Return Chapter 1, 2, 3

Hello peeps,

Some of you might remember me for my past failures on MSB, and I’ve run out of excuses, so here’s something I’ve been trying to work on: a lewd series (what’s new…)

Anyways, here are the first 3 chapters, one sexy part included.

Lewd fact: extended sexy parts + another read-ahead chapter will be availble on my Patreon:

Of course, the read-ahead chapters will eventually be released for free, but the extended lewd stuff will have to stay exclusive to those who decide to support me with their hard-earned money.

Thank you,

Cheat Parody Chapter 1~5

Hey there, peeps. This is Nymph.

Cheat Parody is a new original story I’m working on (or at least trying my best to). It’s 1/3 troll, 1/3 parody, and 1/3 serious. Therefore, it isn’t for those of you who seek amazing plot building. No, not that plot; I mean actual plot!

Here’s the first 5 chapters. There’s no lewd yet, but I’ll work toward it very carefully.

And before you dive in, here’s a disclaimer from me:

The story won’t be about the protagonist’s growth; it’ll spin around how he interacts with the people around him. So, if you intend to say something like, “Stupid author! MC could’ve used his godly power to dig up resources, make nuclear power plants, dominate the world, bla bla…” then you’re better off not reading. It’s not that type of story.