Kama-sutra Chapter 10

Warm water and soft skin is a wonderful combination.

Ever tried to dip your hand in a bucket of water and run your hand over its sides under the water?

Slippery isn’t it?

That was how I felt when I slid my palm over Lin’s stomach on my way down to her lower lips – except, the way her soft stomach gave way under the pressure of my palm and how I could feel her muscles shiver underneath was incomparably more pleasurable.

Reaching my destination, I dug my fingers into the sides of her mound, kneading the soft flesh, deliberately avoiding her slit.

Meanwhile, my other hand wasn’t idle, carefully fondling and weighing her soft breasts under water.

Old man Archimedes had a point when he went streaking yelling ‘Eureka.’

Comparing the weight of Lin’s breasts under water to my memory of their heft when I was fondling them just an hour ago assured me that they weighed less submerged.

And they felt better too.

My palm slid over them due to the lubrication of the water, making them deform into various shapes.

Despite trying her best not to, Lin moaned cutely whenever my palm rubbed her stiff nipples.

Now that I had a more leisurely mindset, without the pressure of impending death, I turned my attention to drinking in every detail of her body.

As a Cultivator, and one from Yin Demon Sect at that, Lin was obviously stunning.

Her skin was a pearlescent white and under the silver curtain of moonlight, it gleamed ethereally.

Droplets of water and sweat beaded her skin and wisps of steam wreathed her as the warm water in the barrel vaporized, enhancing her beauty.

For a moment, I nearly stopped my ministrations unable to wrap my mind around the fact that I had such a woman in my embrace, surrendering her body to me.

Then, I attacked her with renewed vigour.

I began to move my hand on her crotch closer to her slit, massaging my way closer to it gradually.

Lin tried to instinctively close her legs but my thighs made it impossible. Now that I was stronger, her clamping was no longer the threat it had been.

In fact, the feel of her taut thighs pressing against mine was arousing in its own right.

Raising one of her breasts out of the water, I leaned my head over her shoulder and included her stiff nipple into my mouth, kissing it, licking it and gently nibbling it. Her nipples were pink and cylindrical like the erasers at the backs of pencils and just as chewy.

The effect was immediate. Lin bucked in my embrace, dislodging my hold on her breast and it fell back into the water with a slight plop.

Double D’s at the very least.

Did they even have bras here, or did all women wrap their assets with strips of cloth.

I might look into introducing that here. I could imagine it already, Thimble Thornton, Sex Guru and inventor of lingerie.

Straightening, I found Lin looking at me with misty eyes, as if reproaching me for teasing her.

“I-I want you in me. Please.” She entreated and I nearly gave in to her right then and there.

Instead, I bent down and stole her lips.

Her eyes widened in surprise at the unexpected action and she stiffened against me trying to speak through the impediment of my lips, only managing to make garbled moans.

My tongue breached her defences, pushing through her lips and tangling her tongue.

She tried to move her mouth aside but I held her in place by pinching her chin with my hand.

She struggled a bit before giving in to the kiss. Admirably, she still heeded my initial orders and didn’t let go of the sides of the barrel.

Her reaction to my kiss confirmed it. It wasn’t a common practice here. Sex might be prevalent in the sect but foreplay and even masturbation was rare. Where the purpose of intercourse was to drain the opposite party’s life, looking after their pleasure was obviously a waste of time and effort.

Soon, Lin got into the swing of the thing, responding to me eagerly, fighting me with her tongue, trying to take over the offensive.

But whenever she got cocky, I would slide my finger up her slit, making her yelp and breaking her offensive. After it happened a few times, she just gave up and surrendered herself to me, and this time, I could find none of the stiffness that was there earlier.

She was leaning her full weight on my chest and the back of her head on my right shoulder.

Our lips parted and a line of saliva connected our lips, glinting silver under the moonlight.

Drawing my head back, I looked into her eyes that sparkled with lust.

Her moist lips soundlessly shaped her plea: ‘Please’ and I answered by finally touching her clit with the fingers of my right hand.

Her hips jerked upwards at the sudden simulation. Her head snapped forward. She breathed in sharply through her nose and bit down on her lip to stop up her moan as a light orgasm hit her.

Relentlessly, I massaged the tiny pink nub of flesh on her lower lips, sending waves of pleasure through her.

As she settled back down on my thighs, I could feel the muscles in her butt and thighs vibrating as multiple light orgasms hit her.

I kept rubbing her clit, gently then with increasing speed and pressure. At the same time, I resumed kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples, lightly twisting them once in a while.

Kissing my way up her exposed neck, I enjoyed the feel of her pulse against my lips as I lingered over her carotid before moving up the line of her jaw too her ear.

I gently bit her earlobe. “Ahh..” she couldn’t help but leak her voice. Blowing into it brought a greater reaction as she shuddered and squirmed.

The corners of my lips curved up. I loved ticklish women.

I nibbled her ear, massaged her breasts and kneaded her clit, under this trifecta of stimulation, the convulsions of her thigh and butt muscles increased in intensity in proportion to the intensity of her orgasms until …

“Whaummmm…” with an unrestrained moan of pleasure, she climaxed strongly, her whole body from head to toe, locking up in a rictus of pleasure.

Hugging her tightly to my chest with my left arm under her breasts I rubbed her clit harder and faster, prolonging her orgasm as long as possible.

Her moan died out as she released all the air in her lungs and forgot to breathe back in from the waves of pleasure blanking her mind.

With how her soft ass wriggled and squirmed against my rock-hard dick, I had to clench my teeth and endure to prevent myself from reaching a climax of my own.

Slowly, she came down from her high and collapsed against me, softly. Her chest heaved as she breathed in air in gulps.

“T-that was a-amazing.” She gasped out as soon as she was able to talk.

Letting go of the sides of the barrel, she twisted in my lap and hugged my neck, burying her head into the crook of my neck. She inhaled my scent greedily.

“That was amazing.” She repeated breathily.

Her skin was flushed a light red from the warm water and her recent violent climax.

Contentment radiated off her in waves. It was almost palpable. The purr of a cat, the patter of rain against tin roofs, the trilling of songbirds in Spring… that’s what it sounded like.

When I hugged her tight, the purr intensified, the rain fell harder, the songbirds sang a chorus. It was then that I realized that I could read her emotions in the form of sound.

Curious, I reached up and grabbed a breast – her signal dropped in pitch momentarily before taking on a new urgent cast.

I twisted a nipple and her signal trilled. Looking up at me with lust filled eyes, she hugged me tighter, crushing her breasts against my chest and mashing her lips into mine.

Her fingers twined with my short hair and pushed my lips harder into hers. Her tongue invaded my mouth and her signal played a marching song in the background of the war of our tongues.

My erection was so strong that I couldn’t wait anymore. Grabbing her ass, I raised her hips slightly and let her shift in my lap till she was facing me again. All the while she kissed me passionately, holding my face in her palms. Her signal grew stronger and stronger till it was filling my ears with her lust.

Reaching down with a hand, I rubbed the tip of my stiff member up and down her slit and her signal peaked each time it touched her clit.

Without any warning, I bucked my hip and slammed my entire length into her, the water and her fluids letting me slide into her fully in a single stroke. Her signal dipped for a moment before it came back stronger than ever before.

Standing up in the centre of the barrel, the water cascaded off our joined bodies.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, locking us together as I supported her weight with my hands below her ass. She let go of my neck and leaned back in my grasp, arching her back and using her hands to grab the edge of the barrel behind her, exposing her breasts to me.

Despite their side, they didn’t splay to the sides but stayed perkily in the centre, heaving in time to her rapid breaths. If I wasn’t something of an expert in such matters and knew that hers were natural, I would have assumed that there was some surgery involved.

Impatiently, I pulled back a little, her signal dropping in pitch the further back I pulled and then slammed back into her depths, making her breasts jiggle from the motion and her signal shoot up the scales as she threw her head back and moaned.

Her pussy was seriously the best I had ever had, warmth, moistness, tightness, undulations, everything was the very best. I could feel myself extremely close to my limits.

But I hadn’t forgotten the danger of sex with her. If I came before her she, unlike me would drain me dry even if she didn’t want to.

So, I had to hold on until she came again.

I desperately tried to distract myself from the intense pleasure by figuring out her signal worked. When I teased her with long slow thrusts, her music had the undulating cadence of a violin serenade. When I pounded her hard and fast, her signal played like a guitar riff at a rock concert.

I pounded her relentlessly, playing her like an instrument by listening to the song of her lust. The water splashed and turned choppy from the intensity of our movements. The barrel even began to rock and I was afraid that it would tip over but I was too horny to care and increased my pace instead. Her signal peaked as she came and her folds clamped down on me so hard that it almost hurt.

Reaching my limit, I came in her after six to seven hard thrusts. Wrapping my arms around her, I pulled her up and kissed her. And she kissed me back.

I sat back down in the water and placed her on my lap with my still hard dick inside her.

We kissed and cuddled with Lin acting like a dog and nuzzling her face against mine and licking my neck. Her signal grew diffuse and mellow – something I was realizing represented contentment.

Hugging her to me tightly and basking in the afterglow, I used my soul to inspect the changes taking place within us.

After all, I couldn’t forget my real purpose, now could I?

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