Kama-sutra Chapter 11

Using my Inner Vision, I peeped into my body and since I was joined to Lin, hers.

Gives a new spin to the phrase “joined at the hip”, doesn’t it?

I noticed that a silver stream of energy was flowing out of her Spirit to her nether regions. From there, the energy followed our connection and entered my body, turning into a golden energy when it did so.

Just what I had suspected… I was taking her cultivation…

Then what purification was she talking about?

Focusing my attention, I noticed something I hadn’t before.

The traffic of energy wasn’t one way. After the golden energy formed in my body, it moved to my Spirit and merged with it.

Then, another golden stream of energy would exit from the glowing ball and through my dick enter her body where it would join her Spirit.

The amounts were roughly equal. Actually, the amount she got was more than what I got from her.

Comparing the amounts and the sizes of our Spirits, it appeared that the amount of energy we gave the other was in equal proportion to our cultivation base.

Since, currently I had more cultivation than her, she was getting more benefits.

Then, this explained why she thought I had an advanced technique. A technique that could benefit both parties was obviously more advanced than a crude one which ended up killing a partner and being so risky for the practitioner as well.

Then the purification?

I studied the silver energy that was entering me. It was heterogenous – ranging from a bright silver to a dull grey. But when it entered my body, it turned into a uniform matte gold energy that joined with my Spirit.

So, that meant that I was like a filter – no, that wasn’t right. I was a blender that mixed all her different types of energy together when it entered into me and transformed into yang from yin.

As long as we had sex enough times, we’d end up with equal cultivation bases with totally pure Spirits.

Taking into account her excitement, I could infer that this purification process was really troublesome and time-consuming. Even then it wasn’t fully efficient, causing a huge loss of resources.

From what I could see with my Inner Vision. The conversion in my case was 100% efficient. No loss at all.

This was great! I had a cultivation cheat. I could use this to get maximum use out of any resources… and best of all, this cheat applied to my dual cultivation partner as well. We would both benefit from this relationship.

Simply to ensure that she had access to this cheat, Lin would be motivated to keep me secret for fear of me being taken away from her. Also, she would have sex with me regularly for her cultivation and that would mean that I got half of her resources as well…

Wait! I was forgetting her senior sister. She would want an in to this scheme too. That meant that I now had two girls collecting resources for me and protecting me. And with this cheat, both the girls would be progressing through the ranks of the sect.

This meant more resources for me. All I had to do was stay hidden and have sex.

Was this the beginning of my life as a pimp in another world?

Stopping my Inner Vision, I looked down at the blushing girl in my arms. I wanted to have another round with her.

Unfortunately, getting a front seat view of both our internal organs was a serious mood killer and my little brother softened and popped out of her.

Cloudy semen flowed out of her entrance and started to spread into the water.

I didn’t much enjoy the concept of staying in the water with my semen floating around.

Reluctantly, I climbed out of the barrel and Lin followed me out.

Using the towel she had brought, we dried each other off while shivering in the cold mountain air.

Wrapping the towel around both our shoulders and hugging each other side by side for warmth, we quickly extinguished the fire by smothering it and then entered the house as fast as we could.

Once inside, Lin threw me a blanket while pulling on her nightclothes and then wrapping herself up in another as I took my seat on a chair in the living room as her bed was occupied by her Senior sister (I needed to ask her name). After she was clothed, she sat down across me on another chair.

“W-what did you find out?” she asked. “I felt you checking me out with your Inner Vision.”

I nodded and told her about my findings. Of course, I kept my ability to judge her emotions in the form of sound a secret.

Even now, her signal was playing a gentle melody of contentment – slowly rising in a crescendo of excitement as she began to imagine what she could do with this sort of advantage over her peers.

Although, I didn’t need the signal as her emotions were all clearly written on her face.

The moonlight streamed through the window pane, lighting up her smiling profile and I found myself thanking whatever cosmic twist of fate had brought me here and let me meet her.

Suddenly her signal stopped spiralling upwards and played the jangling chords of realization.

“Oh! I almost forgot! You don’t have clothes yet…” she said, chewing her lower lip in consternation.

I couldn’t help but laugh, the hearty sound reverberating within the confines of the room and finally putting me at ease.

The combination of her emotions and actions told me that she didn’t plan to use me as her stepping stone to success and was worrying about my clothes out of simple concern, not to gain my favour or anything like that.

“Hey, can you hear some sounds coming from me?” I asked.

“Huh?” She looked at me confused. “You are… talking?” she ventured.

“No… no its nothing.”

My theory was that sex had blended our Spirit. Thereby giving us this ability to sense the other’s emotions. But I was the only one who could tap into it because of my soul. Seeing that I knew nothing of the inner mechanism of the Soul or the Spirit, it was as good a guess as any.

“About clothes… get me a bedsheet and your sewing kit. And a thin rope, if you have one. Also, if you have something I can make some marks with. Pins would be preferable… but if not, ink and a brush.”

“Oh! You did say something about being a tailor. Just wait a bit… I’ll get you what you need.”

She began bustling about and soon she was back with a bedsheet and a wooden box.

“Where do I put this?”

“Fold the bedsheet in two and spread it on the ground. If possible, place something heavy on the corners so it doesn’t move.”

“Like this? Will these chairs do as weights?”

“Yeah. They’ll work fine.”

I sat down on the bedsheet with my legs stretched in front of me to the background music of her curiosity.

Using the pins I marked an outline of my legs and then simply cut the cloth out in that shape from the bedsheet with scissors. Since I had doubled the cloth, I got both pieces at once, joined at the top.

Separating them, I sewed the edges together and then turned the makeshift trousers inside out to hide the seams. Finally, making a fold at the top, I sewed the fold down and then inserted a drawstring (section of a thin rope) through it. Wearing it and pulling it tight, I finally felt a sort of security sense as my manly bits weren’t dangling out in the open anymore.

After that, I made a shirt for myself by altering one of Lin’s with strips of cloth left over from the bedsheet. Serious reductions for the chest and increments for the waist were needed. Putting it on, I was finally decent.

Half-way through, Lin had gotten bored and tried to strike up a conversation but I didn’t like diverting my attention while sewing. I could prick myself. So, I told her not to disturb me and she wandered off to take care of her senior sister who had yet to awaken.

Lin’s case and that of her senior sister was a bit different. While for Lin, I didn’t take much of her cultivation and I helped her purify what she had – overall a net gain, her senior sister had suffered a loss.

Even if I had ended up purifying the entirety of her mana, I had taken too much from her for her to have profited from it. Her cultivation must have dropped. I wasn’t sure she’d be feeling so positively towards me when she woke up.

Well, she deserved it, I thought with a shrug.

Lin’s excited voice came from her bedroom, “Liu Yang, Senior sister’s awake.”

I shook my head. Even with the guy’s memories, the name felt strange… well, I’d think of that another time.

For now, it was time to get to know my killer.

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