LOTA CH26 — Unfortunate Discovery

「 Yes, Master~! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! 」

「 I’m cumming Siana! I love you! 」I scream on top of my lungs as I pour the third batch of fresh white seeds inside her damp pussy.

「 Haa… Haa…. Haaaa… 」Siana pants heavily. Her eyes half-closed as if they’re going to shut any second now.

Even though I’ve been the one who’s doing the moving, her white skin slightly glistens with sweat. With the intense adventuring we did today, she must be tired.

I move away from her, not wanting to burden her anymore.

I then grab a wet towel to clean up both me and Siana. As I start wiping her sweat and our love juice, Siana starts feeling guilty about it, wanting to be the one to clean me up, including cleaning herself. However, I keep insisting to be the one to do it and Siana gives up soon. But as I clean both of us, she keeps apologizing and feels ashamed about it, promising to be the one in charge after cleaning, asking whether she did anything wrong the last time.

After we are all cleaned up, I call it a day by turning off the light and tucking into bed with Siana.

「 M-master… 」Siana says softly,「 Aren’t you still raring to go? 」

「 Siana… 」I begin hesitantly, not sure what to say,「 I’m dead tired. You’re overestimating my stamina. I’m going to sleep, and you should too. 」

「 B-but last night you’ve cummed more than- 」

「 Good night, Siana. 」I say, purposefully cutting her off.

「 …Good night master… 」Siana says tiredly, giving up it seems, as she closes her eyes.

With me and Siana tucked in bed, I close my eyes and then I, too, try to go to sleep.

Minutes have passed, but I’m nowhere near falling asleep.

My eyes are closed, but my mind is still fully awake to the present.

I lied when I said I was also tired, in fact, I’ve never been as energized as any time before.

How could I, when she — my ultimate fantasy — is less than a meter away from me.

Ever since she comes, I never really want to drift away to sleep unless I really have to.

For she is the fire of my heart — my will to live.

I want to embrace her so badly, to wrap my arms around her and enjoy our warmth and skin touching one another. To bask in the heat of both lust and love for all eternity. And ironically, at the same time, to dominate her and use her in any way as I please, knowing fully she will gladly accept my wildest desires.

Even so, I must hold down my urges to the best I can, knowing that she’s tired. I should not push her to the limit.

Drifting to sleep was something I always waited for at the end of the day. To escape from this cold reality. To dream of a wonderful fantasy that could never exist in reality, as my thoughts become slow and peaceful as a beautiful carousel.

Yet that fantasy I’ve always dreamed of, something I always yearned for foolishly, somehow became a reality. It feels surreal how easy it can be; with just a signature on a piece of paper, I get what I seemingly forever wanted.

Now after finally achieving my ultimate fantasy, I’m left with little direction. That kind of feeling after achieving your dream, that feeling of emptiness. But well… There are other goals and dreams that I wish to be realized now after having her.

To spend my time with her as we grow older together, perhaps in a humble yet comfortable home near a boundless meadow surrounded by mountains, away from the hustle and business of daily life, something I also always wish for back in my horrible past life but never got to be actualized.

But now, I’m in control. I am a master and she’s my slave — a loyal and devoted slave. I just hope that she’s excited with my idea, the life of constant adventure with danger lurking around on all corners is not for the likes of me and hopefully so does she.

I always dream of a peaceful and calm life, but life circumstances always make their way to deny me what I truly wanted. I can’t wait for what lies in the futu-

「 …. *hiks* G-Gruffydd… *hiks*…..」

W-why is she crying? Is she having a nightmare?

「 ….peidiwch â…. nynd….. Gruffydd… 」She says in perhaps an incomprehensible elvish language.

What’s Grufyd? Or Nynd? Or whatever she’s saying in her nightmare… I didn’t know the language barrier was going to be such an issue. Now that I think about it… Maybe this is something that’s been bothering her for the past few days? Related to her recent weird demeanor.

This is the first time she’s experiencing a very obvious nightmare. Is there even a way to peek inside her nightmare…?

Wait… There is a way. The《Somn》spell.

One of the most ultimate spells for the Wits magicians. Not much is known about the《Somn》spell, other than its arcane ability to peek inside the targeted mind.

The problem is, I barely understand it on a surface level and that is purely thanks to Instructor Smush’s demonstration of the spell. Learning it on the go might be possible… But…

What if I failed or screwed up in the chanting process? Who knows the severe side effect of imperfect spell conjuration…

「 …Gruffydd… 」

I look closely at Siana again, droplets of tear forms in her closed eyes, flowing in no small amount, wetting the pillow. Is the nightmare that horrible? Should I just wake her up?

Maybe no…

I can’t help but feel like there’s something much more going on in here. She’s hiding something from me; I’ve always felt this way before but have been afraid of discovering it further. But this time… after knowing for certain there is something going on, related to her past most definitely, I need to know the whole truth, even if it hurts. Although I’m afraid of what will happen to the both of us after it.

I could only pray to goddess Maria that I’m just being overly pessimistic about all of this…

Collecting my will and determination, I whisper my spell chant to the sky palace, where an intense studying period awaits. And the long-awaited drowsiness comes quickly…




Manaritium chalk powder mix for the foundation of magic rune ritual, check.

Vitriol decoction for magic circle substance, check.

And mana potion for extra mana just in case, check.

Now for the important part of the《Somn》spell ritual, the magic circle.

With the powder mix, I form a magic circle on the floor, encircling the bed. The magic circle is meticulously woven with all sorts of patterns and symbols embedded. The creation of it is calculated adjusting to all sorts of variables, specified from the Wits magic textbook. Some parts of the calculation are still questionable in their accuracy, mostly due to my incompetence, but the only thing I can do now is to pray that it is not too far off.

To finish it off, sprinkles around one-fourth of the vitriol decoction vial on the outer part of the circle. This helps in bonding the connection of the mind to the magic circle.

And with that the preparation for the magic circle is done, all that’s left is the chant.

「 Spirit to Body…

Body to Mind…

Bind thee mind to thy…

As our mind and spirit are woven together;

『 Somn! 』」

Drowsiness and a huge headache come in a flash, my head feels like it’s going to explode. With no resistance, I fall down, and drift to sleep….




By the time I’m conscious again, what greeted me the first is bright sunlight that amplifies the headache I’m feeling. The migraine is as annoying as ever; must be the side effect of the immature usage of the《Somn》spell. I should be grateful that this is the only side effect, who knows what else could happen.

I remember the Wits Magician instructor, Cathryn Smush, once mentioned there had been a student who experienced a coma for a week just for rushing in the creation of an advanced《School of Wits Magic》spell that is above his level or ability?

Towering gigantic trees that pierce the high clouds are everywhere as far as the eyes can see. Yet even with its lush branches and leaves, it doesn’t obscure the sunlight, for the lower level is well-lit and I can even feel the slight warmth of the sun touching my skin.

In these trees lie magnificent treehouses. Made not just with wood but what seems to be artistic stones that amplify its elegant beauty. Even if it’s wood it seems to be carved with foreign motifs and patterns that I could only assume to be related to elven culture. And each of these houses or settlements is connected to one another via rigid bridges. All of them marvel at me with their extensive and amazing engineering craft.

As my eyes wander to all of my surroundings, enjoying the beauty of it all, I notice a couple sitting side by side, holding hands, smiling ever so brightly, like they’re in their own world. Feeling a bit curious, I come closer to them. And soon that curiosity vanishes as I realize who they actually are…

M-my Siana… with a devilishly handsome elven man.

「 Fy Hyledd.. 」The elven man says as he kisses Siana back…

Their long kiss is ever so gentle and full of affections. As if they…. Are… lovers of one another….

「 Fy Gruffydd…. 」Siana says, ever so gentle.

At the end of their kisses, that elven man reaches out to his pocket. A tiny wooden box is brought out. He opens it, and what’s inside is a ring…. A marriage ring… F-fu

「 Ynn gadáel í brioødi…  Fy Hyledd.. 」

「 Unn! Gruffydd! Rwy’n dy gæru di! 」

Siana takes the ring in the flash, and wears it on her ring finger…

I… I can’t believe this… Did I just… witness a m-marriage proposal….

H-hyledd? Is that…. Siana’s true name? Before she became a slave?

This is…. This is too much to bear… to discover…

Then what was my connection with Siana… No, Hyledd…

I came here to help her with the nightmares haunting her.

But is this a nightmare?

No, a happy reunion.

For her, the reality is the nightmare.

Of course…

Of course…

Of course…

I’m such a fucking idiot…

Why did I still believe in such a foolish idea? True love? That shit doesn’t exist for people like me. I should’ve learned from my lesson in the past life… And here I am believing in such a bullshit idea.

Fuck… I should’ve known…

Why would anybody love a piece of shit that is me…

Who would voice dislike for the master over their life?

I drove her in a corner and thought I made her happy.

It isn’t that nobody loves me just because I’m unlikeable.

It’s because I don’t deserve it.

Wh-what… M-my head… What’s with this headache…

The migraine is becoming bigger and bigger as if somebody is beating my head over and over again…

F-fuck.. What’s happening…

I… I.. can’t stay much longer…

F-fuck.. I’m going tooo passs ou….



「̸̯̗̅̄̊̄̾̕ ̸̬̹̈́̀͆̾̆͝S̸̥̣̞͂̈͘ḩ̷̻̿͌̕ḛ̶̪̟̻̌̒͂͋̉’̴̠̼̯͎̪̇̇͒͆̀ș̷̓̉̔ ̶̩̜̯͇͖̉̓̕n̶̛̆̊͜ọ̸̾͝t̴̲̰̔̇̈́ ̵͕̥̮̃̆͌ͅc̶̮̯͆ǫ̷̱̋͑͑̅̕m̵̨̼̎͘͝p̷̧̢̤͍̍̂̉͑̈̕ĺ̸̢̺̞̞̫̒ȩ̷̢̛̯̿̍͜͝t̸̡̛͙̤̆̈͠e̵̢͕̥̣̋̏͆l̷̛̠͙̣̪̆̿̈̈́͛y̵̡͖͓̯͔̏̆͐̇́͠ ̶̯̮̼̳̟̱̔t̶͚́̅̏̅̍͝r̶̢̦̪̬̬̝̒͂a̵͈̩͈̅̑į̶̛̺̹͉̫̄̄̑͘n̸̡̼͇͚͙͊̃́͝ͅe̵̙͚͒͆̇̚d̵̞̊͗,̶̻̗̂͜ ̴̛͇̃m̷̙̔̔͌̒́̄a̷̻̹̬̟̓̓ṣ̵̡̗̺̭̌̈́͠ț̵̂ĕ̵̛̝̦̘̯͔r̷̛̟̯̍̈.̶͚̻̟́ ̶̺̄̓Ṡ̶̹̜̇͂͝h̷̞̺̬̋̆͠ḛ̴̳̜̇̎̅̚̚͠ ̶̛̩̗͙̞͇̃͐̉̑ś̸̜͊̏̍͘ͅt̶̖̖̘͎̥̭̎ḯ̴̻̠̰̰̰̒̐̈́̉ĺ̷͍͎̰͇̓̅̍l̵̢͚̖̎͝ ̴̛̱͋̆̚͝r̷͈̖͉̺̟̜̋̐̿̀͠ȩ̸̧̫̲̤́͗̓͑͝ͅm̸̧̞̭̙͉̝̐̔͠ę̸̨̻͉͙̍m̵͎͓̼͉̌̆͛̔̋̊b̶̡̡̘͈̯̿͊̍̓̿ͅe̵̳̦͍͈͙͗̆̎͋͝r̷̰͉͆̎s̷͇͎̝̑̃̌̿͜ ̴̼̟̲̣̻̏̍̉h̷̬͈͍̤̺́̆͝ȩ̸̛̝̩̫̂̓̀͂͜r̷̻̪͐̈́͛ ̸̡̛̱̰̱̹̳̿̍ṕ̷̡̅̐̈́͌̚a̶̗̖͚̪͈͛̈̉̀͂ś̸̠̩̣͈͘ẗ̶̛̽́ͅ.̶͔̹̾̒̑̈͝ ̷̡͕͍͓̋̀͂̇̚͝」̷̭͂͛


̸̙̲͕̯͎̃͛̃͂̈́͝「̵͔̈́̅̏͒̋͠ ̸͖̫̪͚͙͇̂͗͐͊́͠C̶̹̩͉̟͙͑ạ̴̝̎̿͝n̶̰̩̪͔̝̽͝’̶̢̢̖̻̋̀̄́͠ţ̸̠̉̀͑̇͜͝ ̴͈̳̖̭͉̔̈͑b̴͇̰̕ͅe̸̹̋̇͘ ̸̮͎̗͇̈́̃̅ͅh̴̖́́̊̕͘̕e̵̱͈̟̻̱͈̐l̴̢̲͓̙͇̟̎͊͗̂̋p̴̡̣̊ĕ̷̮͔̫̦̍͝ḋ̷͈̰̤̐̕͝.̸̻̽̍͂̉̊̚ ̸̛͙̠̺̊̒̏̎H̸̛͓̰͙̏̋̐͒ͅë̷͍́̒’̷̡̡̧̻̭͗́̾̄̌̕ś̶̰̗̭̏̓͘͜ ̸̧͇̤̺̰́́͝n̷̝̝̮̬̰̈́ớ̷̻̪t̶̝̳͔͝ ̴̢̡̛̩͍̳̥̍́͗͒͠a̸̩̘͍̪̦͐͊̐̕͝ͅ ̶̥̯̫̎͗͂̉͛b̵̛͈̗͚̂͜į̸͖̙̳͎̭̓͂g̷̢̰̊͊̚͝ ̷͍̣̀̏͠͝t̶̹̞̠̱̩̲͗̃͝á̷̱̃r̵̗̞͎̞̤̉͗̐́͊́g̸̝͐̏̽͋̕ȩ̶̭͍̱̇̂͆̑t̶̘̠̰͖̳́̎̀͒ͅ ̸͓̤̙͓̈́̕͝ͅą̴̨̖̬̮͍̌͋͘n̶̝̙̬̙̞̐̄́y̴̜̹̜̤̍̿ͅẁ̶̛̳̰͎̮̪̇͝a̸͙͚͔̩̪̎͝͝͝y̸̳͒̀̏́̌͌.̷̭͗̎̔̓ ̴̼̬̭̒̽̃」̵̳̝͉̼͆̀͐̋̚


̷̨͍̩̬̌͜「̷̮̞̺͔́̔͂͊̂̚ ̴̨̛̦̬̿́͐́R̷̢̨͓̄͛͛̑ę̵̼̝̳̎͊͋̈́͑ḿ̵̜̦̰̓̊̔̕ȩ̴͚̭̫̼́̄ͅm̸̗̬͚͌͜b̶͈̮͕̹̺̳̎͋̌̕e̷̼͉͇̱̠̓̏̽͆́͘ͅr̷̺̆̃̿̐͝,̴͙̬̔͂̀̅͌ ̷͙̩͎̰͐͆Y̸̡̛͓̤͔̎ǫ̴̽͐͆ủ̴̫͇̟̝̦̄͑͊ṛ̶̖̪̖́͗̆͠ͅ ̵̲͓̬͎̥̼̽̅n̴̬̎̅á̷̼̭m̷̨̪͓͂ĕ̶̯̫̫̹̭̫͌͋̌ ̶̼̝̳̤̾į̷̻̥̣̅s̸̢̞͕̘̤̓̐ ̴̨̘̗͈́̐͜͝n̵͈̥̂o̴̩͎̩͒ ̷̢͈̂̿̚ļ̷̠̫̈̀̎o̴̻̰̤͉͔̾̔͐ͅn̴͕͇̫͒ǵ̸̮͔̯̦͋͊͂͘e̶̲̽̐̌̈́ṙ̵̖̭̹ ̴̨̊̇͘H̵̨̭͇̹̍̽̋̊̍͌y̴̬͎̪̌̑ĺ̷̤͕̺̯̈́̎e̸͕͝d̵̲̖̓d̴̢̈́̈́,̴̟̠͖͓͐̿̇ ̵̢̨̹͇͇̻̒̋i̸̳̎͗́͛͘̚͜t̴̢̘̹͔͎̜͗̈́̇͒̓’̵͕̩̼̮͗̄̅̍̏͝s̷̠͙̝̳͗̇͝ ̸̮͂̑͂̽̚S̷̢̹̻̯̿̓͂̕î̵̻̺̟ą̷͓̹̘͈̔͌̾̓̌̀n̶̟͍̲̤̖͆̆͜a̸̬̭̗̯̋͜ ̷͎̥͇̉͝n̴̜̟͑̔̐ǫ̵̛͇͊̒̀̇͆w̸̧̨̫͓̲͎̎̈́.̸͍͙̐̃̓̕͝͝ ̴̗̰͗̊́̒̈́͊A̶̧̞̠͍͚̯͛̐ñ̴͕̣̣̖̼͝ḑ̵̮͉͙̰̙́͂ ̶͎͖̣͇͙̦͆̑r̴̡̧̭̱̄̔̇̕͜͝͝e̵͚͌́̍̀̕̕m̶͔͎̖̙̌̏ȇ̵͖̘̦m̵͈͙̜̼̚b̸̳͖͙̒͑͜͜͠e̶̹̹̯͗̑̀r̷̼̺̖̆̆̈́̌͒̚͜,̶̬̲̖̠̱̒́͋̚ ̶̬̱͓̌̀ͅ—̴̰̞͎͐́͆̌͘ ̴̰̞̃̿͒̆I̸̜͓̹̦̦͌̔̑’̷̨̗̭̥́̏̔̀̕m̵͉̩͖̳͎̈̉̀͋̓̕ ̵͕̀ý̵̳̣̘̾͐̚ò̴̯̫̑͝u̷̡͛͊̉͠r̵͔̙̾ ̷͉̳̱͎̭͕͑t̴̟͔͎͙̍͆̓̇͘ŗ̶͙̓͆̔͗̽̕u̶̲̍̉̑̿ë̵̜̭̫̗̻́̉͒̈́ ̷̼̟̥̓͠͠m̷͚̘̝̑͜a̴̳͐š̴̮̥͚̗͈̂t̸̲͚̀͛͘̚e̸͎̼̓͒̎̒͛͘r̴͕̼̟̔̿̀̆̊͛ ̷͉͐̊̇͆」̷̡̲͚̈̉̉̽̕͘



「 M-master! Please wake up! Are you alright?! 」


It’s my elven sla… Siana?

「 Master! You’re awake! 」

She jumps and hugs me tight. Her head snuggles, brushing her head around my neck…

What used to be lush greens on top is now replaced with a cold ceiling. Looks like I’m back to the normal world.

Back to reality, bringing the cursed knowledge of Siana’s past.

Is sleep the answer after all?

To my problems, and hers?

Just dreaming for the rest of our lives about the world we want to be in?

I always looked down on addicts acting solely to get their next dose.

But maybe that’s the way?

We earn enough to stay alive. And sleep whenever else.

She gets the Gruffydd she loves. And I get a Siana who loves me.


I’m pathetic for even thinking that. That’s not true love.

I won’t avoid the issue. I’ll face it. Her.

For her.

For our future.


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