Half elves fall in love chapter 458

Chapter 458: On the Giant Bed 1



After dinner, we retired to the bedroom a little early. Carlos was restrained by Nancy from making too much noise, so we managed to get through the night without any direct confrontation.

“If it were true, it would have been time for a little more drinking”
“Why don’t you just have someone bring it in from the storehouse?”

Nord-san who was near the entrance of the room clapped her hands loudly three times and after a while, a dark elf maid appeared out of nowhere.

“Can I help you?”
“Alcohol. Go and find me four or five bottles of the good stuff”
“To match the taste of Nord-oneesama? Or for our guests?”
“I only need one bottle of the best Ruindrop. The rest of them should be something Talc would be proud of”

The maid disappears with a start.

“……I haven’t seen such a high class maid treatment in a long time”
“Again……it’s a rich man’s house”

Face to face with Naris. However, the other faces were queer because there were many upper classes.

“When I was in Sir Buster’s mansion, I was completely exhausted like that. I didn’t get used to it”
“I used to have a maid in Afilm’s home country. Although she was not that reliable, just a housekeeper”
“I miss the Arcas days……. Since we settled in Rennesto, all three of us have been doing everything ourselves, so there is no such thing as leaving the housework to us”
“Oh, it’s unexpected. ……I wonder if it’s not so much. I thought Sharon-chan was more like a princess”
“That was until I left my hometown, but I’ve learned a lot during my travels. Besides, in Renfangas, we foreign soldiers fly around. Before you know it, you’re on your own……”

Next to Sharon speaking with some embarrassment, Aurora is holding her chest and making a dark face. Yeah, you should try harder, Aurora. What, it’s just the beginning. A lot of things.

“There were a lot of servants at Anzeros’ place, weren’t there?”
“There were. Well, my mother could do everything herself if she wanted to, but it was her policy that 『It is the duty of the boss to delegate to others the work that can be done by others』. Also, now that I think about it, I was pretty spoiled”
“You were spoiled a lot by maids and butlers?”
“Yes……well, I’m half, so I guess I was pampered in part because of the cramped conditions outside the house. Anyway, everyone was nice to me. So the discrimination in the exams was excruciating and I’ve had a hard time since I came to Celesta”

The solid Anzeros also grew up as a young lady after all.

“As for Maia……it looks like the silver clan elves will do a lot of things”
“Yes. Well, they usually bring tributes and gifts, but nothing else”
“……I’ve heard that dragons don’t have much desire to serve”

It can’t be helped that you don’t need hands first to serve.

“Phaser taught me a lot of things, but he didn’t help me much”
“……Yes. I know you do, but don’t hate me so much because I feel sorry for him. You’ve known each other since you were born”
“As a dragon, a childhood friend who constantly gets in the way of his rider is nothing but a disgrace……”

Phaser. The latest harassment seems to be strangling you more than you anticipated. It’s kind of hard for me to be spit on by a girl I used to be close to, even if it’s someone else, so don’t do it. ……While we were having a conversation, several servants arrived with the maid who just disappeared with a glass bottle of alcohol and a lot of cups.

“Glass cups……”
“That’s not unusual for you, Andy-kun, is it? You grew up in the royal city of Trot”

Hilda gives me a curious look as she holds the glass and pours it.

“No, well, that’s true……even if you say there are a lot of them in the royal capital, it’s definitely a luxury item and if you can easily find it in the south of Celesta, it’s a rich person after all”

The glass industry differs greatly from region to region. To put it simply, the royal city of Trot is the most prosperous and the use of glass for windows by the general public is a scene unique to the royal city. In other areas, it is usually wooden doors. Drinking vessels are often made of ceramics, wood carvings, or metalware, rather than glass, which is beautiful and easily broken. It goes without saying that wood carvings and metalware are less susceptible to breakage and pottery is the mainstream throughout the continent because it does not require a very large kiln and can be made anywhere as long as there is clay, making it inexpensive. In such a situation, the fact that glass cups and glass bottles of liquor can be found in Talc, which is not a specialty area, is a sign of wealth. And it is a very beautiful cut glass cup. I wonder how expensive it must be, or something like that.

“Come on, have a good drink☆”
“Yes……I’ll have some”

I put it in my mouth while worrying about that and when I thought it was strangely strong, I put it in my throat.

“Hi, Hilda-neesan, unless you’re a dwarf, you’re a tough guy”
“Oh. ……Laila-chan drank a lot, so I couldn’t help it☆”
“Don’t use me and Maia as a standard. Dianne is also considerable”

I want you to realize that as soon as possible. Or rather, my eyes are already spinning.

“U, Uuuh”
“Are you okay? You want me to use magic to make you sober?”
“Ho, you can do that?”
“I’m a doctor. I’ve been practicing in this pleasure town for a while now, so I should be able to do something like that”
“Then let’s use it”
“Umm……it’s hard to feel good when you’re forced to stop drinking, isn’t it?”

While thinking that maybe Miss Cosmos was also taught by Hilda-san, I felt my vision narrow and swaying and my memory flew a little. When I came to myself, I was lying on a bed. The person who is kneeling over me is Hilda-san……no, is it Nord-san?

“Oh, you seem to have woken up”

It was Nord-san. Or rather, Nord-san seemed to have undressed before I knew it, and the feeling of her knees on the nape of my neck was normal and her breasts blocked the upper part of my vision……or rather, her upper body was completely nude.

“Oh……am I……?”
“You were a little dizzy and said, it’s okay, it’s okay and suddenly you tried to take off Neia’s pants and took them off……and then you suddenly fell asleep”
“P, Pants……?”

Why suddenly? Why Neia? ……And it can’t be helped if I put a question mark on my actions. The magic of alcohol makes me a different person. Hilda suddenly peered in from the side.

“Since Neia-chan was the only one who had her butt stripped off, she was about to cry, so at this point, it’s the same if all of us stripped off☆”

Luna also peeked out from the side of her.

“……Do it, Andy”

I look around with my head still a little unclear. At the edge of the bed is Neia, who is taking off her last dress and Aurora (naked), who is trying to accompany her. There are also the figures of Sharon and Tetes, who are sitting on the edge of the bed, half-turned over and looking at us. Of course, they are also completely naked and wearing only their collars. And when I looked down at my feet, sure enough, there was a girl attached to my cock, but surprisingly, it was Naris.

“Nchu……n, ku……hamm……n……”
“No. It’s going to take an hour to get it out”
“Ho, you really don’t know what to say!?”
“As I said, suck more with your mouth and move your head. Use your mouth as if it were a pussy. ……If you can’t do it, don’t do it tonight”
“Why does Maia-chan make such a decision……?”
“The other girls are much more appealing to be done by Andy-sama and he has promised that Luna is top priority”
“Ugh, I don’t know how I got into this mess……”

For some reason, it seems that the flow is such that Naris won’t be allowed to participate in the war if she doesn’t serve well. Maia, who was sitting next to Naris, gave detailed instructions every time Naris slowed her movements and taught her her fellatio techniques.

“……At the current flow……”
“If you let Naris-chan drink one shot, will you treat Luna-chan and the others one after another? Or would you give Nord-chan a twist before that?”
“Oh, you’re not going to give up so easily this time……hyaa!?”

I casually raised the breast of Nord-san, who was trying to talk about her enthusiasm and grabbed her upside down. Rub it gently and enjoy the softness and erection condition of her nipples.

“D, Don’t rub them without telling me”
“Emm……is it okay if I rub them?”

I verbally confirm this while wiggling and squeezing.

“At least let go of your hands and ask me! You’re such a bad little brother, aren’t you?”
“I’d be a little more reserved if they weren’t being exposed right in front of me”
“……You can rub it all you want. I’m going……to take care of everything tonight”

While giving a small wry smile to my difficult sister-in-law, Naris’s awkward mouth technique, which increases her intensity thanks to Maia, is filled with a sense of ejaculation.

“……Ah, that’s right Nord-san……”
“What, yo……”
“Contraceptives, if you’re going to use magic, now is the time……I poured it in yesterday, but I don’t do anything skillful like taking it outside……!!”

While talking, my pleasure increases and I ejaculate in Naris’ mouth.

“N, Nguhuuu……wh, what’s in there……uuhu, hueee……”

Naris makes a pathetic cry between my legs. I continued to spit cloudiness on her face and appealed to Nord-san that my ejaculation volume was still alive. Nord-san, who was a little dumbfounded at that, cleared her throat.

“I, I know, that’s what it is……. But it’s not easy to impregnate a dark elf in the first place, is it?”
“……That’s a probability, but it’s not something you can feel relieved about. Nord-san would be in trouble if she got pregnant and couldn’t dance……”
“……Nin……. Impertinent words”

Shiver and the trembling of my warm thighs was an imaginary fear, or…….

“Make me pregnant……prevent me from performing on stage……if you can, try it……♪”
“Nord-chan, I don’t mean to sound like a sissy, but……you really are an ephemeralist, aren’t you?”
“……What are you complaining about?”
“At all? ……But if you get pregnant before Dianne-chan, she’ll surely cry, you know?”
“Th, That kind of thing depends on little brother’s guts……it won’t be so easy”

……Apparently, she is weirdly aroused by the bizarre imagination that she will be impregnated while she is accompanying her brother-in-law’s sexual desires. I don’t mind it, but she’s a poor provocateur. She’s cute, though.

“Yes, lick it properly and cleanly. Suck the juice that’s still inside my dick. That’s all there is to a blow job”
“Ugh, it tastes weird……”

For some reason, Naris, who worked hard, made my dick beautiful and I finally got up from the lap pillow. As I wake up, I slide my fingers into Nord-san’s crotch and lightly stroke her wet labia and clitoris to fuel her anticipation, while Luna’s hand waits with her expectant face.

“Then I’m going to love, Luna. ……My pretty rutting female hole”
“I’m not in heat……♪”
“……Sorry, lie. I’m in heat all the time with Andy, no matter what month it is”
“Good girl”

We kiss, hug each other on the big bed for ogres and entwine our legs for a moment to bridge the psychological temperature gap between us. Luna soon catches up with my stallion’s state of tension and signals the completion of such a preparation of her own by pressing her bush against my cock.

“I’m going to pour it all over you”
“Yeah……♪ I’m Andy’s seed juice, a hole for pouring……♪”

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