LOTA CH48 — The Dancing Blades


The sword slips out of my hand. Flying high in the air. The suddenness of it makes me stunned, the mind solely thinking of the shiny reflection of the sword that beats even the sunlight.

A loud thump snaps me out of my stunned moment, coupled with a painful impact in my bottom. Only when a sharp blade touches my neck that I return to reality and the severity of it. The holder of that sword is nonetheless Shen herself. A deadpan stare comes from her.

「 I’ve lost. 」I faintly let out the words,「 you’ve done well, Shen. 」

「 Finally. I’ve won! 」

Both her arms and sword raise up to the air. She lets out a smile. A different smile. Not the previous gentle and soft smile she usually shows. One filled with ecstasy and gleaming joy. A victorious smile.

When I’m away, socializing with the people on the ship. Shen continuously and meticulously trained in the art of swordsmanship.

To think, with just another few weeks of teaching her the basics and a lesson about human anatomy combined with her self-taught and perseverance, she’s already able to beat me. A week left before we arrived in Jayavia city.

At first, I oblige with Shen’s request for swordsmanship training purely so she can have something to do amidst this voyage full of boredom. As if left alone without much to do, her default state would be in pestering me on how to better worship and serve me.

「 Master… 」

「 Yes, what is it? 」

「 I believe I’ve offended you earlier, by winning against you. 」

She found out huh…

When Shen triumphs over me, it wasn’t just my almost non-existent ego that was lost. A fabricated, made-up reason on how I can become a master to such a formidable dragon.

An edge over the art of swordsmanship.

Rulers must have some sort of a reason why they are the nobles, the superiors that can command over the lesser one. A “why” that established the hierarchical structure.

Rulers often proclaim themselves to be the direct descendant of a divine being or simply declare that they are the god themselves. All of them establish how set apart they are from the common people. How they are the “chosen”, the “divine” one that is clearly the opposite from the lowly peasant. At least that’s the way it was in the old times where autocracy or monarchy is the common government system in the world.

If not then, simply due to strength. Strength can be in any form. Whether that’s military strength, economic strength or in this world — magic prowess.

Swordsmanship is where I am superior compared to Shen. In the grand scheme of things, swordsmanship alone won’t be of use. But it was something that I excel at more than Shen. A small difference in superiority. A small pride to reassure myself why I can be the master of what is most likely to be the most powerful dragon in existence.

And now…. I lost it.

「 It’s very normal that one day the student surpasses its teachers or mentor. In fact, it brings great pride and joy to the mentor that their student is able to reach new heights they couldn’t achieve. 」I say as I let out a small smile, to reassure her「 there’s not much else I can teach you regarding swordsmanship. If you want to perfect the art, then I will try to find some resources or even other mentors for you to learn from.  」

「 Me winning from you doesn’t change anything. You are still my revered master, my master. 」She says affectionately.

What kind of master is weaker than his subordinates?

「 It brings me joy that I can be just a tiny bit more useful to you in this human form. 」

She says getting closer, desperately trying to assure me, like what she always likes to do.

「 Of course Shen…. Whatever it is you want to pursue, I will try my best to support you. And remember. You winning from me is not an excuse for you to stay relaxed. 」

I may have lost that edge. But so be it. I’m not that petty to want to nit pick her from the bud.

She has a talent for it and is more than worthy enough to flourish it. It won’t do anybody justice to not develop it further. Besides, she seems to have fun and is genuinely interested in it. That’s why I should always support her, even if the disparity between her and I deepens.

Shen should’ve feel relieved or back to her cheerful mood. More so with my declaration to keep supporting her path in swordsmanship. But she looks nervous, seemingly trying to desperately hold the temptation to say a word.

「 Shen, 」I call her out,「 Is there something wrong? 」

「 It’s nothing, master… 」

「 Shen, you know that you can be honest with me right?  」

「 Master… There is something else I want to show you. 」

She walks to the bench and picks up the second sword. An almost exact copy of the first one, except that it is shorter.

Wait… Don’t tell me, she wants to dual-wield?

「 Shen… You know that dual-wielding is very impractical right? 」

「 I’ve been practicing dual-wielding swords secretly from you… A-are you mad?  」

「 No. I’m just worried you will waste time training an impractical style. Not a lot of people dual-wield swords for a reason Shen. There needs to be a free hand to cast a spell and dual-wield swords require very excellent coordination. 」

「 I know very well, master. Those challenges doesn’t stop me and I’ve already quite excelled at them. I would like to demonstrate it to you. Please summon five shadow minions for me to fight against, master. 」

Five shadow minions? Is she going to spar against all of them at the same time? Is this going to be safe?

Ahh whatever. She definitely knows what she’s doing. I must trust her.

With a simple thought five shadow minions surround her. No reaction comes out from her when they surround her. Only the same gentle small smile towards me

「 Master, command them to attack me with all their might. 」

「 What?! Are you sure? 」

「 Trust me, master. If I can’t even defend myself against several weak foes then I do not deserve to be by your side and serve you. 」


You’ve heard her. Attack her seriously with all of your might. Injuring her is encouraged but keep her alive.

Yes, my lord.


With a dash, all of the shadow minions jump to her at once. All at the same time.

Seeing the shadow minions’ aggressive attack, I start to regret ordering them and fear for the worst. With a flash my worries are dismayed with shen’s swirl, fending off the shadow minions’s blade. Knocking them off slightly.

The style of swordsmanship she created is truly amazing. Traces of my style are apparent in her but it is now much more fluid. With no awkward and wasted energy.

Elegant and beautiful.

The two swords swing ands moves with harmony. The short sword controls the space and fend off any oncoming attacks, while the long sword with its long reach assaults and exploit any weakness that comes from the split second parry of the short sword.

Her strike with the sword is the embodiment of an ice storm.

There’s rhythm in her movement and swings. Like a ballerina dancing to the song’s rhythm. Swift and dazzling. Only that the supposed beat of the musical instruments are replaced with the sounds of steel clashing.

With two swords on her hands, combined with meticulous coordination, she controls the space very well. Creating distance from the shadows on all sides.

None of the shadows attack, reaches her. Whether it’s a swift strike from behind where she should least expect it, or whether all the shadow minions attack her at the exact same moment. All are fended off with ease.

Supreme, peerless…


…How do I want to go on with Shen from now on?

She says she loves me. But will that always hold through? She is clearly way better than me in almost every aspect.

It is clearly only due to the circumstances of my power that she falls in love with me.

If not then, it is most likely because she met me first. From the way she describes her previous life, nobody accepts her and treats her with kindness.

Like a freshly born bird that will acknowledge something it sees first as its parent, she only loves me because I am the first one who treats her kindly like any decent normal being would do.

Sooner or later she will experience the world and she will find out that anyone would treat her kindly – maybe even treat her far better than me.

I need to always prepare for that inevitable outcome. To never be swayed by emotions. To always think rationally with a heart of steel.

「 M-master… 」

I snap out of my thoughts, and look to Shen. Behind her, the shadow minions are in shambles, laying flat down on the stone floor of the courtyard.

「 Ah, do not worry master. 」She notices me looking behind her and looks back also, giving a glimpse of her slender back,「 They are not fatally injured. I’ve made sure to be careful and not lay waste to any of your shadow minions. 」

「 I see… Thank you, Shen. 」

「 Master… I am still your faithful servant. Please believe me… 」

She moves closer once more. Too close as she enters my personal space.

「 Enough of the sad part. 」I say, as I stop her from her tracks. Knowing well that the conversation is moving in a direction that I don’t want.

「 Your accomplishment in being able to dual-wield swords is worthy of a celebration. 」I continue,「 Is there anything you want as a reward? We are still on a voyage but as soon as we reach our destination I can get anything you want within my power. 」

「 R-really? Anything? 」She jolts up, her eyes flash out of excitement.

「 Yes. As long as it is within my capability, Shen. 」

「 T-then… 」She says hesitantly, looking downwards. Her cheeks becoming pink in color.

Knowing Shen, she might request for a book containing the art of a legendary swordsmanship that fits with her dual-swords style.

「 C-can… Can I receive your tender love and affection? 」

Wait… what?

She unknowingly comes closer to me, her head slightly leaning to the side.

「 Let’s make love, my master~ ♡」

Shit. Am I hallucinating or her pupils are now heart shaped?


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