hearing this well”
“Hoho. Well, if you just wanted to improve your hearing, everything would be too noisy and difficult. This is an improved version that allows you to focus your senses only in the direction of your attention”
“……That’s amazing”
“If you’re a dragon or an elf with good hearing, you’ll naturally be able to separate your consciousness without the use of magic. I know that a lot of sound can be difficult to handle, so Dianne taught me a while ago”
“You can do that kind of thing yourself, Dianne”
“Not many people develop magic as kindly to other races as she does”

It seems that most mages consider enhancement-type magic to be at the practical stage as long as they can enhance their own physical characteristics. It is true that there is usually not much need to imagine how it would work with the characteristics of other races, as in the case of the hearing enhancement. This is something that can only be done by Dianne, who uses magic to operate her troops. Or perhaps, as a doctor, she had to have a point of view to apply enhancement magic to others. Hilda also uses magic in a rather similar way.

“More importantly, look. It looks like it’s about to start”

Laila pointed at them while holding and supporting me from behind to prevent me from chipping on the steep angle of the roof.

“I’m finally going to get to try my hand at this. I’m sorry you had to go along with me”
“No, if I can be of any help”
“There is no shortage of the best knights in a country. ……No, let me ask you something. Are you confident you can win a fight with Captain Dianne?”
“……Can I be honest with you?”
“I don’t know. I know that she is very strong, but she has never shown her limits in front of me”
“……Haha, if you had said, 「I can win」, I would have danced with some extra energy. If you’re half-witted enough to say something so careless before you’ve even seen your opponent’s moves, you could inadvertently get yourself seriously injured”
“……You are a bad person”
“Please call me cautious. And……I’m no longer old enough to give it my all. In the past few years, if I’ve been reckless, I’ve been coming down with knots. If it isn’t Polka, I have to take two weeks off”
“……Do you mean to say that even at that speed, you still have some strength left in you?”
“Yes. Well, you can talk about it as a souvenir. ……This is Celesta’s fastest”

At that moment, 100-man commander Becker disappeared.


This vision-enhancing magic applied by Laila also enhances dynamic vision. Since the type is the same as Dianbe’s, as long as I looked away, I should be able to see the sword fight between 100-man commander Becker and Sir Bonaparte. But I completely lost sight of them.

“Wh, Where”
“……Its outrageous”
“Laila, can you see it!?”
“Look at the little girl”

Laila told me to look at Neia. Neia, with her practice longsword at the ready, is holding her hat and striking……no, not without caution. It looked like she wasn’t moving, but upon closer inspection, sparks were flying. She is dealing with attacks from all sides with a single right hand and a single sword. If you look closely, you can see that she is meditating. It seems that she is sensing the attack with senses other than her eyes.

“….. I mean, I know they’re going at it, but I can’t really see 100-man commander Becker”
“I can’t even catch them clearly……how fast they are. To say it’s faster than an arrow is lukewarm”
“Even Neia, who is dealing with it……is a mess”
“No, that is……”

Laila growled in a low voice.

“There’s no choice but to do that. If you show a chance to unleash your technique, you’ll be knocked down in an instant. The only way to hold on is to minimize your movements and avoid making any openings”

The metallic sound of a clanging sound echoed intermittently. Sometimes, the figure of 100-man commander Becker can be seen, but only when he delivers a series of stunning blows in an instant.

“…… I see. Diane trusts him.
……Well, isn’t he good enough to be a master knight?
“I’m not sure how much more than that. ……It is even faster than the speed that we thought was the limit of human beings”

Probably the limit of speed allowed for humans. That’s probably the movement of the 100-man commander Becker I’m seeing right now. And Neia, who was handling it with a grim look on her face.


Something like a small ball that was released by 100-man commander Becker while striking……exploded with a loud sound, blatantly disrupting concentration. In that split second, Special Agent Becker kicked Neia in the face.

“It’s admirable that you can fight without relying on your eyes, but I doubt you’ll ever close them”
“Here we go again”

Neia stood up, licking the blood from her nose. She can’t handle the attack that came right away this time. The knife blade is tangled and broken after a couple of strokes.

“Are you still going for it?”
“Let’s get serious”

Neia pulls out her flash sword. She took a strange stance for a moment and then……Neia charged at him.

“As expected”

100-man commander Becker turns behind her in an instant.

“Just now, I thought you understood that my gesture wouldn’t reach you”

With a whoosh, 100-man commander Becker thrusts a knife at her neck. But just as the blade reaches her, Neia disappears.

“I understand”

An illusion. Neia has not moved an inch. And the flash sword, which was thought to have struck 100-man commander Becker, goes straight to the ground. The next moment, the earth cracks open with a roar.


Even the speedy 100-man commander Becker could not go that fast if his foothold was destroyed. Neia took advantage of Becker’s panic.

“Se, ryaa!”

She stepped forward and delivered a blow to the face with the butt of the handle. There was a very painful thud.

“Uo, buaa!?”

Unable to withstand the beating, 100-man commander Becker tripped over a crack in the ground and Neia thrust the tip of her sword in front of him.

“……I’m going to let you win for today”

Neia looks happy and 100-man commander Becker is gaping, both of them had nosebleeds. ……No, Neia was going for it on purpose. She’s surprisingly someone who hates to lose in a tie-up.

“Hoho. I’ve seen something good”
“……I feel like I’ve just seen something terrible”
“Is it about Becker’s skill or is it about the girl’s rudeness?”

And nosebleeds.


After a while, when I went to the hot springs, I found Becker soaking in the bath with a complacent look on his face.

“100-man commander”
“Oh. ……Why aren’t you with a woman? It’s boring”
“You look terrible”
“Tsk. ……I practiced with the hero Neia. I thought she was a little sweeter, but she’s really fired up”
“Did you get hit?”

I tried to make conversation with him since he didn’t seem to notice the long-distance peeping.

“I got hit, I got hit. To be honest, I rarely do things like kicking a girl in the face. You see, I’m a gentleman”
“I don’t know”
“I’m a gentleman. But I can’t go easy on her because she’s superior to me, can I? So, I kicked her in the face, hoping to damage her mentally as well. But she didn’t respond at all”
“……Even with that, she says she fought against a devil for three days and three nights”
“I don’t know what a devil is like, but well, it must be a considerable opponent, because I’m going to fight with that girl. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I’ll be completely cured”
“That’s a terrible thing to do”
“Yeah. It’s too late to tell you, but you should be careful. She has a cute face, but I’ve never seen a woman that hard like Captain Dianne. Even my own Rose is a little more easygoing”

I laugh it off. I know she’s a mentally unbreakable girl. ……That’s why she would be unhappy. I have to do something about it. I went to the usual inn after checking on her for a bit and found Neia being examined by Hilda.

“Gosh, Becker-kub, you’re barbaric, aren’t you? Kicking a girl in the nose”
“N, No No, I’m not a barbarian. Compared to getting a hole in your body……”
“That’s not what I meant. Seriously, there are plenty of ways to improve yourself without having to fight so hard”
“This is the fastest way……there is”
“As a doctor, I have to say that this is the complacency of muscle idiots. It is an unfounded superstition that injuries make you stronger. It is a myth that one month of proper training without injury will make you stronger than one month of training so hard that you get injured and then a month of recuperation”
“It’s not that simple……”
“Are you going to argue against me, who has been a doctor for 400 years?”

That’s Hilda. It seems like she’s going to get angry if she says that it’s due to her seniority.

“But you retaliated well, that Becker-kun”
“He’s very strong, isn’t he?”
“Well, that’s one thing, but……if he gets hit in the nose, his will to fight will drop. It’s hard to breathe, and it hurts the most. And Becker-kun is tall, so it’s hard to aim, isn’t it?”
“That’s……well, true but”
“Are you still mad at me?”
“Ahaha, it’s embarrassing……somehow, when I was kicked and my nose groaned, I thought Smithson-san was going to get angry again, but I just got hit……”
“Wh, Why are you laughing?”
“It’s a good sign when a boy’s face pops into your head☆”
“What for?”
“Hey, Andy-kun☆”

Hearing Hilda-san talk to me, Neia jumped her ears. ……Eh, she didn’t notice?

“……S, Smithson, san?”
“D, Don’t look at me!?”

Neia took off her hat, which was on the table next to her and covered her nose.

“Don’t mess around with it too much, just soak it in the hot spring and it’ll heal in no time. It’s so cute☆”
“B, But that, it’s not something that people look at very well……”
“Is this the girl who said she’s fine even if her whole body is so worn out? Hmm, cute☆”

Hilda twists and turns. Neia grows smaller and smaller. It was fun to watch her, but I had no choice but to leave her in tears, so I ended the conversation at a reasonable point. As I was leaving, I glanced at the corner of the dining room and saw that General Kingfisher was a happy baby bird. No, specifically, he had his beak open and was being fed, or rather, having a different meal thrown in by Lucia-san. ……I was impressed by the profile of Lucia-san, who looked somewhat bewildered, while at the same time thinking how majestic she was.


When I went to the baron’s mansion at sunset, my mother was just going around with a candle to light the lamps.

“Oh, Andy”
“Mother. I was wondering if you have to watch over these things for the whole night?”

In that case, I thought that hiring one person would be a reasonable amount of time, but my mother smiled wryly.

“With today’s lamps, you won’t run out of oil during the night. You don’t even have to call me to turn them off and on again”

Well, if I think it’s going to work properly thanks to the daily maintenance, then my mother is still a necessary person.

“What, say it as if you were disappointed. ……It’s certainly not that hard of a job”
“No, I’m not disappointed”
“Huhu. But I can’t thank the Baron enough for giving a proper job to a grandmother with no special skills like this. Andy seems to be well taken care of, but you must be very careful”
“……No, I think my mother is rather skilled and the Baron is older than you, so I don’t think you should call yourself a grandmother”
“Huhu, that’s right”

My mother sticks out her tongue. It’s not worth the age. That said, I’m really indebted to the Baron……Irina and Christie, though. I’ll have to think of something to thank him for eventually……however, I can’t prepare anything on my own, so it looks like I’ll have to borrow the power of the female slaves.

When I visited Jeanne and the others, they were not home. It’s not that unusual……in the evening, while the bonfire is still going out, they go to the hot springs. Selenium and Peter, plus Irina and Christie, the baroness and the girls among the baron’s children, are apparently going with them. ……Peter must be in heaven to bathe amicably surrounded by that much boobs. I’d like to be able to go to the women’s baths as a legitimate presence, not as a prankster or a master. But that’s about it.

“Then the mansion is almost completely empty now……”
“Ho, I mean almost……all the cooks and servants are working and the baron and boys are also……ann”
“Well, less than half of them, usually”

I hug Fennel, who was in the servant’s waiting room, from behind, rubbing her chest and licking her ears to confirm it.

“Y, Yes……”
“So. ……What do you want me to do?”

Fennel said something like, 「You can come and hold me in the pavilion without hesitation」. In other words, now is the perfect opportunity that Fennel wanted. Yes. It’s the situation she wanted.


I put my lips to her softly drawn cheek and whispered in a low voice.

“Where do you want to be raped? ……You always fantasize about it, don’t you?”

Yeah, I’m sounding kind of sadistic. But when I look at Fennel, who seems a little uneasy and somehow happy to hear that, I feel a little naughty lust welling up in my heart.

“I’m sure you’re always thinking about how you’d like to be fucked from behind by your master right here, or how you’d like it if your master suddenly appeared right now and started forcibly shifting your underwear and sticking his cock in your ass……”
“……Th, That……”
“You’re my female slave, that’s what you’re supposed to do”
“Yesterday it was Oregano and Savory. Today I’ve been sticking my dick in Laurier all morning……wouldn’t it be unfair if I didn’t use your pussy too?”
“Haa……y, yes……♪”

Gradually, Fennel is falling from work mode to female slave mode with excitement. It’s good when I’m having fun with the other three, but it’s also fun to see her face shaken by a sudden invitation like this and her thoughts dyed. Fennel, who is mature and still a maiden, has a bewitching sense of immorality that the other girls do not have. I stroke her chestnut hair teasingly and whisper once more.

“Now, where shall we fuck?”
“……E, Emm, right……”

Fennel’s eyes are beginning to float.

“In the hallway……”

She said boldly.

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