LOTA CH43 — Unworthy Love ♡♡♡

 「 Tea…? 」I ask, bewildered, wanting to confirm this out-of-place proposition.

「 I’ve heard tea relaxes the mind. Your mother also talks about how you love to drink tea, so I thought I could serve you one. Is it okay? 」She says, sitting at the edge of the table as if she’s not going to leave if I don’t give her the answer she wants.

「 You keep talking about tea. Are you sure you’re not the one who wants to drink it? 」

「 O-of course, I also want to drink it too. 」She slightly averts her gaze,「 I’m quite curious about this so-called “tea” you humans seem to grow fond of. 」

Hmm… There shouldn’t be anything wrong if Shen also wants to drink tea. Heck. She might even only offer tea purely out of courtesy. I feel like an idiot for being weirded out.

「 Well if you strongly insist then, yes please. 」

「 I knew you would agree, master! 」She quickly walks out of the room, 「 I will be right back! 」

With her gone, I continue writing letters that have very little left to be done.

Then it hits me… Does she know how to prepare tea?! Sure, there is a kitchen with a working stove and utensils if you look hard enough. But can she use and do all of them?!

「 I’m back, master~ 」

To my surprise, she’s back already, carrying a tray filled with teacups and a teapot. She sits down on the comfortable sofa with a coffee table in front of it.

「 Come, master! 」She pats the bottom of the sofa just next to her, 「 join me, and let me serve you a cup of tea. 」

Hearing her call, I immediately head and sit down next to her, where she’s already done pouring one cup.

「 Here’s your tea, master! 」

Not wanting to leave it cold, I gently take the cup and then take a small sip.

Wow, she even brewed it at the right temperature. Not too hot to burn my tongue but not too cold for its heat to be lacking.

Hmm… It’s a bit too sweet. Way too sweet. Did she really put in too much sugar? And why does she not pour one for herself?

「 Shen, you’re not going to drink tea? 」

「 Ah! O-of course! I just want to know whether the tea is to your liking. 」She says, as she rushes to pour herself one.

「 Well, Shen. The tea is perfect. Thank you for inviting me to drink tea. 」

「 Hehehehe… Your welcome master~ 」She giggles affectionately, as she drinks her tea.

She sits closer and closer with light steps, the gap between us becoming smaller and smaller until our shoulders touch one another.

She breathes quite loudly. I look at her. Her face directly in front of me, smiling with the same smile back when I princess-carried her, this time even brighter. Her cheeks are bright red and her body that touches me feels quite hot too…

These semi-erotic sensations cause me to shiver and my pants start to feel too uncomfortable.

She looks so dazzling and innocent. I want to take her right now and make her mine…

W-wait… W-why am I feeling this way…? This is too sudden. S-something’s not right.

「 Wh-what did you put in the tea, Shen?! 」

I sense an incredible heat spreading evenly around my body, my heart beating louder and louder. My string of reasoning and the gate of restraints is becoming looser.

「 Nothing can stay hidden from you, huh… my master… 」

「 Spill it, Shen! 」

「 Aphrodisiac potion, my master… 」She says feeling a bit ashamed, hiding her face, resting her head on my chest.

「 Wh-what?! How did you get this kind of potion? 」

「 Your mother gave it to me, master~ She said it will make you more faithful to your feelings… And your desires~♡ 」

Shen’s entire face has now turned to a deep crimson. Her eyes full of lust and longing even have heart-shaped pupils. Damn, it’s working on all of us.

「 Master~ 」She moans softly,「 I heard what I’m feeling to you is not just infatuation or adoration but love… I love you, master. I want to make you happy. 」

Her hand slowly makes its way to my crotch, teasing through its fabric. My manhood is fully erect and rock solid. Despite all of her lustful playing and teasing acts, I can still sense a small innocence coming from her.

F-fuck. I need to get away from her. Before I cross the line and do something I will regret it.

I lightly push her away. And immediately make a run to the door.

「 Master! P-please don’t run away… 」

As soon as I grab the door handle, she surprisingly catches up, grabbing and latches to my left arm, holding me desperately, not wanting me to go anywhere.

「  P-please let’s make love. I want to be closer to you. 」

Her revealing breast easily wraps around my limb proving it to be harder. Her eyes shimmering with desire as she looks up at me with unkempt lust.

The already stretched string of reasoning is cut off. The gate that restrains my desires breaks down. Let loose to think of all sorts of dirty ways on how to ravish this perfect goddess.

I let go of the door handle and embrace her fully, her bulging breast pressed to my chest. She reciprocates as her arms make their way to my back. Head snuggles into other’s shoulders. Our bodies intertwined, sharing one another with our already maxed heat.

「 I-I love you, my master~ 」She whispers directly to my ear,「 I may lack the mental and verbal prowess to fully express my worship and love towards you but I want to show you how I feel with my body. 」

Without even waiting for my reply she already takes the initiative and pushes herself towards me, her lips touching mine.

She aggressively kisses, her tongue becoming more daring as it prying deeply into my mouth.

「 nnnhmm…… Master~ nnnchu……… Master~ 」

Letting out sweet moans mid kisses, as she invades deeper and deeper. The slight aftertaste of the sweet tea, makes this all even become more intoxicating. As our bodies intertwine, our tongue also intertwines. Dancing and sensing each other’s tongues. Our saliva mixed into an arousing potion.

If it weren’t for her very bold and uncoordinated tongue movement, I would’ve thought she’s experienced.

Feeling overwhelmed with her aggressiveness, I pulled her off, a string of saliva thread hanging from both of our tongues is what’s left.

「 That was… 」I stray off not knowing what to say,「 That was… really deep and aggressive, Shen….. 」

「 Hehehehe… I heard from your mother that a deep kiss will show you how serious I am and that you will love it. 」

Now I get it…. I should’ve known… That mother of mine must’ve taught her all sorts of tricks on the human ways to make love with me. I didn’t know my mother was such a seductress.

「 I wish you could explore my body more, master~ but first…  Let’s get comfortable in bed, shall we? 」

With her holding my hand, she guides me to the bed. At the edge of the bed, she takes off her clothes, with ease, letting her clothes fall to the ground. She lays down on the bed as if she’s presenting and offering herself in the bed for me to ravish her…

However… It is only now when she’s laid down on the bed, with nothing to cover her sculpted body that the weight falls down to my shoulders.

She’s… She’s beautiful. No amount of words can explain just how beautiful she is.

Hyledd, who I thought was the most beautiful girl I’ve met, still has some imperfections. Blemish skin around her stomach, a mole near her vagina, and breasts that sag slightly.

But, shen… Her body exceedingly arouses me in every aspect possible, every single part of her body is pure perfection. With flawless skin that sparkles like white snow. The voluptuous swell of her wide hips and heavy breasts with the exact perfect shape and no signs of loose perkiness.

I take at the moment to mesmerize myself in the pale pink of her nipples, and the youthful blush on her cheeks.

Even her tummy is something beyond imagination, very flat and toned to the point where the curves of her ribs are visible. The smooth length of her legs seems to be longer than average.

And it is all wasted on me…. Do I even deserve such a perfect woman like her?

Somehow when I start to realize how otherworldly beautiful she is that my sense of reasoning comes to light again.

「 I’m still inexperienced with my human form and the human ways but feeling your gaze upon my body. You hunger for me, don’t you? 」

Am I even worthy of her body’s offering?

Somehow, at this moment, my string of reasoning that was broken, fixes and bonds itself. The lust is still very there, but holden back.

「 Master…? Is there something wrong? 」She looks at me, seemingly concerned.

If this is what she truly wants, I must oblige. At the very least… At the very least, she should enjoy sex too. Maybe even way more than me.

I join in the bed with Shen and come on top of her.

「 Shen 」I say, mustering any resemblance of seriousness, as I try to calm down and take the initiative,「 tell me. What is it that you want to do? 」

「 I… I… 」She smiles embarrassingly, her already red cheeks becoming even redder,  「 I want you to make love with me, master. Please~ Make me feel the pleasure of being one with my soulmate. The pleasure of having sex with my master. 」

「 There you go… 」I say smiling back,「 next time just be truthful with your desires. There’s no need to use an aphrodisiac next time alright?  」

「 Y-yes master~♡ 」

Nabbing her left ear, I whisper「 That’s right. Good girl~ 」

She shivers greatly, letting out a pleased moan. I see… So she likes being called “good girl”. I should use it often then.

I give smooth kisses on her ears, then down her neck. All the way to her vagina, as I leave a trail of small pecking kisses.

「 M-master, why are you down there…? Why are you staring so hard at my… vagina? 」

I look at her bottom part, my face directly in front of her pussy or labia that is velvet pink. I’ve never eaten or lick pussy before, but well, there’s a first time for everything.

I dove in without hesitation, burying my face deep into her cunt. Giving gentle licks in a circular motion on her clit, and labia.

「 Ahhh~♡! M-master! Please don’t go down there. I-it feels weirdly good! 」

She squirms and mewls and appears to love every second of it. That means I’m doing it right. I focus licking more on her upper clit, and with the bottom part slightly empty I shove a finger in her pussy. Probing it, exploring its nooks and corners slowly. Stimulating and preparing her for the penetration.

「 Ahhh~ S-s-something is coming, master. Something inside me is coming, master! Ahhh~♡ I don’t know what this sensation is~! 」

「 Let it out, Shen. Cum for me. Don’t hold back. 」

I pick up the pace and lick her pussy and shove a finger a little faster, building up towards her orgasm. Gently increasing how aggressive I am licking her already slimy and wet pussy.


Then the inevitable orgasm comes as her whole body convulses and shivers in delight uncontrollably. The bottom of my face becomes wet and the bed soaked with her pussy juice.

Her expression is the classic of the aftereffect of experiencing an orgasm. Even in her slightly tired state and small tears in her eyes, she still looks at me lovingly. All that effort is definitely worth it.

「 Good job letting all out Shen. What a good girl~ 」

「 Haaa… Haaaa… Making love is truly… truly amazing…. 」She says letting out a happy but spent smile.

Hopefully, with this, it would be less painful for her when I insert my dick into her.

「 M-master~ Please get out of your clothes. I want to see all of you… 」

I back off, kneeling on the bed, and start unbuttoning my shirt.

She rushes up to aid me, even if this assistance consists of little more than restlessly tugging the fabric. Not that my trembling fingers are much better.

This hateful noble clothing with all its unnecessary attachments and decorations is close to having me tear it apart. Luckily, the trousers are easier to get rid of and I reveal my inferior physique to her spotless perfection.

「 I have to say, seeing your body naked, and… your human horn — Man’s penis. It’s strange, but there’s a sense of me yearning for your splendid and majestic horn. 」

Her cool, smooth fingers glide down my arms and pull me to hunch over her as she spreads her labia for me to see.

「 M-master~ P-please this time, insert your horn, I mean… your penis inside my pussy! 」

I can’t hold back anymore. My heartbeats are getting more and more thumper.

But is this alright?

「 What are you waiting for, my master? I want you, deep inside of me, down to the very core of my being. 」

She looks at me, needing, seemingly desperate for me to fill her up. I oblige and plunge in my dick towards her pussy slowly.


I pull back the moment I hear her scream, but a vice-like grip prevents me.

「 Huu~ I’m fine, master! Naught but a tad surprised, so do not hold back. Please enjoy me to your heart’s content. 」

She sounds relaxed, and even in a teasing manner. I can’t make out any suppressed pain in her expression, so I very slowly resume moving. Each thrust slowly but surely penetrates deeper and deeper by the centimeter.

「 That’s it… Feel my warmth with your whole body… ♡ Let me hear it… Your voice from my body making you feel good ♡ Let me taste it… your release from my pussy making you feel good ♡ 」

Her pussy putting up some resistance at first before giving way and letting my shaft penetrate deeper and deeper.

「 Ahhh~! I-I love you, master~♡!!! I hope my body pleases you! 」

As I keep thrusting deep into her slippery and tight pussy, she pulls me in close, squeezing against me and nuzzling against the crook of my neck.

Her perfect breast sways and bounces every time I thrust into her.

「 Yes~!! Yes, master! Take me! Fill me! Unleash your desire into me! 」

Building up to an orgasm I keep pounding and pounding her. Becoming more and more aggressive and rough although not as much when I’m with Hyledd. My voice let out with no constraints as I growl and moan to my heart’s content. Her wet pussy feels too damn good, and I feel I’m getting close. I’m not going to last much longer.

「 A-are you going to cum, Shen?! 」

「 A little close master~! Ahhhhnnn! But please unleash your desire whenever you want! 」

I need to hold it in, just a bit more. I need to please Shen too. My hand makes its way down there, teasing her clit, trying to speed up her orgasm.

「 Cum for me, good girl! Let it all out! 」

「 Yes~! Master~! I’m going to cum again! Please feel good inside my body master! 」

Her needy moans trigger me to cum soon.

「 Oh fuck! I’m also cumming, Shen! 」

With one last deep thrust, my member fully submerged in her slimy and tight pussy, I start to release my long-withheld cum-load. Pouring wave after wave into her pussy, painting her insides white with my spunk as she convulses and shakes, cumming at the same time as Shen. I press her down to the mattress. Forcing her to stay there and take all of my load.

「 Haaaa… Haaaaaaa… 」

「 Haaaaaaaaa… Haaaaa… 」

With my cock finally stops twitching and feeling both me and her satisfied, I collapse myself beside her. As we both relax in the afterglow.

Rivers of my white seed with a minimal tinge of pink flows out of her velvet pink pussy. Her chest goes up and down, letting out her heavy breath that must’ve been spent with first time having sex.

「 Ehehehehehe… Master… I can sense how good it was for you with my body, did you not? 」

I try to tell myself I’m spent, that I do not need more, but my dick is still hard and erect as ever. This is not enough…

F-fuck, have some decency, Renald. Look at her! She’s already panting and although her body is so beautiful and perfect as if her sole purpose is to have sex, she’s definitely still not used to sex!

「 I heard men only release this white liquid thing — their semen — if they feel good, right? I’m so happy, master ♡~ 」

Even at her fatigued stage she still shows her affection towards me, and her smile never fades.

「 Haaaaa… Haaaaa… Haaaaa… This bliss… I love you, master ♡~ 」


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