Kama-sutra Chapter 9

Walking over to the barrel, I studied it under the silver curtain of moonlight.

It was one of those wooden casks you expect to find in a cellar. The only difference was the size of the thing and that the planks it was made of were nearly three finger widths thick giving the barrel considerable heft.

Running my hand over the grain of the wood, I felt something metallic. It was one of the two bands of iron that held the planks together.

I vaguely remembered watching some program on wine-making where the process of making the oaken casks that the beverage was fermented in was shown. There was a part where iron hoops were heated to expand them, slipped over the cylindrically slatted planks and allowed to cool and contract, pressuring the planks together and sealing the gaps between them.

At least the metallurgy of this period was advanced enough to make strips of metal and weld the ends into rings. Which told me… nothing really. I was a chemistry major, not a blacksmith.

Shrugging and dismissing that line of thought, I picked up a wooden mug that was lying beside the cask and dipped it into the warm water.

I rinsed the dried blood off my face as well as I could and poured a few mugs of water over my head to wash off the worst of the sweat and dirt.

Discarding the mug, I vaulted over the edge of the barrel and into the water. The edge of the cask came up to my chest when it stood upon the ring of stones. I would never have managed to vault it in my old body but in this one, it was effortless.

Unlike Lin’s elegant entry, I made quite the splash when I entered the water and she had to turn away to protect her face.

The warm water felt heavenly, the heat seeping into my body, relaxing my muscles and washing away the built-up tension. I couldn’t help but sigh contentedly as I sank back against the wall of the barrel opposite Lin with my arms slung over the edge of the barrel and my eyes closed.

After soaking for some time, I opened my eyes and looked at Lin. She was quite flustered with blushing cheeks and a shifting gaze. I felt like teasing her. “So… what do you want me to do?” I asked something already known.

“Let’s have sex again.” She replied straightforwardly, seemingly relieved by my question.

I was taken aback before I realized that I kept forgetting her different values.

Despite her inexperience, bringing up intercourse was far from enough to make her bashful. It was as natural in her mind as having a meal or sleeping. Actually, simply taking a bath together with a man might be more embarrassing.

My lips curved upwards. I knew just what to do.

I let my feet slide forward on the base of the barrel until my toes touched the opposite edge.

Squatting down slightly and keeping my back pressed against the walls, I made a chair with my thighs.

“Come,” I invited her, “take a seat.”

Nervously, Lin moved to me through the water and straddled me with her front facing me.

“Not like that,” I said, “turn your back to me.”

Though she was confused about what I wanted to do, she complied and maneuvered herself until I could see the beautiful curves of her back.

“N-now what?” she asked.

Wordlessly, I pulled her down against me, so she was sitting on my thighs, her back flush against my chest.

Even under water, I could feel the soft elasticity of her rear against my thighs and the contours of her back against my skin. My dick showed its approval the only way it knew how, leaping up and pressing against her crotch which was exposed as her legs were prevented from closing by my thighs.

“W-what are you doing?” she asked.

Silencing her with a finger on her lips, I whispered in her ear. “Leave it all up to me. Close your eyes and that pretty mouth of yours and just enjoy the experience.”

She trembled in my arms as my breath tickled her sensitive ear. “O-ok.” she said before obediently closed her eyes and leant back against me.

Her stiff back, the rapid movement of her eyes under her lids and the way she bit her lower lip showed that she wasn’t relaxed yet.

I would remedy that.

But first, I raised her hips slightly and adjusted my cock so that it was sandwiched between my stomach and her butt. With the lubrication of the water and her clear arousal, it was in very real danger of accidentally sliding in.

She saw sex as a means to an end, a very mechanical act performed as a part of her cultivation. Even now, she wanted to fuck me, not because it felt good, or it meant something, but because it would allow her to understand how my powers worked.

I needed to change that mindset of hers.

Snaking an arm around her taut stomach under the water, I pulled her to me so her but squished against my cock harder and her back pressed up against me.

Her eyes flew open in surprise and she struggled to sit up but I wasn’t having any of that.

Covering her eyes with my free hand, I pressed her head back against me until the back of her head was touching my shoulder, exposing her neck and giving me a splendid view of her shapely buoyant breasts.

“Don’t move.” I admonished her and she settled down but I could still feel he stiffness in her body.

Letting go of her eyes and ensuring that she kept them shut, I slung her wet hair over shoulder so it wouldn’t get caught between her back and my chest before adjusting her arms and letting her grip the edges of the barrel.

“Don’t let go.” I warned in a low voice and she shuddered.

When I was done, I glanced over my handiwork and a thrill ran through me. She was a magnificent sight exposed to me so fully.

Her fair neck was exposed to me, as were her heaving breasts. My thighs between her legs spread her apart and she couldn’t close them if she wanted to. Her arms were raised to the sides and she was helpless to resist me.

Her trembling lashes and bitten lip. Everything about the situation triggered my desire for dominance.

The best thing about it was that she was letting me do this. Her arms weren’t shackled. Her eyes weren’t blindfolded. She wasn’t gagged.

All it took was a few whispered words.

This was true bondage.

True surrender.

True trust.

It was intoxicating.

One of my hands slid down her toned stomach to her crotch while the other traced her collarbone and wandered over to her full chest while she shuddered under my touch.

For this she would be rewarded.

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