LOTA CH11 — Student Life

The academic year has finally started as I walk my way to the class alongside my roommates, Aaron and Elras. We pass through beautiful trees, plants and even blooming flowers all around the campus. Its beautiful greenery scene with white buildings contrasts with the brick-jungle city where it resides. Even its pathway seems to be made with elaborate light red bricks compared to the dull grey bricks common in the city. It is a university exclusively made for the nobility by the nobility after all.

Surprisingly, I haven’t met Duncas Stager. I’m not sure whether he’s shy or just like being alone. But that’s none of my business.

In the end, I decided to study《School of Wits Magic》. Its magical philosophy is based on a mind communication network and the system is quite similar to industrial engineering back on earth. Is that why I’m matched with it instead of the 《School of Aegis Magic》or《School of Assault Magic》?

Can’t teach an old dog a new trick huh…

「 Yo Renald, do you remember which classes are we taking together again? 」

Elras ask me, nonchalantly. I then reply,

「 Have you forgotten? From the letter, we received recently, in our first semester all students are required to take their three mandatory courses. Which are [History & Politics], [Military Doctrine], and [Magics] depending on which Schools of Magic we got admitted to. 」

Then Aaron says,

「 That’s right Alderhide-sama. Although, I would like to mention the [Military Doctrine] course is only mandatory for men. My older sister told me that the course would be replaced with [Music Performance] for the women as their mandatory course.

This leads me to one small thing I would like to ask you about if it’s okay with you Reinhardt-sama. But why would they recently mandate the [Military Doctrine] course? 」

They must have some prior information regarding the university. And here I am just stumbling into it without any clue whatsoever. Maybe focusing just solely on magic is not a good idea anymore. I need to brush up on some of this world knowledge. Well, I will need to do it sooner or later to prove one of my hypotheses.

「 To be honest I’m not sure. But if I have to speculate, it might be because of the increased skirmishes between the elves and humans. Even the neighboring Shiford kingdom is getting harassed by those damn elves. 」Elras said.

「 Let us pray to our goddess, Maria in future hard times then. 」Aaron said.

「 Renald, what’s and where is our first-class then? 」

「 It’s [History & Politics] and it’s located in Marves hall, room 8. Did you even read the letter? 」

I responded back. Seriously how come Elras didn’t pay attention to it. It’s not like it’s filled with heavy or complex information.

「 I’ve been up to something lately. 」

「 What is it then? 」

「 Nothing much. I’ve been busy signing up to become a member of the《Dyron Temperament》guild. And I’ve been discussing with the assigned guild advisor which quest I should take. 」

Wow, he did tell me he’s an Advanced assault magician. So it’s very possible for him to join that amazing guild. Wait a minute, isn’t this my chance? If I can hop in with him, I could gain more combat experience and money. Perhaps I can even self-taught my way through in becoming a combat magician.

「 Is it possible that I can join your group in the《Dyron Temperament》? 」

「 What?! Renald, I’m going solo and you should know that the guild only accepts Advanced Magicians. 」

「 Relax, I don’t need to register with the guild. I just want the combat experience. Besides, it’s because you’re going solo, you’ll need me to help you out. 」

「 I only ever want to go solo, and why do you even think I would let you join in when you’re just a basic magician?」

「 I can help with your menial task and serve as a backup when things get rough, I’ll just stay in the backline and won’t disturb your fight. Trust me on this one. 」

「 … Fine, but you will help me with all of my assignments in classes we are in together. If there’s just one time you feel hesitant about helping with my assignments, then don’t even think about adventuring with me again. 」

「 Alright, but in return, you have to teach me some Intermediate Assault magic spells. 」

「 Deal. 」

Yes! I still have a chance of becoming a combat magician! Happily, I close the deal, I just realize we’re already at the Marves Hall. The white building is quite huge, with multiple glass panels, a common theme throughout the campus. We then go inside and make our way to our classroom.

Bright sunlight shone through the humongous window on the left side of the room, filling the room with its early spring light.

Calling it a “room” is an understatement; the inside is very spacious. A room this size would’ve fit around two hundred university students back on Earth, but I only found around forty chairs in this room. The spacing between each level and chair is very generous. The desks provided are quite large too, to the point I believe it’s too redundant. Compared to the foldable desk that could only fit a laptop back on Earth.

Several other people, or should I say nobles are already in the room. Some are sitting diligently as they prepare for the lecture that will happen soon by reading books and writing early notes. Although the others, on the other hand, are happily talking with one another, the room is not noisy. Well, they are nobles first and foremost. They must be disciplined and don’t act like lowly uncivilized commoners.

Aaron finds seats for the three of us in the far back corner. I remember in my past life usually the seats that are left empty are in the front most, now interestingly are the ones in the back. This just shows how eager these students are in learning. I must say that I admire their eagerness in learning. Just because they belong to the privileged group of society, they still try to learn and work on improving themselves.

I can hear Aaron and Elras beside me talking among themselves regarding their discontinued conversation of mandatory courses. Not wanting to join them with my questionably lack of knowledge, I sit down in silence as I enjoy the atmosphere of the classroom. It’s quite a chatter and the fragrance of old books draws me into serenity.

Then, a very distinctive person comes inside the room. What makes him stand out the most is not his silver-ish gray hair color, which shows his age, nor the fact that he wears what I think is a professor uniform. Rather it is his two zaggy horns and jet black tail. A dragonkin.

「 Welcome dear students to Bosart University. I’m your [History & Politics] professor for the semester. My name is Krig Meyer, but I expect you all to call me Professor Meyer. In this class, you will learn the many wonders of the long-forgotten past which form the basis of our current world, and the complex social web that shapes the relationship between kingdoms and empires. Some of you may already be very well-versed in this subject, however, it doesn’t mean you can slack off in this class. I’ll be passing down some early notes to get ahead on what you are about to learn. 」

The notes we receive highlights the various topics we are about to cover for the semester. Tenebris Shihi Era history, Concordis overview, Elves geopolitics, Lungkin-Concordis diplomacy relationship, and many more.

Tenebris Shihi Era, I think it was an ancient history period almost way before the human era. To think the ancient history subject would directly come to me; All I need to do is to dig deep further about ancient religion from Professor Meyer. Looks like going through the route of ancient religious hypotheses is going to be a smooth one. I wonder what I should speculate about that purple room.

Perhaps it’s a way to enhance my powers or bestow certain objects as it is quite common in this world’s religion? Or is it something far more sinister? The ability to summon superior forms of shadows such as demons or devils?

That reminds me, regarding my Adsignatos power, learning the [Military Doctrine] will be very useful in commanding the shadows, battle operations will be much smoother and efficient. Something I’m quite lacking at.

The class starts as Professor Meyer begins his lecture…




「 That’s all for today. Remember to read the section about the Tenebris Shihi Era. 」

The class ended with the sound of chattering students and clattering chairs fills the room as they prepare for their next class.

「 Elras and Aaron, I will take my leave first. I need to head over to my《School of Wits Magic》class now. 」

「 Take care, Alderhide-sama. 」

「 Bye, Renald. Don’t forget about my assignment! 」

I make my way to the《School of Wits Magic》class. I don’t know much about it, but that’s mostly my fault since I was too occupied learning other schools of magic. Will I be able to master it just fine? The ‘Introduction to Magic’ book did mention to choose and therefore specialize in only one school of magic since learning magic is already hard as it is. Guess, I’m at a disadvantage compared to other students who already have a head start.

Anyway, my class building should be next to the Aegis schools of magic building. I head over there, as I try to recall key landmarks and other paths from the map the university sent before our semester started.

While walking to class, my eyes drift across the scenery as I notice a peculiar bronze statue beneath the energizing sunlight. The face of the statue was not one of joy, nor the sort of pride that nobles are usually portrayed as, but of the sort of wisdom one gains from meticulously learning the many hidden wonders this world could offer. Its hand holding several books proves this notion. It truly shows what kind of character the founder of Bosarts University — Bosarts Kimsten — is.

Amidst my silent admiration of the statue, a girl among other students comes into view.

Truly what a regal beauty she is, with hair as white as shiny snow, and a calming smile. Her blue sky eyes are clearer than even my mother’s. Her skin is smooth porcelain and her body exhibits tantalizing curves. It strikes me harder since her beauty — never seen before — breaks free of my repressed lust and passion.

「 Hime-sama, please remember to work on your Aegis magic spells once more, our test will come very soon. 」

「 Of course. Do you really think, I, Vivienne Veinard didn’t come prepared to class? 」

She and her group are walking the opposite way of me. I try my best to maintain my poker face, hiding my screaming temptation to look at her perfection. Their conversations are all just mindless chatter as I muster all of my wills into looking straight ahead, without deviating from her.

After finally passing over her group, I can finally calm down. I look back to catch a glimpse of her once more. Even her back showcases her striking beauty with her hair flowing to her curvy bottom. Her walking posture as she goes further away from me is also filled with dignity and royalty. Truly the embodiment of a princess.

Vivienne Veinard… I think she’s the royal second princess and a year or two older than me. Goodness, gracious… Did I just… fall in love with her.

How can I even compare to her? She’s a princess… While I’m just the youngest Earl’s son… It’s a futile love, one with unrealistic expectations considering the disparity between our socioeconomic status…. I’ve already learned it and I need to know my place.

Maybe… Maybe if I just work hard, I can be worthy of her…

Ahh, there’s no time for that, I need to go to my《School of Wits Magic》class. I finally arrive at my classroom, inside is interesting quite the same as my previous [History & Politics] class. A wide-open space room with desks and chairs scattered around is already occupied by most students. But this time the chalkboard is much bigger with several complex magic runes I have no way of understanding already written on it.


Greetings students…


A mysterious woman’s voice. Heard not from the lobe of my ears, but rather conjured mysteriously through the depth of my mind. Its voice is clearly not similar to my own thoughts or even my shadow minions.

Is this the same telepathy magic as mine with my shadows? But why did I not hear any chanting words? Is this how a supreme Wits Magician uses their powers? The atmosphere tension rises as I can see several students growing confused or childishly frightened.


I can feel confusion growing in this class; I ask all of you to please remain calm. I’m just demonstrating one of the wonders of the《School of Wits Magic》you will learn in the near future. On a slight note, I’m Cathryn Smush, your Wits Magician Instructor.


The slight tense atmosphere dies down as everybody seems to finally calmed down. She then smiles widely as she starts to prepare her mind.


What differentiates us from the monsters? 

Most say it’s our heart — our benevolent heart that knows compassion and love. 

The Wits magician, however, thinks differently. It’s our will, our mind, our… logos – our ability to think, our ability to create coherent thoughts.

Studying the《School of Wits Magic》is not just about learning how to cast communication spells or coming up with silly illusions. It’s about learning what makes us human — our deep intricate and mysterious mind we can’t yet fully comprehend. By utilizing mana in such ways that take advantage of our slight understanding.

The world of Wits magic is deep with many unknowns. It takes real intellectual capability to understand not just our complex mind, but also the many details woven in our magic runes. If any one of you ever studied other Schools of Magic, you will find out very soon that our way of magic is far more complex than you’ve ever learned. 

But do not falter as I will guide your every step in understanding this fascinating Schools of Magic. And I gladly welcome every single one of you in pursuing this way of magic.


Hell yeah, maybe the《School of Wits Magic》wasn’t bad after all…


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