Half elves fall in love chapter 457

Chapter 457: Talc Holiday 5



Oud Mountain is not only a hot spring cave, of course, but also a mountain of inns and restaurants. You can also stay in the hot springs and enjoy the sweets after bathing, so you can enjoy the hot springs in a proper way.

“Every hot spring resort has steamed foods”
“There’s also the issue of the image of the hot spring. It is difficult to steam food with steam from the hot spring, so they don’t really use the heat of the hot spring to make steamed food”
“Eh, is that so?”
“The natural heat is difficult to adjust to. And there’s also the problem of competing for cooking facilities. If it tastes good, that’s fine”

Hilda’s frank talk made Naris sad. Next to her, Neia is looking cute as she tastes the black steamed bread, a specialty of the Oud Mountain.

“Is it good?”
“Yes. Celesta pastries are simple and bold and you can feel the breath of the people who make and eat them”
“I see. That’s one way to look at it”

While Trot has a rich food culture, it has also become more and more delicate and complex over its long history. There are also many troublesome ones, such as 「It is delicious but too elaborate and expensive and not suitable for mass production」or 「Serve several kinds at the same time and taste them all to finally complete one meal」. Aside from Keel’s steamed buns, which are a specialty of the countryside and are made with a simple taste, many of the confectionery stores in the city make it difficult to tell what kind of food they are by looking at them. On the other hand, most of the pastries in Celesta are just like Neia says. The process of making them has remained unchanged for hundreds of years and they are usually eaten fresh, plucked and eaten in the proper way. The simplicity of the dish seems to convey the sense of life of the different races who eat it as a daily snack.

“Didn’t Kalwin have a few sweets?”
“There were recipes for sweets that went well with alcohol at the royal palace, but they were rarely made in rural areas. The first priority was to fill the stomach”

Hilda raises her eyebrows as she too shreds a small piece of black steamed bread and puts it in her mouth.

“I understand that there isn’t enough food, but……that kind of bulky meal isn’t good for your health, is it?”
“Yes. It’s recognized over there as well……”
“I guess we’ll just have to make do with trickery, won’t we? I hate it, though I know the doctor’s words won’t make my stomach growl”

Tetes follows up on Hilda’s wry smile.

“I think that’s fine with doctors. After all, nothing in this world can be improved by one person”
“Oh, you’re getting cocky with your elders, aren’t you? ……But you’re right. It is only when various people are concerned about various things and try to change them that things get better. That’s the big story about the country”
“That’s right. That’s why we need people like you”
“……Eh, are you going to shake me there?”
“Master is not strong and what he can do is only blacksmithing and craftsmanship, but he knows himself well and knows how to depend on various people. It may be an incentive to have so many female slaves around, but even if not, when you try to do something, there are many people who are willing to lend a hand”
“……I don’t know if is a compliment or not”
“I’m the first person to walk away from something, even if I don’t have the power to change it. I’m……thinking that maybe Master really has more power to move the world than a hero with great ability and perspective like Marquis Buster”
“I, I didn’t expect you to cheer me up too much”

The fact that Tetes is not joking is evident from her calm but confident expression. But, she is Tetes, you know. She has a record of making hasty mistakes.

“Ho. You finally understand, little girl?”
“Don’t ride Laila, too”
“That’s what being a dragon rider is all about. You don’t understand that now, do you?”
“……Well, maybe so, but it’s hard for me to be on a par with Sir Buster”
“Hoho, a man who fought Bonaparte with his bare hands would be put off by that bald man”

Well, that’s true. I still think that Bonaparte’s old man is undeniably the best hero. Compared to that……well, I don’t think Sir Buster is even inferior.

“If Master wants to change Neia’s hometown and walk away……I’m sure many people will start trying to change that world, just like Hilda-sensei did. I am sure that many more people will, of their own volition, than if Sir Buster were to give the order”
“……I wonder if that’s the way it’s going to be”

While eating the steamed black bread, I think about the difference. Well, as long as Laila and Maia naturally follow me, many powers may follow me as well. But does it require a 「Human like me」 or is it due to the dragon rider, good fortune? It’s not clear from what Tetes said and I’m not sure either.

“……Change……walk away, power……”

Neia was mumbling and mouthing, but only mouthing such words in a potty mouth. What she is thinking about is not clear from the sidelines. We then returned to Carlos’ mansion in the rickshaw and were treated to dinner. The meal was again sumptuous, but the second whore festival had been canceled (although Carlos had tried to hold it).

“If you have a heart for entertaining guests, you showed it yesterday. You can’t call it 『Hospitality』 when you blatantly interfere with their rest, can you?”

It was Nord-san who interrupted Carlos’ arrangement.

“No, but Nord-san, as a Talc merchant, you have to do everything in your power to satisfy your customers”
“I can understand the obvious harassment as a vice to show to older brother, but as a Talc merchant, is it not shameful?”
“……Ugh, are you going to lecture me on the ethics of a merchant, Nord?”
“I’ll be honest with you. Don’t interrupt me, older brother”
“What are you doing!?”
“Sisterly love”
“W, Who exactly are you talking about, my sister? Hey, Nord, that’s Hilda and Dianne you’re talking about!?”
“What if I say I’m in love with him too?”
“Don’t you think it’s strange for three sisters to be chummy with the same guy, and from different species at that!?”
“It’s so annoying……”
“Am I saying something strange!?”

Carlos-san stood up from the dinner table and leaned forward to appeal to Nord-san with tears in his eyes.

“It’s fine, if you only care about those who want to care about that. Besides, I’m in bed with brother-in-law and he’s hurt my pride. I just want to humiliate him”
“That’s all you really want, isn’t it!? You’re not going to tell me that you want to be a sex slave to that rotten human being, are you!?”
“Carlos. We’re at the dinner table, can’t we just cut the shit?”

His wife’s stop is finally applied.

“Hi, Hilda!! Don’t be too much of a party to it! I know what I’m doing! Nord is not the kind of girl who needs a man, but if you’re going to fall for him, you’re going to need some of your erotic magic, ngogogo”

Carlos is getting a teriyaki chicken leg shoved into his mouth by Nancy-san. She wants to stop him from making vulgar remarks.

“Eh, I didn’t help Andy-kun that much. The only reason why Nord-chan got so dirty was because she didn’t have good taste in men”
“Th, That’s not true!”
“I think so. On the other hand, Andy-kun’s number of times, concentration and variety are not amazing, so it’s natural that it won’t be so easy☆ Tonight, Andy-kun will be completely defeated”
“No, Hilda-san, please don’t have tongue wars at this table, seriously……”

The dining room is large and there are many other sisters and servants. There are a lot of people who usually pull back, but there are sisters and maids who look interesting and I’m even more afraid of Carlos-san’s gaze. This atmosphere makes me realize that dark elves are somewhat lighter than other races in terms of sexuality. Carlos-san is rather a minority among the dark elves, especially among Talc, who are also strongly influenced by the Ogre culture. However, it is complicated by the fact that Carlos-san is the patriarch of this place and is also correct in the general sense of ethics.

“Ah……please, a little more, keep your secrets secret……”

When I try to suppress Hilda-san’s provocations while completely losing my appetite for the feast, Luna catches me firmly. Before I knew it, next to me. The seats should have been separated.

“Andy. ……I’ll give priority to you tonight”
“……It’s good, but”
“I’m already a female slave. Even if you don’t spit out semen to another woman, I’ll go out with you as much as you want”
“I, I know”
“If you want, you can start right here and now and show your seed to Dianne’s family”
“Why are you even looking at me like that!?”

Luna pouts her mouth and slightly looks away. This gesture is still childish.

“Finally I can sleep with Andy……I don’t want someone who has nothing to do with me to take the night away. I want to be loved”

I was lost for words, feeling guilty that I had enjoyed it so much yesterday because of the straightforward courtship. In the meantime, the female slaves clapped their hands to Luna’s words.

“Well said, Luna”
“That’s right. I’ve been traveling with you for a long time, but I haven’t had the time to enjoy it”
“My breasts are as good as those of the dark elves……”
“I have no complaints. I have a large-breasted knight chief, a skilled Hilda and strong dragons”
“Almeida-san, shouldn’t you be appealing to yourself, not to others……”
“Hoho. I think it’s best if you do what you want to do”
“I’d like to be loved by you soon……”
“It’s so open, isn’t it……everyone”

……I see, I guess everyone was dissatisfied with being neglected to varying degrees.

“I, I’m not saying that I’m a priority, but please include me, little brother”
“……Well, if you’re going to line your ass up naked with all of these people”
“Nooord! Calm down, Noord! That’s generally trampling on your pride as a woman!? It’s very humiliating, ngogogogo”
“Carlos. You shouldn’t interfere in your sister’s hobby. She’s three hundred years old”

Nancy followed up. But overall, Carlos’s argument was so much more correct that it was hard to take.

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