Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1287. Crushing Negatives / MONSTER



『Listeners, I’m a new student attending this school, Anjou Mitama』

Mitama speaks to the students from the monitor.

「Huh, Anjou Mitama’s enrolling?」

「Anjou Mitama? I heard that she’s in her third year, right?」

「It’s a delicate time for her to change schools on fall at her third-year」

「I mean, why our school?」

「Well, Shirasaka Yukino’s here, I guess?」

The third-years in the classroom was making a fuss as Mitama suddenly appeared.

『Along with my admission to the school, I’ve been assigned as the arms public morals committee gestalt and the section chief of the disciplinary committee』

「Huh, by whom?」

「I mean, what’s arms public morals committee?」

「Discipline committee?」

Yeah, who knows?

But, since Mitama’s wearing a white outfit, it matches the discipline committee look.

I guess they chose this costume intending to give the role for Mitama from the start.

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee, or maybe it’s Nei’s idea.

Mitama is on the monitor.

『The first tip came to me right away』

Then, she took out a piece of paper and read what’s written on it.

『It says “Hello Mitama-san,” yes, Hello. “I’m a second-year student, please keep my name anonymous,” very well. “By the way, Mitama-san. I’ve seen something outrageous happening this morning”』

Mitama continues to read.

『”You see, at the back of the school building, some third-years were discussing their plan on harassing a girl by asking to date her in front of the school building as their punishment game. They had a thorough meeting about it. The truth is, that girl is already in love. That’s horrible, isn’t it? Then, one of the third-year students will go to the girl alone while surrounding her with his friends and say that “I love you, please go out with me” with a loud voice that other students can confirm what he said! They chose to pick the girl because they know that she has a boyfriend. It’s deliberate harassment. Shouldn’t this deserve a divine punishment?”』

Mitama looked up from the note and to the camera.

『That’s the tip, so, this is the situation. Masakari Kusao, a student in class 3-1, has been sneakily harassing one of the first-year students and humiliating her. The four other third-year students who conspired with Masakari Kusao in this harassment scheme were Maeda Ginji, Sugai Kintaro, Owada Bakusuke, and Omura Konta』

「W-What? Why us?」

Masakari Kusao’s surprised.

The names Mitama mentioned were all members of the MG five.

『Now please listen to the audio evidence recorded on the phone of the student who sent the tip』

Mitama says on the screen and then…

『Really, **** and ****, aren’t they getting arrogant lately?』

『Yeah, I get that, **** is so bad』

The **** part is muted by a beeping sound.

『Besides, they’re high school students yet ****, and ***** are they stupid?』

『It’s bad to have people like ***** who can lift people up because they say that those are working hard』

『Really, they’re an eyesore』

『They’re just in their freshman and yet they’re starting a bakery? Bullshit』

『They say that it’s their dream. Dream!』

『Right, if you’re a man, then why don’t you go higher, become an artist, go for a stadium liver』

『Yes, that! Getting to fuck some idols and marry some station announcer』

『His dreams are so small. What’s with a bakery?』

『It’s bad to have such laughingstock look like they’re so important. This is bad』

『I knew it. We need to teach them a lesson on how hard reality can be, right?』

『Yes, education. That’s what we’re doing.』

『Shall we do it?』

It’s Nei who sent that audio file to Mitama.

Nei’s using the monitoring system on the school from the library basement.

Digging up their conversation.

『Also, I have no interest in the guy, but I want that woman』

『What’s with that freshman woman? She’s probably had *** with that man, right? Then she’s already done **** and **** and also ****, right?』

『I’m not going to dig in on some loose and overused ****』

『Idiot, it’s not like we’re going to be serious with her. The point is that we’re going to humiliate them in pubilc』

『Hey, what’s the idea?』

『For example, confessing to that woman while in front of a gallery of people?』

『So, what will happen after that?』

『Then, since she’s already *** that man, right? If a handsome man confesses to her, the school will make a fuss about it, right?』

『I mean, our fans will make a fuss』

『Let them make a lot of noise. All we need to educate them. The bigger the noise the better』

『What after?』

『I will spread out rumors that the woman came to me secretly, and that she fell for us easily and spread her legs』

『False rumors?』

『Doesn’t matter, they have no way of checking the rumors. Even if the woman denies it, we can just confirm by ourselves and say that she’s a slut』

『Oh, I feel like this is going to be fun』

『The freshman woman was actually a hardcore slut』

『Then we’ll tell everyone that she’s addicted to sex that we *** her so many times』

『Yes, that. Anything goes』

『If so, why don’t we tell everyone that she’s the one who invited us and when we brought her to the hotel, her womanly *** scent is too much that we shoved our dicks in?』

『Then, after hearing the girl’s talk, she’s actually selling her body, right?』

『Nice, that’s great. Anyway, we’re going to spread some negative rumors and people surprisingly believe those』

『Yeah, it’s harder for people to believe that “this guy is surprisingly a good person,” but they’ll believe that “she’s a piece of shit”』

『Then, it would be fun if that **** quits school!』

『Are we going that far?』

『That far! That far!』

『Yeah, in the end, who will go for that poor woman?』

『No thanks, too troublesome』

『I don’t want it either, Masakari, you’re the one who suggested it, you go』

『Masakari, Go! Majin Go!』

『No thanks, I don’t want to go for such a punishment game』

『Yeah, if so, let’s go with the democracy vote.』

『Masakari’s got a good idea.』


『It’s four versus one! It’s gotta be Masakari』



『Didn’t I treat you ice cream the other day?』

『Dude, that was just 150 game』

『Who cares. Masakari’s the one playing it』

『Can’t help it』

『Err, if I recall, that woman is from the *** club, right?』

『Oh, if you’re watching in front of the school building, the morning practice should be over, and they’re coming this way, right?』

『If you wait by the first-year’s shoe box then the third-years won’t come』

『Yeah *** club’s *** is scary』

『Good, let’s go now』

『Man! To think that I’m the one doing the punishment game I thought of』

『This is going to be fun, Masakari』

That’s the real situation.

These guys were going to kick Megu and me out for their own amusement.

Going after the engaged high-school students studying bakery just because we’re an eyesore.

『That’s the end of the evidence』

Mitama speaks with a harsh tone.

『The arms public morals committee and the special school secret court handed down their verdict. The main perpetrator, Third-year first Class Masakari Kusao should die by cutting his stomach open. Madea Ginji, Sugai Kintarou, Owada Bakusuke, ad Omura Konta shall cut their stomachs open and die. It won’t end with just their deaths. The disciplinary officer, Anjou Mitama shall personally toss them to the flames of hell

Mitama stands up from the monitor…

Her hand is holding the same Japanese sword in the scabbard that she usually has when on Yukino’s show.

『Cleanse your heads and wait for Mitama’s arrival』

Oh, Mitama’s on the small broadcast room next to the principal’s office.

That’s where I broadcasted the scene where I raped Yukino to the entire school.

It’s a little far from the third-year classrooms, but…

Mitama opens the door and then…

『I shall pass on the divine punishment!! Haaaa!!!』

Mitama’s voice echoes from the principal’s office.

「Hey, I hear her over there!」

「Anjou Mitama’s going here?!」

The third-year first-class make noise and left to the corridor.

「Hey, Masakari, what do we do?」

「What do we do?」

「I don’t want my stomach cut by a blade!」

「There’s no way she’d do it seriously, would she?」

「But you know? That woman’s serious」

「Yeah, her eyes say that she’ll do it」

They ignore the fact that I’m still in front of them.

Masakari and the boys are discussing such things with freaked-out expressions on their faces.


The students around focus on Mitama’s arrival.

Tsukiko dressed in her school uniform came to the 3-1 classroom from the corridor on the opposite side of the principal’s office.

「Good Morning. Masakari Kusao, Maeda Ginji-san, Sugai Kintarou-san, Owada Bakusuke-san, Omra Konta-san, am I correct?」

Tsukiko smiled at the MG five members.

「Y-Yes, what about it?」

「Very well, you’re requested to voluntarily withdraw from this school. From now on, please don’t drop by this high school for the rest of your life. Also, you must swear to never show up before Yoshida Yoshinobu-san and Yamamine Megumi-san」

Tsukiko says with a smile.

「Is that good?」

She’s controlling Masakari’s mind using her Miko power.

「Ah, okay」

「Thank you」

Tsukiko said and left the classroom after smiling at me.

The other students haven’t noticed Tsukiko.

She’s using her Miko power to prevent the students from recognizing her.

Most of the students are curious about Mitama so that’s why she can do this.

「Eeei! Open the way! Move! I have official business! I’m here for official business!!」

A lot of students have followed Mitama from the principal’s office on the way here it seems.

It’s natural as she’s a beautiful martial arts girl who they see on TV now right in front of them.

Mitama wearing her male school uniform looks cool too.

It’s not just the boys but even the girls who were checking out Mitama despite the school hours is about to start.

Then, she arrived here.

By the time she arrived in Class 3-1. There’s already a huge crowd.

Oh, Kana-senpai with her small digicam is also here.

I guess Nei asked her to do this.

I’m guessing that Kana-senpai’s camera is going to show the feed to all the classrooms.

The students look at Mitama.

「Anjou Mitama, the disciplinary enforcer and armed disciplinary committee officer! People like you aren’t worthy to be students in this school! I shall cut you all with my sword! Now get mended!」

Mitama took out her sword.

A sparkling real sword.

「Wow, is that real?」

「Wait, is she really going to cut them?」

The students around are surprised by Mitama’s behavior.

「Punishment begins!!」

As soon as Mitama prepares her sword to swing down…

「No, look, w-we already decided to leave school right now」

Masakari speaks to Mitama in a hurry.

「Y-Yeah, we’re dropping out of school!」

「I will never show up to this school ever again」

「I promise!」

「M-Me too!」

Masakari and the boys said. Mitama lowered her sword.

「I’m the arms public morals committee member and discipline committee member. If you’re no longer students of this school, then I won’t interfere」

She then puts the sword back to the sheath.

「Hurry and leave this place! Don’t show your face here ever again!!」

「Y-Yes! I understand」


Mitama says while holding her sword’s handle.

「I haven’t heard you apologize yet」

Mitama glared at Masakari.

Her eyes are filled with bloodlust.

「Do you have any apologies for the girls you offended?」

「Y-Yes! I-I’m sorry!」

「I-I’m very sorry for asking to date when I don’t even like you」

「I’m sorry for the harassment!」

「I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!」

「I’m very sorry!!」

They’re apologizing to Megu.

The whole school can see this situation.

「Then good! Now it’s settled!!」

Mimtama declared like it’s a historical drama.

◇ ◇ ◇

「It’s my idea to use Mitama」

Returning to the classroom.

Edie speaks to me.

「I told Minaho, then Minaho upgraded the plan to send Tsukiko while everyone’s focused on Mitama. Nei was the one who looked for the audio evidence」

Everyone was working together.

Speaking of which, Edie was making a call earlier.

Even if I don’t give instructions, everyone works together to resolve the situation.

「Darling, don’t carry everything yourself. You should use us more」

Edie said.

「Don’t think that it’s cowardly to use our power. We should do everything in our power to get rid of the sparks of fire that fall on us. If not, we can’t keep our family safe」


「Do you think it’s too much for them to voluntarily drop out of school? I don’t think so. I don’t want to be involved with those. It’s only a waste of time to talk it out with them」

I sorted my thoughts.

True, it was reckless of me to go to the third-year classroom and complain by myself.

I could’ve asked Tsukiko to control Masakari’s mind in secret and have them drop out.

「Darling, you need to value yourself more. It’s bad for the soul to be displeased and offended by those people. You don’t have to deal with all of them upfront. You can order us and we’ll deal with them quickly.」

Edie’s right.

Nothing’s resolved by talking to them.

It’s better to deal with them immediately.


「But, if I use the Miko power to expel anyone who is crazy, then I’ll look like a dictator.」

Using power on anything.

「But, for a guy like me, borrowing too much power from Edie and Tsukiko, I feel like I shouldn’t be using that kind of power that doesn’t belong to me as I please」

Edie’s combat power is amazing, but…

The ability to manipulate minds is too foul.

「Darling, you need to stop thinking “a guy like me”」


「My strength and Tsukiko’s power, they all belong to Darling. We’re part of Darling now. That’s why it’s not how Darling thinks, where a weak man borrows too much power. Darling, you’ve been too strong of a man since long ago」

Me? Strong?

That’s silly.

「I’m afraid that I’ll drown everyone around me with this power」

Kouzuki house’s wealth.

Kouzuki SS intelligence and offensive strength.

The bodyguards’ individual fighting strength.

Minaho-neesan, Nei, Edie, and Michi’s genius.

All of them are out of this world.

「I get that, but you can’t just fear it」

Edie smiled.

「If you don’t use your own power, then you’ll never be able to master it」

Well, I guess that’s true, but…

「Besides, you need to use it. It’s only sad if you don’t」


「I’ll say it again. All our strength belongs to Darling」

If everyone’s power is mine.

Then I’m a monster.

I have to realize that I’ve become a scary monster with too much power.