MSB Originals

Ayy dudes, this is Nymph.

I’m here to announce the existence of MSB Originals.

We basically put together a Forum/Board for Authors who want to post their original novels on Machine Sliced Bread. It’s the same posting format with NovelUpdates Forum, and it won’t overload the main Translation site with too much unrelated (kinda) contents.

Check out MSB Originals here.

The domain is really ugly since I don’t have any money to make it pretty LOL. But as time goes, if we find success in this Original Novel Community, we’ll try to give it a proper domain.

Next, regarding how a new Author can post their novels.

Get your Synopsis, Genres, Titles ready – Ping me (Nymph) on Pun’s server – Give me the details, then I’ll post an introduction post on MSB Translation for you, linking to MSB Original.

It doesn’t matter if it’s R15 or R18, we have space for both.

Yes, you’ll need an account on MSB Originals and post stuff there. I’ve already made a post on it regarding how you should format your novel on the Forum.

Questions? Ping me on Pun’s server.