Half elves fall in love chapter 456

Chapter 456: Talc Holiday 4



The cave hot springs of Oud Mountain are structurally designed to make it difficult to breathe, with little escape from the hot water. A stone bed is set up so that it can be used as a sauna without entering the hot water directly and there are customers who often fall down and drown in it, so there is a rare fishman merman rescue.

“Is a merman okay with hot water!?”
“Well, it’s not okay to be on the verge of boiling like a dwarf, but if a human is submerged in it, it’s fine”

I had never spoken a word to a merman in my life, but he had a very fishy face, but not much different from birdman or lizardman.

“Do you always make the rounds?”
“I’m usually around during the busiest times of the day, so I’m careful from midnight to early afternoon. It’s a bit tedious for us to walk around, so please don’t mind our bad manners”

The merman shook his shoulders with a special expression. It seems like he laughed.

“Let’s go somewhere after getting serious naughty things”
“You say so, but you do, touch my breasts, don’t you, you perverted 10-man captain……”
“Oh, you’re not Naris-chan who lets him touch you quietly, are you☆”
“Well, now that I’ve touched your chest, you won’t get angry, right? Or rather, if you think about it, it’s okay to get angry, right? This is a public bath! You should know your manners, bitch!”
“Compromise is progressing, Naris-chan, you’re so cute☆”
“I’m not compromising! I just thought it was a special situation because everyone was fully nude!”

The two women, Naris who is angry only with her mouth and Hilda who is still the same as ever, are held in each other’s hands and their tits are compared. Hilda has big tits and Naris has medium tits, but both have different tactile sensations and both are wonderful. Most of the girls with small tits don’t like it when I do this! I want to reassure them that I am not comparing the two. I love the satisfaction of big tits and the delicate eroticism of small tits equally. However, I have to keep it to a goofy level or people will be very suspicious of me. Even just being a group with a lot of white elves makes me stand out. ……A dark elf and a human girl who looked a little nervous for some reason came up to me when I was thinking about it.

“E, Emm……”

I wondered if they had the courage to come and warn me.

“Can you do that for us too?”

It was different. I was so stiffened by the words that went beyond my expectation that I grabbed Naris’s breast tightly and said 「Igii!」 Naris groaned and hit me on the head.

“Oh, you girls are so daring these days☆”
“Uh……b, but, after all, breasts are important, aren’t they?”

A human girl clenched her fists and appealed resolutely. Of course, she is also fully open and naked, so she is eye-pleasing. No matter how many girls are at hand that I can look at as much as I want, I am happy to see a pretty girl naked.

“I feel like the story doesn’t mesh well”

Tetes intervenes from the side.

“We are mostly foreigners, so let’s not talk in code. First of all, this brother is a very lecherous and unprincipled businessman, so the breast-grabbing he is doing right now is just sexual harassment. If you ask him to do me, he will impregnate you, is that okay with you? By the way, I’m okay with it♪”
“Hey, Tetes”

I’m glad you’re trying to keep it short and simple, but don’t be so aggressive about mixing in misunderstandings. And don’t appeal to me too much.

“E, ah……”
“That, not that one……th, that’s okay”
“Well well, I know there are some differences between us. First of all, I would like to confirm whether we can cooperate”

Tetes grabbed the hands of the daughters who were trying to run away and winked at me. By the way, I’m holding Hilda and Naris in my arms and grabbing their boobs. ……I can’t see the story, but is it about cooperation or something like that?

“I see. I can understand why you would want to believe that kind of thing. Yes”
“I think breasts are important, aren’t they? Even if you’re talking about a man, if he’s talking to someone with big breasts, his gaze will fall!”
“Well, I guess it depends on the type of guy☆ Sometimes there are guys who say that big boobs are hot and bothered”
“I think it’s the minority!”

Tetes sat down with the girls to find out what they had to say. Apparently, there is a legend circulating among young girls in the vicinity of Talc that 「Women with small breasts get bigger if they are rubbed by women with big breasts at the same time」 or something like that. I was rubbing boobs in such a public place, and they seemed to think that I was the one who performed such spells, since I was rubbing boobs without hesitation and they were letting me do it meekly even though they did not seem to be convinced.

“It doesn’t seem to be very effective if you just rub it normally. I mean, I’ve been doing it myself for about 50 years, and it’s like this”
“There was an earlier version of this legend……which said, 『If you get a big-breasted woman to rub you, you’ll get bigger』, but I almost got dragged into a strange world when a serious lesbian rubbed me”
“After all, considering the mechanism and credibility, I think this is the favorite because of the uniqueness of the situation!”

The breasts of the dark elf and the human girl were indeed modest. They are not as flat as Jeanne and Laurier, but they are a little weak to catch a man’s eye. The lines were exactly like those of Tetes and Naris. ……I see that even dark elves sometimes don’t grow up. Well, it’s not like it wasn’t an oasis, but I couldn’t even ask her if she had really finished growing.

“Hmm, well……luckily there are many girls with big boobs, but hey, we too”
“I’m sure that Laila-san, the knight chief and Hilda-san are the only ones I can confidently present to you. If 100-man commander Dianne or Nord-san were here, they would count”
“Al-chan, aren’t you one of the big ones?”
“I, I am……I’m still not good compared to the Knight Chief”
“Ho. Neia, won’t you cooperate with me?”
“Umm, excuse me, but I think it’s a superstition”
“If you had brought Selenium-san and Apple-san, they might have been exactly the right ones for the job”
“……I think it would be good for our breasts to grow before that, they almost always get squeezed at the same time”

As we were waiting, a succession of uninvolved girls who had heard the conversation from the side entered the room to watch from a distance. This is……something, you know.

“As expected, the commotion is getting too big, isn’t it useless?”
“Sa, Safe……it should be!”
“This kind of thing means that it’s a rule not to be a nuisance to those around you! It’s not a nuisance to anyone, so it’s an agreement!”

The two initiators clenched their fists together. No, even if you don’t come to the resolution of relentlessness before you know it.

“Besides, you seem to be able to secure a lot of collaborators with big breasts, so it seems like it will be a blessing!”
“Yes yes!”
“……I hope they don’t kick me out”

So, in a corner of the steamy cave hot spring, on a stone bunk for the sauna, I was to engage in the 「Ritual」 of holding Hilda, Laila, Sharon and Neia in one hand and the hopefuls in the other and compare tits. I thought that only the first two girls wanted to do this, but then more and more poor girls started lining up, and eventually there were more than ten of them lined up to have their tits squeezed by me.

“I think it’s a bit of a perversion to let a man you don’t know play with your body in order to attract him”
“There are a lot of girls who have had that many frustrating experiences☆ Well, it’s fine, it’s not like Andy-kun is at a loss, is it?”
“Ho, it’s about time you take over from me, Hilda”
“Oh, you’re so impatient”
“……I don’t understand the need to switch sides with these big tits”
“By all means, I’d like to have them all”

A human girl complains while letting me rub her breasts. ……Benefit. Somehow it’s getting more and more shady……I smile wryly, thinking, I believe so much that I’m going to do something like this. Well, even so, if I’m surrounded by so many naked girls, I’ll do my best to keep my dick up. As expected, they seem to be worried about my full-erected dick and if I carelessly touch it, they will startle and avoid it. If they were so used to men that they didn’t mind, they wouldn’t have resorted to such a stupid spell.

“You’re kind of leaning over, so I’ll suck it up”
“……Maia, so basically sex is forbidden here, right?”

I really want her to do it very much, but I’ll hold back……and then Hilda put her finger on my lips.

“It’s in a corner and the girls are blinds, so if you keep quiet, they won’t find out☆ There’s almost no worry about cracking if it’s just a voice illusion”
“We’re in front of a bunch of girls who are total strangers, so let’s keep a low profile”
“Don’t be lenient about it☆ There’s no loss, but there’s no gain, and it wouldn’t be strange to take money☆”

I wondered if it was okay, but Maia responded to Hilda-san’s encouragement by crouching down on my crotch and starting to serve. It feels so good to have her long tongue wrapped around my dick and knock it down.

“E, Emm……I, I hate to say this in lieu of payment, but”
“That……if it’s not just breasts, but a little bit of everything”

The small-breasted human girl, perhaps because she was concerned about me, suggested such a thing. ……But you can say anything other than the chest. The only way to get a good deal is to have sex with her in return for this kind of spell. If I started to do it, I would be kicked out of the house. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to try it.

“……Then kiss me”
“……Y, Yes”

In return for rubbing her tits, I decided to let her kiss me. The poor girls who were waiting their turn looked at each other. But no one tried to run away. And. Maia sucks my cock hard, the four girls in charge of the tits take turns sitting next to me and offering their breasts to me and then one by one, the naked girls, one after the other, extend their lips to me and kiss me, leaving their tits to me. When they saw that I had ejaculated once in Maia´s mouth, Anzeros and Aurora also took their turns and clung to my crotch. Almeida, Tetes, Naris, Luna and others who failed to join are bathing nearby, guarding us from public view. I thought to myself, this is a situation that would make a good subject for an erotic picture scroll.

“Nchu……n, huu……a, huaa……♪”
“Nnguu……y, you don’t have to keep kissing me so incessantly”
“……No, I mean……kissing feels good……♪”
“……I won’t deny it”

In the strange heat of the moment, the tension gradually increased and I ejaculated into Anzeros’s mouth while struggling to hide my arousal for these strange girls who would have been okay if I had asked them to join the show if they were not good enough.

“Ah……, you look so sexy when you cum, don’t you……?”
“……No comment”

Hilda, I hope you’re not using any weird magic other than voice illusions.

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