LOTA CH1 — Bitter End To a New Beginning ♡♡♡

This chapter contains NTR. It plays a huge role and/or event in shaping the MC personality. I hope all of you readers are still willing to give it a shot. However, if you are still reluctant to read it, feel free to skip this chapter. Just be mindful how MC’s betrayal lead him to be reincarnated to another world. Without further ado thanks for giving my story a shot and I hope what I write interest and entertain you. — KyoruS


Here I am in a dark, gloomy bedroom. A place is known for what it formerly was. There’s nothing special about this place, mind you. It had your standard king-size bed, a wardrobe, and a mirrored desk for applying makeup. It used to have a special place in my heart. Before, it was a place where I shared passionate love with a person dearest to my heart and a place to share warmth with my wife.

But now, all this room emanates is neither joy nor sorrow. For what I remember is only the bitter taste of betrayal and deep hatred.

It was a week ago, precisely in this room that I discovered something out of my wildest dream. I was done with my work earlier than usual, something about my manager thinking I should spend more time with my wife and how I deserve to go home earlier for a wonderful job I did in our company’s massive engineering project. So I did just that. Instead of the usual time at 8 pm, I came back home at 5 pm.

I was walking back home after I took the subway train, happy with the fact I have more time to spend with my wife. It’s been a long time since we had sex, I thought. Somehow becoming eager to have sex as if I transmigrated back to my horny teenage days. When our house was on the horizon, I noticed there was an unknown premium car in front of it. So I ran towards the house with a bad premonition on what’s about to happen, refusing to believe whatever it is I’m thinking of.

I got in front of the house door and when I almost rang the bell.

「 Aaaahh…. Yes, master, it feels good master~ 」

My mind immediately exploded. Sweet moans that should’ve only been heard and meant for me are directed towards another person. I went around the house, desperately trying to find a window that could give me a glimpse of what was happening. I looked through the window of our bedroom. And there she was: her jet black hair that should’ve flown down her waist were messy and jumbled in another man’s hand. Her usual sweet smile on her charmingly defined v-shaped face was now curved into a ravenous grin, never shown to me before. Her proper breasts free in the air; one of them tainted with another man’s hand.

「 Aaaahh…. Please more, master. I’ve been waiting for you like a good girl~ 」

「 That’s my good girl. Where was that pathetic husband of yours anyway? Still can’t believe that man got such a fine ass like you. 」

「 Master~~ my husband at this time is still at work as always. Aahh… You’re so good to me master, better than my husband ♡ 」

At that time, I paid no attention to the man. I had tunnel vision and focused solely on my wife’s body that was being ravished by another man. Questions began flowing to my brain as if god struck a lightning bolt at me. “What did I do to deserve this?” “Am I not good enough for my wife?” “Was I not paying enough attention to my wife?”. My thoughts wandered endlessly but the nightmare still hasn’t stopped. And so like the idiot I was. I watched till the end. And I recorded it.

「 Ohh fuck… Who cares about your husband anyway. Yeah bitch, I’m gonna cum soon. Do you want it inside or in your slutty face?! 」

「 Whatever you want master~ My body is yours as you please~ 」

「 That’s my good girl. I’m going to cum inside like the dirty cheating wife you are. 」

「 Yes master! I’m going to cum soon too. Please master~ I want your cum inside~ 」


「 AHHHH… 」

That man and my treacherous wife came at the same time, their bodies laying on top of one another in the bed. Out of breath, feeling blissful of the aftermath of their lust towards one another. Seeing that scene, at first, I thought that maybe what they were doing was purely out of lust, with how synchronized they were in sex and how compatible they are, as if they are one being. It still heavily saddens me but it gave me a bit of a silver lining out of this unthinkable situation. That, they are only doing it just out of pure lust and without true love — Oh, how wrong I was.

「 Ahh… That was so good sweetie. I hope I wasn’t too rough on you. 」

「 Ohh honey, I was the one who suggested to roleplay and demanded you to be rough. How was it by the way? Do you like it? 」

「 Yeah, of course, that was so hot, Karin. I love you so much. 」

「 I love you too. 」

Then while their bodies are on top of one another, they kiss lovingly. Their kisses were slow and in rhythm. It was a passionate one, not out of lust but love.

「 Thank you so much for coming as always. Ohh how I wish I could divorce that man and marry you right now. 」

「 I need more time sweetie. In a few more weeks, after I got my business project up and running I would be able to marry you and give you more happiness than that man would. 」

「 I know honey, we’ve talked about this. I just could not wait to start living with you. 」

「 Me too dear. I should get going now, that man could come home any time soon. 」

「 Okay honey, let’s clean up first. 」

They kissed a bit more and started to clean up. I stopped my recording and got away from the window and just ran away to nowhere. I ran and ran, praying to god that what I experienced was just a nightmare. I wanted to scream just to let out all of my frustration and sadness but I knew if I did it, I might be discovered by them. At that point, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. All I knew was that. Life was not like it was supposed to be after this.

I stop reminiscing about the past, tears dripping unknowingly as if these tears contained the memories and the false truth; leaving out of my body. I then focus my attention back on this room where the deed happened. I sit down in front of the makeup desk with the mirror on it. The desk used to have a picture of my wife and me on that fateful day. She wears a magnificent white gown, capable of radiating her beauty to the fullest. I still remember her face and expression when we exchanged our vows,


“To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. To love and cherish till death do us part.” 


She then smiled widely and her eyes became watery as if nothing else could make her happier. Bullshit, I thought. Now, that picture was nowhere to be found. That woman might have removed it already.

How did it come down to this? I might not be the best husband but I was sure that I tried my best for both of our happiness. She dreamed of a beautiful house in a wonderful neighborhood near her favorite cafe, so I worked hard in my job; taking extra work so I could bear the heavy house mortgage. She dreamed of traveling around the world experiencing the many wonders it could offer, so I stayed at work late at night to have longer vacation days upon my reserves. I just wished she told me about her problems or whatever I did that would lead her to cheat on me. But that doesn’t matter anymore. It’s already too late.

To think, she wanted a divorce after all of the things I did just for her, without even the thought of telling me that our marriage is falling apart.

To think, she will tell me about committing adultery and demand divorce in the future out of nowhere and leave my life behind with the debts I took to make her happy in return.

I watched the recording again and saw her wonderful smile towards a man that is not me as she casually mentioned the cursed word ‘divorce’. As if those previous vows that meant everything to me, meant nothing to her. And so, with deep hatred and grief, I reminded myself of my first intention of coming to this room. Which was to make sure our vows will still be in place and her divorce won’t be necessary. Committing suicide.


“To love and cherish till death do us part.”


I’ve been preparing for this since I found out about her adultery. It was only today I was able to do so. Apparently, that woman is going to stay over at her parents’ house for several days, saying that her parents need help to move out from their old place to her brother’s place. From what I know, it could’ve been an excuse just so that women can fuck that other man; they even might be doing it at this very moment. But thanks to that, I had the time to contemplate what I’m about to do.

I leave a note behind on the desk. Written on it is the reason why I committed suicide and my deep condolences to my family and friends. I also made sure to leave recordings behind that will be automatically sent later after my death to my parents and that woman’s parents, so nobody will be on that treacherous woman’s side.

In the darkroom, I tried finding the ceiling light’s hook which hung in the center of the room before placing a chair underneath it and climbing on top of it.

I attach the rope with the noose falling down to the ceiling light hook and insert my neck into the noose; feeling its rough surface on my hands. Slight hesitation strikes me, thinking about the family and friends I’m going to leave behind. However, it was soon replaced with mocking imagery of that woman.


I kick the chair.


I Can’t Breathe.


Fuck. It hurts. So much.


Make. It. Stop.




I. Need. To. Get. Out. Of. This. Noose.


Let. Me. Out.


Make. It. Stop.













(3rd POV, Narrator)

In a whole different dimension, out of the senses of any sentient beings. Two divine beings come together to discuss something that will shape and change the fate of many worlds.

「 One of my worlds was saved from the unstable demonic powers, thanks to the reincarnators from your world. I must say, bringing reincarnators from other worlds is a much more interesting approach than simply altering the world’s fate directly. 」

「 Of course it is my pleasure. It was also thanks to the sentient beings from your world that my world’s technological advances leaped drastically. To the point my inhabitants think it was a miracle for technologies to advance that fast.

Technology used to be expensive and less powerful. Now it is much cheaper, more widely available, and more powerful. The advances were so fast that the majority of the inhabitants believed the world they are currently living in is just a simulation, and in the near future they would come up with their own simulation device.

A far cry from one of your worlds where everybody in that world doesn’t need to come up with technologies thanks to the mana energy embedded in every being. 」

「 Still, your world is quite unique. Without the help of any deities and mana energy, they can still come up with ways to survive and bend their world to meet their needs. Creating inventions through their imaginations and understanding of their world.

It is no wonder that the reincarnators from your world are more creative and interesting compared to the beings from my many worlds. 」

「 So, will there be any soul exchange as always? I have a sentient being who I wished can be given a second opportunity in your world. Its potential is not fully realized in my world. 」

「 Huh… As always, you indirectly care about your world inhabitants huh? One of my worlds is going to experience turmoil anyway. Many lives will come to an end. And that soul of yours could solve it. 」

「 You sure like to send my inhabitants reincarnations towards one of your many worlds. Why not alter the world’s fate directly this time? 」

「 Why would I? As if you would do the same in your world. Life will always have its ups and downs, which makes it much more interesting to see and experience. Besides I can see the soul that you offered does have potential, having divine characteristics despite coming from your world. What a shame. 」

「 Just keep an eye on this fellow alright? It had bad luck in its past lives, which I should’ve stepped in to prevent. But I wasn’t able to do so. 」

「 Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to alter its fate just a tiny bit at the beginning to ensure its journey in the new world will be smooth. Heck, I’ll even chip in a unique ability that fits its divine character. How about that? It was about time that the world of mine needed some spice going on. 」

「 Alright, that’s good enough. From time to time I will have my eyes on its journey too. It will be interesting to see its development. 」

「 Of course. Then, I’ll immediately start the soul’s transmigration. 」

And so, a soul; out of pure luck and under the watch of divine beings, escaped the cycle of life to be transmigrated to another world.


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