LOTA CH49 — Enkindling a Spark ♡♡♡

Before I can even process her audacious request, she jumps on me and wraps me around her embrace, causing me to fall to the ground. Her assertiveness to get down and dirty truly comes unexpected, although I’m quite nervous with what she has on store.

Not stopping with a mere hug, she presses on me even more, squishing her big breasts to the point I couldn’t help but feel and think only of her breasts, soft like vanilla pudding. Even with two fabrics in-between, her passionate warmth still seeping through.

「 S-shen, s-stop! I’m quite sweaty, you know? 」

「 I love everything about you, master~♡ Your smell, your voice, your kindness, your entire existence. 」

She runs her tongue on my neck and even around my ear, licking up all the sweat like she’s desperate for water.

「 Shen, it tickles… 」

「 Master~~ ♡ 」She whispers sensually into my ear, causing me to shiver out of excitement.

After her words penetrate deep into my ear, her tongue slips in. Probing my ear, deeper, and more intimate, causing my ear to be sensitive to the slightest sweet moans.

Warmth. It’s such a beautiful feeling, it mellows you down, releases your tension, and just relaxes you and makes you want to snug it forever. However, like a fire, if left too long absentmindedly, it will burn you.

「 Haaa~…. Haaa~…. 」

This is bad, I shouldn’t be the one feeling good the most.

I look down at Shen’s hand, running her fingers along my stomach, prying beneath my shirt, unbuttoning it. Does she like my stomach or something? Sure there’s some abs there but not that much…

On the corner of my view, Shen’s dragon tail lingers on the floor. Out of desperation of not wanting to lose, I grab her tail, hoping it could be my crutch for a comeback.

Like being struck by lightning, she jolts and welps in a high pitch voice.

「 M-m-master! 」She yelps out of surprise with a tinge of excitement 「 w-what are you doing…. 」

I press harder and begin to lightly fondle her tail.

「 Ahhh~~ Master~ 」

She moans uncontrollably, seemingly trying to hold back her moans. Her tail must’ve been one of her few erogenous parts.

「 Your tail is such a lively one~ 」

I begin my counter-attack and whisper to her ears this time.

「 Does it feel good? Me caressing your tail? 」

「 MmmHHhhmmm~ it… It tickles.. P-please stop! 」

She says that, but her twitching tail is being more truthful in her answer.

「 Should I stop then? 」

「 N-no, no!  」

「 Then don’t hide it, Shen. Tell me your honest feelings. 」

I stroke the tip of her tail furthermore, applying all sorts of gentle administration on her, stroking wider and longer. Although seeing Shen squirming in pleasure is a sight to behold itself, I have to hold back my desire. Desires that should not be laid upon her.

「 I-it feels good, master~ mmmmhh!! I love it when you caress my tail! AAhhh~~ I wish this moment would last forever! I wish master can experience what I’m feeling right now… Even more than what I’m feeling right now, ahhhhh…. 」

「 Good girl~ 」I whisper directly to her ear, where Shen’s body shivers at my word. She likes being praised a lot.

I will give her all the praise she deserves.

「 You are such a good girl, Shen. I am here. I won’t go anywhere. 」

She shivers more, quivering over a slight touch. Her eyes literally shine with great joy.

「 Master~ I want a kiss from you. 」

Without any more words, Shen leans over and starts kissing me. She’s so aggressive. Her tongue pushes deeper into my mouth and coils around my own tongue.

「 K-haa… 」 She lets go of my mouth after a full minute, a thin strand of saliva extending between our lips.

「 Haaaaaa… Master’s saliva… it’s so tasty~ 」

Shen pants quite excitedly, is she already in deep ecstasy?

My dick is fully erect at this point, and I could think of nothing but releasing that urge inside me.

「 Master~ may we move to bed? 」She suggest.

Her voice stops me from my feverish haze. Of course she doesn’t want to do it here, a beautiful goddess like her definitely doesn’t want to be fucked like a cheap slut in a dirty alley. I really want to ravage her now, but her feelings are top priority.

「 Of course, if master doesn’t want to, then that is fine. All I want is to please you~ 」

She must’ve detected my discomfort, that’s why she starts to change her mind, that won’t do.

「 No… That’s exactly what I was thinking about, Shen. Let’s go to bed. 」I stand up and reach my hand to her.

「 Ummm… 」She starts nervously, 「 If that’s the case could you please carry me like before? My master~ 」

She extends and opens her arm widely. Reddened cheeks and turns slightly out of embarrassment. I’ve never thought such an assertive girl like her could make such an expression. Yet, a part of me, deep from within, becomes disappointed with this turn of event.

What the hell was I thinking…. She’s not Siana, who’s willing at first appearance. She might say that she’s a servant, but what she ultimately wants is to be spoiled and loved.

「 Of course, 」I lightly laugh,「 anything for my little dragon princess. 」

For a split second, she looks disappointed as if she realizes she made a mistake. But it’s all gone without a trace, replaced with a face full of smiles. Maybe it’s just my eyes deceiving me.

「 M-master… On second thought, I want it now. I can’t hold back anymore…. 」

「 No can do Shen. Be a good girl and let me carry you to bed. 」

Without much effort, I gently pick her up, carrying her in the same princess carry as last time. Even though this is the second time I carried her, I still can’t quite fathom how such a powerful dragon girl is this light.

「 N-no, master put me down! 」

「 Getting embarrassed already, Shen? Take it in like a good girl~ 」

She responds by snuggling closer to my chest to hide her embarrassment.

「 M-mooo…. Master~  」She purrs.

Before long we reach the bedroom where I place Shen carefully in the bed.

「 Is there anything you want to do, Shen? 」I say still knees on the floor beside the bed, 「 whatever you like? Do you want me to caress your tail again? 」

「 C-could you go down n-no! No… I… I want whatever master wants. Whatever pleases master the most. 」

There she goes again. Why can’t she just be honest? Why does she have to answer in such a convoluted way? It’s up to me to find what she likes the most then. Well it doesn’t matter. I know what Shen likes anyway.

「 Don’t worry Shen, I know what you love. 」

I need to make sure that she feels cherished and loved.

I start by nibbling her earlobe, slowly trailing down her body. Even wrought with sweat, her body excites me further. It seems Shen has a weak spot in her left clavicle, each oral stroke earned me a restrained whimper from the dragon princess. By the time I made it down to her thigh, Shen’s already been reduced to a shrilling mess.

All of that effort was definitely worth it. As her wetness gives me the recognition that I am able to please Shen. And now for the ultimate price of her wet pussy.

「 Noooo~! Don’t look at it! Master~~~ ♡ 」

I crawl my tongue in Shen’s secret place, making it even wetter.

「 …This… This part of Shen is tasty too. 」

Why did I hesitate to say that?

「 D-don’t say that… aahhhhh~! 」She moans back.

Of course I know the answer deep inside.

I’m… genuinely not fond of doing this. The only joy I do from this is hearing her sweet moans and her body squirming out of pleasure. The sour taste of her love juice, although not really off-putting, is quite hard to get used to.

But this is an easy compromise to make Shen enjoy sex too. I must please her too.

「 It’s very wet down here. Shen. It won’t be wrong to call it a flood. You must be enjoying this aren’t you Shen. 」The gentle tone and praise seems to fuel Shen’s fire as she shudders in pleasure.

Last time I inserted my finger, this time let’s try only using my mouth and tongue. I dig deeper this time with my tongue, exploring her crevice, nose deep in her clitoris.

Slowly, her moans become more disorganized. Her legs widen as my motion grows in intensity.

「 Master! I’m cumming master~! I’m CUMMING!!! 」

With screams of euphoria, she squirts and squirts and squirts, drenching my face with her love juice. I didn’t stop even as she came, riding over her orgasmic high for several seconds.

「 Haaaaaa~~…. Haaaa~….. 」

Shen’s breathing becomes quite ragged, and her eyes quite empty, gazing at the void.

She must’ve been quite satisfied. Even in her more disheveled state, she still looks absolutely beautiful. My crotch begins to go hard again.

「 Master~~♡ 」She mewls sultry,「 Thank you for letting this servant cum. But I’m still not feeling full yet… 」

She stretches her labia open, revealing all of her vulnerable inner folds. Is she hinting at me to go further? But she’s still in a quite daze.

「 You don’t have to force yourself Shen. I know you are satisfied and tired by now. You should relax and take it easy. 」

「 No… It’s not enough…. I want more… Master hasn’t came inside me yet~ ♡ 」

Her eyes are full of anticipation, making it a little difficult to reject her. Even more so when my cock is begging me to go.

「 Is… that what you truly want? 」I ask, secretly doubting her.

「 Yes! A thousand times yes! Please come inside your servant, master! 」

「 Then… be a good girl and let master take care of you. 」

With her request and a quick undressing on my part, I loom over her gorgeous body. It’s a sin how a normal person like me can be so close to such perfection. Being so close with her at this moment truly reminds me of how little I am compared to her.

Yet, when I look at her, her expression is one full of gratefulness. One full of worship.

Her full perky tits visibly jiggles. And she smiles demurely, eyes fixated right onto me. As if I’m the only one that truly matters to her in the whole wide world.

Her long neck looks appetizing. My hands wrap around Shen’s throat. For a moment, it’s just the two of us in silence, me looming above her, her yearningly stares up at me.

I quickly let go of her neck. I haven’t applied any pressure but it already feels like in any second, I will choke her out. I let go of these thoughts. She needs to be treated gently, not roughly.

「 Master… Can I try doing it on top this time? 」

「 Eh? Sure, of course. 」I reply, her request astonishes me.

I comply with her request this time, curious with what she have in store. Shen hovers above me, carefully straddling herself to envelop me. I can tell she’s having a hard time with all of this. Her face writhes and contorts as she desperately tries to ride my manhood.

It’s only until I hold my member and assist her that it’s able to find its place. And without warning, Shen immediately sinks her body down onto my cock.

「 Ahhh~ Finally… finally master is inside me again~ ♡ 」

The sudden sensation of a quick thrust makes my crotch throbs even further.

A far more passionate smile blooms on her face as she looks at me, her eyes beaming with not just lust… but also bliss.

How can she smile so passionately?

「 It feels so good~ having master inside. 」

The plump flesh tightens around me, my cock pushes deeper against the entrance of her womb.

After she swallows my whole length, Shen stops moving, getting used to being on the top. I’m gradually getting impatient but it’s already very intoxicating just by being enveloped in her warmth.

I’m gradually getting impatient but it’s already very intoxicating just by being enveloped in her warmth.

「 Master~ Am I doing great? Am I pleasing you? ♡ 」She asks between breaths.

「 Of course you’re doing great Shen… It feels good. 」

「 Hehehehe… ♡ 」

With a renewed vigor, Shen attacks my cock, moving up and down so vigorously that I almost blank out. There is now a small pool of fluids drenching onto my thighs.

Her inner walls clenches around me and try to pull every bit of pleasure that it can from me as well, tempting me into returning again and again and again.

It all arouses me to the point I want to move my hips as well and return attacking her. But I stop my urge, as I have a feeling the reason why she wants to be on top is because she wants to be in control of her pleasure.

She moves and works up in a steady rhythm. Seeing her with a reddened cheek, sultry smile, coupled with bouncing perky tits, my cock keeps thrusting for what feels like twenty minutes. Inching closer and closer to release, but nowhere near close to cumming, as if there’s a mental barrier that holds me back from cumming.

「 Master… Why are you so stiff…. Here… 」She reaches for my hands and places them on her tits, seemingly noticing the barrier,「 I heard men love big breasts. Go ahead, grab them… You don’t have to be shy~ 」

Her tempo becomes much slower with my hand full of her breast in my grasp.

「 Master… They ache for your touch~  」

I observed the subtle changes in Shen’s expression and made adjustments in order to make her feel more pleasure. Slowly teasing and pinching her nipples with great care. Kneading and playing with her gorgeous breast.

「 Ahhhnnn! 」Shen almost screams out of pure euphoria.

「 Yesshhh… My master I am all yours~ ♡ 」

Her sweet words send shivers to my spine. My dick twitches harder, such assuring words caught me entirely off guard.

「 Ahhhnnn… Master~ Your dick is twitching so much. Are you enjoying my praise towards you? Fufufu 」She says, with a knowing smile.

Shit. She found my weakness.

「 Having master’s cock inside me is a hundred times better than teasing my tail! 」

「 I live to serve you! I live to worship you!  」

「 Master is my everything! ♡ 」

Honeyed words that I wish to believe didn’t really mean for me, however, penetrates my heart to the core, pushing me closer and closer to the inevitable release. The barrier broke down.

It almost becomes a challenge to deny her constant honeyed words that I wish to believe didn’t really mean anything for me. Just lip service with no actual earnestly, purely for the sake of ending this quickly. Yet, her words are able to penetrate deep into my heart, pushing me closer and closer to the inevitable release. The mental barrier breaks down.

Fuck. I could feel it, I’m getting close. Too close.

「 Master, are you going to cum? Please cum, master~! 」

Her assault becomes more rapid, moving her hips faster and clenching down even harder.

「 Give me your seed! Release your desire into me! Let this servant please you! 」

I can’t hold it in anymore.

「 Ahhh~~! Shen cum for me! Cum with me! Be a good girl for me, Shen!  」

「 M-master~! I’m… I’m cumming! CUMMING!!! 」

With my teeth clenched, the dam breaks. The first shot feels like a burst from an over-charged fire hose. Her body convulses until she falls down numbingly. Her entire body embraces me, as I feel her entire weight on me, strangles scream of pleasure coming out of her with every new shot.

Stream after stream of white river spills deep into her as I come, lasting what seems to be eternity before it ends. as I slide myself out of Shen’s pussy, spilling the cum out of her hole that stains the bed.

「 Haaa…. Haaaaaa…. Masteeerrrr~ I love you~ ♡ 」

Shen’s mind incoherently mewls sweet nothingness to my ear.

I still can’t believe we came at the same time, even though I was the one feeling it the most. With how tired she is, there’s no way she’s faking her orgasm.

But this is bad…

My dick is still hard and raring to go.


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